1This evening we are going to examine paragraph 289-290 of Branham Branham's sermon Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed

2289 Then, what the devil is howling about, there it's being revealed. We're in a dangerous time. Remember, the Scripture says when these things begin to happen, time is no more; she's fading away. When we see the manifestation: earthquakes--see them thousand killed the other day? Earthquakes in divers places; said, fearful sights in the skies--pillars of fire like, floating around like flying saucers. They don't know what it is. See? They don't have any idea. So all these guys talking about ufos's and blood moons, which is another sign, have no clue what it's all about. And I would not try to get my information from anyone outside of a true vindicated prophet, because if they don't know, then they don't know, and they are just surmising. But we have had our last sign, and that sign is the key to understanding all signs.

3Let me continue with what brother Branham said in paragraph 290 Did you notice the Angels that come down investigated Sodom before Sodom was destroyed? You remember that? There was a bunch of Them come down: three of Them. One of Them stayed with Abraham. You remember that? They were Lights from heaven that came down in the investigating judgment. Ones... Look where they're all found. Around the Pentagon and things they find them. That's the world judgment, Sodom. And there's One represented, will be represented amongst the Church--would be Christ Himself a-vindicating Himself. See? Sights in heavens above and signs in the earth below. Certainly. Identified...

4I guess this would be the best time to show again the study I have been working on because there are so many end time signs, but always remember the bride only needed one end time sign, and that was the sign of Messiah, which we have seen. All these other signs are indicators to tell us we are at the end-time. And remember Israel is nothing more than a time piece for the Elect because we already know what is coming, but a time piece or clock is to tell you the timing.

5Proving His word 65-0426 P:59 Look at where we're setting positionally and prophetically tonight. Now, every one of us know that the world's in a Sodomite condition. We know all the prophecies of Israel. It's in its homeland. If you want to know nationally where we are standing, watch Israel, where it's at. If you want to know what condition the church is, watch the way women act. She's the church. See her immoral, indecent? Watch, look where the church is at. Just watch it (See, see?); just watch women, you see where... How your women degrade and become so polluted, that's the way your church is (See?), the type. Watch where Israel is, you see the time figure where we're at. See? Just watch those signs and wonders. If you, or if your eyes is open, see where we're at.

As an example of the one end time sign we do need to watch, which was our last sign according to his own words. And it takes this sign to understand the these other signs actually mean. So the first of the four blood moon called (tetrads) is coming in just less than a week away, and I think it is amazing that we will see exhibited in the sky a red moon or what will be the first of four red moons, or blood moons over the next 18 months.

7Now, remember in Genesis 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: 15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. 16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. 17 And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, 18 And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good. 19 And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

8So we know that the moon and sun are not only set in the skies for light by day and night, but God said he placed them there also for signs, and for seasons.

9Now, we know the moon was given as a lesser light that was put in the sky also for a sign, and with the four blood moons which are deep red in color, because actually the moon will be blocked out by the earth and will be in a condition of a lunar eclipse, and the color is caused by the shadowing effect and the position of the earth in respect to the Sun and Moon.

10But with four of them on the most holy Jewish feast days, literally on the Passover which was the day that the death angel passed over Israel and speared them the first born death of each family, and then on the Feast of Tabernacles, which will be in October 8th, this year, and September 28th, next year 2015.

But in between each blood moon will be just a regular moon, so the appearance will be a flashing red light signaling his coming. And brother Branham preached a very important Message concerning the coming of the Lord called "the Flashing Red Lights of His Coming".

11Notice also there is to be a total eclipse of the sun in between the 2 sets of blood moons. Now, the moons were always given to Israel as a sign to them. But the moon does not represent Israel, oh, no they actually represent the Church and the law. And this total eclipse is very significant, because a vindicated prophet told us in his sermon,...

12Shalom 64-0119 P:16 Well, now, we realize that God always shows things in the heaven before He shows them on the earth. Like the wise men followed the star, and so forth. A heavenly sign takes place, first, then the earthly vindicates the heavenly sign. God deals, works in signs, signs and wonders. They are to follow believers everywhere. The Jews always looked for a sign, 'cause they were God's chosen, and they looked for the sign. "Show us the sign, then we'll believe." And, then, when the wise men came with their story, the Magis, of the birth of Christ, just at the new year...

1317 Now, we find that the moon in the Bible represents the church. It shows light on the earth in the absence of the sun. Revelations the 12th chapter really explains that, the woman with the moon under her feet, the sun at her head. And how that in the absence of the sun, when the sun is gone to the other side, the moon reflects the sun to the earth. The church is to reflect Jesus Christ to the world in the absence of the Son of God. We all believe that. It's a strange thing, as much indifference.

1418 But speaking here, in 1933, of the pope taking his place out of, or coming out, rather, of Rome, and making a visit to the holy lands. He'll also come here. And the strange thing, is, a few nights before he left Rome for the first time it ever was in history, the moon came down and went in total eclipse. Just that, what was it? Shadowing off the reflected Light of the Son. In this he spoke to the orthodox father; and they're all in agreement, "The pope does this for fellowship, good neighborly fellowship." Which sounds to the natural ear the most wonderful thing could happen. But to the spiritual ear it's darkness. And how that we churches, we Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and Pentecostals, could ever join into such a mess as that, and knowing our Bible teaches us different, it's a marvelous thing to me, that how Spirit-filled men can set in places and say, "It feels spiritual to be in such a place." To me it's horrible.

1519 Now, I guess you got it here in Phoenix. If anyone... How many in here ever seen where I had them pictures drawed of the church ages? Raise up your hands. I guess... See how the Lord drawed them in the skies the other night? Just exactly the way it's drawed up there at the Tabernacle. Perfectly, exactly the way that the Holy Spirit gave it by inspiration three years ago at the Tabernacle, there it happened in the skies. "In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established." The Holy Spirit first moved by inspiration; I drawed them on the platform. Then He came down Himself and made His vindication of it, as the moon and the Light going out, going out, and to this Laodicea age going into total darkness again. And here He comes down and vindicates it on the moon, just at the time that all the churches are going together in a consolidation of the federation of churches. No wonder, as Isaiah said, "Gross darkness is upon the earth, upon this people."

16And in his sermon with the same title only preached seven days earlier, he said, Shalom 64-0112 P:44 So many good, sincere people today are caught away in these creeds, these churches and organizations, "having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof," as II Timothy, 3rd chapter, says so. Gross darkness, blinding of Israel, was for the lightening of the Gentiles. Now, the blinding of the Gentiles is the lightening of Israel. It's just like the day and night; one side has got darkness, the other side's got light; and then the light comes over on the other side. So the moon passing the way it did, and the reflection of the darkness of the world blinding out its light, is a reflection to us that the Gentile church age is finished. The church is making herself ready, been making herself ready for a time; it's time for the rapture. For darkness is fading upon the Gentiles, and dawn will soon break upon the Jews. The sun has traveled from the east to the west, and we're on the west coast. The Light can only do one thing, go back east, on the other side. You understand, do you? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] The Light can only go back east again to where it begin at, Israel. God blinded them for a while, but the darkness now is pressed upon the Gentile world that's covered the whole thing. The Gentiles will trod down Jerusalem until the Gentile dispensation will be finished. Jesus said so. And now its finished, gross darkness upon the people, God reflecting it in the skies, as He has shown it on earth before it all happens. We're in it.

17Now, if God reflected it in the skies by a full moon eclipse that the Gentile churches days were about numbered, what is the reflection of the Blood red moon then mean? And, remember, we the church have seen our last sign. And it is not moons, it was the sign of Messiah in a prophet to the end time church.

18Sirs we would see Jesus 64-0318 P:53 Now, remember. If God gave the Jews and the Samaritans that sign, that He was the Word, the Prophet that Moses spoke of, the Gentiles... After they had four thousand years to look for Him, we've had two thousand years to look for Him. He has to identify Himself the same way to us as He did then, or He did wrong when He identified Himself that time. God's got to act the same time, same way every time, or He acted wrong the first time. If He saved a man upon the basis of his faith... Look. God never changes, friends. When man was lost in the garden of Eden, and he was seeking for mercy, God made a decision how He would save man. And He saved him by the shed blood of an innocent one. Is that right? He's never changed it. We've built cities, towers; we've built denominational educational systems, and it still remains the same. We got denominations, and all kinds of things. But He only saves by the Blood. He can't change it. God ever remains true to His system, His Word. Whatever He did the first time, He has to do it again or He acted wrong the first time. Therefore, whatever this Word of God promises, that's what it's got to be. And Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He's got to do the same; He's got to act the same, He's got to be the same. As He promised in the last days, He would be in His church... 54 and remember, that was the last sign that the church got before the promised son came. Abraham had seen many signs and wonders. But that was the last one, last visitation before the promised son come. Is that right? Find out. Now, church, watch. As it was in that day, we've had all kinds of signs: healings, miracles, speaking in tongues, prophecies. But remember, we got to have a last sign. Just before... And remember, that was a Gentile world that was burnt up. That's what it's going to be this time. Just before the fire, the Son of man will reveal Himself while here. "A little while, the world won't see Me no more. But yet ye shall see Me (at the consummation.). I'll be with you, even in you, at the end of the world." Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Sirs, we would see Jesus. Let's bow our heads.

19So we see that the sign of Messiah, the discerning of the thoughts and intents of the heart is the last sign to the Church. But not the last sign. Just the last sign to the church. But let me just say this, it takes this last sign to place all other signs. If This last sign to the church does not place any other sign then we need not wonder about any other sign. So this last sign is the puzzle piece that we need to place correctly any other sign. Just like he taught us in Anointed Ones at the End-Time. If this last Sign, the Sign of Messiah did not place the anointed ones, and help us to understand that those signs were actually false anointed ones, because the anointing was genuine but the Word they brought was not, where would we be today without that Messianic sign telling us about that sign of anointed ones.

20So too the last sign TO the gentiles has given us all we need to know about these others signs in the heavens as well. And to regard them with any guesswork would do us no good, but to place them in line with what we were taught by God's last sign to us, surely will help us to understand what is going on.

21Now, in regarding the dates that these four Tetrad blood moons fall, I want you to notice that the first time and the third time they show will be on the Holy Day for Jews called the pass over. Now, red always has signified blood and death.

22Remember in the seals when brother Branham explained to us about the four horsemen of the apocalypse? well, in the Seals he told us the white meant virtue, a church going forth with a doctrine, but when that doctrine became incarnate in a man it turned that horse or power red with blood. He said, The Red horse: kills by sword, political power when church and state united.

23Third seal the 63-0320 P:109 Now, what was he given then? First he had a bow, but he didn't have any arrows. But now he's got a mighty sword in his hand. He can do something now. Then he jumps off his white horse; the white horse rides on out. Now he straddles what? A red horse, blood, blood red horse. He really rides that one. Oh, sure. Now, he's given great power and a great sword to kill; then he rides his blood red horse. We see from the Second Seal that was broke last night, he taken peace from the earth and did kill one another. And his own martyrology of the Roman Catholic church shows that they put sixty-eight million Protestants to death from the time of Saint Hippo of--after Saint Augustine of Hippo until 1580 something: sixty-eight million. (Smucker's "Great Reform," if you want to read it--"Glorious Reform," it was. See?) Now, sixty-eight million recorded on the martyrology...

24Now, listen, the martyrology included Jews as well as Christians. But since the Moon represents the church but it is a sign to the Jews, then we are looking at the death of the Church. The true church. Which is a sign to the Jews that the Gospel will now turn to the Jews.

25Now, remember, the Passover was the time that the death angel passed over Israel and spared Israel. But it did not spare the Gentiles. So the blood on the door posts was a sign for all Israel that the death angel would pass over them and they would not be affected.

26Too many evangelicals have their understanding all mixed up concerning these four blood moons because they think they represent Israel when they don't. They represent the church. And

27Identified Christ of all ages 64-0617 P:66 Heavenly Father, take Thy Word, place It in human heart, that they... All the people together, tonight, this little bunch of people out here, we realize, Lord, that we are living in the shadows of His coming, and the shadows are becoming more positive year by year. We see the signs appearing, fearful sights. We see in the newspapers and in the magazines. The moon's turning to blood. We hear of earthquakes all around the world, blasting the whole world. And, now, one day it shook the whole world, when the Son of God was officially turned down and crucified. And now, we find out that a great group, called the World Council of Churches, they are officially turned Him out, like they said in this Laodicean age, He was on the outside of the church, knocking at the door, trying to get back in. And now we find there was another earthquake who struck this, not the other nations, this nation, shook the whole world: Jesus officially turned out. And He stands begging tonight, thoroughly identified the same yesterday, today, and forever. May the believers see it. May those who are sick see it, Lord. May those here tonight be able to touch His garment, like they did in the days gone by. Heal the sick, and save the lost, we ask in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you.

28Trial a 64-0427 P:56 I believe that we're at the hour of the coming of the Lord. I believe that these earthquakes and things that we're having, this moon that they're... Up here at the observatory and things they're watching this moon. It's squirting bloody-looking eruptions from the inside of it. Jesus said that the moon would be turned into blood, and there'd be earthquakes all over the earth in them days before His coming. He claimed that the day would be setting just exactly the way it is.

29QA on the seals 63-0324M P:116 "I say the axe is laid to the root of the tree. Therefore every tree that don't bring forth good fruits is hewed down and cast into the fire. Lo, I indeed will baptize you with water unto repentance, but He's coming after me. The moon will be turned into blood and..." Oh, my." He will thoroughly purge His floors. He will take the chaff and will burn it with unquenchable fire, and He will take the wheat to the garner. He will separate the weeds and the wheat." Oh, my, what a message.

30What Holy Ghost was given for 59-1217 P:84 When the moon and stars is gone, and the earth has wept its way into the mountains, and the deserts and everything is no more, and the world's a-tottering like a drunk man coming home at night, and the stars refuse to shine and fall from the heavens, and the moon turns into blood, and the sun blushes and hides its face, when they see the Son of man coming, you'll shine in the righteousness of Jesus Christ to come forth from the grave as a young, beautiful woman to take your mate and live forever and forever and forever; and all eternal ages you'll still be living. That's what the Holy Ghost is for.

31Look, these signs look like signs of the resurrection to me from what brother Branham is saying here.

32What is the Holy Ghost 59-1216 P:51 Joel 2:28: eight hundred years before the coming of Christ, the prophet in the Spirit, now listen:And it shall come to pass afterwards, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh;... your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions:And also upon my servants and upon my handsmaid will I pour out in these days--pour out in those days my spirit.And I will shew wonders in the heavens above and in the earth, blood,... fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and... terrible day of the LORD shall come.And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call upon the Name of the LORD shall be delivered:...

33Look, just as sure as we have already seen the first part of this prophecy come to pass, we shall also see the last part come to pass as well. And the beauty of it all is that we have an understanding of these signs that Joel spoke of because we have received our last sign, and he explained it all to us, because all the mysteries have been revealed.

34Now, we already spoke of the first Holy Day that the blood moons will occur, and that is the Passover which represented the time when the death angel passed over Egypt, and brother Branham told us that Egypt represent the Church, and Israel represented the Bride coming out of the Church.

35Token the 63-0901M P:91 Israel coming out of Egypt was a type of the antetype today. Egypt was the church, and Israel represented the Bride. And as Israel come out of Egypt, so does the Bride come out of the church. See? 'Cause there has to be something there for it to come out of, and it's got to come out of. So if it was the type... The church is down in Egypt, in the world, and in sin, and does not care a tinker about your Token. They don't even believe it. But Israel loved it, for it was salvation to them.

36And just remember this, the moon does not represent Israel, it represents the church, and it will be blood red because the death angel is here, and the last plague was the death of the first born son, and the last plague to hit this world will be spiritual death. Therefore, I believe this blood moon signifies the death of the church, and the Gospel turning to Israel. God said there is coming a time when "He which is filthy shall remain filthy and He which is righteous shall remain righteous."

37Now, that was the first Holy Day, the Passover, and the second High Holy Day on which we will see this blood moon, is the Feat of Tabernacles.

38So what about the Feast of Tabernacles, that's a Jewish Holy Day, but what about the gentiles? What does this have to do with the gentiles?

39Zechariah 14: 16 And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles. 17 And it shall be, that whoso will not come up of all the families of the earth unto Jerusalem to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, even upon them shall be no rain. 18 And if the family of Egypt go not up, and come not, that have no rain; there shall be the plague, wherewith the LORD will smite the heathen that come not up to keep the feast of tabernacles. 19 This shall be the punishment of Egypt, and the punishment of all nations that come not up to keep the feast of tabernacles.

40Leviticus 23:34 Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the feast of tabernacles for seven days unto the LORD.

41Future home 64-0802 P:210 The Feast of Tabernacles was the last feast, the seventh feast. We're worshipping now under the Feast of the Tabernacles, the seventh church age.

42Future home 64-0802 P:211 In the millennium we'll be under the Feast of Tabernacles again in the seventh day. But then after the seventh day we have a holy convocation: Go back into the eternal. How? By the eternal One that came and redeemed us and taken us back, letting us recognize that we were a part of this. Now, how do you know you're a part? Because that the Word of the hour, the promise of the day. What is it? A restoration back to the first day, the first: "And he shall restore the hearts of the children back to the fathers," bringing a restoration again of the Pentecostal genuine, not sensations... and will manifest the Evening Light, the same sun that showed in the Morning Light. That's promised for the day. Amen, amen. Where are we friends? Where are we? Just waiting now to get out of the way so Revelations 11 can be made known to the Jews. That's right, the rapture coming.

43Future home 64-0802 P: 103 Say, "Well now, Brother Branham, you've done run out. You got your seven." All right, let's take the last feast, which was the feast of tabernacles. Now notice, here in the 36th verse. Seven days... shall you offer... offerings made of fire unto the LORD: on the eighth day... on the eighth day shall be a holy convocation... (There's another holy time coming)... holy convocation unto you; and you shall offer an offering made by fire unto the LORD: and it is a solemn assembly; and ye shall do no servile work therein. Now, we got an eighth day. Now, there's only seven days, but here we speak of the eighth day holy conversation--or convocation. Notice, do no work in it. The eighth day are what? Back to the first day. Why, it speaks of eternity, as she rolls around without a stopping place. Amen. Do you see it? 104 Notice, it was also upon this eighth day, last day, feast day of the tabernacle; notice, after that, after the last feast day, after the last church age, after the last complete seven days upon the earth, after the millennium that this holy convocation comes. Remember this is feast of tabernacles: tabernacles, gathering places. Amen. For in the millennium, the Bible said, "They shall build houses; they shall inhabit them." But in the new earth He's already went and prepared the place; it's built. We have nothing to do with the building of it. Amen. Eternal... Oh, I just love that Word. My, a holy convocation, the eighth day (which there's only seven days), then on the eighth day, which comes back to the first day again (comes right back to the first day), the eighth day is a holy convocation.

44Now, in closing, I would like to establish one more thing about this feast of tabernacles. To do so let me read several more quotes from God's prophet. Because any gentile who does not come up to this Feast of Tabernacles, will be left for the burning.

45Redemption 55-1119 P:7 The tabernacle in the wilderness was made out of, was a tent, skins put together.

46So according to Zechariah, those who do not come to the Feast of Tabernacles, or shall we say, this feast in the Tent, God will with hold the rain, which is the doctrine according to Deuteronomy 32, and they shall be left for the burning.

47Church dedication 59-0708M P:8 And now, let us take just a little look at this, what Moses must have saw. And he made it first out of earthly material, which was made of skin, sheepskins. We'd call it a tabernacle or a tent, means "a dwelling place." And in this tabernacle, or tent, there was three separate compartments. That surely is the way it is in glory. And we notice one was called the court, or the congregational place. The next was called the holy place. And the next was called the holy of Holies. All these pointed to Christ. And even the furniture that was in the--inside its walls; everything spoke of Christ. That's the reason that in Christ dwells the Fullness of God, 'cause all things led to Him. And Christ was God made flesh, God tabernacling on earth. Therefore, it was said by Stephen, "That Solomon built Him a temple. But the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; but a body has Thou made Me."

48Arrow of God's deliverance 56-0801 P:46 Our heavenly Father, O God, dear Lord, I've tried to declare tonight with all my heart. I see the sinking sands. I see Satan setting that trap here for these lovely people. O God, please somehow inject love into their hearts, to let them know that I love them. And I'm trying with all my heart to tell them what is Truth and what's right. And many, yes, dozens has raised their hands tonight that they're guilty. God Almighty, would You turn a penitent soul down? No. "He that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out." I pray tonight, God, that salvation will streak through every one of these hearts, and they'll be made whole, and go from this tabernacle, or the tent tonight, to never more indulge in those things. When the heathen that presents themselves on the streets half naked, may that Christian gentleman, by the Holy Ghost turn his head. When that old television begins to move in, all kinds of old silly nonsense stuff of sinners that will go to hell someday without they repent, come on to influence and to throw their weights against the Christians of God, may the Holy Ghost speak to their hearts; say, "Remember that night in the tent when I condemned you for that and you raised your hands." And may they never be guilty again. Grant it, God.

49Let us pray