#219 Review no 42 Twins no 17 Pre Rapture condition of the Bride

Christ is the Mystery of God Revealed

November 1st, 2014

1This evening I would like to examine two particular scriptures in which both speak specifically of this end time and the judgment that must fall on the unbelieving Twin. To begin let's open our Bible to the Book of Hebrews, because we are taught buy our prophet that the Book of Hebrews written by Paul, and written for the Christian believer, was given for an example of what happened in the Old will repeat in the New testament concerning the rejection of the purpose and plan of the Holy Ghost.

2Now, we know that brother Branham preached the Message Hear Ye Him 17 times, plus about 8 other sermons on adoption, and it is interesting that these sermons were very specific in explaining the condition the church must be in to take the rapture.

3From Hear ye Him 60-0712 P:94 brother Branham said, "The old beaters of gold... You know how they used to know it was real, good gold? They would take that gold, and would beat it, and beat it, and turn, and beat it, till they beat all the dross out of it. You know how they know when they got the dross out of it? When they seen their own reflection in it, then they knowed that all the pyrite and stuff was out of it. All the rock and the materials was out. It was pure gold, when the beater could see his reflection. That's the way Christ is doing to His Church. He's beating it, and turning it, and beating it, and turning it, and beating it. How dare a preacher to be sissy enough not to tell the Word of God and tell men and women when they're living wrong. Tell them it's wrong to wear these immoral clothes. It's wrong to smoke cigarettes. It's wrong to stay home from church. It's wrong to go to gambling, and racing, and carrying on the way the church is doing today, and playing lotteries and things. God forbid when I have to do that. No, sir. Beat that thing until... Jesus beats it with the Holy Ghost until He sees His own reflection in it. Then you can see the works of Christ being performed in the Church; then she's ready for the rapture. Pure gold... Do you believe that, all of you?

4But the thing I have seen over the years more than any other is when I hit sin hard, some people get offended and leave. This evening, we're going to show what happens to those who will not take the turning and beating that the Holy Spirit brings us from time to time. We are going to examine by God's Grace Hebrews 6 and 10, because the prophet of God told us the Righteous will come into the image of the Son of God and will do the works of Christ and then the church will be ready for the rapture.

5So although we know the preaching of John 14:12 has been mocked by some, yet we see more and more evidence from God's prophet that it is necessary for the bride to come to this level of faith before she is ready for the rapture.

6Jesus beats it with the Holy Ghost until He sees His own reflection in it. Then you can see the works of Christ being performed in the Church; then she's ready for the rapture. And That is what brother Vayle also taught us in his series on Adoption No 2. preached in Macon Ga. 1972 he said,...

LV Now, reading from the 8th chapter of the Book of Romans. Just one verse at this time, the 15th verse at this time. "For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father".

7LV Now in the first message on this subject which was last night we showed from the prophets teaching that there would be a word identified Bride who would be able to manifest the very life of Christ at the end time, quoting brother Branham "there'll be a power come into the church and now is coming in that the holy spirit will so anoint the people [plural] so that they'll [plural] speak the Word and it, the Word, will create itself like that or identical to what was spoken."

8LV You see, when God said. "let their be light", suddenly something didn't say, I think I will have a little fun, "let it be - dark". No, - Light. See? Therefore the Word which will be in the bride will be a literal manifestation into creation of that same Word by the Spirit that lies in the Word, there will be literal creation. Now, that's what the prophet said, do you agree with that he said it. Alright, fine we believe it.

9LV Now, notice the language of the prophet. He said now, "N.O.W. at this moment it is coming into the church". That means only one thing, the potential is already in the bride of this hour and it, the potential will produce the manifestation in her of creation by Spoken Word. God is going to refill the bride with the spirit. Then see what happens, Brother Branham said we've got a ministry coming that just excites exactly like the life of Christ. Now that's what he told us and that's what we believe.

10Then why don't those who believe Br. Vayle believe this what he is telling us here, because after all brother Vayle is telling u here that he is saying what the prophet Himself taught. And why is it that among those who claim to have followed brother Vayle's ministry, why am I and brother Hoffman and Br. Janckheere in Belgium the only ones teaching this?

11Now, notice that brother Vayle used a word here that most people do not know what he meant. He said "there is coming a ministry in the Bride that will excite exactly the life of Christ."

12Now, this word excite means: "to not only cause an enthusiasm concerning the life of Christ but to also cause an increase of activity surrounding this enthusiasm concerning the Life of Christ."

13Then brother Vayle goes on to say: LV "I was preaching one time in Chicago a couple a years ago or three when Doctor Hoyer who in my estimation is the greatest authority in the Hebrew and Greek living today because he can speak it with the exact emphasis, the exact facial expressions and the exact demonstration by the hand. He is a very brilliant scholar. At the end of the service he said, "brother Vayle, I trust you will not think me to be a fanatic, but I would like to say something", and he sounded so apologetic I wondered what in the world he was going to say.

14LV He said, "Please, please , please do not take this bad," he said, I said what it is br. Hoyer, he said, "Br. Vayle from a study of the Word of God I believe the Bride will have the creative Word within her before she goes in that rapture". I said, "brother that's exactly what a vindicated prophet said by "thus saith the Lord".

15Ok, so when we have a statement as I read this morning from God's vindicated prophet, saying we must come to this creative power in the Bride before the Rapture, and we have hundreds and hundreds of quotes where the V indicated prophet taught us that John 14:12 had to come into the church and manifest itself, and then here we se brother Vayle preaching the same and telling us that also that Dr. Hoyer, the greatest student of the Greek and Hebrew in America believed the same. And then we find those who claim to believe br. Vayle as God's teacher and yet denying he ever taught John 14:12 is to be in the bride? Let me just ask one question. Did they even listen to what he told them? Or were they just mesmerized by the man and His ability to teach?

16Br. Vayle continues, LV Here is a brilliant theologian who knows exactly the hour of the day, if you heard him and you could meet him and talk with him, you would know that this is a giant intellect anointed by the Holy Ghost who has studied the Word of God until that's all he knows and all he's lived. You mention a scripture and he will quote you the Hebrew or the Greek and then he'll raise his eyebrows, his face will change, and an expression will come upon him and there he will literally begin to preach in that language and tell you every thing that it means. And he said, "brother Vayle I know that it is coming". So we see according to the Word of God given to us by a vindicated prophet that the creative Word will be in the very bride at the end time. Now this great capstone ministry of the bride it's called "the manifestation of the sons of God" or "the adoption or placing of the sons", and to me, and I emphasize to me, it is also the manifestation of what brother Branham called the third pull in the bride.

17LV Up until 1963 brother Branham talked much of this manifestation, but after 62 and 3 he spoke of the pull of the various pulls, and he said "there would be a third pull in the bride which would come into manifestation". Now, we have no details concerning it, but remember it will be the creative word within that bride. Now let us just think of the potential or the prime cause of this great manifestation. It is already in the bride but its is evidently subdued, Now, It's in there but subdued. See?

18And then he says, LV ... But, letting that power lie dormant, see, does not annul that the power is there. So it is that the lack of the manifestation does not annul the power, the power is there but the manifestation is not here because it is not yet time for it. Now this is what you must understand. See, The bride is not without the prime cause or the cause to bring about the effect, it is just that God is not ready to produce the effect. See now, it is not time to show it forth.

19LV Notice our text the 15th verse, "For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but you have (already)received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, our, Father".

20LV "We already have the spirit of adoption, the first age, the second age, the third age, the fourth age, the fifth age and the sixth age. Every member in the body of Christ has already whether they've gone to the dust or not they have already received the potential but not the manifestation."

21And that is what brother Branham is speaking on in "Hear Ye Him", when he says, Jesus beats it with the Holy Ghost until He sees His own reflection in it. Then you can see the works of Christ being performed in the Church; then she's ready for the rapture.

22So the beatings from the Holy Spirit must continue until the bride reflects Christ so much that the very things he did, the very life he lived, the very words he spoke, the very works that he did, will be done in the church, and then she is ready for the rapture.

23What shall I do with Jesus 63-1124M P:84 Let me say something too. This uniting time, you see churches uniting, nations uniting... It's a uniting time of God and His Bride too. And I say this with reverence and respect. I believe that the Bride of Christ is called; I believe She's sealed in the Kingdom of God. I believe the mechanics is there. They're waiting for the Dynamics, that'll take Her off the earth into glory in the rapture. I believe it with all my heart. Yes, sir. We don't know how He's going to do it. but He's going to do it. He is the Dynamics. We just become members of the machine of His Body, forming ourself into His Image, and see Him uniting Himself with us in His works, with His love gifts, as He hands them to us just before the wedding supper. And we're waiting, watching for that.

24God hiding Himself in simplicity 63-0412E P:126 Lord Jesus, in the way of humility, in the way of humbleness, I offer You this congregation that's on their feet. I offer them to You because they have stood in response to the call. They're seeking deeper things. They're seeking more life after hearing that the Blood of Jesus so thoroughly cleanses that there's no more nothing, that the complete Word of God rests within them, that the very command of their own voice is creative power, because in them is the Holy Ghost. And this Holy Ghost is a Creator. He makes things come to pass, because He speaks the Word. And the Word spoken becomes God in action. And, Lord, I pray that You'll send the Holy Ghost upon every one of them just now, and deliver unto them, Lord, in the power of the resurrection of Christ, the things that they are desiring in their heart: a better life, the baptism of the Spirit. Lord, may it be so that this audience will be illuminated, the hearts of the people will see the vision and be filled with the power of God. I commend them to You, Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

25Patmos vision 60-1204E P:137 A man that's fully surrendered to God is omnipotent. Did not He say in Mark 11:22, "Whatsoever things you say and don't doubt in your heart, it'll come to pass. You can have what you've said"? What happens when two omnipotence meet? When God and man comes together through omnipotence, something's got to shake. Some... Whatsoever you'd say with that creative power of omnipotence of God, knowing that He's promised it, and He said it in His Word, it creates a power that goes out yonder and brings things to pass; things that is not, it makes them as though they are, because two omnipotence have met. There He stands. Oh, isn't He wonderful.

26Fourth seal the 63-0321 P:11 And that's the way the Blood of Jesus Christ does. Then that sets a man across the chasm again as a son of God. See? And then he becomes a... Why, even he's... The creative power of God is in him, and at least whenever God can command it to be done, it'll be done. And we get back.

27Love 57-0519E P:15 And then, you've seen people that you just love to be around. What is it? It's that creative power that's upon the people that create an atmosphere around where they're at. If they're full of love, not make-belief, but real love, you can feel it. You know that they're Christians.

28Look 63-0428 P:41 When a man confesses his sins and gets right with God, and God drops the sin of this confession, into the Blood of His own Blood and forgives that sin, and replaces in that man the original Spirit that should been there, His own Spirit, making him a son of God, how much more ought the creative power of God to be in the church. See? It breaks down every wall of sin, it breaks down...

29Unchangeable God 62-0120 P:23 Then "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelled among us," which is Christ, and now, the Word of God written in the Bible is His Word to us. And every promise has the same power of creation behind it that God's Word did at the beginning, if we believe it to be the Word of God. Depends on where the seed falls. If it falls into ground, a ground that can create a moisture, or a nourishment around the promise of God will bring forth every promise the Bible made. It's just as... Why, the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise of God will bring it to pass, if you'll just look at it, and take care of the Word just right. Because the infinite God spoke it: God's Word.

30Christ is the mystery 63-0728 P:254 "Nations are breaking, Israel's awakening..." See what I mean? He has begin to give Life unto His Body (Why?) the one that He has redeemed. The mediatorial work is done. He's bringing His Life to Body in the vindication for the rapture.

31Faithful Abraham 61-0312 P:53 Now, the church that professes to be a Christian church, will have to have that same Spirit that was in Jesus Christ. For at the resurrection of the church, Christ and His Bride will come together and dovetail. The writings and promises of God will be made fulfilled there. So it cannot come together unless the same Spirit was in Christ is in you and me. And then if that same Spirit is in there, It'll do the same works, and live the same kind of a separated life, and do the works that He did. The Bible said so, all the way to Genesis confirms it. Genesis is the seed chapter. "Genesis" means "beginning." Here it is confirming. Would that not make us all happy? Would not that make a sinner... It ought to be striking. It ought to make a church member come to Christ and stay until he's filled with the Holy Ghost. It's the only promise of the rapture, the only way that the church and Christ can come together, the very Spirit.

32Uncertain sound 60-1218 P:45 And then what does that make you do? Want to work now to get every one in that position that you can for that rapture. I have reconsecrated myself, and I promised God that I'd try to do a double portion. I done everything that I know how to do. And I just wished I was a young fellow again, eighteen, twenty years old, and know what I know; how maybe I could stand up a little longer, or visit a few more, or something like that, for the Kingdom of God's sake. You young people this morning, that's young, got a lot of youth in you yet, and not family ties and things, may God let you see the vision... to see what hour we're living.

33Abraham and his seed after him 61-0423 P:80 Well, the church has come through justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost, gifts manifested to It. And now what? The Spirit of God moving in the church, doing the same works that Jesus did before He left as a promise. And what's the next thing? The change. The next thing happened to Abraham was a changed body. He had to have it or he'd never got the son. And the next thing happens to the church is the rapture. We'll have to be changed and caught up in the air to meet Him. We can't meet Him on earth; we've got to go in the air to meet Him. It's the coming Son, the promised Son. Amen. We've looked for Him now for hundreds of years. He will come someday. But the next thing for the church is to be changed. We've had every sign: justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Spirit, placing of a son, manifestation of the Spirit. Now, what? The changing of the body for the rapture.

34Jehovah Jireh 57-0326 P:57 When that Holy Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost, It produced a church. And, brother, I don't care what denomination you got tacked to you, except that Spirit that was tore out of Christ is put into the man, he will be left in the day of the rapture. He tore him apart and sent the Holy Ghost down, which lives in us, the Spirit of Christ, working in us, doing the same works that Christ did, living the same life, doing the same things, and the outside world stands and makes fun of It. Others say there's nothing to It. Some try to mock It. Others receive it. Brother, that's the only way that God ever makes you a seed of Abraham. When the Spirit of Christ comes into you, then you become the seed of Abraham. That's right. And the Gentile is included in the covenant.

35Junction of time 56-0115 P:15 Noah working away, not only was he performing a miracle, he was looking also for a miracle. And the church today as it's laboring away under the task of preaching the Gospel, with signs and wonders a following, they are preparing for a miracle: the rapture of the church and the going home. Preparing people, getting them light, unburdened from the things of the world, and getting their souls set in the Presence of God, that when Jesus does appear the second time in glory, those who are ready will rapture and be caught up together to meet Him in the air and be with Him. As it was in Noah's time, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man. Eating, drinking, marrying, given in marriage: all those things that you see going on open up... God grant the day that God opens your understanding that you can see these are signposts. And supernatural miracles hanging right before us today of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and we're at the junction.

36But what about all the people who have been taught these things not only by God's vindicated prophet but by a teacher sent from God and yet they still don't believe? And they don't believe just because it didn't come from them first? Then there can be nothing left but Hebrews 6 and Hebrews 10. And I think we will end it tonight and continue with this thought tomorrow Morning.

37Let us pray