122 Now, the Lord bless you. And now, before we turn over in the Bible... To pray for the sick... We ask this morning, how many was prayed for last Sunday night that had got healed, was healed already this week, and practically everybody here raised up their hand. That was at the meeting last Sunday night. Now, it's something... You understand. It's something that's... I'm catching this for myself.

223 There was a little boy, that was just told, come down from Chicago, a little Mrs. Peckenpaugh from... She was a very fine Christian sister. And she brought somebody, a kid, the way I understand it, a little boy or something, that the doctors didn't even know what was the matter with him. His lungs was so bad or something, that they couldn't put him in school or something. It was very, very bad. And said, the Holy Spirit right after the message, spoke to that little boy, and called him, told him his conditions and so forth, and pronounced his healing. And this week he went, the mother, or parents, or whoever it was, taken him back to the doctor; and the doctor said he had a new set of lungs (See?), new set of lungs. And the way I understand that parents or somebody called a long distance call or some way to let it be known to the congregation. See?

324 Now, God, the Creator, can make a set of lungs. I truly believe that we're on the verge of one of the most mightiest things that ever struck the earth since the days...?... See? But now, we can only be known as... It'll be so humble. See? See, what man calls mighty, God calls abomination. But what man calls foolish, God calls mighty. See? But now watch it (See?); it'll be so humble that you'll miss, that you'll miss it if you've not got the Token there to examine it. You see? See?

425 Who would ever thought that the mountains was skipping like little rams and the leaves were clapping their hands, when a prophet came forth from the wilderness, that was spoken by Isaiah 712 years before, with whiskers all over his face, and a piece of sheepskin, not even a pulpit to preach in, excommunicated from all the churches, and standing on the bank of the Jordan screaming, "Repent!" And called the people a bunch of vipers, snakes. But that's what God said, that when He come the mountains would skip like little rams. See? The humble saw it and was glad. How could they understand that great Messiah, that was prophesied from the very beginning of the Book, in Genesis, that He would come, a Saviour... All sacrifices, and all prophets, and everything had pointed to Him. And then, when He come, supposingly to be a illegitimate birth... A father that was not even married to His mother, supposingly... See? And the woman was found pregnant with the Baby before they was even married. And come up in such... And born in a--a little... Well, it says a stable in the Bible. But a stable in them days was a cave back in the--back in the wall. I met such a place out in Arizona one time hunting. There was a stable back under a cliff of rocks. And that's the way Jesus was born, back in this little cliff stable on a manger of hay and straw, in a cow barn (See?) where stock was.

5This morning I would like to look at the statement brother Branham made in our reading where he said, All sacrifices, and all prophets, and everything had pointed to Him. It is this statement that tells us basically that God through the witness of His Word which we call the Bible, has been vindicated by God Himself through His supernatural ways to prove the authorship of the Bible is His and no other.

6The Bible is the Word of God and we know so, not because men preach it as so, but because God has vindicated His word as His own for not only centuries, but for over 1,600 years. And in God's Word He placed over 2,500 prophecies which He did so that we might "prove all things, and hold fast to that which is good". 1 Thessalonians 5:21.

7There have been over 2,000 of the 2,500 prophecies which have already come to pass in such detail that the odds are 1 to the 2,000 power.

8Christ revealed in His own Word 65-0822M P:38 Now, notice this Bible. Some of them said, "Oh, well, It's done this; It's done that." But let me tell you something; let's just go into the history of the Bible just a minute and see where It come from. It was written by forty different writers. Forty men wrote the Bible over a space of sixteen hundred years apart and at different times, predicting the most important events that ever happened in world's history, and many times hundreds of years before it happened. And there is not one error in the entire sixty-six Books. Oh, my. No author but God Himself could be so accurate. Not one word contradicts the other. Remember, sixteen hundred years apart, the Bible was wrote, from Moses to the death of John, on the Isle of Patmos: sixteen hundred years. And was wrote by forty different authors. One didn't even know the other one, and they never had It as the Word. Some of them never even seen the Word. But when they wrote It, and was understood to be prophets, then when they put their prophecies together, each one of them dovetailed one to the other.

9Listen to what brother Branham is telling us. The Bible was written over 1,600 years apart by some 40 writers who never knew each other and of which many had never read what the others wrote, and yet because there was only one author, this book is so accurate that it foretold very specific future events in such detail more than hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand years before those events took place.

10And of the approximate 2,500 prophecies written in the Bible, there has been some 2,000 of those prophecies which have already been fulfilled. Not like the so called writings of Nostradamus, who spoke in allegories and mystical foggy language that men think these were predictions, but the Bible speaks in details that are so microscopic in detail, and the fulfillments of these prophecies are also so very detailed that the odds of this happening are so astronomic that we can say God interprets His own Word by bringing it to pass. And there is no error in the fulfillment.

11There are about 500 prophecies which remain unfulfilled to date, perhaps less by now, because there is such a staggering amount of fulfillment taking place almost on a daily basis today. But as we have put together a study called the end-time scenes, and in it we are regularly recording Bible fulfillment as we did last week when we showed you that God said Damascus would one day be destroyed, and a pile of rubble, and we have seen the fulfillment of that in the news just lately.

12Amos 1:5 I will break also the bar of Damascus, and cut off the inhabitant from the plain of Aven, and him that holdeth the sceptre from the house of Eden: and the people of Syria shall go into captivity unto Kir, saith the LORD.

13Jeremiah 49:24 Damascus is waxed feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear hath seized on her: anguish and sorrows have taken her, as a woman in travail.

14Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

15Nahum 3:18 Thy shepherds slumber, O king of Assyria: thy nobles shall dwell in the dust: thy people is scattered upon the mountains, and no man gathereth them.

16Isaiah 27:13 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the great trumpet shall be blown, and they shall come which were ready to perish in the land of Syria,...

17Since the probability for any one of these prophecies being fulfilled individually by chance is a very high number and since the prophecies are for the most part independent of one another, the odds for all these prophecies having been fulfilled by chance without error is less than one in 102000 (That is 10 to the 2,000 power)! In other words you would have to right 10 followed by 2,000 zeroes 0's. The odds of becoming a lightning victim any where throughout the world in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000. That is 1 in 3 followed by three zeroes.

18But the odds that these Bible prophecies will be fulfilled in such accuracy in 1 followed by 2,000 zeroes. It is staggering. Yet God in His supernatural way brings to pass His Word just as He said it.

19And God gave us a way to test His prophets to make sure the Man was sent by God and not just someone claiming to be a prophet of God. In Deuteronomy 18:21-22 we read, 21 "And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the LORD hath not spoken? 22 When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shall not be afraid of him."

20According to this Scripture and other Scriptures such as Deuteronomy 13 and many others, God's prophets are 100 percent accurate in their predictions or they were not sent by Him.

21There is no room for error with God. In fact when brother Vayle first met brother Branham he told brother Branham that he had a word of knowledge that was pretty accurate, and brother Branham asked him if it was 100%. He said no it is not, then brother Branham responded, "then leave it alone", and this he did.

22We don't have enough time this morning to go into all the prophecies which have been fulfilled, because we could most likely take one sermon per prophecy and it would take us 2,000 sermons to do so. At the end of this sermon, I will post 353 prophecies that spoke of Jesus when he was here on earth. many were written more than a sixteen hundred years before his birth, and many others 700 years before etc.

23Therefore, we will bring out just a few examples to show you the high degree of accuracy, and also showing you the supernatural way in which each event that was prophesied was fulfilled.

24I would like to use some information I found on the internet and give credit where credit is due. The author of the following material is Dr. Hugh Ross written in 2003 in an article called: Fulfilled Prophecy: Evidence for the Reliability of the Bible. I will place all his material in italicized black font.

25"(1) Some time before 500 BC, the prophet Daniel proclaimed that Israel's long-awaited Messiah would begin his public ministry 483 years after the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem (Daniel 9:25-26). He further predicted that the Messiah would be "cut off," killed, and that this event would take place prior to a second destruction of Jerusalem. Abundant documentation shows that these prophecies were perfectly fulfilled in the life (and crucifixion) of Jesus Christ. The decree regarding the restoration of Jerusalem was issued by Persia's King Artaxerxes to the Hebrew priest Ezra in 458 BC, 483 years later the ministry of Jesus Christ began in Galilee. (Remember that due to calendar changes, the date for the start of Christ's ministry is set by most historians at about AD 26. Also note that from 1 BC to AD 1 is just one year.) Jesus' crucifixion occurred only a few years later, and about four decades later, in AD 70 came the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. (Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 105.)*

26(2) In approximately 700 BC, the prophet Micah named the tiny village of Bethlehem as the birthplace of Israel's Messiah (Micah 5:2). The fulfillment of this prophecy in the birth of Christ is one of the most widely known and widely celebrated facts in history.
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 105.)

27(3) In the fifth century BC, a prophet named Zechariah declared that the Messiah would be betrayed for the price of a slave—thirty pieces of silver, according to Jewish law-and also that this money would be used to buy a burial ground for Jerusalem's poor foreigners (Zechariah 11:12-13). Bible writers and secular historians both record thirty pieces of silver as the sum paid to Judas Iscariot for betraying Jesus, and they indicate that the money went to purchase a "potter's field," used—just as predicted—for the burial of poor aliens (Matthew 27:3-10).
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 1011.)

28(4) Some 400 years before crucifixion was even invented, both Israel's King David and the prophet Zechariah described the Messiah's death in words that perfectly depict that mode of execution. Further, they said that the body would be pierced and that none of the bones would be broken, contrary to customary procedure in cases of crucifixion (Psalm 22 and 34:20; Zechariah 12:10). Again, historians and New Testament writers confirm the fulfillment: Jesus of Nazareth died on a Roman cross, and his extraordinarily quick death eliminated the need for the usual breaking of bones. A spear was thrust into his side to verify that he was, indeed, dead.
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 1013.)

29(5) The prophet Isaiah foretold that a conqueror named Cyrus would destroy seemingly impregnable Babylon and subdue Egypt along with most of the rest of the known world. This same man, said Isaiah, would decide to let the Jewish exiles in his territory go free without any payment of ransom (Isaiah 44:28; 45:1; and 45:13). Isaiah made this prophecy 150 years before Cyrus was born, 180 years before Cyrus performed any of these feats (and he did, eventually, perform them all), and 80 years before the Jews were taken into exile.
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 1015.)

30(6) Mighty Babylon, 196 miles square, was enclosed not only by a moat, but also by a double wall 330 feet high, each part 90 feet thick. It was said by unanimous popular opinion to be indestructible, yet two Bible prophets declared its doom. These prophets further claimed that the ruins would be avoided by travelers, that the city would never again be inhabited, and that its stones would not even be moved for use as building material (Isaiah 13:17-22 and Jeremiah 51:26, 43). Their description is, in fact, the well-documented history of the famous citadel.
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 109.)

31(7) The exact location and construction sequence of Jerusalem's nine suburbs was predicted by Jeremiah about 2600 years ago. He referred to the time of this building project as "the last days," that is, the time period of Israel's second rebirth as a nation in the land of Palestine (Jeremiah 31:38-40). This rebirth became history in 1948, and the construction of the nine suburbs has gone forward precisely in the locations and in the sequence predicted.
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 1018.)

32(8) The prophet Moses foretold (with some additions by Jeremiah and Jesus) that the ancient Jewish nation would be conquered twice and that the people would be carried off as slaves each time, first by the Babylonians (for a period of 70 years), and then by a fourth world kingdom (which we know as Rome). The second conqueror, Moses said, would take the Jews captive to Egypt in ships, selling them or giving them away as slaves to all parts of the world. Both of these predictions were fulfilled to the letter, the first in 607 BC and the second in AD 70. God's spokesmen said, further, that the Jews would remain scattered throughout the entire world for many generations, but without becoming assimilated by the peoples or of other nations, and that the Jews would one day return to the land of Palestine to re-establish for a second time their nation (Deuteronomy 29; Isaiah 11:11-13; Jeremiah 25:11; Hosea 3:4-5 and Luke 21:23-24).
This prophetic statement sweeps across 3,500 years of history to its complete fulfillment—in our lifetime.
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 1020.)

33(9) Jeremiah predicted that despite its fertility and despite the accessibility of its water supply, the land of Edom (today a part of Jordan) would become a barren, uninhabited wasteland (Jeremiah 49:15-20; Ezekiel 25:12-14). His description accurately tells the history of that now bleak region.
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 105.)

34(10) Joshua prophesied that Jericho would be rebuilt by one man. He also said that the man's eldest son would die when the reconstruction began and that his youngest son would die when the work reached completion (Joshua 6:26). About five centuries later this prophecy found its fulfillment in the life and family of a man named Hiel (1 Kings 16:33-34).
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 107).

35(11) The day of Elijah's supernatural departure from Earth was predicted unanimously—and accurately, according to the eye-witness account—by a group of fifty prophets (2 Kings 2:3-11).
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 109).

36(12) Jahaziel prophesied that King Jehoshaphat and a tiny band of men would defeat an enormous, well-equipped, well-trained army without even having to fight. Just as predicted, the King and his troops stood looking on as their foes were supernaturally destroyed to the last man (2 Chronicles 20).
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 108).

37(13) One prophet of God (unnamed, but probably Shemiah) said that a future king of Judah, named Josiah, would take the bones of all the occultic priests (priests of the "high places") of Israel's King Jeroboam and burn them on Jeroboam's altar (1 Kings 13:2 and 2 Kings 23:15-18). This event occurred approximately 300 years after it was foretold.
(Probability of chance fulfillment = 1 in 1013).

38Since these thirteen prophecies cover mostly separate and independent events, the probability of chance occurrence for all thirteen is about 1 in 10138 (138 equals the sum of all the exponents of 10 in the probability estimates above). For the sake of putting the figure into perspective, this probability can be compared to the statistical chance that the second law of thermodynamics will be reversed in a given situation (for example, that a gasoline engine will refrigerate itself during its combustion cycle or that heat will flow from a cold body to a hot body)—that chance = 1 in 1080. Stating it simply, based on these thirteen prophecies alone, the Bible record may be said to be vastly more reliable than the second law of thermodynamics. Each reader should feel free to make his own reasonable estimates of probability for the chance fulfillment of the prophecies cited here. In any case, the probabilities deduced still will be absurdly remote.

39Given that the Bible proves so reliable a document, there is every reason to expect that the remaining 500 prophecies, those slated for the "time of the end," also will be fulfilled to the last letter. Who can afford to ignore these coming events, much less miss out on the immeasurable blessings offered to anyone and everyone who submits to the control of the Bible's author, Jesus Christ? Would a reasonable person take lightly God's warning of judgment for those who reject what they know to be true about Jesus Christ and the Bible, or who reject Jesus' claim on their lives?
*The estimates of probability included herein come from a group of secular research scientists. As an example of their method of estimation, consider their calculations for this first prophecy cited:
A) Since the Messiah's ministry could conceivably begin in any one of about 5000 years, there is, then, one chance in about 5,000 that his ministry could begin in AD 26.
B) Since the Messiah is God in human form, the possibility of his being killed is considerably low, say less than one chance in 10.
C) Relative to the second destruction of Jerusalem, this execution has roughly an even chance of occurring before or after that event, that is, one chance in 2.
Hence, the probability of chance fulfillment for this prophecy is 1 in 5,000 x 10 x 2, which is 1 in 100,000, or 1 in 105.

40I have also posted on the next page a list of the 353 prophesies which were fulfilled in the life of Jesus Christ on earth. This I also found on the internet, and it saved me a life time of work in tracking these down. I have spent literally months doing the studies on the end time prophecies, so to research all 2,000 to date would take a lifetime to do. The website that posted these is http://www.accordingtothescriptures.org.

41There are 353 Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ as the Bible declares...

42"Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me" (Psalm 40:7).
"The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Revelation 19:10).
"...all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me" (Jesus Christ spoke this in Luke 24:44).
"For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me." (Jesus Christ spoke this in John 5:46).
"To Him give all the prophets witness" (Acts 10:43).

43Scripture Prophecy Fulfillment
1. Gen. 3:15 Seed of a woman (virgin birth) Gal 4:4-5, Matt 1:18
2. Gen. 3:15 He will bruise Satan's head Heb 2:14, 1Jn 3:8
3. Gen. 3:15 Christ's heel would be bruised with nails on cross Mt 27:35, Lk 24:39-40
4. Gen. 5:24 The bodily ascension to heaven illustrated Mk 16:19, Rev. 12:5
5. Gen. 9:26-7 The God of Shem will be the Son of Shem Luke 3:23-36
6. Gen. 12:3 Seed of Abraham will bless all nations Gal 3:8, Acts 3:25, 26
7. Gen. 12:7 The Promise made to Abraham's Seed Gal 3:16
8. Gen. 14:18 A priest after the order of Melchizedek Heb 6:20
9. Gen. 14:18 King of Peace and Righteousness Heb7:2
10. Gen. 14:18 The Last Supper foreshadowed Matt 26:26-29

4411. Gen. 17:19 Seed of Isaac (Gen. 21:12) Rom 9:7
12. Gen. 22:8 The Lamb of God promised John 1:29
13. Gen. 22:18 As Isaac's seed, will bless all nations Gal 3:16
14. Gen. 26:2-5 The Seed of Isaac promised as the Redeemer Heb 11:18
15. Gen. 28:12 The Bridge to heaven John 1:51
16. Gen. 28:14 The Seed of Jacob Luke 3:34
17. Gen. 49:10 The time of His coming Luke 2:1-7; Gal 4:4
18. Gen. 49:10 The Seed of Judah Luke 3:33
19. Gen. 49:10 Called Shiloh or One Sent John 17:3

4520. Gen. 49:10 Messiah to come before Judah lost identity John 11:47-52
21. Gen. 49:10 Unto Him shall the obedience of the people be John 10:16
22. Ex. 3:13-15 The Great "I AM" John 4:26, 8:58
23. Ex. 12:3-6 Lamb presented to Israel 4 days before Passover Mark 11:7-11
24. Ex. 12:5 A Lamb without blemish Heb 9:14; 1Pet 1:19
25. Ex. 12:13 The blood of the Lamb saves from wrath Rom 5:8
26. Ex. 12:21-27 Christ is our Passover 1Cor 5:7
27. Ex. 12:46 Not a bone of the Lamb to be broken John 19:31-36
28. Ex. 15:2 His exaltation predicted as Yeshua Acts 7:55, 56
29. Ex. 15:11 His Character-Holiness Luke 1:35; Acts 4:27

4630. Ex. 17:6 The Spiritual Rock of Israel 1Cor 10:4
31. Ex. 33:19 His Character-Merciful Luke 1:72
32. Lev. 1:2-9 His sacrifice a sweet smelling savor unto God Eph 5:2
33. Lev. 14:11 The leper cleansed-Sign to priesthood Luke 5:12-14; Acts 6:7
34. Lev. 16:15-17 Prefigures Christ's once-for-all death Heb 9:7-14
35. Lev. 16:27 Suffering outside the Camp Mt 27:33; Hb13:11, 12
36. Lev. 17:11 The Blood-the life of the flesh Matt 26:28; Mk 10:45
37. Lev. 17:11 It is the blood that makes atonement Rom. 3:23-24; 1Jn 1:7
38. Lev. 23:36-37 The Drink-offering: "If any man thirst" John 7:37
39. Num. 9:12 Not a bone of Him broken John 19:31-36

4740. Num. 21:9 The serpent on a pole-Christ lifted up John 3:14-18, 12:32
41. Num. 24:17 Time: "I shall see him, but not now." John 1:14; Gal 4:4
42. Deut. 18:15 "This is of a truth that prophet." John 6:14
43. Dt. 18:15-16 "Had ye believed Moses, ye would believe me." John 5:45-47
44. Deut. 18:18 Sent by the Father to speak His word John 8:28, 29
45. Deut. 18:19 Whoever will not hear must bear his sin Acts 3:22-23
46. Deut. 21:23 Cursed is he that hangs on a tree Gal 3:10-13
47. Josh 5:14-15 The Captain of our salvation Heb 2:10
48. Ruth 4:4-10 Christ, our kinsman, has redeemed us Eph 1:3-7
49. 1 Sam. 2:35 A Faithful Priest Heb. 2:17, 3:1-3, 6, 7:24-25

4850. 1 Sam. 2:10 Shall be an anointed King to the Lord Mt. 28:18, Jn 12:15
51. 2 Sam. 7:12 David's Seed Matt 1:1
52. 2 Sam. 7:13 His Kingdom is everlasting 2Peter 1:11
53. 2 Sam. 7:14a The Son of God Lk 1:32, Rom 1:3-4
54. 2 Sam. 7:16 David's house established forever Luke 3:31; Rev. 22:16
55. 2 Ki. 2:11 The bodily ascension to heaven illustrated Luke 24:51
56. 1 Chr. 17:11 David's Seed Matt 1:1, 9:27
57. 1 Chr. 17:12-13 To reign on David's throne forever Luke 1:32, 33
58. 1 Chr. 17:13 "I will be His Father, He...my Son." Heb 1:5
59. Job 9:32-33 Mediator between man and God 1 Tim 2:5

4960. Job 19:23-27 The Resurrection predicted John 5:24-29
61. Psa. 2:1-3 The enmity of kings foreordained Acts 4:25-28
62. Psa. 2:2 To own the title, Anointed (Christ) Jn 1:41, Acts 2:36
63. Psa. 2:6 His Character-Holiness Jn 8:46; Rev 3:7
64. Psa. 2:6 To own the title King Matt 2:2
65. Psa. 2:7 Declared the Beloved Son Matt3:17, Rom 1:4
66. Psa. 2:7, 8 The Crucifixion and Resurrection intimated Acts 13:29-33
67. Psa. 2:8, 9 Rule the nations with a rod of iron Rev. 2:27, 12:5, 19:15
68. Psa. 2:12 Life comes through faith in Him John 20:31
69. Psa. 8:2 The mouths of babes perfect His praise Matt 21:16

5070. Psa. 8:5, 6 His humiliation and exaltation Heb 2:5-9
71. Psa. 9:7-10 Judge the world in righteousness Acts 17:31
72. Psa. 16:10 Was not to see corruption Acts 2:31, 13:35
73. Psa. 16:9-11 Was to arise from the dead John 20:9
74. Psa. 17:15 The resurrection predicted Luke 24:6
75. Psa. 18:2-3 The horn of salvation Luke 1:69-71
76. Psa. 22:1 Forsaken because of sins of others 2 Cor 5:21
77. Psa. 22:1 "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Matt 27:46
78. Psa. 22:2 Darkness upon Calvary for three hours Matt 27:45
79. Psa. 22:7 They shoot out the lip and shake the head Matt 27:39-44

5180. Psa. 22:8 "He trusted in God, let Him deliver Him" Matt 27:43
81. Psa. 22:9-10 Born the Saviour Luke 2:7
82. Psa. 22:12-13 They seek His death John 19:6
83. Psa. 22:14 His blood poured out when they pierced His side John 19:34
84. Psa. 22:14, 15 Suffered agony on Calvary Mark 15:34-37
85. Psa. 22:15 He thirsted John 19:28
86. Psa. 22:16 They pierced His hands and His feet John 19:34, 37; 20:27
87. Psa. 22:17, 18 Stripped Him before the stares of men Luke 23:34, 35
88. Psa. 22:18 They parted His garments John 19:23, 24
89. Psa. 22:20, 21 He committed Himself to God Luke 23:46

5290. Psa. 22:20, 21 Satanic power bruising the Redeemer's heel Heb 2:14
91. Psa. 22:22 His Resurrection declared John 20:17
92. Psa. 22:27-28 He shall be the governor of the nations Col 1:16
93. Psa. 22:31 "It is finished" Jn 19:30, Heb.10:10, 12,14,18
94. Psa. 23:1 "I am the Good Shepherd" Jn 10:11, 1Pet 2:25
95. Psa. 24:3 His exaltation predicted Acts 1:11; Phil 2:9
96. Psa. 30:3 His resurrection predicted Acts 2:32
97. Psa. 31:5 "Into thy hands I commit my spirit" Luke 23:46
98. Psa. 31:11 His acquaintances fled from Him Mark 14:50
99. Psa. 31:13 They took counsel to put Him to death Mt. 27:1, John 11:53

53100. Psa. 31:14, 15 "He trusted in God, let Him deliver him" Matt 27:43
101. Psa. 34:20 Not a bone of Him broken John 19:31-36
102. Psa. 35:11 False witnesses rose up against Him Mat 26:59
103. Psa. 35:19 He was hated without a cause John 15:25
104. Psa. 38:11 His friends stood afar off Luke 23:49
105. Psa. 38:12 Enemies try to entangle Him by craft Mark 14:1, Mt. 22:15
106. Psa. 38:12-13 Silent before His accusers Matt 27:12-14
107. Psa. 38:20 He went about doing good Acts 10:38
108. Psa. 40:2-5 The joy of His resurrection predicted John 20:20
109. Psa. 40:6-8 His delight-the will of the Father Jn 4:34, Heb. 10:5-10

54110. Psa. 40:9 He was to preach the Righteousness in Israel Matt 4:17
111. Psa. 40:14 Confronted by adversaries in the Garden John 18:4-6
112. Psa. 41:9 Betrayed by a familiar friend John 13:18
113. Psa. 45:2 Words of Grace come from His lips John 1:17, Luke 4:22
114. Psa. 45:6 To own the title, God or Elohim Heb 1:8
115. Psa. 45:7 A special anointing by the Holy Spirit Mt. 3:16; Heb. 1:9
116. Psa. 45:7, 8 Called the Christ (Messiah or Anointed) Luke 2:11
117. Psa. 45:17 His name remembered forever Eph 1:20-21, Heb. 1:8
118. Psa. 55:12-14 Betrayed by a friend, not an enemy John 13:18
119. Psa. 55:15 Unrepentant death of the Betrayer Mt 27:3-5; Acts1:16-19

55120. Psa. 68:18 To give gifts to men Eph 4:7-16
121. Psa. 68:18 Ascended into Heaven Luke 24:51
122. Psa. 69:4 Hated without a cause John 15:25
123. Psa. 69:8 A stranger to own brethren John 1:11, 7:5
124. Psa. 69:9 Zealous for the Lord's House John 2:17
125. Psa. 69:14-20 Messiah's anguish of soul before crucifixion Matt 26:36-45
126. Psa. 69:20 "My soul is exceeding sorrowful." Matt 26:38
127. Psa. 69:21 Given vinegar in thirst Matt 27:34
128. Psa. 69:26 The Saviour given and smitten by God John 17:4; 18:11
129. Psa. 72:10, 11 Great persons were to visit Him Matt 2:1-11

56130. Psa. 72:16 The corn of wheat to fall into the Ground John 12:24-25
131. Psa. 72:17 Belief on His name will produce offspring John 1:12, 13
132. Psa. 72:17 All nations shall be blessed by Him Gal 3:8
133. Psa. 72:17 All nations shall call Him blessed Jn 12:13, Rev.5:8-12
134. Psa. 78:1-2 He would teach in parables Matt 13:34-35
135. Psa. 78:2b To speak the Wisdom of God with authority Matt 7:29
136. Psa. 80:17 The Man of God's right hand Mark 14:61-62
137. Psa. 88 The Suffering and Reproach of Calvary Matt 27:26-50
138. Psa. 88:8 They stood afar off and watched Luke 23:49
139. Psa. 89:27 Firstborn Col 1:15, 18

57140. Psa. 89:27 Emmanuel to be higher than earthly kings Luke 1:32, 33
141. Psa. 89:35-37 David's Seed, throne, kingdom endure forever Luke 1:32, 33
142. Psa. 89:36-37 His character-Faithfulness Rev 1:5, 19:11
143. Psa. 90:2 He is from everlasting (Micah 5:2) John 1:1
144. Psa. 91:11, 12 Identified as Messianic; used to tempt Christ Luke 4:10, 11
145. Psa. 97:9 His exaltation predicted Acts 1:11; Eph 1:20
146. Psa. 100:5 His character-Goodness Matt 19:16, 17
147. Psa. 102:1-11 The Suffering and Reproach of Calvary John 19:16-30
148. Psa. 102:25-27 Messiah is the Preexistent Son Heb 1:10-12
149. Psa. 109:25 Ridiculed Matt 27:39

58150. Psa. 110:1 Son of David Matt 22:42-43
151. Psa. 110:1 To ascend to the right-hand of the Father Mark 16:19
152. Psa. 110:1 David's son called Lord Matt 22:44, 45
153. Psa. 110:4 A priest after Melchizedek's order Hebrews 6:20
154. Psa. 112:4 His character-Compassionate, Gracious, et al Matt 9:36
155. Psa. 118:17, 18 Messiah's Resurrection assured Luke 24:5-7; 1Cor. 15:20
156. Psa. 118:22, 23 The rejected stone is Head of the corner Matt 21:42, 43
157. Psa. 118:26a The Blessed One presented to Israel Matt 21:9
158. Psa. 118:26b To come while Temple standing Matt 21:12-15
159. Psa. 132:11 The Seed of David (the fruit of His Body) Luke 1:32, Act 2:30

59160. Psa. 129:3 He was scourged Matt 27:26
161. Psa. 138:1-6 The supremacy of David's Seed amazes kings Matt 2:2-6
162. Psa. 147:3, 6 The earthly ministry of Christ described Luke 4:18
163. Prov. 1:23 He will send the Spirit of God John 16:7
164. Prov. 8:23 Foreordained from everlasting Rev. 13:8, 1Pt 1:19-20
165. Song. 5:16 The altogether lovely One John 1:17
166. Isa. 2:3 He shall teach all nations John 4:25
167. Isa. 2:4 He shall judge among the nations John 5:22
168. Isa. 6:1 When Isaiah saw His glory John 12:40-41
169. Isa. 6:8 The One Sent by God John 12:38-45

60170. Isa. 6:9-10 Parables fall on deaf ears Matt 13:13-15
171. Isa. 6:9-12 Blinded to Christ and deaf to His words Acts 28:23-29
172. Isa. 7:14 To be born of a virgin Luke 1:35
173. Isa. 7:14 To be Emmanuel-God with us Mt 1:18-23, 1Tim. 3:16
174. Isa. 8:8 Called Emmanuel Matt 28:20
175. Isa. 8:14 A stone of stumbling, a Rock of offense 1Pet 2:8
176. Isa. 9:1, 2 His ministry to begin in Galilee Matt 4:12-17
177. Isa. 9:6 A child born-Humanity Luke 1:31
178. Isa. 9:6 A Son given-Deity Lk 1:32, Jn 1:14, 1Tm. 3:16
179. Isa. 9:6 Declared to be the Son of God with power Rom 1:3, 4

61180. Isa. 9:6 The Wonderful One, Peleh Luke 4:22
181. Isa. 9:6 The Counsellor, Yaatz Matt 13:54
182. Isa. 9:6 The Mighty God, El Gibor 1Cor. 1:24, Titus 2:3
183. Isa. 9:6 The Everlasting Father, Avi Adth John 8:58, 10:30
184. Isa. 9:6 The Prince of Peace, Sar Shalom John 16:33
185. Isa. 9:7 To establish an everlasting kingdom Luke 1:32-33
186. Isa. 9:7 His Character-Just John 5:30
187. Isa. 9:7 No end to his Government, Throne, and Peace Luke 1:32-33
188. Isa. 11:1 Called a Nazarene-the Branch, Netzer Matt 2:23
189. Isa. 11:1 A rod out of Jesse-Son of Jesse Luke 3:23, 32

62190. Isa. 11:2 Anointed One by the Spirit Mt 3:16, 17, Acts 10:38
191. Isa. 11:2 His Character-Wisdom, Knowledge, et al Col 2:3
192. Isa. 11:3 He would know their thoughts Luke 6:8, John 2:25
193. Isa. 11:4 Judge in righteousness Acts 17:31
194. Isa. 11:4 Judges with the sword of His mouth Rev. 2:16, 19:11, 15
195. Isa. 11:5 Character: Righteous & Faithful Rev. 19:11
196. Isa. 11:10 The Gentiles seek Him John 12:18-21
197. Isa. 12:2 Called Jesus-Yeshua Matt 1:21
198. Isa. 22:22 The One given all authority to govern Rev 3:7
199. Isa. 25:8 The Resurrection predicted 1Cor 15:54

63200. Isa. 26:19 His power of Resurrection predicted Matt 27:50-54
201. Isa. 28:16 The Messiah is the precious corner stone Acts 4:11, 12
202. Isa. 28:16 The Sure Foundation 1Cor 3:11, Mt. 16:18
203. Isa. 29:13 He indicated hypocritical obedience to His Word Matt 15:7-9
204. Isa. 29:14 The wise are confounded by the Word 1Cor 1:18-31
205. Isa. 32:2 A Refuge-A man shall be a hiding place Matt 23:37
206. Isa. 35:4 He will come and save you Matt 1:21
207. Isa. 35:5-6 To have a ministry of miracles Matt 11:2-6
208. Isa. 40:3, 4 Preceded by forerunner John 1:23
209. Isa. 40:9 "Behold your God." John 1:36; 19:14

64210. Isa. 40:10. He will come to reward Rev 22:12
211. Isa. 40:11 A shepherd-compassionate life-giver John 10:10-18
212. Isa. 42:1-4 The Servant-as a faithful, patient redeemer Matt 12:18-21
213. Isa. 42:2 Meek and lowly Matth11:28-30
214. Isa. 42:3 He brings hope for the hopeless John 4
215. Isa. 42:4 The nations shall wait on His teachings John 12:20-26
216. Isa. 42:6 The Light (salvation) of the Gentiles Luke 2:32
217. Isa. 42:1, 6 His is a worldwide compassion Matt 28:19, 20
218. Isa. 42:7 Blind eyes opened. John 9:25-38
219. Isa. 43:11 He is the only Saviour. Acts 4:12

65220. Isa. 44:3 He will send the Spirit of God John 16:7, 13
221. Isa. 45:21-25 He is Lord and Saviour Phil 3:20, Titus 2:13
222. Isa. 45:23 He will be the Judge John 5:22; Rom 14:11
223. Isa. 46:9, 10 Declares things not yet done John 13:19
224. Isa. 48:12 The First and the Last John 1:30, Rev 1:8,17
225. Isa. 48:16, 17 He came as a Teacher John 3:2
226. Isa. 49:1 Called from the womb-His humanity Matt 1:18
227. Isa. 49:5 A Servant from the womb. Luke 1:31, Phil 2:7
228. Isa. 49:6 He will restore Israel Acts 3:19-21, 15:16-17
229. Isa. 49:6 He is Salvation for Israel Luke 2:29-32

66230. Isa. 49:6 He is the Light of the Gentiles John 8:12, Acts 13:47
231. Isa. 49:6 He is Salvation unto the ends of the earth Acts 15:7-18
232. Isa. 49:7 He is despised of the Nation John 1:11, 8:48-49, 19:14-15
233. Isa. 50:3 Heaven is clothed in black at His humiliation Luke 23:44, 45
234. Isa. 50:4 He is a learned counselor for the weary Matt 7:29, 11:28, 29
235. Isa. 50:5 The Servant bound willingly to obedience Matt 26:39
236. Isa. 50:6a "I gave my back to the smiters." Matt 27:26
237. Isa. 50:6b He was smitten on the cheeks Matt 26:67
238. Isa. 50:6c He was spat upon Matt 27:30
239. Isa. 52:7 Published good tidings upon mountains Matt 5:12,15:29,28:16

67240. Isa. 52:13 The Servant exalted Acts 1:8-11; Eph. 1:19-22, Phil. 2:5-9
241. Isa. 52:14 The Servant shockingly abused Lk 18:31-34; Mt. 26:67, 68
242. Isa. 52:15 Nations startled by message of the Servant Lk 18:31-34; Mt. 26:67, 68
243. Isa. 52:15 His blood shed sprinkles nations Heb 9:13-14, Rev. 1:5
244. Isa. 53:1 His people would not believe Him John 12:37-38
245. Isa. 53:2 Appearance of an ordinary man Phil 2:6-8
246. Isa. 53:3a Despised Luke 4:28-29
247. Isa. 53:3b Rejected Matt 27:21-23
248. Isa. 53:3c Great sorrow and grief Mt 26:37-38, Lk 19:41, Heb. 4:15
249. Isa. 53:3d Men hide from being associated with Him Mark 14:50-52

68250. Isa. 53:4a He would have a healing ministry Matt 8:16-17
251. Isa. 53:4b Thought to be cursed by God Matt 26:66, 27:41-43
252. Isa. 53:5a Bears penalty for mankind's iniquities 2Cor. 5:21, Heb. 2:9
253. Isa. 53:5b His sacrifice provides peace between man /God Col 1:20
254. Isa. 53:5c His sacrifice would heal man of sin 1Peter 2:24
255. Isa. 53:6a He would be the sin-bearer for all mankind 1John 2:2, 4:10
256. Isa. 53:6b God's will that He bear sin for all mankind Gal 1:4
257. Isa. 53:7a Oppressed and afflicted Matt 27:27-31
258. Isa. 53:7b Silent before his accusers Matt 27:12-14
259. Isa. 53:7c Sacrificial lamb Jn 1:29, 1Pt 1:18-19

69260. Isa. 53:8a Confined and persecuted Matt 26:47-27:31
261. Isa. 53:8b He would be judged John 18:13-22
262. Isa. 53:8c Killed Matt 27:35
263. Isa. 53:8d Dies for the sins of the world 1John 2:2
264. Isa. 53:9a Buried in a rich man's grave Matt 27:57
265. Isa. 53:9b Innocent and had done no violence Lk 23:41, Jn 18:38
266. Isa. 53:9c No deceit in his mouth 1Pet 2:22
267. Isa. 53:10a God's will that He die for mankind Jn 18:11
268. Isa. 53:10b An offering for sin Matt 20:28, Gal 3:13
269. Isa. 53:10c Resurrected and live forever Rom 6:9

70270. Isa. 53:10d He would prosper John 17:1-5
271. Isa. 53:11a God fully satisfied with His suffering John 12:27
272. Isa. 53:11b God's servant would justify man Rom 5:8-9, 18-19
273. Isa. 53:11c The sin-bearer for all mankind Heb 9:28
274. Isa. 53:12a Exalted by God because of his sacrifice Matt 28:18
275. Isa. 53:12b He would give up his life to save mankind Luke 23:46
276. Isa. 53:12c Numbered with the transgressors Mark 15:27-28
277. Isa. 53:12d Sin-bearer for all mankind 1Peter 2:24
278. Isa. 53:12e Intercede to God in behalf of mankind Lk 23:34, Rom 8:34
279. Isa. 55:3 Resurrected by God Acts 13:34

71280. Isa. 55:4a A witness John 18:37
281. Isa. 55:4b He is a leader and commander Heb 2:10
282. Isa. 55:5 God would glorify Him Acts 3:13
283. Isa. 59:16a Intercessor between man and God Matt 10:32
284. Isa. 59:16b He would come to provide salvation John 6:40
285. Isa. 59:20 He would come to Zion as their Redeemer Luke 2:38
286. Isa. 60:1-3 He would shew light to the Gentiles Acts 26:23
287. Isa. 61:1a The Spirit of God upon him Matt 3:16-17
288. Isa. 61:1b The Messiah would preach the good news Luke 4:16-21
289. Isa. 61:1c Provide freedom from the bondage of sin John 8:31-36

72290. Isa. 61:1-2a Proclaim a period of grace Gal 4:4-5
291. Jer. 11:21 Conspiracy to kill Jesus John 7:1, Matt 21:28
292. Jer. 23:5-6 Descendant of David Luke 3:23-31
293. Jer. 23:5-6 The Messiah would be both God and Man Jn 13:13, 1Tim 3:16
294. Jer. 31:22 Born of a virgin Matt 1:18-20
295. Jer. 31:31 The Messiah would be the new covenant Matt 26:28
296. Jer. 33:14-15 Descendant of David Luke 3:23-31
297. Eze.34:23-24 Descendant of David Matt 1:1
298. Eze.37:24-25 Descendant of David Luke 1:31-33
299. Dan. 2:44-45 The Stone that shall break the kingdoms Matt21:44

73300. Dan. 7:13-14a He would ascend into heaven Acts 1:9-11
301. Dan. 7:13-14b Highly exalted Eph 1:20-22
302. Dan. 7:13-14c His dominion would be everlasting Luke 1:31-33
303. Dan. 9:24a To make an end to sins Gal 1:3-5
304. Dan. 9:24a To make reconciliation for iniquity Rom 5:10,2Cor5:18-21
305. Dan. 9:24b He would be holy Luke 1:35
306. Dan. 9:25 His announcement John 12:12-13
307. Dan. 9:26a Cut off Matt 16:21, 21:38-39
308. Dan. 9:26b Die for the sins of the world Heb 2:9
309. Dan. 9:26c Killed before the destruction of the temple Matt 27:50-51

74310. Dan. 10:5-6 Messiah in a glorified state Rev 1:13-16
311. Hos. 11:1 He would be called out of Egypt Matt 2:15
312. Hos. 13:14 He would defeat death 1Cor 15:55-57
313. Joel 2:32 Offer salvation to all mankind Rom 10:9-13
314. Jonah 1:17 Death and resurrection of Christ Matt 12:40, 16:4
315. Mic. 5:2a Born in Bethlehem Matt 2:1-6
316. Mic. 5:2b Ruler in Israel Luke 1:33
317. Mic. 5:2c From everlasting John 8:58
318. Hag. 2:6-9 He would visit the second Temple Luke 2:27-32
319. Hag. 2:23 Descendant of Zerubbabel Luke 2:27-32

75320. Zech. 3:8 God's servant John 17:4
321. Zech. 6:12-13 Priest and King Heb 8:1
322. Zech. 9:9a Greeted with rejoicing in Jerusalem Matt 21:8-10
323. Zech. 9:9b Beheld as King John 12:12-13
324. Zech. 9:9c The Messiah would be just John 5:30
325. Zech. 9:9d The Messiah would bring salvation Luke 19:10
326. Zech. 9:9e The Messiah would be humble Matt 11:29
327. Zech. 9:9f Presented to Jerusalem riding on a donkey Matt 21:6-9
328. Zech. 10:4 The cornerstone Eph 2:20
329. Zech. 11:4-6a At His coming, Israel to have unfit leaders Matt 23:1-4

76330. Zech. 11:4-6b Rejection causes God to remove His protection Luke 19:41-44
331. Zech. 11:4-6c Rejected in favor of another king John 19:13-15
332. Zech. 11:7 Ministry to "poor," the believing remnant Matt 9:35-36
333. Zech. 11:8a Unbelief forces Messiah to reject them Matt 23:33
334. Zech. 11:8b Despised Matt 27:20
335. Zech. 11:9 Stops ministering to those who rejected Him Matt 13:10-11
336. Zch. 11:10-11a Rejection causes God to remove protection Luke 19:41-44
337. Zch. 11:10-11b The Messiah would be God John 14:7
338. Zch. 11:12-13a Betrayed for thirty pieces of silver Matt 26:14-15
339. Zch. 11:12-13b Rejected Matt 26:14-15

77340. Zch. 11:12-13c Thirty pieces of silver cast in the house of Lord Matt 27:3-5
341. Zch. 11:12-13d The Messiah would be God John 12:45
342. Zech. 12:10a The Messiah's body would be pierced John 19:34-37
343. Zech. 12:10b The Messiah would be both God and man John 10:30
344. Zech. 12:10c The Messiah would be rejected John 1:11
345. Zech. 13:7a God's will He die for mankind John 18:11
346. Zech. 13:7b A violent death Mark 14:27
347. Zech. 13:7c Both God and man John 14:9
348. Zech. 13:7d Israel scattered as a result of rejecting Him Matt 26:31-56
349. Zech. 14:4 He would return to the Mt. of Olives Acts 1:11-12

78350. Mal. 3:1a Messenger to prepare the way for Messiah Mark 1:1-8
351. Mal. 3:1b Sudden appearance at the temple Mark 11:15-16
352. Mal. 3:1c Messenger of the new covenant Luke 4:43
353. Mal. 3:6 The God who changes not Hebrews 13:8
354. Mal. 4:5 Forerunner in spirit of Elijah Mt. 3:1-3, 11:10-14, 17:11-13
355. Mal. 4:6 Forerunner would turn many to righteousness Luke 1:16-17

79Remember as always these notes are posted in several places on the internet for your
reference and printing if you wish to study them further.

80Let us pray.