( Revelation, Reveal, Unveil )
This section will deal with the Greek word apokalupsis which is mainly used in the Scripture as the words reveal or revelation. We have a tendency however, when using the word revelation, to think only in terms of having a [ mental concept or idea ]. This word apokalupsis goes beyond simply having an understanding. In addition to the concept of understanding, it also places an emphasis on the source of that understanding and the reason that one is able to understand. The revelation is therefore ( induced ) by an unveiling or an uncovering that gives the revelation Life.

2In the Church Age book: [Revelation of Jesus Christ] (CAB) pg. 13 pp. 3 chapter 1, brother Branham said, "Now the Greek word for revelation is apocalypse which means 'unveiling.' This unveiling is perfectly described in the example of a sculptor unveiling his work of statuary, exposing it to the onlooker. It is an uncovering, revealing what was previously hidden." We therefore see that the unveiling itself is the stimulus for the revelation, because the unveiling is the action that reveals. Once hidden, but now brought into plain view. This is the essence of apokalupsis.

3[Luke 2: 25 - 32] "And behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon, and the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him. And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ. And he came by the Spirit into the temple: and when the parents brought in the child Jesus, to do for Him after the custom of the law, then took he Him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said, Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace, according to Thy Word. For mine eyes have seen Thy salvation. Which Thou hast prepared before the face of all Thy people; A light to apokalupsis the Gentiles, and the glory of Thy people Israel."

4The King James version uses " A light to apokalupsis the Gentiles " which is actually to enlighten or reveal to them, but if you will notice the wording here let's you know that this enlightening [from this light], comes as a result of the light being prepared before, and manifested openly to the people of Israel. A light is always thought of as that which manifests. In [Ephesians 5:13] it says, "for whatsoever doth make manifest is Light." In fact Brother Branham said in the [Indictment] pg. 9, " And today, by the light of the Gospel reflecting from a Light, a Pillar of Fire visibly among us... This shows that the light or message has it's source in the unveiled Presence of Christ among us. Simeon had already received revelation by the Holy Ghost that he would not die until he had seen the Lord's Christ, but He was still unsure of Who It would be or in what fashion. He did not know this until He came into the presence of Jesus Christ Himself.

5Our examination of the scripture and Brother Branham's quotes on this Unveiling will hopefully allow us to see the difference between [revelation as an entity of it's own], and [revelation as it comes forth from this great unveiling]. This unveiling brings into view not only that which was hidden from view, but it also brings into light and puts an emphasis on those hidden attributes and characteristics that are so essential in fully disclosing the true nature of the Person of Christ.

6[II Corinthians 12: 7] "And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the apokalupsis, there was given unto me a thorn in my flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure." Paul speaks here not only of the abundance of the revelation he received from the unveiling of the Holy Spirit, but this revelation also came as a result of the Pillar of Fire manifesting Himself to Paul alone. Remember, the other men did not see The Pillar of Fire. Only Paul saw It, and was blinded by it long enough for God to get a hold of him. Each of us who have come into the light of this hour have experienced the same thing in that this Word temporarily blinds us in a way which we must stop and reexamine our doctrine. This is why the Parousia of Christ is so important. We see the Bible in a new way and the Word becomes alive to us, and we become established in the Present Day Truth. Brother Branham posted above his pulpit the words, "be still and know"... because we must stop and be still before we can properly know and understand.

7[Galatians 1: 12] "For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the Apokalupsis of Jesus Christ." Again we see that Paul is not just speaking of revelation as if it were his ability within his mental faculties to receive and sort out knowledge and understanding. He let's you know that he received this revelation or understanding as a direct result of the Appearing and unveiling of the Mighty God before him. It was Christ that revealed Himself. It was not Paul using his mental prowess and figuring it out. Brother Branham has always stated that no man has a right to interpret God's Word. God interprets His own Word by bringing it to pass, and then when we see this Word coming to pass, those who are ordained to receive the revelation or understanding of His Word for their season, will also be able to see the manifestation that vindicates the revelation when it comes. One other thing. You will notice that Paul says he did not receive it, nor was he taught it by man. Then this let's you know he was taught it, and the source of the teaching was the actual apokalupsis or the act of unveiling itself.

8[Unveiling of God] PP. 122 6-14-64 "And God needs no interpreter, He does His own interpretation. He manifests it and...He gives the interpretation. God unveiling Himself. Oh, My! Right in the midst of us, we see His great hand telling these things, doing these things."

9[ Identified Christ of all Ages] pg. 42 6-17-64 "And until you come in behind that badger skin, until you get out of your old skin, your old thoughts, your old creeds, and come into the Presence of God; then the Word becomes a living reality to you, then you're awakened to the Shekinah Glory, then the Bible becomes a new book, then Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. You're living in His Presence, eating the shewbread that's only provided that day for believers, priests only. "And we are priests, royal priesthood, a holy nation, peculiar people, giving spiritual sacrifices to God." But you must come into, behind the veil, to see the unveiled God. And God is veiled. That's His Word made manifest."

10[Galatians 2:2]" And I went up by apokalupsis and communicated unto them that Gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, but privately to them that were of reputation, lest by any means I should have run, or had run, in vain." We see this story further unravel in [Acts 15]. If you carefully observe what took place here, you will notice that some men whom Paul called false brethren, who were still Pharisees ( at least in their thinking), had come into the message of the hour. These men had heard what Paul was teaching and had come down from Jerusalem to Galatia to set the people straight. They began teaching the people to be circumcised which was contrary to what Paul was teaching. Now, these men had some pull at the headquarters in Jerusalem, so Paul not only went up by revelation to declare his revelation of Christ to the Apostles. The outcome was that Paul had the true revelation of what was going on and the Apostles were basically backslid concerning the truth. Why? Because they had listened to the opinion of man rather than the opinion of God. As alpha repeats in omega, this must also repeat in this hour. Paul did not receive His revelation from man. He received it from the very Presence of Jesus Christ Himself, and all the other Apostles had to admit that Paul had met with the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. The same can be said in this hour with William Branham.

11[The Mighty God Unveiled] pg. 14 pp. 2 6-29-64 " I'm afraid that the traditions of the fathers, the church fathers, has hid this from too many people. Since the Holy Ghost is come in this last days as prophesied, and the veil has been rent, too many people try to hang to their traditions of their fathers; and that's why they can't see this extreme joy, and peace, and things that the church has today. Yet it's in plain view of those who believe. He hid the Word, the promised Word of this day."

12[Ephesians 3: 3]" How that by apokalupsis He made known unto me the mystery,..." In this scripture the apokalupsis was Christ's appearing in the form of the Pillar of Fire unveiling and revealing Himself to Paul. He then took this appearing of Christ to the scripture and God anointed the eyes of his heart to see that the Pillar of Fire who called Himself "Jesus", was actually Jehovah, the Almighty God of Israel, in another form, alive forever more. Paul let you know without a doubt by this Scripture that God had unveiled Himself to him, and not to the others and because of this unveiling, he was able to declare the mystery of Christ. In [ 1 Timothy 3: 16] he declares, "And without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness: God was manifested in the flesh..." Now, although Jesus Himself had come back to the Apostles in a body form on several occasions, it was through the identifiable characteristics of the Pillar of Fire that Paul was able to take the scripture and show Jesus Christ from Genesis to Malachi. Notice once again how Paul let's you know that it was by and through the apokalupsis that the mystery of God was made known. So the unveiling is what actually does the revealing. The unveiling then, is what actually gives the understanding.

13[Revelations 1:1] "The apokalupsis of Jesus Christ which God gave unto Him, to shew His servants things which must shortly come to pass; and He sent and signified it by His angel unto His servant John:" Brother Branham refers to this scripture in his message: [Revelation of Jesus Christ] pp. 106 12-04-60 "The 1st verse is unveiling Christ. The Revelation or the uncovering. Oh, how the last age and the coming of the Lord was covered up to the apostles! They asked the question, but only one lived to have the revelation; and still he didn't understand it, because the history was not yet made." As we said in our study of the word Parousia, the Apostles were not aware of a first coming much less a second coming. They were looking for Him to disclose Himself publicly to the people. Notice also that brother Branham let's you know candidly that you can not possibly understand fully what the scripture is telling you until God actually performs that portion of Scripture. That is why he never taught much on the millennium and the New Jerusalem and the other things which are future events. If they have not unfolded, then we can only "presume" and you know what he said about that. He said, "to presume is to venture without authority". Now, as for the Appearing or Parousia; God vindicated it by bringing it to pass. And once again notice the wording of this verse of scripture. "The apokalupsis of Jesus Christ which God gave unto Him, to shew His servants things which must shortly come to pass. We see that the purpose of God providing an apokalupsis is "to show", which means to teach. So we see that the Apokalupsis is a tool God uses to teach, to instruct, to make known His ways to the people.

14[Revelation of Jesus Christ] pp. 104 12-04-60 " Now, unveiling, the Greek word, something that's been hid, revealing Christ."

15[Romans 8:19] For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the apokalupsis of the sons of God. The use of this scripture is good in that it let's you know that it is not merely a revelation that the sons of God have, but the fact that there is an unveiling or manifestation of them that will set off, or spark off the rest of God's creation. The KJV version uses the word, "manifestation" here, because it is not just a revelation but an outward disclosure or unveiling. The question we should ask ourselves as we read this is, "What brings on this manifestation? We find the answer in [I John 3: 2] where It says, "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that when He shall Appear, we shall be like Him: for we shall see Him as He is." It is seeing Him as He is, that causes us to come into manifestation to what we are. [Romans 12:1-2] tells us, "we are transformed by the renewing of our minds."[II Corinthians 3:18] tells us the actual process of the transformation comes by the renewing of our minds. This renewing of our mind brings us into the Glory or the "opinion" of The Father. Finally in [Colossians 3: 4] we see the very Life of the Father which has already come into the Elect by the new birth, becoming manifested in it's true character when He Appears and manifests His true character.

[Romans 16: 25] "Now to Him that is of power to stablish you according to my Gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the apokalupsis of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began." Notice the apokalupsis had been kept secret but was revealed to Paul. Paul is stating three things here, 1) There is to come a time of establishing you, 2) It will happen according to His Gospel, 3) It will happen in accordance with the revealing of the mysteries. The mysteries will be revealed at the time of [Rev 10: 1-7] in which Christ will reveal Himself through a prophet, and that prophet will be declaring the same message Paul declared, which Paul said would take place in [II Thes 1:10].

17[Unveiling of God] pp. 367 6-14-64 " Father, we pray today that these, Lord, who are not yet through that veil. They're standing out there like Israel, they're watching. They believe, but they've never broke into this yet, to see that great Shekinah Light, both Spiritual and physical, insomuch that a mechanical eye of the camera keeps taking the pictures. Just two weeks ago caught it again. You're revealing Yourself, Lord. The Mighty God unveiled to the believer; still veiled to the unbeliever, but unveiled to the believer. May they break through today, Lord, see His great splendor and Glory. May their hearts be changed before we even get back to this church tonight. May they all be filled with your Spirit, Your Presence. May the Master take up the faith that they've got, streak it across the Word; may the tune come back, "Thou has been ordained before the foundation of the world to believe this. Believe my child and be saved."

18[Works is Faith Expressed] pp. 128 11-26-65 " It was God revealing Himself to the individual. While others laughed, these were rejoicing. It was an individual revelation.."

19[The Mighty God Unveiled] pg. 15 pp. 5 6-29-64" You can see the unveiling of this great and mighty One. Traditions has blinded the people again to these things that's been prophesied."

20[Unveiling of God] pp. 343 6-14-64 "And you will see, if you'll just do that, break those old traditions and things and come to Him, you'll see Him standing, the Mighty Conqueror, The Word of promise for this age made manifest. You'll see the Mighty God unveiled, see Him right among us here, unveiled, the Mighty God, unconquered by traditions."

21[Unveiling of God pp. 360 6-14-64 " Break through every veil of selfishness, and every veil of unbelief, and see the Mighty Conqueror unveiled before the believers."

22[ I Corinthians 1: 4 - 10]" So that you come behind in no Spiritual gift; waiting for the apokalupsis of our Lord Jesus Christ:" In this Scripture we see a great revealing of Christ or unveiling that is to come. In order to become a beneficiary of this great unveiling, Paul tells us that there is to come forth a dispensation of Grace that will prepare our minds by enriching them (like fertilizer enriches the soil, preparing the mind to receive this great unveiling of Christ. We see this dispensation of Grace also in [I Peter 1:10 - 13]. And how does God reveal Himself? [Amos 3:7] tells us that it must come through a prophetic ministry.

23[The Mighty God Unveiled] pg. 4 pp. 3 6-29-64 " I'm identified with a group of people that feels the Spirit of God. I'm identified with a group of people that knows He's unveiled, that knows He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, and knows that this is not fanaticism; It's Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. I'm identified with that group here tonight, yet they're called a bunch of heretics, yet a bunch of fanaticism on account of the Word of God. But I'm not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for It is the power of God unto salvation to them ones."

24[Unveiling of God] pp. 360 6-14-64 " Show Yourself among us, Lord, as You have been doing. Ever remain that way until we're visibly before You, when the en-morphe has been changed and You become again Son of Man and Son of David..."

25[Man running from the Presence of God] pp. 40 2-17-65 " May all the great mysteries that we're supposed to know at this age, Lord, be unveiled to us and we'll see the plainness of God, so that we'll know how to behave ourselves and act, correcting ourselves and bringing the members of our body into discipline to the Word, that we might know how to live in this present day at the approaching of the Lord Jesus."

26[The Trial] 4-27-64 " It's God unveiling Himself, bringing Himself down so He can be...He was above in the Pillar of Fire. Then He manifested in His Son, Jesus Christ. And now revealed to us by the Holy Ghost."

27[The Mighty God Unveiled] pg. 31 pp. 3 6-29-64 "Oh, great God of heaven, unveiling Yourself, unfolding Yourself, making Yourself known, the Mighty King of Glory..."

28[Proving His Word] pp. 236 8-16-64 " Now, remember, that was not Jesus talking to Abraham there, that could discern the thoughts in Sarah's mind behind him. That was not Jesus, He had not yet been born. But it was a man in Human flesh, that Abraham called, "Elohim, the great Almighty."

29[Ephesians 1: 17] " That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Father of Glory, may give unto you the Spirit of Wisdom and apokalupsis in the knowledge of Him." This Scripture tells us that the Spirit of God Himself is to descend with a message that will make us to know Him better. In the [Rapture] tape, brother Branham tells us that the shout of [I Thes 4: 15-18], is the message. This scripture tells us the Lord descends Himself with a message, and Jesus told us "as a man thinketh in His heart, so is he. And out of the abundance of his heart, the mouth speaks. So if God has descended from heaven with a shout, then it must be a declaration of Himself. In [I John 3:2] we see that this message brings us into a knowledge of Him which transforms us by the renewing of our mind as in [Romans 12:1-2].

30[Adoption] pp. 181 pt. 4 5-22-60 "That the Father of Glory may give unto you the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the knowledge of Him." Just keep revealing Himself to you all the time, growing from grace to grace, from power to power, glory to glory. Not fall back, but from glory to glory, keep moving on. Notice how he ties together [ Eph 1:17] with [ 2 Cor 3: 18]?

31[Seventy Weeks of Daniel] pp. 167 7-30-61" The Spirit of Wisdom comes into the church to make known to the church by the revelation of the Holy Ghost, bringing the church in and revealing what day that we're living in. Just the same as Gabriel come to Daniel, the Holy Spirit comes to the church in the last days to reveal these great, deep, secret things. Do you understand now?" Here we must ask ourselves this question. What was there about how Gabriel came to Daniel that is to repeat in this hour. It was one angel coming to one prophet. And brother Branham let's you know that it will be that way again, only this time that angel will represent the very Presence of the Holy Spirit coming to one Prophet.

32[II Thes 1:7] " And to you who are troubled, rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be apokalupsis from Heaven with His mighty angels," If you will notice also in verse 10 it says this unveiling will come by the preaching and receiving of Paul's Gospel. Notice also this revealing comes as Christ The Judge, accompanied by Angels, as brother Branham illustrated by pointing out the white wig of the Supreme Judge when showing the Life magazine photo of the cloud.

33[ Revelation of Jesus Christ ] pp. 129 12-04-60 " But to those who know what it is, oh, what a blessing! What is it? A revelation. A revelation of Who? Of the man in the pulpit? Jesus Christ in this last church age! Revealing Himself like He promised He would do. It's a revelation. See?"

34[ Revelation of Jesus Christ] pp. 146 12-04-60 " So then you see why Satan is so against the book of Revelation. Anything that's revealed, spiritual revelation, Satan's against it. That's why he's so against the ministry today."

35[ Will the Church go through the Tribulation ] 1-9-58 " Jesus said, "When the Son of Man is revealed from Heaven." Let me close by saying this, that, the Son of Man is now being revealed from Heaven. 'Will it come after awhile, brother Branham?' It is now! And I hope I won't have to make this so personal of this own meeting, but that your spirit within you, that's give you by God, can read what I'm talking about. The Son of Man has already come from Glory and is revealing Himself, for the past few years, to His church in mercy, showing them His great Presence, doing the same things that He did when He was here on earth, Revealing Himself like He did to Abraham before the destruction. He has come now in mercy , revealing Himself to the church. It's being laughed at and scoffed at. The next time He reveals Himself, It'll be in judgment on the world and the nations that forgot God and sinned their day of Grace away."

36[ Questions and Answers ] pg. 114 COD 993-1060 8-23-64 " Now, we say this with reverence, and love and respect. See? As Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, and also that in the last days, as it was before Lot's time, or in Lot's time in Sodom, so shall it be in the day that the Son of Man reveals Himself again. Revealing Himself. Now, in this last day the Logos that was upon Jesus, which He has become from that back to the Pillar of Fire again and has descended down on the earth to (I was going to say something, but I watch the tape. They wouldn't believe that if you told them. It wouldn't make any difference. They...people wouldn't believe it, but I'll omit that) but has come down for an investigating judgment goes on."

37[ Just Once More Lord] pp. 63 12-01-63 " We have as big a machinery as we ever had, and as many members; but what good does it do, if you're blind to the very thing that's going on in front of you, and you can't see it? What's happening here day by day, along with the people. The Holy Spirit revealing Himself, and people don't see it. That's blind, spiritual blind."

38[ God's Provided Place of Worship] pp. 239 4-25-65 " Can't you see the Son of Man, the Son of Man in the form of prophetic message, returning back again in His church, in prophecy, revealing Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever? It's never been done through the age, till this time. See? There is the proof of it."

39[I Peter 1:7] " That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto Praise, Honor and Glory at the apokalupsis of Jesus Christ." This scripture makes it very plain that there will come a revealing or unveiling of Christ and when this happens something happens in the Elect. What happens is this. The Elect come through a cycle of Praise, then Honor and finally into the very Glory of God. We know the Praise is defined in [Heb 13:15] and [Malachi 3: 16 - 18] where the people will talk this revealed truth and express this revelation of Christ one to another. Then when this happens, the Elect will move into Honor, which is a Greek word Tim-e which means that they will place the right value and assessment upon this revelation and this will be capped off by the very Glory of God which is His Doxa, [His very opinion, and judgment, and assessment of Himself] which He brings with Him and declares in His shout, [ 1 Thes 4: 16] and this Glory [the very mind of God], comes into the Elect as seen in [II Thes 1:10] This is all to happen at the apokalupsis of our Lord Jesus Christ.

40[A Trial] 4-27-64 " And He said, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming when the Son of Man shall be revealed." The Son of Man being revealed, not the Son of God in the church age. He's put out of that. Now He's the Son of Man revealing Himself. The Word is becoming flesh among us. Oh, my friend! Open your eyes, court, before you make your decision. Make your decision, and believe it with all your heart. He's justified in writing this in the scriptures. He's justified in what He says. I can prove it. I know He's right. God does prove it. He needs nobody to interpret, say, "This is that," "This is that." He says He will do it and He does it, and that settles it. He's His own interpreter."

41[ The Rising of the Sun ] pg. 45 pp. 3 4-18-65 " He is the One Who opened those seals; He is those Seals. For the whole Word of God is Christ, and Christ is the Seals that was open. What is the opening of those Seals then? Revealing Christ. And the very seven angels which represented the Seven Churches was all completed, and we couldn't even see it. They took the picture, not us. And there He is standing there, Supreme Judge, showing that He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. What Identification!"

42[ Proving His Word ] pp. 222 8-16-64 " And the Son of Man is revealing Himself in the same power that He was, (Not down through the church age, through justification, sanctification, all these things here) but the Son of Man. Who is the Son of Man? The Word! And the Word is quicker than, powerful than a two-edged sword, and discerns the thoughts that's in the heart. What did He have to do? He has to prove that Word. What will He do? Notice it when we see it happening, look at It in the same form that He was in the beginning, the Pillar of Fire. My! Proving that He's [Hebrews 13:8] "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." What is it? Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, that was Christ that was in the wilderness with Moses. How many knows that the bible said that? Yesterday! That was Christ when Paul was speaking here today (you believe that?) in the new testament. Then the same Son of Man, the same Christ, in the last day. See? all right."

43[ Revelations Chapter 5 ] pt. 2 pp. 199 6-18-61 " And in the last days He's revealing It by His own Presence among His people."

44[ This Day This Scripture is Fulfilled ] pg. 30 pp. 4 2-19-65 "That was the royal Seed of Abraham. And here that Royal seed of Abraham (which come because of that Identification of that man sitting here with Abraham) come to prove it was the same God promised in this day, as it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man, when He is revealing Himself as Son of Man! Amen! This is the day for this scripture to be fulfilled."

45[ God's Chosen Place of Worship ]. 2-20-65 " Then, my brother, I want to ask you something in closing. We might say this: In [Malachi 4] aren't we also promised another Eagle, a Pillar of Light to be following to show the erring church this day that He's [Hebrews 13:8], the same yesterday, today, and forever! Aren't we promised another One to come flying from the wilderness! Amen! That's exactly the truth! How fitting and matching it is to [Luke 17:30] where the Son of Man Eagle will be revealing Himself to bring to naught all other worship places such as denominations and so forth."

46[I Peter 1:13] " Wherefore, gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end, for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the apokalupsis of Jesus Christ." You will notice that this scripture not only speaks in terms of a great apokalupsis in the future tense, but this apokalupsis will be accompanied by a special measure of grace from our Lord that will allow the believer to receive this great unveiling and understand it. We find this also in [1 Cor 1: 4 - 10].

47[Romans] 2:5 But after thy hardness and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and apokalupsis of the righteous Judgment of God; Now if this word truly means unveiling or uncovering as brother Branham said, then the day of wrath and the righteous Judgment of God must also be unveiled or uncovered if this scripture is to make any sense. Did not Jesus say in [John 12:48] that His Word shall judge in the last day? [James 5: 7- 9] and [Revelations 3: 20] tell us that the Judge will be knocking at the door in the Laodicean age. Does not the very word Doxa which is spoken of as the Glory in which He is to come, mean the Opinion, The estimate or Judgment of God? Did not brother Branham also tell us that the Judgments are now in the earth. What is Aids? What is the Legionnaire disease and all these strains of Herpes that have overtaken this wicked and adulterous generation? And what about Ebola? Are they not the plagues and judgment of God as spoken of in the scripture? In the message entitled [5 Junctures of Time] 656, brother Branham said, " One day, the bible says that things will break out on this earth and diseases and things. And all the people will p?...and their flesh will rot right on them and so forth. But the Bible says, "Don't you come near any of these who have the Seal of God in their foreheads. And the seal of God is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost." We find this in[ Zech 14]. The same thing took place in Egypt back in Moses day, and [Deuteronomy 28] says that these plagues will come upon them and overtake them.

48[Q & A in C.O.D.]. pg. 919 -992, pp. 288 8-23-64 " The Bible said He will judge the World by Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is the Word. So to me, it's the Word of God that He will judge the world by. That's right. And I believe His judgments are in the earth now, and I believe...let us seek Him with all our heart to escape the wrath of the damnation of the wrath of God that's going to be poured out upon this unbelieving world; and there's no way at all for it to escape it."

49[Perfect Faith] pp. 189 8-25-63 " And I'm standing here right before the white throne now, and pointing my finger to the bloody sacrifice there, and speaking through His name that it's done."

50[ Thy Loving Kindness ] 2-28-58 " Jesus said Himself, "In that day when the Son of Man reveals Himself from heaven," He's revealing Himself now in mercy to His church. The next revealing will be in Judgment on those who's rejected Him."

51[ I Peter 4:13] "But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings that, when His GLORY shall be Apokalupsis, ye may be glad with exceeding joy.

52[The Mighty God Unveiled pg. 30 pp. 4 6-29-64 " You'll see the full value and see the unveiled God come right in view, that He's just the same as He was when He fell on the day of Pentecost upon the people, when He kenos Himself, emptied right into them."

53[Unveiling of God ] pp. 370 6-14-64 " How many sees Him standing, The Mighty Conqueror, the Word made flesh, unveiled before us, the Alpha and Omega..."

54[ Shalom ] pp. 161 1-12-64 " God revealed it, manifested it, and is among us today. He showed Himself here with us , and proved and a-vindicated His Word."

55[Unveiling of God ] pp. 136 6-14-64 " But this is Spirit that comes upon the promised Word for this age, and brings forth and manifests, (not to tables of stone) but the Presence of the living God. Not a mythical thought somebody made up or some Houdini trick, but the very promise of God revealed and made manifest right before us."