1Notice The Son of God, as soon as He received the infilling of the Spirit He was led by the Spirit. So

2Paul also said of other sons of God in Then it is important who is leading you. God or man!

3Well, I asked myself that question and when I looked in the dictionary what the word “led” means, it said;

4So you see, this subject speaks of a manner or course of life. A path in which you take, and it is very apparent that Who ever is leading you must have gone there before you, in order to show you the way. If you recall last week we read from And we spoke on how that Jesus was not very happy with the Apostles because they showed a very poor attitude towards the children that were being led to Jesus. Notice verse 13:(so you see, it wasn’t just a bunch of kids running up and climbing all over Jesus that took place here. Notice the children were not coming on their own, they were being led to him.) Notice they rebuked those that were leading the children to Christ.

5Now, notice the stern rebuke that Jesus gave the disciples. He said don’t cut the children off from coming to me? And don’t get upset with these people who are leading others to Christ? In fact, if you don’t come to me as they are coming to me, you won’t even enter in yourself.


7Now, I would like to stop here because this is where most people in reading this stop and in their minds catch a totally wrong perception than what Jesus is trying to teach them here. And that is exactly what the disciples did as well. Jesus is not saying that we must take a vow of poverty if we are enter into His Kingdom. He is not even saying we must be poor. What He is telling them is that we must be willing to follow him, regardless of what that means to us financially. He’s wasn’t telling them they couldn’t have money, or any wealth. The disciples totally misunderstood what he was alluding to and so they asked him how can this be? And

8Notice they were astonished “”. The words “” was translated from the Greek word , which actually means “”. So they not only missed the point but He was trying to make, but they exceedingly missed the point, because this word speaks of , or missing the point of origin by a very large margin.

9Notice Jesus was trying to make an example of how that when we place our trust in riches, we have to lay aside our trusting in God. He is not saying riches in themselves will keep you out of the kingdom. No not at all. He did not even come close to that, but notice he had to further delineate what he meant because they had really missed the point of what he was trying to teach them.


11And of course they thought that it would then be totally impossible for a man to have any wealth and make it, and Jesus corrected that notion as well.

12So by willing to forsake all, Jesus is telling us this is an investment in Him, and He will guarantee you 100 times greater return on your investment in Him than your initial investment. Therefore, whatever you forsook to follow Him, then how much wealthier will you be? I’ll tell you. You will be 100 times wealthier than you were before you forsook all to follow him. So you see how they missed what he was talking about? What he was showing them is that “”. You can’t be burdened down by the cares of this life, but rather come trusting Him for your needs, and get focused on following Him, and He will take care of the rest. That is the only way. And in so doing, he will make sure that you are out nothing. God doesn’t want anyone to come to him and say, “”. No, you don’t give up everything. You just find the right-focus and everything will multiply the way He promised it will.

13Now, I am not talking about how to accumulate wealth here. I am talking about how to follow Christ, and the attitude it takes to follow him. You see he wants the focus to be real and genuine, and then all the other things in life will fall into place. Jesus said in


15When you no longer worry about how you will pay the next months rent, and decide to follow him, it’ll get paid. You may not know where your next meal will come from but it will be there. Jesus was talking about an attitude adjustment that this young man was unwilling to make, and He knew it, so He put the man to the test.

16Look, I’ve taught you before, that when you claim to Love God, He’s going to test that love. Not for His sake, but for your sake. God doesn’t need you to do any certain thing to know your heart. God the Word is a discerner of the heart. But sometimes it is necessary for Him to test you, so you can know your own heart. And notice how this rich young ruler got upset and left instead of asking Jesus to help him with this thing he is being asked to do. He should have responded like Mary responded, . But no, he reacted in a negative manner and just left.

17You see what Jesus was doing here, He was testing the man for reactions. I’m sure he saw that this man was wealthy by the way he was dressed, and perhaps his language showed him to be well educated and I am sure there were other signs that you can discern that would show his economic condition. These things were very apparent, but when the man said that he had obeyed all the commandments from his youth, then he had better be ready for God to expose his unbelief. Because that is exactly what He did. So Jesus tested the man’s attitude. He appeared to Love the Lord with all his heart, His mind and Strength, but when asked to put that love to the test to see what he loved more, he couldn’t do it. You see it is not money that is the root of all evil, but the love of it. What do you love most? That is the question.

18Now, brother Branham took this question Jesus presented to the rich young ruler and preached a message called, “Follow Me”. And in it he said in paragraph no.



21Now, this morning we took our text from And from

22Now, what we are looking at from the scripture and what brother Branham said here is this. He is telling these children, and adults that are listening to him that everyone is made in such a way that they must follow.

23Now, if we examine this thought closer we will find there are three main parts to it.

24    God Created man to follow

25follow because we have confidence and trust in the one who is leading.

26We follow because we are asked to follow.

27Now, let’s begin our study this morning by focusing our thoughts on this first point.

28  God Created man to followYou must follow somebody. But where? Where are you going? Where are you being led to? Because where you end up depends on who you are following. And so the real question we have this morning is what or whom are you following?


30You know I was talking to a brother out west that was a young boy when this Sermon was preached to the church he attended. And that church was led by a man who was not right with God. And the people often wondered why brother Branham didn’t try to step in and stop the activities that went on in that church. But if they had listened to the words of this sermon, they would have understood that brother Branham was talking about them. He was trying to help them through the Word to not follow man, but to open their Bibles and follow the Word. You see, there is still too much of that going on in the name of the Message today. There are still Pastor’s who are dictators, and not spirit led themselves. And these men who are being led of the Spirit are trying to lead others when they are not called to do so. We must not be led by man, but By God’s Spirit and He is the word.

31Jesus said in .

32Paul warned us in And women always type the church in the bible. So these are churches led astray that Paul is speaking of here.

33Brother Branham said from his sermon

34And in His sermon Brother Branham said,

35Now, let me read a few things brother Branham said on being led of the Spirit. From he said,

36And from the he said,

37You know people are so afraid to step out and trust God. They say, How do I know if I am in the Lord’s will. Let me tell you a little secret. , and if you find it in His Word, then you know what His Will is. And He also promised “ That’s what He said in His Word.


39I remember when I first began to minister back in Minneapolis, and I went to a few cities outside of Minneapolis to preach. People would say to me, how do you know this is the Lord’s will? How do you know you are in the Lord’s will do go there? And I would say to them, He promised me, “. So I was never afraid whether I was in or out of his Will, because I knew that He would let me know if I was not in His Will. And besides, he gave me a commission “ so that is what I’m doing, and look where it has led to since those beginning days back in Minneapolis, when I was led by the Spirit of God and the pastor didn’t think I should go without his approval beforehand. I didn’t care what the pastor thought, I only carted what God told me to do. Sons of God are not led by the pastor, they are led by the Spirit of God. And it has literally led me into “”, like he told me to do.

40Why? because I took God at His Word. And for you listening out there who have a pastor who holds you bound to him, flee him my brother because that is not the spirit of God. Paul said, God has not given you a spirit of fear, but a spirit of adoption whereby you know your relationship with the Father, Amen!

41Now from his sermon brother Branham said,

42Now, we have often heard tell usBut just what does this mean? I have seen pathetic Pentecostal’s and Charismatic believer’s quote this scripture and they know not what spirit they are following. 

43The Scripture is quite emphatic here when it tells us that Sons of God are led by the Spirit of GOD! Not just what they feel in their spirit. I remember years ago this sister in a group of Christian college students who gathered together for a group I helped start at the University of Minnesota. During the summer she cut her hair, and when I saw her on campus the next fall, I asked her why she did it, and she said God told me to. I said, God didn’t tell you to cut your hair, the devil told you to cut your hair. Because God’s own Word said for a Woman to not cut her hair or God would not even hear her prayer.

44Another sister who left this church years ago told me a week before she left that God had told her to stay, but then a week later she said He told her to leave. I asked her which one was God because God doesn’t change His mind, He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. But what these two illustrations point out to you is this one thing. The scripture plainly tells us that Sons of God are led by the Spirit of GOD, not by their own spirit or any other spirit. Then how do we know the Spirit of God? Because God is the Word. . And Jesus also told us that His Words are Spirit and they are Life. .

45We find that even in this Message we have people who will say, how can your doctrine be right when your spirit is wrong. They assume you have a wrong spirit because you take a firm stand for the Word. Now when I read It tells me that you are to “ . Brother Branham never told us to give it the spirit test, He said, “.

46Now the next question we must ask ourselves in following the Spirit of God is this. The scripture plainly states that . Then we should ask ourselves, if will be led by the Spirit of GOD, then what about The of God. And in this thought we have an example to live by. God sent us His only begotten Son to show us how this is to be done. Jesus came into flesh to show us how to follow the Spirit of God. Now if you are Oneness you will believe that Jesus was following His own Spirit. But that would be like a dog following its own tail. You would never get any where.

47Now, to show you this is so, God sent forth His only begotten Son into the world to give us an example of what it means to be led by the spirit of God.



50Now what Spirit do you suppose He was following? If you check the verses just before this you will see that The Spirit of God had just descended down and abode upon Him. Then it’s God’s Own Spirit we are talking about.

51Now how did Jesus go about doing and saying what He said? Was He doing what He felt he should do? No! we don’t go by feelings. He said that’s & He said . In other words, just as I see the father doing, that is what I am going to do.

52Therefore every Son of God must come forth in the same manner. And if in the same manner, then the Pattern is already set. He learned to obey the Spirit’s voice.

53Now, how then can you follow the Spirit of God if you do not know what the Spirit of God is?  You say we must follow Jesus. The denominational Christians sing, “”, and yet I ask you which Jesus are they following? And by what spirit are they being led? And what Gospel do they believe?

54And what does He mean by Deny Himself? Jesus said, . Then to deny self is to deny your own thoughts.

55And that brings us to point number II which is this.

56We follow   You do not follow those who know less about the way than you do. You follow because you are confident that the person knows how to get there. Jesus said I have gone to prepare a place for you that where I am you might be also. This means that we follow because we believe. And you can not believe unless you are ordained to believe. Therefore, only Sons of God are led by the Spirit of God and the Spirit of God is His Word.









65Then, to follow Him is the all important call. Notice that Jesus went about selecting out his own disciples. He called unto them and they came. They were obedient to the call. Therefore the call is all important to us. We must take heed to hear the call and come when He says come. My sheep hear my call. Be careful how you hear. And we know that brother Branham taught us that to hear is to understand. Therefore, when the call comes it is an understanding that comes and we must take heed to that understanding. 

66And what is the call to the Virgins at the end-time?  And what does behold mean? It means to come and look, and see for your self. And what was the next thing said after behold the Bride Groom? Come out to Meet Him. In other words, come out to where I’m at, that means follow me, and I will introduce Him to you.

67Now Jesus is looking at what our attitude will be toward following Him. Some of the people that heard the call said, Others said,   But what Did the Groom do? He shut the door.

68Now why do we follow Him and drop everything that would hinder our following the Spirit of God? Because we have confidence in His Word. He said,

69Now, this brings us to point number We follow because we are asked to follow.  He said,  We are not asked to wander by ourselves. We are not asked to go forth and make our own way in life.

70We are not given this life to make the best of it for ourselves. But we are asked to follow.

71By following Gods Spirit which is His Word, we are showing that we are subject to Him in all things. Therefore we are asked to follow to show our obedience to Him that we are willing to be subject to Him in all things.

72In John 14 Jesus said,   “.” Brother Branham told us in the Third exodus, “The Pillar of Fire is here to lead us into the millennium. So we are talking about being led by God Himself.

73John 6:45 Jesus taught us the And in The Apostle Paul told us So we are talking about being led by the Spirit of God, not just conforming to a set of laws.

74But we also find out that just to follow is not what God is asking for either. Because many like sheep have gone astray, or have been led by a wrong thing. In  we read,


76 And in fact we  have followed the wrong thing all our lives, until God got a hold of us as we see in


78And again as we see in




82Look the way you lead your children is the life they will live. I think you are all aware that God visits the sins of the parents upon their own children. Therefore if you are sowing evil, you will harvest evil in your children as well as in your own life.


84Because after all, Jesus said,


86Now, Go wants to lead you if you will just get out of the way and let Him lead.


88And again we see in the book of


90And notice the false anointed are here to try to lead people away but we have a choice not to follow them.

91Now, I would like to read some quotes how brother Branham described how God would lead him. From the sermonhe said,


93And again from brother Branham said,