#42 The Life of Christ no 5 Projecting God Life

The Doctrine of Christ

January 11th, 2012

1Acts 17: 28 For in him we live, and move, and have our being; For we are his offspring.

2This evening I would like to speak on how God projects His Life through the believer, to be projected forth into manifestation. Just as the Scriptures declares the projection of God into that Body of His Son, in which that body of the son became the very expressed image of God to man. Notice Hebrews 1:3 Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person,

3Now, first of all let’s look at that word “Express Image”. It says, he is the express image of his person, …

4Now, this word “express” means 1. To set forth. 2. To manifest; to show forth. 3. To make known 4. To convey a representation of: 5. To represent 6. To squeeze or press out, 7. To send by special messenger 8. Genetics a. To cause (itself) to produce an effect. Used of a gene: The gene expressed itself. b. To manifest the effects of (a gene): the people who inherit the gene express it. c. To manifest (a genetic trait): All in the study expressed the trait or nature. And it is interesting that in our dictionary over half the definitions concerning this word “express” have to do with Genetics expressing an inherited trait or nature.

5Now, in Hebrews 1:3 we are told of Jesus in reference to God His Father, that, he is the express image of his person, …Jesus is the express image of God his Father’s person…

6And as I have mentioned before, this word “person” that Jesus is the expressed image of, we all know that it speaks of God Himself, his Father. Yet in Hebrews 11:1 Paul used that same Greek word “hupostasis” when he said “ Now faith is the “substance” (the hupostasis , the “Person” ) of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

7So Faith is The “Person”… Not a person, not a substance, but The Person…Then if you do not have that Person how can you have Faith? For Faith is “The Person”, faith is “The Substance”…that we hope for. In 2 John 9 we read, “If you do not have the doctrine of Christ you do not have God… And therefore, God who is the Holy Ghost, is what we hope for, He is the substance of what we hope for, He is the evidence of what we do not see, taste, feel, smell or hear. Because he is the Invisible, immortal King. And so we see that Jesus was projected from the mind of God into physical substance as a person, in order to reflect the very nature of God to a lost and dying world.

8From His sermon Identification 63-0123 P: 21 Brother Branham said, “But when He seen that His creation had fallen, now His own loving character molded Himself into the Person of Christ. God's own character of love projected Himself in the man, Christ. As Paul, speaking here, "Thinking it not robbery, but making himself equal, equal to God," rather. See, His own character molded that kind of a Person. Oh, no one could ever do that but God.”

9And last week we heard what Brother Branham said about him, SIRS WE WOULD SEE JESUS 57-1211 021 Now, Jesus was born for one purpose, that was for God to manifest Himself through that body. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. He was a body that was made physical, that men and women could see what He thought, and His expressions to the people in His gratefulness. And His attitude towards all mankind, He expressed it through Christ. Christ seemed to be a dual personality. He would speak sometimes and they'd scratch their heads; and they didn't understand Him. He'd speak one thing one time, look like, and something else another time. What it was, was Jesus speaking, and then Christ speaking. Jesus was the man. Christ was the God that was in Him. "Not Me that doeth the works: My Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the work." See? God will not share His glory with no one.

10You see, that is exactly what the Apostle John said in 1 John 1:1 That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life; 2 (For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)3 That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.

11So we saw the literal Source of Life, live itself out among men in the body of His son. God expressing Himself in His Son. Jesus said, “when you see me you see the Father also. Why? because he was so one with God that all he did was what the father showed Him to do. The Father worketh and the son worketh hitherto.

12Brother Branham said in his sermon Christ is identified the same 64-0415 P:26 He was the manifestation of God. He was God in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. He was expressing what the Father was in Himself. He said, "I do always that which pleases the Father. And I and the Father are One. The Father dwells in Me. When you see Me, you've seen the Father." In other words, He expressed God, the Spirit so much in Him, that He and the Father, it wasn't robbery for Him to be the same Person.

13Now, you might think, How could two beings be one being? How could another person become the other person? How could that be? Well, brother Branham always taught us, “if you have the spirit of Dillinger in you, you will rob banks. If you have the spirit of Beethoven in you, you will create music. So if you have the Spirit of God in you, you will do the works of God. Because we are three parts to our being, and two parts are spirit while the outer flesh is just a mask or just a vessel for our spirit and soul to dwell in, or to live themselves out of. Therefore, if we are born again, and God’s very own Life is growing up within us, then should not that spirit act out it’s own nature in this flesh? Should not the very nature of the Life that is taking over your vessel, project that nature through your vessel?

14From his sermon Identification 63-0123 P:65 Brother Branham said, "Now, we notice that... If you were in that day, what group would you be identified with? With the prophet with the vindicated Word, although they were in the minority? Or would you be with the popular opinion folks? "Well, I tell you; I believe that man's crazy." And the only way that you'd ever know he wasn't crazy is for the same God to reveal to you the same thing He'd revealed to Moses. And the only way that we'll ever be able to be the images of God, and the sons of God, is for God to reveal to us, and express Himself through His Word to us, and us to the world. That's the only channel, for Christ was the Image here on earth that you could see God in a man, expressed Image of God, because God was in Him so much that they were One. And now when Christ left, He sanctified the church that the church might take His place and express the Word of God. See? That's the only way it can be done. Oh, my. 66 Would you be with the popular folks who had the popular opinion? "As long as I belong to church, and maybe because I danced in the Spirit I'm all right." Maybe, "Because I've spoken with tongues, I'm all right." Or maybe, "We got a good pastor, and I'm all right." Now, those things are loyal. I have nothing to say against that. That's true. But this plan of salvation is an individual affair with you. Speaking in tongues is a gift of God. Dancing in the Spirit is the Presence and glory of God. But for you to let your character be molded into the image of God, that He projects Himself, and you are His idol walking on the earth, the expressed image of Him...Now, would you be willing to do that in the days of Noah? Or would you have been on the critical side, criticizing both the prophet and his God-sent message? Now, think of it. Which side would you think, in your present estate now, would you took? Now, be honest, I... (Pardon me.) There's no need in me trying to say it. You--you got to think it yourself.

15So we see that God wants to project His very Life, His very nature into and through your vessel as He did through His own son, Jesus. In fact brother Branham said that God had a threefold plan, first to project Himself through His Son, then His other children he calls His church, and then finally to fellowship with us like he did with Adam back in the garden of Eden before the fall.

16Christ is the mystery 63-0728 P:85 Now, that's when He can express the preeminences. You see? He's got the man or the person so that he knows nothing but Christ. You get what I mean? All right. That's secondly. First, to express Himself completely: God in Christ. Second, to have the preeminences by this in His Church (which is His Body, Bride) to... He could have the preeminence to express Himself through them. All right. And thirdly, to restore the Kingdom to its rightly position that fell by sin by the first Adam, back to where He walked in the cool of the evening with His people, talked with them, fellowshipped with them. And now sin and death had separated them from His Presence and His entire expression.

17Christ is the mystery 63-0728 P:179 First, to express Himself in Christ and then He expressed Himself through the Church, and the same thing, Christ was the Word. And the church becomes the Word when it lets the Word go through them. But when they accept the hybrid denomination, how can the Word go through it? It's grounded; then it causes a short and blows a fuse. See? But when the current is flowing freely, the Word of God, It expresses Itself. "The works that I do shall you do also." And in the last days it shall come to pass, "Behold I send to you Elijah, the prophet, and he shall turn the hearts of the children back to the faith of the fathers." 180 And in there, there'd be a time come forth when He could express Himself in Fullness of His Godhead (Deity) through His Church, have the pre-eminences in this Church. Oh, my. What? The anointed Man, now the anointed people (oh, my) to bring back the anointed Bride and the Bridegroom. Anointed by why? Accepting what Eve turned down (and Adam), coming back with the anointing of the Word, because He said, "My Word is Spirit." See? Anointed with the Word. What Eve turned down, He comes back and we accept.

18SHALOM 64-011 7 "No Man has seen God at any time, but the only begotten of the Father has declared Him." See? In other words, God was identified. The Person of God was identified in the Body, the Lord Jesus Christ, so He was the expressed image of God. Or, God expressing Himself through an image, see, through an image, Man. God expressed Himself to us, and He was God. Not a third person or second person; He was the Person, God. He was God Himself, identifying Himself, so we could feel Him.

19Jehovah Jireh 58-0127 P:36 And the same Holy Spirit that was in Jesus Christ, will have to be operating in His church to make them coincide together at the rapture, or it won't go up at that time. The Spirit that was in Jesus, will have to be in His church, or the two pieces won't dovetail together, the life of the church and the life of Christ cannot dovetail together. The body's setting there to make reconciliations, to make intercessions upon our confession, and the Spirit's in the church.

20Investments 63-1116B P:94 I wonder this morning, with all sincerity now, without any disturbance, think just a moment. Have you got this great blessing? Do you hold this policy of Life, the witness of the Holy Spirit that your life has turned in to Christ, and Christ is in you? As I said in the message; if Beethoven was in you, you'd do the works of Beethoven, you'd live the life of Beethoven. You couldn't do nothing else. You could do nothing else but compose songs. And you'd be the great writer, Beethoven, 'cause he's in you. That's who you would be. You would be a reincarnate Beethoven. And if Christ is in you, the Life of Christ you will be, the lover of the Word. Nothing can stand and take the place of the Word, 'cause He is the Word. He can't deny His Own Word and remain God.

21Hear ye Him 58-0209A P:37 if the new life that you think you've received doesn't pattern with God's Word, you've got the wrong life in you. The life of Christ will produce the works of Christ, will produce the faith of Christ, will make you act as Christ, make you love Him. He will be first in your life. Your objectives, your motives, and everything will be all-together different. It'll be for the glory of God.

22How can I overcome 63-0825M P:27 And then, now you take a Christian that's supposed to be a Christian, let the Life of God go from him and the experience the joy of serving Christ, and living in the church where such is going on, he rots twice as quick (See? Right.), living right under it. So if we are trying to follow the Message of the hour, or at least this part of the Message, we should live constantly in the Life of Christ. See? 'Cause if it don't, you lay around, and know that these things that you're supposed to do and don't do it, the Bible said, "He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it's sin." And he becomes dotie, rotten when you're separated from the Life of God. So strive with all that's in you to stay in the Life of Christ, that you'd be fruit-bearing.

23Ephesians 4:17 This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, 18 Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:

24Investments 63-0803B P:39 Now, all your sensations, as we Pentecostal people like to jump and shout, I do. I believe that's right. We like to speak with tongues. I believe that's a gift of God. The devil can impersonate anything that you can produce in that line, but notice, then it shows that something's wrong, the Life of Christ isn't flowing through the church the way it should. The Body, the Bride, it's not going through there like it should, now it finally clogged up somewhere. Notice, when this, your sins are confessed, and your sins are dropped into the bleach of the Blood of the Son of God, it remits sin so much that it's put in the Sea of God's Forgetfulness, and can never even be remembered in His sight anymore. Then what that, does that make a man? A son of God. God never remembers you to be a sinner. You are a son; you are a daughter; there's no more remembrance of sin at all. God puts it in the Sea of Forgetfulness, the bleach. The Sea of Forgetfulness is Christ's Blood that was shed for you. And therefore, then, you and God, are Father and son by Jesus Christ's grace; not by anything you done, but by His grace. You are sons and daughters of God, and a partaker of His blessings and of His power and of His Life. His Life is in you, for you are a son of God. Oh, if the church could, we would only to represent that.

25Christ is the mystery 63-0728 P:147 Notice, God holds this key alone. No theologian can tell you. It's not known; it's hid from them. They know nothing about it. So the schools... "Well," you say, "I got a Ph. LL.D." You only make... To me and I believe unto God and to any real, true believer, that means you're just that much farther away; you just backed off. God is not known by education; He's not known by how to explain it. God is known by simplicity and of revelation of Jesus Christ in the most illiterate person. See? Not your theology; it's a revelation of Jesus Christ. "Upon this rock, I'll build My Church." No other rock's accepted; no other thing's accepted; no other Roman rock; no other Protestant rock; no other school; no other nothing; but on exactly the revelation of Jesus Christ in a new birth. He born in there and injects His own Life, and your life is gone, and the Life of Christ is projecting Itself through you with the preeminences to the people that they see the very Life, and works, and signs and wonders that He did is doing the same thing through you. Outside of that, the rest of it's not even called to at all.

26Stature of a perfect man 62-1014M P:134 Well, you take us, that's nothing but a wild gourd, a knothead (See?), and there's nothing to us, for we're all dead in sin and trespasses. We're all in these kind of conditions; and then we ourselves can prostrate ourselves, give ourselves up, until God takes His transfusion tube, the Name of Jesus Christ ('cause there's not another Name under heaven whereby man can be saved) and transfer the Life of Christ into us, then we have this kind of faith, the faith that Christ had. And Christ's faith was not based in those Pharisees or Sadducees, or in their pots, kettles, and pans, and their washings. It was based on the Word of God (Amen.), so much until Christ was the Word. The Word was made flesh. And then when we can get so transfused by His power, that we die to our own thinking, and our faith becomes a genuine faith (Hallelujah.), then the Life of Christ is transfused into us; we become living creatures of God, a dwelling place where the Holy Spirit can send His radiant blessings down through there, and we're in the statue of Christ.

Wisdom verses faith 62-0401 P:159 How is a man through wisdom going to understand it, when the whole Bible, and the whole church of God is built upon Divine revelation by faith! "Upon this rock, I'll build My church." See?" Aw," they say, "sure, we believe that." Then where is the Life of Christ in these forms? Where is the Life of Christ?