1From paragraph 99 of brother Branham’s sermon, The Spoken Word is the Original Seed"The works that I do shall he do also." And what did He do? Just as the Father led Him, what He saw. Saint John 5:19, just... "I do nothing till the Father shows Me." What was He, made Himself a man. God was made flesh and dwelled among us. The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. God's spoken Word, through a virgin, brought forth a body, and in that body come the--the Water, the Spirit, and washed by the water of the Word and then went in Him, dwelt in Him, and there come the Life of God manifesting Himself through Christ. God was in Christ, the anointed One.

2Notice he speaks of Leadership here when he says, And what did He do? Just as the Father led Him, what He saw. Saint John 5:19, just... "I do nothing till the Father shows Me."

3Now, this morning I would like to look at this thought of the leadership of the Father to his Son, and sons, Because that is how we as sons must learn to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and only His leading.

4In the book of Acts 16:: 6 we find also that Paul was not allowed to go just anywhere he wanted to go to preach the Word. In fact we read in verse 6, Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia, 7After they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not. 8And they passing by Mysia came down to Troas. 9And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us. 10And after he had seen the vision, immediately we endeavoured to go into Macedonia, assuredly gathering that the Lord had called us for to preach the gospel unto them.

5William Branham taught us also this same principle of how to follow the Lord in his sermon, Paul a prisoner of Christ 63-0717 P:44 Now, he could not go certain places that he wanted. Because why? The Spirit forbade him. You remember many times that Paul was trying to go some place, thinking, "There's where I could have a great meeting," but the Spirit would forbid him. Now, does that clearly state and prove that Paul was a prisoner? A prisoner to Jesus Christ, harnessed to His Word by the Spirit. Oh, I like that. He was bound. He was bound by a chain, by fetters of love to do the will of God and that only. He was a prisoner. He was in fetters of love. He was in the yoke with Christ. He could yoke up with nothing else. He was yoked with Him, and wherever the lead went, that's where he had to go, regardless how green the path looked on this side or that side; he had to go the way the Leader and the yoke went.

6And from his sermon,  Christ is the mystery 63-0728 P:82 And other night... If you didn't get the tape that I preached here one night on "A Prisoner of Jesus Christ--Paul, a Prisoner..." See? When God gets you to be His prisoner, then you can't do nothing but what the Spirit says do. Paul, with all of his great intellects... He e was taught by Gamaliel to be a great priest or rabbi someday. And he had high ambitions. He was intellectually a great man: great authority, great man in the nation. But he had to sacrifice every bit of it (See?) to become part of the Word, to express Jesus Christ. He knew what it was to say... He had a notion to go to some place (some brethren had called him), but he was forbidden by the Spirit to do his own will. Oh, if people half spiritual can pick that up... See? He was forbidden to do his own will. He only could do... "The Spirit forbid me." See? He was a prisoner to Christ.

7Only one way provided by God 63-0731 P:47 Unless God can get you, a prisoner... Paul become a prisoner. See, you can't look at what you think; you can't look what somebody else thinks. You've got to go just what He says do. You're a prisoner. Paul knew that he was pressed in the Spirit to go a certain place, when he didn't want to go. He knew that the Spirit forbid him to go certain places. He knew he had to hold his peace at many times. That little old fortuneteller run out after him one day, a hollering around behind him. And Paul, with that Spirit of God in him, wanted to rebuke it, and day after day. And finally he got the message, "Rebuke him," and he turned around. He couldn't do it till God said so. Amen. Oh, if the church could only be so in the glorious Presence of God, someday God will turn loose His power into It, things will take place. But you can't mix your diet; you'll become a hybrid. Say exactly what God said. Stay right in the Word, and God will vindicate It to be the Truth.

8Look, can I speak something to you this morning to put a practical light on this subject? In my own life and in my own ministry, I would like to explain what this means.

9You see, before I began to make these missionary journeys overseas where I go to teach the Doctrine of this message, I opened my big mouth when I shouldn’t have and told some of you brothers outside the church, that there were two places I would never go, and I said one was Africa and the other was Asia, because I hate hot weather, insects and snakes. And so we all laughed but after that I didn’t feel so good inside.

10Suddenly I felt empty and disserted. I felt alone and without that inner comfort of His Presence. I knew my Father was not pleased with what I said, and I knew in my soul I had grieved him, and I could not find any rest for my soul.

11A few days later when I went to the airport to fly from Dayton to Detroit and then to Oslo, the flight sat on the ground for several hours with us in the plane waiting for a mechanic to show up because no one knew why the plane was not working. Well, several hours passed as we sat on that plane going no where, so I checked myself off of that plane, because I had a connection to make in Detroit if I was to arrive in time to speak the next day. I went to the front desk and the attendant said I might be able to make the next plane out to Minneapolis and then fly from their to Detroit but their was only a 45 minute layover and most likely with the weather and all I would not be able to make the connection, so I might get stuck in Minneapolis. I canceled my flight altogether, drove down to Cincinnati while calling br. Ron to meet me in Cincinnati airport, where he gave me a pass to fly round trip from Cincinnati to London.

12I was able to get on that flight and usually I sleep the entire way across the Atlantic, but I could not sleep this trip. The entire time I was on that plane, I was under such heavy condemnation for what I so casually said a few days earlier, that I didn’t want to get over their and not have His Presence with me, so in tears I spent the time over the Atlantic Ocean talking to My Father, asking him to forgive me for speaking out like I had when all I really want to do is be like His first born son, conformed to His Image and do whatever My Father would ask me to do.

13I prayed and prayed and prayed, and finally after about 5-6 hours I felt that sweet communion again, and I knew that now, I had a covenant with Him that would govern how I was to operate concerning my ministry. You see, I had not yet come to the place where I knew I had this ministry to teach overseas. All I knew at that time was that I was going overseas to speak at this particular convention in Sweden, I had no clue what was about to happen to my ministry overseas.

14I agreed that I would go only where He opened the doors for me to go. And if He did not open any doors, I would not go, because if I had to open any doors, then I would not know for certain that He wanted me to go, and so unless He opened the doors, I would not go.

15When I got to London, I then had to find an airline going to Oslo, purchase a ticket, and race to get on the first plane out. When I arrived, the minister who picked me up was brother Erling Eriksen from Sweden, who told me that a very strange thing happened, a brother from Africa came and was led to come by a vision from the Lord.  

16Well, the rest is history, but I hope you see that when God calls you to do His work, you are a prisoner to Him, and you do not have any say in where to go and what to preach. Therefore, I agreed to His covenant that I would only go where he wanted me to go, and if he did not open the doors, I would not go. I said, “Lord, I don’t want to go to those certain places like Africa and Asia, but as your Son Jesus Who didn’t want to go to Calvary said, ‘Yet not my will but Thy will be done’ So if you open the doors, I will go”.

17And since then I have gone to Africa 7 times and over 13 countries there, and to Asia several times as well and in fact over 50 countries following His leading, going where He opens the doors for me to go. But it is not so easy not being led by visions like Jesus, Paul and William Branham were. I have to discern when the door is opened by man or God, and that is not always so easy, and so I must rely on that inner voice to lead and direct, and I have learned to set my own feelings aside, and look openly at what is happening. Watch the spirits and the motives.

18Brother Branham said if you want to know God’s Will you will find it in His Word, and if you want to know if God is in it, then there are five musts that must happen. So what are the rules to follow concerning any calling or role that God has ordained us to fulfill?

19From his sermon, Trying to do God a service 65-0718M  52 Notice, now notice, there in following God... Now, I want you to kind-a jot this in your mind. To keep God's commandments, to do anything right for God, to do God a service correctly, there is five musts (See?), to do God service correctly.  But there's five musts; I want you to remember these. No matter how sincere a man may be in doing it, doing God a service, these five must be there: First, it must be His time to do it. Second, It must be in His seasonThird, it must be according to His WordFourth, it must be given according to the person He has chosen to do it by. Fifth, It must be a-vindicated by the Word of God. There's your five musts.

20So what does it mean to be a-vindicated? The word vindicate means to be proven.

21In other words it comes to pass. To make it simple, there is another place where brother Branham said to know the will of God there are three things that must be. First it must be revealed to you in His Word, then secondly, it must be quickened in your spirit, and third, it must come to pass. Then you know that is the will of God for you.  And so these three things are what I must watch for every time the brothers speak to me of having meetings in their country in which they want for me to come.

22From his sermon, Three kinds of believers 63-1124E P:48 The Holy Ghost quickens the Word to you and becomes alive, and there you are. You see it. By faith you see it. You know it's so, because the Word said so, and the Spirit quickens the Word to you. There you are.

23And again in his sermon, Hebrews Chapter 5 and 6 57-0908M P:9 And it was the same in the Old Testament. But Paul, being well trained and knew the Scriptures by the Word... But, you see, the Scriptures, no matter how well you know them, if the Spirit doesn't quicken them, then the letter killeth. The Spirit giveth Life. See, it must be quickened or made alive by the Spirit. If the Spirit doesn't liven the Word and make It a reality to you, then the letter is just intellectual.

24And in his sermon Testimony 63-1128M P:13 My, life, I'm not a preacher. Anybody knows that. I'm not a preacher. But it's made up in a spiritual form of watching things and seeing things move, and forewarning people of things that's coming to pass. And it's just that's my makeup. I can't help that, no more than you can help your makeup. But He, God has put us each one in the Body to do certain things. And I watch every little move, every objective, every motive, 'cause everything is governed by spirit.

25So you see, we must be very careful not to do what we feel should be done, but do only what the Father shows us to do.

26From his sermon In His presence 62-0909E P:2 But then on the back of the Book is sealed with seven seals. Daniel heard the Voice as It thundered, and was forbidden to write it. John was forbidden to write it.

27Therefore, just because you might know something, or just because God reveals to you something, doesn’t mean that you are to take it everywhere you think It is needed.

28I have had some brothers, very precious brothers who have attended my meetings over in Congo they have been asking me to come to their country for several years now. I can not say I have had any leading to go, and in fact to be honest I have not had what I would consider a gut wrenching inner moving of the Holy Spirit to go, but because of their pulling me this way and that to come, I agreed to come. Now, I want you to be praying about this because I need to have God’s perfect will on this, and just because someone wants you to do something that is a Christian thing to do, does not necessarily mean that God is in it.

29Remember how brother Branham was pulled to go to certain places in Africa by the brothers and it was not God’s will for him to do it?  He tells the story in his sermon How Faith Acts preached in Battle Creek Michigan Aug 16 1952.

30“Mr. Baxter come to me; he said, "Well, you'll be starting out about tomorrow, or I mean the day after that, tomorrow. He said, "We'll be starting down to Kerksdorp." Said, "We will go from Kerksdorp, to Kimberley, from Kimberly to Bloemfontein, from Bloemfontein to Cape Town, from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth...?... and to Durban."Well, Durban is where I thought I was going all the time. Well, I said, "That's where Miss. Nightingale was healed. I just didn't know too much about my geography.

31When I told my wife, she said, "Where are you going to have these services at, honey?" I said, "They'll be Durban, Southern Rhodesia." That's like saying, "Battle Creek, Canada." As far as I know, there's no such a thing.

32 Well, Durban is not in Rhodesia; it's in South Africa. Which, I think, Rhodesia, I think that's controlled by Belgium. And the South Africa is controlled by British. And so that was certainly quite...?... The people, I guess, thought had some meetings over here in United States, and they sent my mail down into Durban, South Africa. And so then, that night I was in the meetings, and had such a glorious meeting. The Angel of the Lord had came down, medical association called me up, they had breakfast with me, give me the right hand of fellowship, said, "Anything in our hospitals that you'd showed us to...?... come on. Anybody wants to come, come be prayed for. Said, "Rev. Branham that's true Divine healing." They said, "We're not opposed to that." And I said, "Thank you."

33 And so we... And all the newspapers, speaking, and how the Lord was blessing. Seemed pretty strange to have to leave, where many, many, many thousands of people, they couldn't even get them into the city. They was way out in a great big field of a place, where they had a grounds out there. And so, well, I said, "I'd like to go down to Cape Town." That's about as far south as you can go, without going to the South Pole. And I said, "I'd like to go down there." So I said, "It doesn't make any difference to me." And that night, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me by a vision. He said, "Don't go with them men. You stay right here for two more weeks, and then go to this farm, where the man that's going to speak tomorrow, Mr. Jackson. And then from there, you go on over to--to Durban. And stay there a month."

34 Well, little did I know, that that was the only place that they didn't have segregation...?... meetings were...?... and Brother Baxter said, "We'd see the national committee." And I went to see them, and oh, my, you talk about going nuts." The...?... got an ecclesiastical setup, said, "No, sir. You're not going to do it. You're going on down that way."

35 I said, "Brethren, the Lord told me not to do it." So I said, "No, I can't do that." So I just refused to do it. Well, here come the car, and taken me anyhow. And on the road down, I said, "Stop the car!" I said, "The Lord is telling me not to do this." So I stopped. There's a lot of locust in South Africa, and so I pulled off some of the leaves off of the locust tree, threw them on the men's feet. I said, "In the Name of the Lord, we can't take that trip." I said, "It's not the Lord's will." "Oh, yes it is." And the ministers got right back at me. One of them walked up and said, "Brother Branham, don't you think God speaks to somebody else besides you?"

36I said, "Korah had that idea, one time, when he talked to Moses. The earth swallowed them up." I said, "Just remember...?... I don't know what He has told you, but I know what He's told me." And I said, "After I stood there for at least three or four nights in Johannesburg, and you seen the way it was moving and so forth, and then you want to tell me that I wouldn't know what God said?" Mr. Baxter walked up that time, called me over to one side, and talked to me. He said, "Well, this is all up to these men here. They're turning...?..." I said, "But, Brother Baxter, this is a vision from the Lord." He said, "I had no idea." See? "If it's a vision from the Lord."

37And I know... and most all of you here know Brother Bosworth, a very fine Christian gentleman. And he was with us. He walked over to me, said, "Brother Branham, I think you're wrong in that." I said, "Oh, Brother Bosworth," I said, "you'll see." So..?... I was right there just a few nights, and then...?... a little place of about six thousand people, and probably two thousand there, no place to eat, sleep, or nothing. So it was laying out there. It was a nice fine warm day. And just before they got ready to take me to the meeting that night there come a tropical storm. You people in American don't know what a storm is till you seen one of those. It like to have drowned everybody out there. At ten o'clock it was still going: no service!

38 All the ministers came back to the place where I was. I said, "I told you." "He was angry, because that we are doing out of His will." "Why," they said, "the Lord told us to do this." I said, "He might have. But He told me not to." And he said, "Well, then," the next day, he said, "oh,  time, Brother Branham." So the next day, just about time they got ready to take me over here come a blizzard, like to like to froze everybody to death. When they come back, I said, "Now, tomorrow night we'll have a earthquake, perhaps." So they said, "Do you mean we'll have an earthquake?"

39I said, "No, if He told me we'd have a earthquake; but, brethren, we're out of the will of God. And we can't prosper doing this." So two o'clock in the morning, there they was still going strong. And I said, "The Lord has told me to return to Johannesburg and stay there for two weeks, and then go to Durban, and stay there a month." And they couldn't see that. Said, "We've promised the brethren." I said, "It doesn't make any difference what you promised the brethren; God is speaking."

40 Men sometimes, we just get ourselves so wrapped up till... Just the way it was, that's the way it is today (See?), same thing: so wrapped up, and they just simply has to be according to the way your association says so, or you're not in the running. You're wrong. God deals with individuals (That's right.), always has. And He does things that's very hard to understand; you have to know God to understand Him. And you know that. You know the Scriptures. If you know the Scriptures, you know it's true. So we just had an awful time. Then I... about two o'clock in the morning, somewhere along there, it was getting late, I said, "Well, they all..." I said, "Oh, He has a permissive will, to permit something, but who wants to work God's permissive will? I'd rather do what He wants me to do (See?), not be in His permissive will. Well, it went on. So they got... "Oh, my! His permissive will, go ask Him about that."

41 Well, I went in to pray. And Billy Paul went in with me, my boy, the little fellow that gives out the prayer cards here. And when we went in the room, I shall never forget. He put his arm around me, as we walked in the door, said, "Daddy, you listen to God. Don't you listen to them preachers out there." Said, "I'm with you." Said, "If we have to swim home." See? Said, "I will stay right with you, daddy. You better listen to God." It might have been a million times better off if I'd have listen to the boy, too. Now, I say that with respect. He's just a kid, but he's certainly... God was with him. And I got down to pray. He was going to pray with me. 'Course, just being a lad, and he got sleepy and went to bed. And I prayed on till long in the morning. He came into the room. I said, "What are those men? What do they mean?" He said "Go on down with them." Said, "You're in...?... It's been let out like this, so you'll have to do it." He said, "But, remember, it's not the will of God, and you're going to pay for it." See? Said, "Go on." Said, "You might know this." Said, "Go wake up your son, and tell him, in the morning, you're going to send you to Sunday school, and you're going to decide the pray for the sick, and on the road back, you're going to start back, with a man in a little black car. And they're going to pick up another little man. And on the road down there'll be a native dressed in a white safari suit, standing by eucalyptus tree...?... stop..." Said, "Your son will call your attention to it. And by that, you'll know that I'm letting you go. But, remember, you'll pay for it." So when He left the room, I went and woke Billy up and told him. Mr. Baxter, which is right here now, sitting right back behind the platform here, he can walk out and give a testimony if there's any error to this, Mr. Jackson who is sitting present, and many others. And I will...?... after waking Billy up, and telling Billy what the Angel of the Lord said. See? God respected him because he was on the right side. So I walked in to where the men was; I woke them all up, Brother Bosworth, Brother Baxter, Brother Stadsklev, all of them. I said, "I have the word from the Lord. He just met me in the room. Now He said, we could go down there, but it will not be as successful as it should be. And we're going to suffer; I am, myself, going to suffer a great loss. And you all are going to suffer, too." And I said, "Because He told me that I was not obeying His orders. But He would permit it, being that you Afrikaans ministers and things had set this up, and done that. But it's not His will. And I will have to pay for it."

42 And Brother Baxter, which is listening to me now, I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, if we take that meeting, it'll be... when you go make you America, it'll between six months and a year before we ever have another service." See? I said, "Something is fixing to happen." I was standing in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Holy Spirit came upon me, and I was prophesying, and said that there was a trap set for me in Africa. That's right. I went down, and I said, "Well, all right. We'll see what takes place." And Brother Bosworth, a dear old man, like a daddy to me. He turned over in the bed; he said, "Brother Branham, you're wrong."

43 I looked at him, and my heart just broke. See, no matter who it is, you got to put your trust in God. See? And there, my own brother, and Brother Bosworth said, "Brother Branham, you're wrong there." Said, "If you go down, to take this itinerary down through there, you're going to see the exceeding, abundantly above all...?..."And I said, "Brother Bosworth, do you mean to tell me? I'm speaking to you, Brother Bosworth, that God has appeared in a vision, which cannot fail." And he said, "Brother Branham," said, "Satan... I read in a book one time where Satan give Adam a false vision." My brother!

44I said, "Brother Bosworth, you stood with me on the platform for the past five years, nearly. And you've seen everything in their purpose." I said, "I don't know what Satan did to Adam, but I know this come from God." And I said, "Now look here." See, you, no matter who it is, when God tells you to do something, you do it. I don't care if it's your mother, daddy, if it's the pastor, if it's the prophet, or whoever it is, you listen to God. See? And you remember, I'm telling you the truth. Witnesses are standing near. And God is my witness. I said, "All right." And I told him what was going to happen, went on out.

45That morning, when I went down there, sure enough, they come back, the... when it come time to pray for the sick, a young fellow come up, and he was with Billy in a little black car, 'cause they're not supposed to speak to me, 'cause He done told me to make ready the anointing to preach and to pray for the sick. And on the way we picked up another boy on the road up. And Billy was all thrilled about that. And on the road down, he turned around and said, "Daddy...?..." Stand by a eucalyptus tree, by a bridge, stood a native with a white safari suit on, just by the side of the road. He said, "Daddy, look at that man! Get a look at him." And I said, "You remember what I told you?" And the little fellow cried, when he seen what the Lord had done. I said, "You see, Paul? I can go, but dad will suffer for this." See?

46Well, after we left there, we went to...?... There trouble set in: first one thing, then another. One minister there, minister, said, "The brothers told me it would be held in my church." About fifteen thousand people, with a church that would seat about five hundred. "No, sir, we wasn't going to get no other place. They promised it would have been in his church." And that's where it was going to held. Brother Bosworth just took off and...?... and walked down the street. Brother Baxter walked away, and he thought he had a place to stay. I said, "Brother Bosworth, is that 'exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you could...?...' Remember what was told you? It'll be this, until we go home." I said, "You see if it isn't."

47And Brother Baxter who's is near now, as a witness before God, and know this to be the truth, knows that that is the truth. And there it just started from thing to another, just as... what was piling one on top the other, one on top the other, until we come back down...?... time. Now the Lord blessed with His great power, His work, went right on just the same, but when it came to the place that we started back up towards...?... town, out of Port Elizabeth, Brother Baxter taken very sick, very sick. Billy Paul taken very sick. Now we started with one thing piling on top of another. And then, after while, I taken sick. I went to the Lord. He turned His back on me. We went on to Durban. I stood there, and under the inspiration, God brought thirty thousand people in one altar call to the altar. And yet, that was God's grace to me. I knew it. And then when we got to Durban, that was the only place they'd let thee black people and the white people come together. The other... The Holy Spirit knew that in the beginning. See? And so there was just as far as you could see, people, out on the big race track, just as far as you could see, just a solid mass of people, and for four city blocks down the street was just setting, just like you're setting here, blocked off in city blocks. Pouring down rain, and so forth, they never noticed that. They just kept standing there. But...

48 And then when I got there...?... They had the meeting already... been there for three days in Durban. Then I had to go plumb over to Southern Rhodesia, plumb up into Rhodesia then. And then come back down to...?... after being up there two days, and so sick, I couldn't hold my head up. Then I went back to the men, and all of us sick, and all tore up, everything gone wrong. I went back to that men, I said, "Do you remember what I told you?" Coming across the sea, I said, "Brother Baxter, do you remember?" When I got here to America, come to find out, that down among the...?... somewhere, in there, had set in parasites, setting in the stomach, down through the intestinal tract, which was causing a dysentery, it was just about to die, every one of us, sick, upset.

49Then God begin to speak to me. Then I promised Him as I walked the floor, and crying. And we never had another until between seven, eight months, after that. I was so sick I couldn't go. Just so sick, I just couldn't even raise my  head up hardly, just laying there waiting for God. And then, one night He came down in a vision. Oh, you'll never know how it feels. He walked down there. I was laying in the room. He came to me and He said, "Now, don't fear." My sin was forgiven. He told me what was going to happen. And He said, "Now, it's going to go away from you; you'll be all right." Said, "Don't disobey no more, 'cause I've told you." He said, "Now, you're going to take a meeting," and He set me down, "again at Durban, South Africa." And I seen a little meeting, there was many, many thousands standing into the blue, to the West. Setting before me, set tens of thousands of people. And He told me, said, "Turn to your right." When I turned to my right, a great Light came down from heaven, hung over where I was. It was an oscillating Light. And in there were men dressed half, like this, with something wrapped around, little skinny-looking men, with their hands up in the air, a praising God. 24 And I said, "Well, look like evening." And then this Light came down, an oscillating Light, and went way back over the world, and there was thousands times thousands of them in there. And then, I said, "Are they all black people?" And He put it down in front of me...?... They were white people. And I looked back this way, and they were this Indian-type people. And I said... And then it was showed real close to me, and I heard the number that It called. He said, "There's three hundred thousand of them in that meeting." Now, mark that down in your book. And see if there isn't a meeting held that and see if there's three hundred thousand people. That's before it comes to pass, that you might know.”

50Now, listen, didn’t God tell the people through his prophet Samuel the same thing? In 1 Samuel 15: 20 And Saul said unto Samuel, Yea, I have obeyed the voice of the LORD, and have gone the way which the LORD sent me, and have brought Agag the king of Amalek, and have utterly destroyed the Amalekites.  21 But the people took of the spoil, sheep and oxen, the chief of the things which should have been utterly destroyed, to sacrifice unto the LORD thy God in Gilgal.  22 And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken is better than the fat of rams.  23. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.  24 And Saul said unto Samuel, I have sinned: for I have transgressed the commandment of the LORD, and thy words: because I feared the people, and obeyed their voice.  25 Now therefore, I pray thee, pardon my sin, and turn again with me, that I may worship the LORD.  26 And Samuel said unto Saul, I will not return with thee: for thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, and the LORD hath rejected thee from being king over Israel.  27 And as Samuel turned about to go away, he laid hold upon the skirt of his mantle, and it rent.  28 And Samuel said unto him, The LORD hath rent the kingdom of Israel from thee this day, and hath given it to a neighbour of thine, that is better than thou.

51Look at what Saul suffered because he didn’t obey the voice the Lord? What is so important in a man’s job, his career, or his calling that he would put his own will before the will of God? Is it worth it? Is any friendship worth the damage to you and your relationship with your Father?

52Look, you might think you are doing God a great favor but he’s not interested in your favors, he’s interested in you obeying His Will. He has a perfect will and a permissive will, But who in their right mind would want to be in the permissive will of God?    

53Questions and answers COD 64-0830E P:49 395. The seven thunders that had uttered their voices and no one could make out what it was... John knew what it was, but he was forbidden to write it. He said, "But the seventh angel, in the days of his sounding, the seven mysteries of the seven thunders would be revealed." And the seventh angel is a messenger of the seventh church age. See?

54Seventh seal the 63-0324E P:93 And setting up in Sabino Canyon... The heavenly Father knows this, just as true as you see that come to pass, those Angels come right down and a-vindicated every message to be the same. Then you know whether it comes from God or not. It was foretold you by a vision. I couldn't tell you until the service was over, 'cause I was forbidden to.

55Revelation chapter 4 pt 1 60-1231 P:58 I Corinthians 12:2 and 4, if you're putting it down. II Corinthians... 2 to 4. Paul was caught up one day, in a vision too. Did you know that? And he saw things that wasn't expedient for him to even talk about; fourteen years, never even mentioned it. See? But listen at the difference between them. What Paul saw, he was forbidden to speak of it or to tell it out to the public. Oh, my. I don't believe he could do it. (Why, a little trip I took one day, I've never got over it and never will.) See, he saw things that he couldn't talk about. I guess he didn't have words to. He was caught up in the third heavens though (See?), up in the third heaven.

56God called man 58-1005E P:76 If that was the sign of the Messiah then, it's got to be the Messiah's sign today. Now, remember, not one time was that miracle ever performed before a Gentile. It was forbidden.

57Now, in closing, I request your prayers as I have a similar situation where I do not feel the leading of God to go, but the brothers have been asking and pleading for me to come. I do not wish to walk in God’s permissive will, I only wish to walk in His perfect will. I am not gifted to receive visions from God to direct me as Jesus, Paul and William Branham were. I have only His Word to walk in and His still small voice to direct me, so it is very difficult sometimes to know for certain without any vagueness.

58There is only a handful who believe the doctrine in that country and most others have fallen away from the message to run after a man who claims to be brother Branham’s successor, who believes we are in the millennium, who believes the second coming took place in 1963 and we are waiting for the 3rd coming. The country is in a real mess.

59As br. Branham spoke of his first trip to Africa and Durban, these meetings are showing the same messy situation. They have been scheduled and rescheduled several times, and each time something comes up that interferes with the meetings they’ve postponed them. I have no other choice than to take it that God is not in these meetings, but the brothers feel that God is in them and it is the devil trying to rob us of great victory. I have already taken a great hit in the head and I believe it is God trying to get my attention. So pray for me as we close in prayer...