1Now, that we have seen this film showing the three rainbows that came down while I was teaching the Doctrine of Christ in Africa, I would like to take a subject of the rainbow Covenant, but before I do let us first bow our heads and our hearts in a word of prayer.

2For brother Branham said in his sermon, Super sign 62-0708 P:19 And you know what? A rainbow makes a covenant.

3Let us pray, Dear Gracious and Loving Father, we come to Thee this morning under the shed blood of your Son, our eldest brother in this vast family of brothers, and we ask that you would help us to not only confess what you are doing in this hour, but help us also to walk in the light in all humility and reverence seeing that this light we are walking in we are walking alongside of Thee dear father in the form of the Holy Ghost. For we know that if we walk in the Light as You are in the Light, that the blood of Your son Jesus will be efficacious to us in this hour, and knowing as we walk in the Light of Thy Glorious presence we are having fellowship with You around Your living word. You promised us through Your vindicated prophet for this Hour that You would lead us into the Millennium via that great Pillar of Fire which lets us know where Your great Shekineh Glory is present, and we know that Your Pillar of Fire will lead us into the Millennium. We have heard it but now we have seen it with our own eyes and we have seen Your Pillar of Fire in the form of that threefold horizontal rainbow showing us that You are still among us leading us by Your Vindicated Word which you gave us through Your prophet William Branham whom You vindicated by Your very presence with Him.

4We have believed Thy Great Presence was still with us because of Thy Word and Thy Word alone, as it was promised that You would lead us via that great Pillar of Fire which shows forth Thy Shekinah Presence, but now we have also seen Your presence in our midst. When you came to Your prophet William Branham in the form of that Three Rainbows coming together as One in the shape of a bowl or cup, we accepted His word for it, not having seen it ourselves but believing that You had vindicated Him, and therefore we thus believed by Faith, but You also taught us in Your Word and we can honestly know that we no longer wait for Your promise because why would we yet hope for that which we see. But now we have both seen and heard and therefore our hope has become a reality, that you are indeed still in our midst.

5For we have seen Thy Great Presence in the same form and shape of that Horizontal that Your prophet saw, and You came down to verify that what we teach is the same Revelation of Jesus Christ as was declared by Your prophet, for you are not a respecter of persons. We see Your great witness among us for we know that three speaks of a witness, and we have now on film that witness of Three wherein You came down over the church in Mbanza Ngungu and verified that what we were speaking was the same Word that You  vindicated Your prophet and it is the same revelation that your prophet spoke, and Your presence with us in such a supernatural way has confirmed This great revelation of Jesus Christ to be the same as what was spoken by Your prophet because You verified his message in the same way as you have done in Africa. Thank you Father. For allowing others to see that which only Your prophet saw before us, and thank you father for confirming to us that You are indeed are the One who is leading us to the Millennium.

6Now, Father we have both heard and seen with our own eyes that same three fold manifestation of Your glorious Presence among us and we can rejoice knowing that we not only heard a vindicated prophet tell us that the Pillar of Fire would lead us into the Millennium, but we have also seen it with our own eyes. Then grant to us Your favor Lord, and hear our prayers, and help us to also enter into that blessed covenant of Sons that you made with your first born son, for we ask it in Jesus Christ’s name, Your first born and our eldest brother, Amen.

7Message of grace 61-0827 P. 12   Last year, as all of you know, which is on print and also in testimony and in the tapes, I was setting at a place here in Indiana where the Lord God came down and spoke to me, that my second ministry, that was ready to take place in the near future. And there was spoken into existence three squirrels. All of you know the story; I'm sure. Somehow, going up the road I... While I let the rest of the boys off, going hunting, I--I had a strange feeling to go to this place again. It was before daylight, raining, and I didn't even know whether I'd get to hunt or not, but that I would get over in the field there. Hunting means to get alone to yourself to pray. And I stopped the car, and got off, and walked across the road, and went over into the bush, and just before it would've been daylight, kinda gray dawn...

813 I'd stopped and had offered a little word of prayer, as usual, and telling Father that just what I had need of, to provide it. I don't believe in wasting anything or destroying; never shot a bird in my life for a target practice or anything else. What I hunt, I eat, or give to someone that does eat it. I don't believe in wasting anything. I don't believe in doing those things, because it's not right. Then as I turned and started along a familiar little pathway by the side of a pasture that crossed over to an L-shape in the woods, and something strange took place. All my experiences, I've never had anything like that. I looked at the top of the hill to my left from where I was standing, and there, coming up out of like the top of the hill, came three rainbows. And they were running some thirty-foot high. First, I looked and seen the Light and I just turned back, because I thought it might be the sun raising. On the second thought, it wasn't towards the sun; it was towards the south. And another thing, it was smooth, cloudy, rain, raining all over. That was August the twenty-fifth, last Friday morning, and you know how it was raining. And it's smooth clouds everywhere.

914 And I looked again, and there it was, growing taller and taller, three rainbows. I took off my hat. I set down my gun. I started walking towards it with my hands up. Something just seemed to tell me, "This is close enough." I was going to set down and take off my boots that I had on, to see if I could walk a little closer. But I got within a few yards of it, and I seen the color of it, misting like a fog moving around. I stood still for a few moments. It was coming right out of the top of the little mountain. And I watched, as the three (one to the right, one to the left, and one in the center) running down into one bowl like... Ever what it was, was alive. It was moving and making Its motions. And I stood there just as it was graying dawn. I turned and looked again, and I screamed out, "O God, what would You have Your servant know?" Just then the Spirit of the Lord came in and said, "Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old, He only changed His mask from Spirit to man." That was confirming, of course, my message of Him, letting me know, assured that these thirty-one years hasn't been in vain.

1015 As I started to approach, It begin to go away, and went down into this bowl-like affair, and then disappeared. I walked up close. I was afraid to go any closer, because He'd stopped me 'fore I got there. I turned and noticed that that Light, the way It was shining for me, was just exactly in line with the tree where I set last year, where the squirrels appeared. Some thirty-five or forty minutes later, I went down through the woods and over the creek bottoms and so forth, till I got to this tree that separates in four directions (east, north, west, and south), four prongs of the tree, running out. And I climbed into this prong and set down where I was when He told me of that Scripture, "If you say to this mountain, 'Be moved.'" And as I stood there a little bit, not thinking yet of the rainbow, it had left my mind. I stood there. And this has been a very bad year for squirrel hunting, everything is late, no squirrels.

1116 I thought, "Right here is where God gave me them squirrels last year to speak into existence." I took off my hat again, and I said, "Lord God, You are still the same Jesus. You are still God." And Something said to me, "How many do you need this time?" I said, "Just as I did the other time: the limit." And then I said, "I shall have this limit before ten o'clock today." And strange as it seems, just then I was in a very bad mosquito area, where it was invested with mosquitoes, and kind of a swamp land, and a great big mosquito came to bite me right by the eye, and I said, "Not one of them will bother me this day," no repellent or anything with me. And before I knew it, I said, "The sun will shine within thirty minutes."

1217 And no more than I'd said that till just behind me a squirrel exactly like that one last year, young, red, jumped out on the limb about seventy yards away and begin barking. I turned around. At those long distance, I could barely, through the powerful scope see his eye. Just shot, that's all; I didn't even have an aim at, just no more than over the squirrel. And the bullet was just exactly smack at the eye where it was the other time. On down through the woods I went. And at exactly three minutes of ten o'clock I shot my third squirrel, just like it was last year, just exactly the same: At three minutes before ten. God, being my solemn Judge, not one mosquito even buzzed all day long, right where there's just tons of them, I suppose, if they could be weighed out. And I never even seen or heard one. I was listening for them to see if I could. And I heard a humming, I thought, "There's one somewhere," and I listened and it was a truck way back on the highway. And exactly thirty minutes from that time the sun shone out good and bright.

1318 Then I came back to the place. And I'd been thinking when I said, "limit," that that meant five squirrels, which is the limit in Indiana. But I remember last year, when He asked me how many did it take for me a mess, I said, "three," and I just got the three. So yesterday I went back, was going to the same place again, and Something said, "Do not go. Cross the road." And at exactly ten o'clock on the exact dot, ten o'clock with my watch, I shot the Indiana limit, the fifth squirrel. I want you to notice there was three rainbows, and there was three things said, three squirrels gotten. There was three things: three squirrels by ten o'clock, no mosquitoes, the sun would shine in thirty minutes. And there were three to give witness of it: Brother Banks Wood, my son Billy Paul, and his son David, to give witness to it.

14 Message of grace 61-0827 P:37 I thought of the grace of God, how that He could do that: save to the uttermost. And then would take a poor wretch like myself, and give me the opportunity to preach the Gospel and to see others saved, see them healed; see homes that's been broke up, straightened up again; see lives that's been ruined, made right again. And to give me grace, I thought, "Oh, it's amazing grace. Then come to a degraded, low squirrel hunter out into the woods, and form Himself in the form of the rainbow, which means a covenant, with a Message that He give me to preach, and formed it there in a covenant, that He's behind it. He'll be behind it, because the message is of Jesus Christ and His glory.

15Message of grace 61-0827 P:93 We pray now that You'll keep them through life. May they, every one, be baptized, calling upon the Name of the Lord, washing away their sins. Grant it, Lord. Now, I present them to You, as Your servant, believing that the great Angel of God Who appeared down there... And, Father, You know all that story, and that great Angel that appeared there this Friday morning, just at gray dawn, spoke these Words, in the form of three rainbows coming up from the top of the mountain... Lord God, let that God Who appeared to me there in the rainbows, let Him save this people by His grace just now. I give them to You, in expectations of You keeping Your Word, and You will, and I'll meet them on that great day, without a spot or wrinkle in their soul. Grant it. In Jesus' Name, I give them to You. Amen.

16Let your light so shine before men 61-0903 P:10 When I go into the mountain change. It isn't so much going up there for to go hunting. I'm going there to get alone with God. Some of you, if you'll notice, my greatest experience I have is when I'm out hunting, when I meet God. Out of all my experiences, I never had one like I had the other morning, right up here, going squirrel hunting. I've seen many things in my life, signs and wonders and so forth. But that struck me stronger than anything that I've ever had yet. Just imagine now, just about the time of the break of day, raining, solid cloudy all over, and see standing in front of me, rising up from, like a cup setting on a hill, setting there, three rainbows, rising higher and higher, until you was so numb all over till you could hardly speak, then walk close to it and hear Him speak and confirm the very message that you're preaching to be the truth. See?

17Breach the 63-0317E P:22 Now, we see that this seven-sealed Book now, is the mystery of redemption. It's a Book of Redemption from God. Now, all the mysteries at this time should be finished at the sounding of this messenger. Now, here's the angel on earth, and another Angel, mighty Messenger come down. See, this angel was a earthly angel, messenger. But here comes One down from heaven: a rainbow, covenant. See? Only Christ, it could be; just exactly like it was in Revelations 1st chapter, standing in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks with a rainbow to look upon as jasper and sardius stone.

18Revelation chapter 4 pt 2 24 elders 61-0101 P:74 Notice, we're going to start back now and see where we're at. On the 3rd verse yet, aren't we? Are we going to get it? I hope. All right. He was to look upon as jasper and sardius stone: and there was a rainbow... about the throne, in the sight like unto an emerald, yellowish green. Now, rainbow, you notice it was a rainbow. Let's go back in Genesis 9 and find out in Genesis 9:13. And we'll find back here the rainbow, when a rainbow first appeared. Genesis the 9th chapter, and we will begin at the 13th verse, Genesis 9:13. All of you like this? Oh, I love it. I just don't like it; I love it. Look. I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token,... (Watch.)... token of a covenant betwixt me and the earth... (What? "Betwixt Me and Noah"? No. "Betwixt Me and the earth.")And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which is betwixt me and you... (Now, He come back to His covenant betwixt them, but the rainbow covenant.)...See, the covenant was life for Noah, that He spared him, but the covenant that God made with Himself was a rainbow, that He would not... Now, I'll show you what Noah's covenant was with God, in a minute. But this here was God's own covenant with Himself (Amen.), a rainbow.

19Souls in prison now 63-1110M P:85 Notice. It was to be the Seventh Angel's Message that was to reveal the Seventh--the Seven Seals (Revelation 10:7, now you'll find it.). See? And he saw this Angel come down, put his foot on the land and on the sea (That was Christ.), had a rainbow over His head. (Notice Him, you'll find Him in Revelation 1, again with the rainbow over His head: look upon the jasper and sardius and so on.)Here He come, put one hand--one foot upon the land, one upon the water, raised up His hand. He had a rainbow over His head yet; that's a covenant. He was a Covenant Angel, which was Christ, made a little lower than the Angels to suffer. There He come, and put His hands up to heaven, and swore by Him that lives forever and ever (the eternal One, the Father, God) that time shall be no more, when this takes place.

20First seal the 63-0318 P:90 Let me just read it again. It sounds so good to me; I--I like to read it.... I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud:... a rainbow... upon his head, and his face was... the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: Now, we saw the same thing, which was Christ. And we know Christ is always the Messenger to the Church. All right. He's called a Pillar of Fire, the Angel of the covenant and so forth. And he had in his hand a little book opened:... (Now, the Seals had done been broke here. We're breaking them now; but this, the thing's opened.)... and he set his right foot on the sea, and his left... on the earth, And he cried... a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he... cried, seven thunders uttered their voices... (My, the complete)... when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I... (John)... was about to write:... (Write what? What they said.)... and I heard a voice from heaven... (God)... saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not. (Don't write them. See?)And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea... lifted up his hands to heaven, And sware by him that lives for ever and ever, who created the heavens, and the things... in there they are, and the earth, and the things that are there--in there..., and the sea and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer:

21Is this sign of the end sir 62-1230E P:123 Now, listen. This Angel come down from heaven. See, the other seven angels of the seven churches was earthly messengers, but this Angel... All the message is finished. The seventh angel winds up the whole thing. And this Angel comes, not to the earth; He isn't a man from the earth as the messengers to the church ages; that's finished. But this Angel brings the next announcement. And a angel means a messenger. And He comes down from heaven clothed in that Pillar of Light, cloud, with a rainbow over His head. And a rainbow is a covenant. It was Christ, with one foot on land and one on the sea, and swore that time will be no more.

22Stature of a perfect man 62-1014M P:170 About three or four years ago they called me down here at the hospital in New Albany. There he was dying with cancer; just eat him up. Doctors give him till the next morning to live. Said, "He's dying...?..." said, "come at once." I went down to the room. When I did, just stand there praying. He said, "Billy, there is a rainbow circling that corner yonder." And I turned to look. I said, "Busty, it's a covenant. You're not going to die. The covenant of the blood saves you." I put my hands upon him, said, "Lord God, by that vision yonder that proves that You're here, Your covenant is: by His stripes we are healed." Laid hands upon him, and there he got well. Sent him home.

23Show us the father 62-0722 P:42 Then I happened to look. And where the sun come out, and the evergreens had froze, that cold wind, there was a rainbow across the canyon. I said, "There He is in the rainbow. Amen. There He is. There's the covenant. He will never destroy it again with water. He promised it." And a rainbow also is, Revelations 1, where over the Son of God; and over the church, the seven golden candlesticks, was a rainbow. He was to look upon as jasper and sardine stone, the First and the Last, He that was, which is and shall come. O my, my, my. Everywhere you look, you can see God if you'll just open up your eyes. Look around. He's everywhere.

24Behold a greater than all is here 62-0715 P:13 You know, taste doesn't count in this. We might differ in organization, denomination. But God is a God of variety. God likes variety. He's not a Sears and Roebuck Harmony House. God is a variety. He's got big mountains, little mountains, white flowers, pink flowers, yellow flowers. He's a God of variety. He has little men, big men. He has a black head, redhead, blonds, and all different kinds. He has deserts. He has--He has lakes. He has seas. See? He's a God of variety. And that's the same way it is here today. We're all God's servants. And after all, brethren, is it all... A rainbow represents a covenant. That's right. We're in God's covenant. That's right. Together as brothers we stand. The Lord bless you, my fine brothers. And may your churches grow and prosper. And may God ever bless you richly and royally is my--is my sincere prayer. If I can ever be a help to you in any way, the night don't get too dark, nor the rain don't fall too hard. Just call me. I'll do everything that I can to help.

25Smyrnaean church age 60-1206 P:27 Now, if you'll notice, the candlestick didn't set quite like that. They started down in this way and come up. Well, the highest one away from where he was standing was this one up here. And Christianity gradually smothered out as it went from where He was standing in the shape of the cross, as we'd seen Him in the 4th chapter, in the shape of the cross like this. And this was His right hand; that was His left hand. Now, right here, He had His hand on this church and on that church. He was both Alpha and Omega, and of course, all was in between it too, all the other letters. But He specifically said Alpha and Omega. Had a rainbow over His head, which was His covenant.

26Revelation chapter one 60-1204M P:115 And what did they do to Joseph? They pretended he was dead, and they throwed him into a ditch. Took a bloody coat of seven colors that his father...There's only seven colors in the rainbow. And the rainbow, we know what the... We get to it a little later, I think, tonight. The rainbow over Him here, Jesus, where He's to look upon as jasper and sardis stone, and a rainbow. A rainbow is a covenant. And that was God's covenant upon Joseph. And then they, blood--brought it on his coat and took it back to the father, and he was supposed to be as dead. And... But he was raised up out of the ditch and was put into a--a--sold to Pharaoh, someone in Egypt, and a general kept him. And when they did, he... A ill thing come up against him, and throwed him in jail. And there he prophesied, and told two men where one would go and where the other one would; a butler and a--and the baker, on account of their dreams. And then he was exalted from there to the right hand of Pharaoh. And no man could touch Pharaoh, only through Joseph.

27Discernment of spirit 60-0308 P:22 And did you notice Jesus when He came, He was loved of the Father. And the father gave Joseph a coat of many colors (the rainbow, a covenant). And the Father God gave his Son Jesus the covenant, and then the Jewish brother hated Him without a cause. He had no reason to hate Him; He was spiritual, and He was God's Word made manifest. He come to do the will of the Father; He come to fulfill the Scripture. He came to bring them peace, but they misunderstood Him, and hated Him without a cause. They didn't stop to try to see what He was trying to achieve. They just judged him because that he didn't agree with them. They made... "He makes Himself so-and-so. He makes Hisself God." He was God. God was in Him. The Bible said God was in Christ, manifesting Himself to the world. He was the God of glory manifesting the glory of God.

28Joseph meeting his brethren 56-1230 P:50 Notice, there He was, the Covenant. Christ was to look upon at Jasper and Sardis stone in Revelations. That was the breaststone, or the birthstone, rather, from Reuben to Benjamin. That was the reflection of the Sardis and Jasper as they reflected together under the Light of God, made the covenant around Christ, the rainbow. And what does it speak of? Reuben, the oldest, Benjamin, the youngest. From first to the last, He was the One that was, which is, and shall come, The Root, the Offspring of David; He's the Morning Star. He's from A to Z, the Alpha, the Omega, God's reflection from the beginning of time to the end of time. There He is, God's Covenant with His people.And all these other things, Joseph, David, all the prophets was just a reflection (Amen.), reflecting from the true Seed from the garden of Eden, till the time that He shall come the second time in glory to receive His people and His Church. There it is, beautiful to look upon.

29Joseph meeting his brethren 56-1230 P:49 When God gave Noah the rainbow sign, the seven colors, it was a promise or a covet one. God had made a covenant that He would destroy the world no more with water. And God's covenant was also carried over through Jacob into Joseph. Abraham was election, and Isaac was justification, and Israel was grace, and Joseph was perfection. That was the only one that had the colors. We see Jesus setting upon the throne with the colors, rainbow around Him. In Revelations 1 it was God's covenant with the people. Christ... Here it is. Oh, how I want you to see it. Christ is God's Covenant with His people, not denominations, but Christ is God's Covenant. As Joseph was hated, so is Christ hated today. They don't want to say they hate Christ. But their works prove what they do. They're against every move of Him. Speak of His action, His works, His marvelous doings, why, sure we have Satan at the camp too, a battling away. Certainly. And they'll point to the words of Satan. But I don't care what Satan does to--to try to confuse; God's Word stands perfect and His promise is perfect. I'll never want to take sides with that group.

30Inter veil 56-0121 P:78 So about that time, I watched what he was looking at. There'd a big old eagle forced down, one of the big old brown eagles we have there in the west. And he'd been forced down under this, the winds had blowed him in there. And that's what the squirrel was barking at. He jumped up on there. And I'd just been weeping. I looked over and seen that rainbow, and I said, "O God, listen at my heart pound when I hear that wolf holler yonder. There's something about it I love." I said, "Looky there at the rainbow. God, it's Your covenant. Right. You'll never destroy the world with water, but it'll be fire next time." Oh, I could see Jesus standing in that Revelations 1, where He was look upon Him as jasper and sardius stone: Alpha, Omega, the Beginning and the Ending; Reuben, and the younger and the older. And all the rainbow around Him, the covenant of His Blood that He would protect and keep that which God had committed to Him... I could see Him there, and my heart pounding. They thought they had the Salvation Army up there. I set my gun down, the side of the tree, I run around and around the tree, screaming top of my voice to give vent to my feeling, oh, just as loud as I could scream. I didn't care who heard me. Wasn't nobody to hear me anyhow. I--I was just praising God. If they'd seen me up there, I guess, they'd have thought I had been out of the insane institution. I didn't care what they thought, who thought it. How my soul was bubbling for the glory of God.

31So we see that this one in revelations chapter 10 that descends with a Loud Voice is God Himself. Revelations 10:1 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, (and who does the rainbow belong to? It's called in the old testament God's bow, and it represents God's promises to man. God's Covenant confirmed. So This one who comes down with a white wig has come to confirm his Covenant with man. How beautiful) and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: Psalms 104:1 Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, thou art very great; thou art clothed with honor and majesty. 2 Who coverest thyself with light as with a garment: who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain:Notice his Feet are as pillars of fire. Then how appropriate that God would have a picture taken where his feet were above the head of William Branham prophet to the age. And therefore His feet are above us, and he has laid all things under the feet of Jesus. And we are all things in Christ. Amen!

32Now, if you all recall, God has set upon us in this hour His divine covenants. And we saw in our study of the rainbow covenant that trueness is represented by the blue color. But it takes the light upon the rain to bring into manifestation the rainbow. And we know the rainbow represents the Covenants of God brought into manifestation by the light of His Glorious presence. And when the light strikes the rain the rainbow comes into view, and when the Light strikes the doctrine of Christ, then all the divine promises of God concerning His Son come into view as well. In Deuteronomy God tells us that His doctrine shall fall as the rain, so God likeness His Doctrine to the rain. Now, you can not have a rainbow without having light strike the rain. So light upon the doctrine will bring into manifestation all the divine promises of God to us in this hour. God's covenant comes into manifestation because of the light upon the doctrine, and it is presented to those who are walking in the light and the rain or the doctrine.

33In REVELATIONS 10: 1 -3 & 7 " And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a Cloud: and a rainbow was upon His head, and His face was as it were the sun, and His feet as Pillars of Fire: And He had in His hand a little book open: and He set His right foot upon the sea and His left foot on the earth. And He cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when He had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices. ... but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to His servants the prophets." The first things I wish to point out here is that the mystery of God will be finished when this scene unfolds. In other words, until this scene happens God and Godhead will continue to be a mystery. But, when this happens, then the mystery is done away. Secondly, this scene begins with a descent of this Mighty angel who brother Branham called the angel of the Covenant, none other than the Lord Jesus Christ. From The Breach pg. 74 he says, " And when the seals are broken, ( Rev 5) and the mystery is revealed, down comes the Angel, the Messenger, Christ, setting His foot upon land and upon sea with a rainbow over His Head. Now, remember, this Seventh Angel is on earth at the time of this coming."

34Show us the Father 54-0811 P:10 And there in that moment, rejoicing, I raised up my hands, and I said, "Great Jehovah God, how marvelous You are, the Great Creator of heavens and earth. I see You in Revelations 1, Jesus setting there with a rainbow over His head. He's to look upon jasper and sardine stone; that's Benjamin and Reuben's stone, First and the Last, He that was, which is, and shall come, Root and Offspring of David, the Morning Star, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley; standing with His covenant with the Church can't fail. The seven colors in the rainbow, the Seven Church Ages all blended together make one great resurrection of the body of Christ." Oh, my! Something begin to breathe out in me. And you know what? If somebody would've come up in that hillside, they'd have thought they'd had either a maniac or the Salvation Army up there. I was running around and around the tree, screaming to the top of my voice. It's a good thing I was about thirty-five or forty miles from civilization. I didn't care what people thought. I was worshipping the Lord. And if the elks wanted to look in, the bears, they could look on; that was all right. But I was just having a good time.

35Seven church ages 54-0512 P:85 Now, watch, when Jesus was standing with His hands out... Here's a little thing I don't want to leave out, to you. Hear it. Watch Him. He's standing in the midst, that's the middle, of the Seven Golden Candlesticks. Now, if I was standing here, and the candlesticks arched around, here on my one hand is where I got it out, and here is another one, in the sign of the cross, 'cause it's through the cross that brought the Church. Here He is standing; and a rainbow over His head, as a covenant. "I've made My covenant with the Church, through Abraham through his Seed, all that's called."

36Now, the rainbow represents the attributes of God Life coming forth in an expression of Colors out from the Great Living Fountain of Life, God in and before the beginning. The colors represent specific portions of God’s Covenent with man, and point out which attributes of God are represented in each specific colors. The we see the colors in the Rainbow Covenant of God with man, show the contract language each color represented. We can see how each color is actually a complete statement from God, as if each ribbon of color expressed a certain portion of the great Contract between God and man. Then we can look into those colors as they are represented in the Breastplate stones and see the same covenant of God with man. We can examine the stones and show their meaning, and how each represents a tribe of Israel and the attributes of life each tribe represented. And finally we can examine see the relationship those breastplate stones had with the Urim and Thummim. Most scholars agree that the Urim and Thummim are best translated as "Light" and "Perfection". But In the Vulgate we also found that the URIM is translated as “DOCTRINE” meaning teaching and instruction. Therefore we see the perfect-light, or rather the Perfection-Light or Perfection-Doctrine represents the relationship between these two stones and the stones of the breastplate of God which represents His people. Finally we found the Hebrew words, Urim and Thummim, began with the first letter, and closed with the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, representing the Alpha and Omega ministry of the Word.

37EPHESIANS 5:13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. 14 Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. So we can see that it takes light to manifest anything. Then if God is going to reveal His Great plan for his Seed, it takes light to manifest that plan. But we've got to have light to manifest. JOHN 3:21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

38II TIMOTHY 1:10 But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel:

39REV CHAP 4 PT 2 24 ELDERS 61-0101 170 In I John 1:5 and 7, he said, "God is Light." John had an experience; he had seen Him and he knowed that He was Light, Light, eternal Light; not cosmic light, not lamp light, electric light, sunlight, but eternal Light. Oh, how I love Him. "God is Light." And what else is need to manifest the Rainbow Covenant, which is the Token of God? It takes Rain. The Light must strike the rain, and when it does it brings forth the seven parts of the covenant. And what is the Rain? It is the doctrine of God.

40There is the whole plan of redemption and the roles of the Son of God in an expression of the Father, and those are also the roles we shall enter into as we further progress in the great Covenant between God, our Father and ourselves. Thus Fulfilling Rev. 5:10, "And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth." I PETER 2:9 But ye [are] a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: Now, we know that the rainbow is the Covenant of God. It is the great contract between God and his Seed. And we also know there are two things necessary to bring forth this great Covenant into manifestation. There first of all must be Light, for Paul said in Ephesians

41Now I hope you can see the different parts of the contract between God and His Seed has been carefully laid out in the pattern of colors in the Rainbow which was the Token of His Covenant which is His contract or promise to His Seed. The Contract begins with red refers to Love of God which has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. It moves into orange which is a blending of the red with the next primary Color yellow and represents character which comes by Love putting to trial and child training. Next we have yellow (Gold) which stands for Deity and trial, and then we have green, which is a blending of yellow and blue and represents Life. Next we come to the last Primary color blue which symbolizes Trueness, and the colors are coming back full circle, blue which is the last primary color begins to blend with red the first primary color, (The Alpha and Omega coming together produces Indigo which is Royalty, and then as the blend comes closer to the beginning red, it turns to violet or purple which is priesthood.

42REV CHAP 4 PT 2 24 ELDERS 61-0101 185 But when John saw Him in this amber color, the amber color, He surrounded and covered around like a halo. A halo... A halo of amber color surrounded His Being. See? One color, one God over all, through all, and in all, but there is Seven Church Ages.Then as we continue to look upon the colors of the rainbow we see the color Green which represents Life. Given Life, the evergreen, always showing life.

43REV CHAP 4 PT 2 24 ELDERS 61-0101 202 So we see Him in the circle bow of green, amber color. This greenish, what does green represent? Life. Green is the evergreen, always stays green, is life. What does it mean? That God has promised, as He took a oath back there in Genesis, that He would put the rainbow in the sky, that He would no more destroy this world by water. He also takes His oath and swears by Himself, that all the Seed of Abraham He'll raise up, and this world will stand all of its shaking judgments. REV CHAP 4 PT 2 24 ELDERS 61-0101 172 See, the covenant was life for Noah, that He spared him, but the covenant that God made with Himself was a rainbow, that He would not... Now, I'll show you what Noah's covenant was with God, in a minute. But this here was God's own covenant with Himself (Amen.), a rainbow.

44Rev. Chapter 4 PT 2 24 Elders 61-0101 181 Noah's rainbow composed primarily of seven colors. Anybody knows the rainbow's got seven colors. Now, what are the colors? … Now, remember, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Now, if you notice, seven... Watch. Seven rainbows... Seven colors; I mean, seven-colored rainbow. That meant seven bows. Seven bows, seven churches reflecting seven lights, each light wrapped into the other one. It started off with red, red. After red come orange, which is a reflection of red. After orange was... After orange come yellow, which is red and orange mixed together, makes yellow. Then green. Green and blue makes black. Then come indigo. And then from indigo comes violet, which is part of blue. Oh, oh, oh. Hallelujah. Don't you see? God, in His seven-colored rainbow, His covenant that He made, a covenant that through Seven Church Ages, the seven colors He would save the earth.

45Notice, Red = Love, then Orange which is love blended with Trials to make character, and then after the yellow gold, which is the judge, we have Green which is Life. Now, this is the center of the rainbow, and the center of the Color spectrum, and therefore represents the center of the universe, which also represents the presence of God Himself. Yellow = trials , judge and now into Green which represents Life. The giver of Life. Shall not the judge of all the earth do right? Did not Abraham address the Giver of Life as the judge of all the earth when he was appealing for God to spare Life down in Sodom?

46Any time you have a Covenant, there is usually several parts to that Covenant. There is the part that personalizes the Covenant between the parties represented. Then there is the Agreement itself, and then there are the assurances of the Covenant and the penalties if the covenant is broken etc. Well, God's rainbow is a material manifestation of all that He is and all that this Covenant expresses to you and me. It is all written out in that rainbow. That is the Book. That is the expression of the agreement. And He hangs it in the sky for all to see His Agreement with his Seed, forever.The first of the Lights to shine forth is given by love (red), Red symbolizes not only Love, but how that Love is represented, by blood. For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, and without the shedding of Blood there is no remission of sin. So Red is there first color we see in the rainbow and that represents the Lamb slain before the foundations of the world and the means whereby we are brought back into fellowship with God.

47REV CHAP 4 PT 2 24 ELDERS 61-0101 152 Notice the color of the Spirit of God which was above the likeness of these four Creatures, was amber. Amber is yellowish green. Now, watch: yellowish green, amber... Oh, He's the same yesterday... He revealed Himself to Ezekiel in the midst of Ezekiel's vision. This Light that he saw coming above the four living Creatures was yellowish green. When He come to John, He appeared in the emerald which is also yellowish green. He comes now to the revelator in yellowish green. He comes to us in yellowish green, the Light. Walk in the Light; He is the Light. In revelations 10 he comes as the Angel of the Covenant, the same Covenant of restored Life as given to Noah. But remember, that Covenant was given after the Trial, the testing, and the judgment. But Noah was given Life and escaped all of that judgment. And Yet the Judge of all the Earth was present. Now, this is important to know when we look at the colors of the rainbow. Because the colors of that Covenant Rainbow express the attributes of the Covenant Giver and the rainbow is the expression of that Covenant. The colors then each express a portion of that Covenant to us.

48HEBREWS CHAPTER 1 57-0821 20-124 one will go a green light, the other one will go a blue light, and maybe another an emerald light, and a red light, and different lights go from it like a rainbow color. They call it fire in the diamond. Now, each one of those lights represents gifts. But it's only Christ is the Diamond. And He was the One Who came, and was bruised, and wounded, and chipped that He might reflect Himself back as a Light to the world. He's that Master Diamond. 20-126 Could you imagine before there even was a earth, before there was a light, before there was a star, before there was anything? There's a Great Fountain going forth of Spirit, and out of this Fountain came the most pure of love; 'cause there was nothing for it to come from there but love. … As we continued in our study last week we saw how that God had come down in the days of Noah to confirm His Covenant with His seed forever. And in the course of setting His Great Covenant in the sky for all to see, we found that there appeared seven bright colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Indigo, and Violet.

49REV CHAP 4 PT 2 24 ELDERS 61-0101 172 Notice, we're going to start back now and see where we're at. On the 3rd verse yet, aren't we? Are we going to get it? I hope. All right. He was to look upon as jasper and sardius stone: and there was a rainbow... about the throne, in the sight like unto an emerald, yellowish green. Now, rainbow, you notice it was a rainbow. Let's go back in Genesis 9 and find out in Genesis 9:13. And we'll find back here the rainbow, when a rainbow first appeared. Genesis the 9th chapter, and we will begin at the 13th verse, Genesis 9:13. All of you like this? Oh, I love it. I just don't like it; I love it. Look. I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token,... (Watch.)... token of a covenant betwixt me and the earth... (What? "Betwixt Me and Noah"? No. "Betwixt Me and the earth.") And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud: And I will remember my covenant, which--which is betwixt me and you... (Now, He come back to His covenant betwixt them, but the rainbow covenant.)... See, the covenant was life for Noah, that He spared him, but the covenant that God made with Himself was a rainbow, that He would not... Now, I'll show you what Noah's covenant was with God, in a minute. But this here was God's own covenant with Himself (Amen.), a rainbow.

50Well, God's rainbow is a material manifestation of all that He is and all that this Covenant expresses to you and me. It is all written out in that rainbow. That is the Book. That is the expression of the agreement. And He hangs it in the sky for all to see His Agreement with his Seed, forever. The first of the Lights to shine forth is given by love (red), Red symbolizes not only Love, but how that Love is represented, by blood. For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, and without the shedding of Blood there is no remission of sin. So Red is there first color we see in the rainbow and that represents the Lamb slain before the foundations of the world and the means whereby we are brought back into fellowship with God.