1This morning we will study the thoughts that brother Branham is laying out for us in paragraph 71 of The Spoken Word is the original Seed, 72 Jesus is the Word of God, and He was bursted open, that Life, the Life that's inside the Seed, that this Life, which, is Spirit, Water flowing over, the Spirit over the Seed of God will bring forth the Life of the Seed. And to bring forth something else, there's some other kind of seed there then. Amen. Do you understand? If the Spirit of God comes forth to water the Seed, if it's the Seed it's watering, it'll produce the Life of the Seed. That clear? Produce the Life of the Seed, for that's what It's give for.

2Now, God also identifies Himself By His Characteristics. But most everything is identified by its characteristics. Now, a characteristic of any thing identifies what it is. Like in all of nature; flowers are identified by their characteristic. If they're close together, of one specie to another, the characteristic of that flower will identify what flower it is.

3In hunting you have to know the characteristic of the animal you're hunting, or you can be deceived.  If you don't know the difference when you were tracking a sheep, or a deer, you couldn't tell the difference unless you were a very a smart hunter, because both the deer and the stone sheep make the same kind of tracks, and they bound when they run away. And when you see one standing at a distance with his head hid, you would hardly know the difference. They're about the same size across the backside, and both are white, just like the deer. It'd be hard to tell them apart. But the horns identifies their characteristics. The sheep has a horn that’s round, and a deer has prongs that run out.

4Another thing that sets them apart is that deer won't go as high up the mountain to feed as sheep. And in a goat and a sheep, there is a characteristic that you'd have to know in order to know the difference in them when you are up high in the mountain, because they both dwell high in the mountain. You have to know the differences. But if you notice, a goat stumbles as he walks, where a sheep sets his feet down as he walks. That is the characteristic of the way he makes his track. Therefore, you identify your game by the characteristics of what it does, and how it acts, and what it feeds on, etc. Animals identify themselves by their characteristics.

5Birds are the same way, though they may look alike, you watch how they fly, and the pattern of flight they take, and that indicates what type of bird it is. The yellow hammers, or Flicker and a jaybird are both yellow and look alike and about the same size. Unless you see the two flying, they appear to be about the same kind of bird. If you can't see the color, but just watch them, you can tell which is the yellow hammer. The jaybird flies more or less in a beeline, but the yellow hammer, as he flaps his wings, he goes down and then up, down and then up. That's one of the characteristic of the yellow hammer, the way he flies.

6They can be identified by their characteristic in flying, of which bird they are. Therefore, if you just heard them, you can’t tell. But watch them a while and they will give themselves away by the characteristic of their flight, or feeding habits.

7I used to hunt when I lived in Minnesota, and I can remember the difference between the flight patterns of a pheasant, quail or grouse. One takes off low and it rises slowly, the other takes off and heads up high very fast. They are known by their flight characteristics.

8Now, as for men and women, although both are human, yet they are very different in their make up and characteristics. Why is for women, is color so important? Why do their  shoes, purses and hats all have to match their dress? Show me a man that takes the time to match his clothing, and I will show you a man that is missing a chromosome. Women know what clothes must be worn for each occasion, whereas men just think red is nice, pink is nice, so dear why not wear them together?

9And if you sisters expect your husband to be interested in helping you to pick out curtains, forget it.  Men have no opinions about curtains. Women pick out curtains for the effect, the mood, the ambience, the color, etc. but men look for how much light they can block out so they can get an extra hour of sleep.

10And speaking of sleep, for men, 2am is time for sleeping, not for discussions about whether you didn’t do something right 8 weeks ago. You know what puzzles me is that men go through life seeming to have Alzheimer’s disease, because we do not remember details because we do not pay attention to details and yet statistics show that that the majority of Alzheimer’s death’s are women.  

11And concerning clothes, men buy shoes and pants for comfort and fit, and as for color, men’s colors, and black, brown and blue, and a man can pick out and buy a pair of shoes in 90 seconds over the internet. Women’s colors would take too long to name, and I lost track of how long it takes them to pick out a pair of shoes. That’s why I don’t go shopping with my wife for clothes. The last time I did, I waited and waited and waited and so I struck up a conversation with the another guy waiting, and I asked him, why do people put spikes in their noses and tongues, and he opened his mouth and showed me his 16 penny nail through his tongue, and I scolded him right there on the spot. That’s why I don’t go shopping with my wife to buy clothes. I get myself in trouble. But women can recall every outfit they have worn for the past two decades. Men cannot remember what they were wearing yesterday without looking on the floor next to the bed.

12When a woman looks for a car she is not interested in what’s under the hood, what she’s interested in is what colors does it come in? And men can drive without having to look at themselves in the mirror.

13When we communicate, men speak in sentences, but women speak in paragraphs. And men never seem to get it right when trying to communicate with women. Men use I or me when they should use we or us. But that’s not so bad, women use we or us when they should use I or me.

14Women enjoy planning a wedding too, but to men it is the most boring thing on earth, next to the wedding showers, and baby showers.

15Women make lists upon lists of things for their husband’s to do, when they know very well they will never do them. And if a man knows an acquaintance has given birth to a baby, he will remember the gender and name - if you’re lucky. If a woman is told about a birth, she remembers the names (first and middle), The height and weight, the time of birth, how long the labor took and whether medical intervention was required. And women have the ability to brain dump their entire day when they talk to their spouse at night – but men, they can only remember whether it went OK or not. And men cannot watch sports or a movies and talk to their wives at the same time.

16And finally one more difference between men and women. Some men look good with a mustache, but there are no women who look good with  a mustache.

17Now, we have had fun with this so far, but that is not the purpose of what I wish to bring out this morning. What I am trying to do here is to get you to understand that the Life from every seed is known not while it is in the seed un-manifested, but is known by the manifested attributes or characteristics. So the Life is known by it’s characteristics.

18Many people are left-handed and right-handed. Their characteristic, the way they handle themselves you can tell whether it's a right, or left-handed person by the way they conduct themselves, and the way they reach out, always with that left hand, or right hand. And remember, the two hands are almost the same. They've got the same kind of thumb prints, fingerprints, five fingers, small, index, and so forth. Just as the right hand and the left hand has the same kind of fingers normally, same size hand, just exactly, and the only difference there is in them is, one is left and the other one is right. That's the only difference you can tell. One is left, the other one right.

19And Jesus said in Matthew 24, that the characteristics of the two spirits would be so close in the last days, it would deceive the very elected if it was possible. You take your hand and just hold it up. See, if you don't notice, one of them looks like the other in every way. But one of them is left, and the other one's right. That's the way the two spirits will be in the last day. They're almost alike, but they have each have a characteristic that identifies them. One is right, and the other one's wrong. And it can be identified by its characteristic.

20You stand in front of the mirror and hold your right hand up and the guy in the mirror is holding up his left hand. In every detail they are so much alike that it could deceive the very elected if it were possible, and yet just the opposite of each other. And that’s the way that the two spirits are to be in the end-time.

21The Spirit of God can be identified by Its characteristic as well. See the Spirit of God, and the spirit of the church... There's a church spirit. And the Spirit of God that's absolutely not like the church spirit at all. And in fact Brother Branham said that the two spirits that would be so close is the Spirit of God in the Elect, or what we call the Bride, and the church spirit which is the make-believers spirit.

22From his sermon, Seed not heir with shuck 65-0218 P:42 brother Branham said,  Notice, see how close it looks. St. Matthew 24:24, said that the two spirits in the last days, the church spirit of the church people and the Bride Spirit of the Bride people, would be so close together till it would deceive the very elected if it was possible. That's how close. Look how it's come through the stalk.

23And from his sermon, Mark of the beast 54-0513 P:74 Now, you see what the mark of the beast is? It's the mark of apostasy. It's a person who just thinks that, "Well, I belong to church, and I'm just as good as the next fellow. Am not I belonging to this church?" And you realize where your church organization that you're depending on, where it come from? Do your realize? The Bible said, "He that worships the beast, receives his mark, or the letter of his name (Now, watch.) in forehead or hand." That's knowledge or deed. That don't mean you got a big tattoo on your face. It don't have to be that. It's not talking of the outward. It's talking of spiritual. You watch him and see what he knows about the Scripture. Listen to him and see where he goes to. "If any man don't have this doctrine, there's no Light in him," the Bible said. See? See? Watch where it goes to. Watch what he does. You say, "Well, I belong. I'm Protestant. Yes, sir. I belong to this certain church. Yes, sir." And on Sunday you just have about enough respect for it to come in out of the rain. He goes down, instead of going to prayer meeting, you'll close up the church and set and watch television. He goes out here and he drinks and carries on and acts like the rest of the world, yet he belongs to the church. Remember, that's the mark of sin.

24We would see Jesus 61-0409 P:40 So don't place sin on smoking, drinking, gambling; that's not sin; that's the attributes of unbelief. Sin is unbelief. You might never touched a cigarette, drank, or never done anything evil in your life; if you disbelieve God's Word, you're still a sinner. Sin is unbelief. There's only two spirits; one believes and the other does not believe.

25God of this evil age 65-0801M P:31 The two spirits, one of them God's Holy Spirit, the other one the devil's spirit working in deception. The people of the earth are now making their choice. The Holy Spirit is here calling out a Bride for Christ. He's doing it by vindicating His Word of promise to Her for this age, showing that It is Christ. If the finger's supposed to move in this age, the finger will move. If the foot's supposed to move in this age, the foot will move. If the eye is to see in this age, the eye will see. See? The Spirit of God, as It's grown into the full statue of God is... The age that we're now living in, the Holy Spirit is here vindicating the Message of the hour. And the Holy Spirit is doing this, so that the people that believe God will be called out of this chaos. The devil's unholy spirit is here calling his church by the error, as usual, by perversion of the Word of God like he did at the beginning. See it coming right back to that seed time again? From Eden, here it is again.

26Mark of the beast 61-0217 P:31 Now, therefore the great church making itself ready. We find out that Esau and Jacob, before either child was born, God said He loved one and hated the other. And remember, they were twins: same mother, same father. Get it? Twins. Every revival produces twins. Certainly does. There's twins born in natural man and the spiritual man. It was back in the garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, the same thing. Started from there, just keeps coming on down. And look at the church, Jesus the Pastor, Judas the treasurer, brothers, out of the same tribe, so forth, right in the same group, same church. One the Pastor, and the other one the treasurer. One a devil and one God. That's the way it goes. Jesus said, "In the last days the two spirits would be so close it would deceive the very elected if it was possible." Amen. If it was possible, but it isn't. And it... They'll never do it. All right.

27Ten virgins 60-1211M P:113 All right, now, during this church age... Oh, here's something so beautiful. I like this so well. During these church ages, there is two spirits working almost alike right down through here: one is the denomination; the other one is the Holy Ghost. And Jesus said they were so close that they would deceive the very elected if it was possible. These two spirits are marking their people for future judgment. Satan promised that he would have more than Christ, and he has. Now, watch this real, real close now as we get to this: more than it would be, marking the people.

28Hear recognize act on word 60-0221 P:47 Now, about two thousand years ago, it came to a head, and it headed up in two men: one of them, Jesus Christ; the other, Judas Iscariot. Now, Jesus associated the coming, of His second coming, that these two spirits would be a lot different than what they was back there. Now, here's where I want you to put on your glory garments. These two spirits are going to be different. Because Satan come and lived in a man that was a church member, Judas Iscariot, lived in the carnal church, and was a friend to the church all the time. But he come in and deceived, or thought he was deceiving, his brother. He come in and pretended to be one of them, tasted the good things of God, moved right along in the Spirit, seeming to be, went out and preached the Gospel, and cast out devils. But down in him, all the time he was Judas to begin with. The Bible said, "He was born the son of perdition."

29I will restore 54-0620A P:22 Now, watch these two spirits on these boys spring up here in Genesis, and watch it end off in Revelations. And let's bring it through the Bible a few minutes on these two vines. I'll take Cain to my left side, Abel to my right side. Now, and now, both of those boys was religious. Both of them were worshipers of God. Now, remember, Cain built an altar to the Lord. In other words, he had a church. And if a church membership is all God requires, Cain was just as good a man as Abel was, and as just as Abel was, if God only requires a man to go to church. Cain went to church. Well, you say, "Wait a minute now." All right. Cain was also a worshiper of God. Do you realize that you could belong to church and worship God and still not be a Christian? Cain in the beginning... Now, don't fall out with me. Just set still a minute; let's look at it through the Scripture. See?

30Father the hour has come 56-1002A P:57 The time has come where there's a falling away. The Bible said, "Except there come a falling away, the man of sin won't reveal Himself." The Pentecostal church is living in the final of all times. The time has come. The time has come for the signs to follow the believers. We're at the end time. We're in the latter rain. We're at the time when men will be heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, and despisers of those that are good. Heady, high-minded... The time has come when they're teaching doctrines of devils, perverting the Bible's teaching into theories and theologies to draw groups of people away after them.

31Father the hour has come 56-1002A P:10 And we get our chartered set right towards Calvary, and no matter which way the wind's blowing, we're still looking to Calvary, whether it's opposite, or whether whatever it is, we still are set towards Calvary. That's the true believer. And then we're not tossed about by every wind of doctrines, and this comes in, and that comes in, and this takes place; we just got that one pilot course that's right to Calvary. I think that's what God meant when He spoke through Jude over there and said, "A clouds without rain, wandering stars..." just wandering around about. That's not right; we shouldn't do that. We should just... When a Christian is first born in the Kingdom of God his affection, his life, everything is set right on Christ. If he's just a little bit smart, if you don't watch he will put all of it over on education and go off to real cold formal, and indifferent, and everything, some theology, or some great interpretation of Greek words.

32Jehovah Jireh 57-0612 P:34 In the days of Abraham, and in the Orient, the way they made a covenant, they taken a beast, and they killed it, split it in two, just like you see Abraham doing for God's covenant. And they split the covenant in two. Then they write out their agreement, and then they take that, and tear it apart, give it to one and to the other. And they take a oath over this dead body: If they break this covenant, let them be as this dead beast was. What an oath. And this only way this covenant can be manifested, is for both men to bring both pieces of paper, and they have to dovetail together, just exactly like that, and that confirms the oath. Now, what was God doing? He was showing Abraham how He was going to be the father of nations; through Isaac would come Christ. And at Calvary, Jehovah God, the Father, taken His own Son to Calvary, and laid upon Him the sins and sickness of the world, and there tore Him apart, and took the body up into glory, and sent the Holy Ghost back down for the church. And when the resurrection comes, the same Spirit that was in Jesus Christ, doing the same things that Jesus did when He's here on earth, has to be with the church, the covenant church, for when they come together the same signs, and the same wonders that Jesus did will have to compare with the body of Christ to make the Bride. Amen.

33How can I overcome 63-0825M P:28 We see this age that we're living in. It's one of the grandest ages of all ages. This Laodicea church age is the grandest of all the church ages, because it's the ending of time and the blending of eternity. And then, it's the greatest sinful age. There's more sin in this age than there's ever been. And the powers of Satan is many times harder to fight against than it was in any age. See? Here, back there in the early ages a Christian could for his professing of being a church--of belonging to Christ could be beheaded for it. He could be killed and put out of his misery, and go to meet God quickly. But now, the enemy has come in, in the name of the church; and it's so deceiving. This is a great age of deception when... Christ said so, the two spirits would be so close in the last days till it would deceive the very elected if it was possible. See, see? See? And remember, Christ spoke of a elected people for the last day. See? It would deceive the very elected if it were possible, so close.

34Ensign an 62-0119 P:35 Then there come another, which was King Nebuchadnezzar, and he was going to build a city. And if you'll notice, sometimes those spirits that get onto man... And it's a day coming, and is at hand now, where the Christian church, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ ought to be so spiritual, because that Jesus said that the two spirits would be so close till it would deceive the very elected if it was possible. The enemy is so cunning. Now, watch him with Nebuchadnezzar. He built a city just exactly a pattern of heaven: as the river Euphrates flowed by the throne, like in heaven the river of water of Life goes by the throne, swinging gardens and everything, just exactly like it was, for before when Abraham was journeying, looking for such a city... And if you're not spiritual-minded, Satan will blind you on these things (See?) something that looks almost like it, but it isn't it. If it's manmade, it's no good; if it's Blood-boughten by God, it's the truth. That's... See, it's true. But if it's manmade...

35We would see Jesus 61-0409 P:40 So don't place sin on smoking, drinking, gambling; that's not sin; that's the attributes of unbelief. Sin is unbelief. You might never touched a cigarette, drank, or never done anything evil in your life; if you disbelieve God's Word, you're still a sinner. Sin is unbelief. There's only two spirits; one believes and the other does not believe. Matter, we have based all of our thoughts upon some kind of a holy act, something we've want to do, and something that we've done. "I give Jones' some coal, when they were... I got a right to a heaven." You haven't got no right to heaven, till you've believe God, accept it by the basis of faith upon the shed Blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God. Have no rights, for no other way, no matter...You might be a staunch member, Pentecostal to the core, Methodist, Baptist, or Catholic to the core; makes no difference what church you belong to. If you've solemnly believed on Jesus Christ, and accepted Him as your personal Saviour, and your faith's in Him. I don't care what church you go to, you're saved by faith. And without that, there's... There's no holy church; there's no holy people. It's the Holy Spirit in the people, what makes it holy. A holy God that lives amongst people, what makes the holiness. Not something that I do, something that you do, or something that we would've done, but it's what God has done for us, through Christ Jesus. That's the Bible.

36Choosing of a bride 65-0429E P:70 Now, just a moment now; that's it. He chooses a Bride to reflect His character, to which the modern churches of today certainly misses His program here a million miles, 'cause they deny this to be the truth. So how could it be? Now, He's looking for the day for that Bride to be formed (Hebrews 13:8) just exactly like He was. It's got to be His same flesh, same bones, same Spirit, same everything, just exactly built up, and them two then become one. Until the church becomes that, they're not one. The character of Him, the Word for this age, must be molded... She must be molded like He is. Now, in closing I want to say the reason that I've said these things, and I'll--I'll close.

37Now, we know that in the last days the two spirits would be so close that it would deceive the very elected if it were possible, but it’s not. And we know that in other ages gone by there were always twins to cause the people following the message of God for that day to split apart and take sides, because that is God’s plan for every age.

38You see, God characteristics identified in Moses: a Pillar of Fire was leading him. He also had the atonement in action, not speaking of it, but he had it in action: not what will be, what is right now. Notice. He had a brass serpent that had been lifted up for the sickness and diseases of the people. Therefore, Moses was practicing Divine healing. He had the atonement, the brass serpent symbolizing that God was in the camp. And the people were looking on that brass serpent and being healed. He also had a smitten rock following him. And that was identifying God to keep the waters of life among them: joy and salvation, that they would not perish, but had Everlasting Life. It was a type of... That smitten rock in the wilderness was a type of Christ being smitten. Then they were traveling in the line of promise. That was another identification showing God's characteristic. No matter how fundamental Balaam was with the Word, Moses had the fundamentalism plus the identification, and the characteristic of God among them. God identifying Himself with Moses.

39But notice God allowed two prophets to pull the people apart. Both of them prophets, both of them fundamental, but God identified His characteristics in Moses, because he had the characteristics of God with him.

40Now, again, God's characteristics is always supernatural, because He is supernatural. God is supernatural. It's unusual always to the modern trend of thinking of the day. You know that. Gods always has upset the apple cart for the religious groups in every age that's ever passed. And not one time did ever a person, or group of people, ever organize them self together upon a message, but what they died and went on the shelf and never raised again. There's no history of a group of people taking it and organizing it, and continuing on with God. The Lutherans, the Presbyterians, the Methodists, the Baptists, the Pentecostals, and so forth, never raised again. When they go to grouping it, God just leaves them.

41God deals only with one individual at a time. God is so unusual to man’s way of thinking... God comes down with His Word that He promised, he gives it to one man in an age, and then He backs up that man with His Message through vindication, and in that God identifies Himself in that Word that was given.

42But the group who were attracted to the Manifestations and not the word, can't go with what God has done, because they don't believe in a one man ministry, because they want to have their own input into it, and when they do that it dies right there.

43If it's identified by the Word, then its characteristics proves what it is. It's God in action. Joseph should've known this. He should've known a virgin shall conceive. But he was honest about it. He didn't want to put her away privately, but he was thinking on doing it. And then the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream. Did you ever wonder why He appeared in a dream? There were no prophets of them days. The dream was so simple it needed no interpretation. Said, "Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost." See? Then that settled it. See, He came to him in a dream, secondarily. But you see, there was no prophet there to identify that Word, that this was the virgin that shall conceive. See? So therefore, He appeared to him in a dream, because he was honest, and just, and a good man.

44And I believe God will come to any good man in some way, and identify his doings to that good man for the age, if that man's called of God for that age. Now, but it was so unusual they just could not hardly grasp it.

45We also read over in II Peter that the whole Word of God was written by them. Men of old moved by the Holy Ghost wrote the Bible. They were prophets. The Word come to them, and they wrote it, wrote it down under inspiration. First, they were identified prophets, then they--they wrote the Word of inspiration. And they had the interpretation of the Divine revelation, because it was God in the men. That's the way He showed Himself in His characteristics of identification. Their visions being a-vindicated was God's characteristic in them, making Himself known to the people. Now, that's the only way He was in Christ. A prophet was just a little speck; Christ was the Fullness of God. And God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. And His characteristics identified Him, what He was, insomuch that He said, "If I do not the works of My Father, then don't believe it. If I don't have the character of My Father, then don't believe Me, don't believe My claims. If I haven't got the character of My Father in Me, then don't believe it at all."

46Now, His characteristics never changes. God cannot change His character no more than a lamb can change its character, or any other thing changes its characteristics. Because as long as it's in its original, it's original. And if you change anything, then you've changed it from its original. It's just like you can take a hog, and you can wash a hog, and put that paint on his toenails, like the women does, and fix it up with lipstick, and put it on a nice dress, turn that old sow out, and she'll go right straight to the water and wallow again. Why? She's a hog; that's all. But you know, you wouldn't... A lamb wouldn't do that. He won't even get in that mud. He don't want nothing to do with it. It's the characteristics of it. See? You might dress him in the same kind of clothes, but he sure won't go. The outside doesn't matter; it's the inside.

47Now, God being the Source of all life... Don't fail to get this. I'm trying with all that's within me to get you to see something. See? And I'm trying to get you to see what God really is now. He's His promised Word. He always is the Word. And He identifies Himself by the characteristic that He promised a certain character would rise at a certain time; that's in the Word. Then the characteristic of this person that is supposed to rise, identifies that that is the person. That's the reason Jesus had to be Who He was. They should've seen it. No wonder they were blind. The things said... Though He had done so many miracles, yet they could not believe, because Isaiah said, 'They got eyes and can't see, and ears and can't hear.' See? Each age, not only his age, but every age, how God in sundry times, in divers manners... Still they just couldn't get it.

4830 Now, His characteristic never fails. It always is the same. Now remember, His characteristic, the characteristic of God cannot fail. If it does, then God's failed. And the Bible said in Hebrews 13:8 that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore, He is the unchangeable God. Whatever character He was at the beginning, He is still that same character. Every way He worked, any time He ever done anything, He does it the same way every time. If He doesn't, His character has changed. See? And His characteristics would display something that wasn't of God. See? So we wouldn't know where...

4931 Like Paul said, "If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound who will know to prepare for battle?" If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound... Now, if the trumpet is supposed to sound "retreat," that's what we got to do, retreat. If the trumpet sounds "charge," that's what we're supposed to do is charge. But what is the trumpet? It's the Word of God. It identifies God. Whether it's "Go up," "Set down," "Retreat," "Stack arms," whatever it is, it's God's trumpet sound. And when the Bible says a certain thing's supposed to happen, somebody says, "Oh, that's for another day, that's..." Then there's a uncertain sound there. Then you don't know what to do.

50Jesus said in St. John 10:37, "If I do not the works of My Father, and I don't have that character of My Father, then don't believe Me. They are the one... They identify His character in Me, His characteristics, because the Father is the Word." In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the characteristic of God is displayed by His promise for that age.

51Now, if He had lived in Moses' time, it wouldn't have worked. And if Moses had lived in His time, it wouldn't have worked. If He'd lived in Noah's time it wouldn't have worked, or if Noah had lived in his time. Noah was prophesying of things for that day. And his characteristic and what he done identified him with the Word of God. Moses did the same thing. And here Jesus come. And the Word as promised for that age is identified in Jesus Christ by the characteristic of the Word, which is God. Amen.

52The pouring out of the Holy Ghost in the last days upon the common people has identified God's characteristic with the people. He promised it. It's the Word. He said He'd do it. Nobody can take it back. He said He would do it. So all these things that He's promised, that's what He does. It identifies His characteristic. Yes, sir. "Don't believe it, don't believe My claims, if My characteristic isn't that of God." Now, notice in John 14:12, "He that believeth on Me," He said, "has My identification, My characteristic. He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also." That identifies that the character of Christ is in him, displaying the characteristics of Him. Amen. I feel pretty religious right now, if I am hoarse. Yes, sir. Oh, my.

53See, there's no mistake about it. His life... "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also." See, that identifies the characteristics, same thing He said. "If My character doesn't identify Myself, God in Him," then don't believe Him. Now, He also said that He would be identified in that. Then that, if it doesn't identify Him, then He isn't what He says. And today if Christ doesn't identify Himself, the characteristic of Christ identify us as being of Christ, believing the Word... Jesus was the Word, so He had to believe the Word. And how can we say that we are of Christ and deny any Word in that Bible? The Holy Spirit of Christ is God in you. And it'll punctuate every promise with a "Amen." The Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." The Spirit of God said, "Amen." See? One of them said, "No, that was for another age. That was for disciples only." "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. He (anywhere, all the world) that believeth, these signs shall follow him," same thing, same yesterday, today, and forever, the characteristic being identified. That makes Hebrews 1:1, "God of sundry times, speaking to the fathers by the prophets," identifying Christ resurrected today by the same characteristic that He did in sundry times.

54Did you notice, God never changes His way. In the old Bible, when a dreamer dreamed a dream, and there was no prophet in the land to see if this dream was right or not, they had another way of finding out. They took that character, ever who dreamed the dream, took him down to the temple. The breastplate of Aaron, who was the high priest, hung on the post. And this dreamer told this dream. No matter how good it sound, how real it sound, if there wasn't a supernatural light flashed on those stones, which is called Urim Thummim (Bible readers understand.), then I don't care how real it sounded, it wasn't so. The unusualness of God, the character of God had to display its characteristics in the supernatural to show that He identified Himself on the message. Amen. I say the same thing tonight. The old Urim Thummim's gone, but the Word's still the thing that identifies the characteristic of God, the promise of the hour that we're living. There is God's characteristics, identified by the promise of the hour that we're living in. That makes God the same as He was in sundry times.

55Look. In divers manners He spake to the fathers by the prophets. And the law and prophets were until John; since then the Kingdom of heaven. Notice, but in this last day, speaking the same thing He did then through His Son, Christ Jesus... God in sundry times, divers manners, spake to the fathers through the prophets; in this last day, doing the same thing, speaking to the people, the fathers through His Son Christ Jesus. Has raised Him up from the dead and He lives within us, identifying Himself and foretelling us things, that He's the Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. "God in sundry times, in divers manners, spake to the fathers through the prophets; but in this last days through Jesus Christ, His Son." The Scripture cannot be tampered with. It's exactly...

56As I've said before, God don't need anybody to interpret this Word. He interprets His own Word. When He says anything, it happens. That's the interpretation. See? He don't need anyone to say, "Well, I believe it means this..." God identifies it by His own interpretation.

57Moses was the Word made manifest for that hour. Elijah was the Word made manifest for that hour. Christ is the Word made manifest. And the promises that He made "A little while, and the world seeth Me no more. Yet ye shall see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you to the end of the world. The works that I do shall you do also." He promised these things. What is it? It's the characteristic of God displaying His Word like He did in all ages.

58Malachi 4, He said, "Before the great and terrible day of the Lord shall come, behold, I send unto you Elijah the prophet. And he will restore the faith of the children back to the fathers again, before that day come." He promised it. Jesus said in the 17th chapter of St. Luke, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man, when the Son of man is being revealed." When the revelation is unfolding itself in the days when the world will be like Sodom, what will it be? The characteristic of that Scripture being fulfilled: God identifying Himself by His characteristic, characteristics that He's always been. He cannot leave that. In the last days He identified through His Son. "he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong, giving praise to God; for he was fully persuaded that what God said, God's able to perform." Amen. There is a characteristic of a believer. What about you? See? What about we, the children of Abraham? Are we identified with the Word of God as a promise, and our characteristic identifies ourself that we actually believe it? Or do we just hem-haw, jump from here, and over here, and down here, and guess, and hem-haw around about it? Then we're not Christians. We're just making believe. But when we really stand to that promise, toe it right there and stay with it... Abraham did.

59Notice. God spake to Moses in sundry times. In Deuteronomy 18:15, said, "The Lord your God shall raise a prophet liken unto me." Now, watch. That's the Word. That is the Word. That was God; that wasn't Moses. How would Moses know that? He was a man. But God speaking through Moses said this. You believe that? All right. Now, notice Jesus. Watch how His--His characteristics identified this promised word true. He certainly did. He was identified by this characteristic that Moses said He would be. Many of them... Like today, they want to see some great leader, "Oh, this is Dr. Ph. so-and-so. He's out of Hartford University," or he's out of some great big somewhere like that. That's no identification of God. No, no. Not a thing about it. The Word's what identifies God. See? Jesus was not a scholar. Neither was He a priest. Neither was He a rabbi to the world. He was a renegade to the world. But God was confirming His Word through Him, which made Him Emmanuel. That was His identification. Now, here Jesus meeting this exactly what God in sundry times said He would do, through Moses, what He would do.

60"God in sundry times..." we read here. God in sundry times (That's old times.) in divers manners (many ways) identified Himself to His prophets by visions. That was the characteristic of a prophet was when he foretold things and it happened. Now, that was his characteristic of his identification, that God was with him. Then that give him the rights to interpret the Word for that day, because the Word of God come to the prophets. The characteristic of the prophet that he foretold...The Bible said, "If there be one, and what he says comes to pass, then you hear him. But if it doesn't, don't believe him, don't fear him. But My... My Word's not in him. But if it does come to pass, then My Word's in him." That's his identification. That's the characteristic of a prophet. Now, God in sundry times, that's how He showed His characteristics of identification of Himself to man, by speaking through a man that was called to be a prophet. Now, the Bible says that God in sundry times, divers manners, spoke to the fathers through the prophets.