1 I greatly appreciate the attendance here. I know it’s a bad time of the year, but actually all times of the year are good. “This is the day that the Lord has made; rejoice in it and be glad.” And I earnestly pray that the messages have already and will be beneficial to you in order that your life may be based solidly upon the Word of God.

I hardly know what to talk about tonight. I got to thinking back there in the room about something that intrigued me just so much that I didn’t want to think about faith. I wanted to think about something else which is a great mystery that God hasn’t explained, and it’s kind of hard to get thinking along a line like that and then switch over. And then I got sitting here and I opened up an old volume of notes I have, and I actually got around twenty-one, twenty-three sermons on faith, (We will have covered about fifteen, sixteen, by next Sunday.) and I got to thinking so many things that are left unsaid, and I thought, “My, I’ve got to try to incorporate them somewhere but I’m not going to be able to do it.”

I was thinking about faith and materiality on one, how to trust God, that line, but I promised that I’d talk about “Faith That Controls”, and I’m going to do that tonight. But I want to make the message short because every night… I don’t say it’s going to be short, I hope it will be. You’ve been so good coming every night, most every night, and I realize that it has been difficult, especially Saturday being a hard night for people in business. It’s made it very difficult. We’ll see if we can’t be good to you and you’ve been to us.

2 Let us bow our heads in prayer.

Our Father, we come to You now tonight thanking You that we are dying, that it can be said of us that we are of God, little children though we may be, and pray, Lord that we’re growing up to be men and women, not fed upon milk only, but now upon meat, understanding Thy way, O God, not as the children of Israel, who fell as carcasses in the wilderness and only Moses really knew the way, and we know Joshua and Caleb did, too. Lord… We find it so true to form, even in these days that so many of Your children, so many see the works, so many are simply thankful for what You’ve done, but they haven’t really known the way of God, that way of faith, that way of trial, the way that is the only way that You have of deepening and broadening us, and making us like You.

I pray tonight, Lord… I believe that the prayer I prayed last night has been answered. I believe, O God, that we are going on, and it must be in that day we’ll hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” In that day there will be authority granted unto us; in that day You shall not be ashamed of us, and we shall not be ashamed at Thy coming.

Grant tonight, Lord, that we shall hear what shall encourage our hearts, to make us think, not only think, but translate our thinking into action that we may do the whole will of God, be all-pleasing unto You. Grant, my Lord, that Your body be edified in everything that’s said and done. Give me the words I ought to say and the right manner in which they ought to be said, O God, because my faith is in Thee and I am dependent upon Thee, O Lord. May those that hear, see and receive the Word as coming from Thee, even as Paul said to the Thessalonicans that they had taken the Word as though it were the very Word of God, which indeed It was, even though It was on the lips of a man.

Help us tonight, Lord, that we may be as those in the days of Job with their mouths open for the latter rain. Grant, my God, circumcised ears tonight, gather up our thoughts, we pray, that they may be brought into subjection to Thee, so Lord God, it would have been good to be here. These things we pray and believe in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

3In Heb 11:20-22, It says here:

(20) By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come.

(21) By faith Jacob, when he was a dying, blessed both the sons of Joseph; and worshipped, leaning upon the top of his staff.

(22) By faith Joseph, when he died, made mention of the departing of the children of Israel; and gave commandment concerning his bones.

4If I were to ask you tonight, “What do you think of the faith of Abraham in the light of the present day situation of this world?” If you have been a careful student, and you know what’s going on in the world, and you know your Bible, you would say, “Bro. Vayle, I believe that the faith of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob and the great patriarchs like Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel, particularly, that the faith of those men is controlling right at this very moment because it has brought Palestine back to life from being lifeless and has transported the true Israelites, who many of us call ‘Jews’, back to the Holy Land.”

That is exactly what the faith of Abraham has done. In fact, the faith of Abraham not only controlled in those days but the faith of Abraham is controlling at this very moment. I have no doubt that that is true because It says back here in the Book of Genesis, which we have read on more than one occasion, in Gen 15:18:

(18) In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.

And he names the races who would fall, giving Israel the control of that land, and the Scripture says that Abraham believed God.

5And all over here now in Heb 11:8, It says:

(8) By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, (he) obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went.

In blind faith, he did not confuse the issue. He believed that he was able, by the faith that he had toward God, to be in control to such an extent that he would get to the place, even though he didn’t know where he was going, and he knew that when he got there, he would know that he had gotten there. And this faith of Abraham has kept Israel’s hope alive for all of these hundreds of years, generation after generation. Even as it says in Heb 11:35, “Women received their dead raised to life.” So it is that this small people have once more gone back to Palestine, and somehow they are going to be ready for the time when Jesus Christ comes, and “they shall gaze upon him whom they have pierced.”

6I realize, tonight, that there are those who call themselves Jews that are not Jews. I studied history, not as much as many men, but I have read and understand truly that there are those who are not Jews as the Scripture says. There were those who were not Jews in the days of Jesus. There are those that are not Jews today. They are Khazars. That’s what they were.

7Under King Bulan, when he realized, in the twelfth century, that his people, being phallic worshippers, which meaning sex degenerates because they worshipped sex, had gotten so deep into what would be physical degeneracy, he said, “This nation of people,” some three hundred and some thousand, or better, strong, “must change their religion.”

He called in a Mohammedan priest; he called in a Jewish priest; he called in a Christian preacher. After hearing the three of them, I think it was something like this: he said to the Christian, “What would you be if you weren’t a Christian?”

And he said, “I would have to be a Jew because that would be the closest.”

And he said, “What would you be,” to the Mohammedan, “if you could not be Mohammedan, an Islamic teacher?”

He said, “I would have to be a Jew because those foolish Christians believe in three gods and anybody knows there is only one.”

Well, he said, “There you are.”

“Well, what would you be then, a Jew?”

“I’d be a Jew. I couldn’t be anything else.”

He said, “Well, that’s proof.” He said, “Two of you would be a Jew if you couldn’t be something else and this fellow remains a Jew, so it would be Jews.”

So, he brought in the priests, and they taught the people the law as they know it today. And he also gave them an alphabet because, though they had a language, they did not have an alphabet. And there’s where you get your Yiddish. Today, out of these Jews, these Khazars, these so-called Zionist movements, who themselves will not go back to Israel, but will float their bonds in New York, who propagated Communism when [Jacob Schiff of the New York Banking House of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.] sends the money to Russia to foment a revolution… Those are the ones who are not Jews: they’re Khazars. [Note: see http://oldsecretsandlies.blogspot.com/2008/03/history-of-khazarszionism.html for more details.]

8No one but God knows who a real true Jew is. I’m not talking about spiritual Israel or spiritual Jewry now. I’m talking about those who are literally the true seed of Abraham. But Abraham’s faith tonight is controlling because they are going back to Palestine. The land is established: bright clouds, full clouds, full of latter rain, pouring their rain upon the land. And the land is fruitful as it has not been for generation after generation.

9I want you to see tonight the text that I brought you concerning these men looking into the future and blessing that which has not yet taken place, but with future history they had a power about them, which literally caused the hand of God to move in a specific and certain way. And they did it on the grounds of faith. And we have Scripture. I’ve read this multitudes of times and have not realized the power of this great faith.

10Tonight I want to say to you that faith is a legacy. It is an absolute legacy, which we have in our power to transmit from generation unto generation. If you do not believe that, turn with me to 2 Timothy 1. This is true in spite of predestination, but I cannot tell you what God told me tonight, as I think it’s God. I would have to check further, but I think I see the answer, right down the line now as I never saw it before. But listen; verse 5. Paul said:

(5) When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, this faith which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and in thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also.

I want you to see that Paul said that this faith was absolutely in control for three generations. I want to say tonight on the authority of history, which I know to be true, that Jonathan Edwards claimed before Almighty God that his descendants would all be born-again Christians, and there has not been a generation go by, but they have been born into the kingdom of the living God. That is faith that controls. See how it pays to believe God? No matter what your trials were, as I spoke last night and tonight, trials are not an end in themselves; that would be frustration. But trials are to strengthen our faith and to get us to believe God in spite of circumstances.

11These Israelite people have gone through hundreds of years and yet for hundreds of years, they said, “Has not our prophet said we’d be taken back on the wings of an eagle?” And they’re being taken back on airplanes right now as we know, hundreds without end. Did He not say in Holy Scripture, “I will fish you and I will hunt you,” and you know when you fish, you use bait, and when God couldn’t entice them back, He raised up Hitler and He raised up Stalin. And He raised up those people today in the Far East and the Near East and they are going back right now. And God has turned the guns loose and the hounds of hell loose, and He’s made them go back.

And as my God said tonight, “It takes the wrath of man to praise Him, and the remainder of wrath He will restrain.” He has taken these Khazars and made them use their money. He has taken commerce and used it. He has taken everything in this world and used it for His glory by the faith of Abraham. who saw it must come to pass because that land was his, and God said, “Go on back; this is it.”

12You say, “I don’t believe that. I believe that’s the predestinating power of God.”

You’re wrong, because It says, “By faith Abraham…”; “by faith Moses…”, and I say tonight, “By faith Lee Vayle…” has got the same kind of power.

You say, “Why is it to you?”

Because I’m convinced of the Word of God, whether you are or not, and I think you are convinced. And if I knew your names, I’d name you, too, because there is this control here.

13Let me show you the power of faith as compared to unbelief. The Scripture distinctly says, “Sin is visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation.” Now we know that all sin has its roots in unbelief. Is that true? So therefore, all sin is unbelief. Unbelief came out of the Garden of Eden and whatsoever is not of faith is sin, and there’s no man before God can do any one of the Ten Commandments in reverse and not find himself in sin because of his unbelief.

Take any one of the Ten Commandments you want. Why does a man steal? Because he hasn’t got enough faith to believe he can get by without stealing. I could mention a lot of things here but I won’t do it. The thing is that all is based in unbelief. Unto the third and fourth generation maximum does God visit the sins of the parents upon the children. But what says It of faith? It says the sacred things belong unto the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed unto us, belong unto us and to our children for a thousand generations. And every promise in the Book, my brother/sister, is available to you and to me on the grounds that we have the measure of faith.

14As I said the other night to my church, “I’ve got twenty-five cents here, thirty-five…” Well, that will do to buy a very good loaf of bread, if not some with icing on it. Maybe I could buy one of those cinnamon loaves tonight. Then again maybe two bits doesn’t buy any bread around here. All right. I’ve got enough for a cinnamon loaf with some icing on top. I’ve got what it takes to get the bread. There’s no two ways about it. This is my assurance. And so faith in the Word of God, from God, the measure of faith, rather, is our assurance we have what it takes to procure what God says is available to us.

15Now, that being said: the things which have been revealed unto us are ours on the grounds of faith. How long? To one thousand generations. So therefore, the power of faith compared to unbelief is two hundred fifty times stronger than unbelief. Do you know, tonight, you have in your possession…

You say, “I look around, and I see unbelief.” You say, “I see this circumstance rising against me.”

Do you know tonight that you literally have in your possession a force from God two hundred fifty times more powerful than any force all hell can raise against you? I say that’s a minimal expression, two hundred fifty, because you can hardly compare the world power and force against us as compared to the thought that Jesus said, “Behold, all power in heaven and in earth is given unto me; therefore, go you because I am with you; and my power is with you because my power is with me.” But I say to encourage you, “If you wonder how strong your faith is: Abraham grew strong in faith. He didn’t get weak.”

16A lot of people say, “Well, when I got to use faith, that shows I’m weak.”

That shows you’re strong. You’re strong with the strength of God because God is in your behalf. Abraham grew strong in faith. Why? Because his faith was two hundred fifty times more powerful than what his body could usher against him and say, “Now, look out, you can tell you’re not going to be a father of nations.”

We can be that tonight: two hundred fifty times more powerful. Have you understood what I said? Or are we still sitting in this little morass, of hoping, somehow, maybe, “Bless God, if we can just touch the right button, God will begin to move.”

17I say there’s something wrong with God’s people because they have not exercised their faith that controls. I know what I’m talking of because, believe me, the Bible is full of it. Because if you can’t control by faith… Tell me: why does God tell you to use faith? Huh? Do we control by faith or don’t we? Come on now. Let’s look real intelligent here, because you folks don’t believe me tonight. I hate to be rough with anybody, but I’m smart enough to know, having taught school and been a preacher for a long time now, there’s too many of you don’t get this and believe it because, for too many years, nature has been controlling you, and circumstances control you, and people have controlled you.

And so you say, “Well, it can’t be true.”

Well, it is true. It is true—positively is true.

18Let me show you this again in my text because I didn’t explain it too thoroughly, in the sense of going over it. It says, “By faith, Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come.”

Now this makes it controlling because this man believed that what he said would take place concerning his children, and it did take place concerning his children. So therefore, they were blessed. And I want you to notice, furthermore, that in this very chapter… Let’s go to It, Genesis 27, concerning this blessing that Jacob went to his father, dressed as Esau. You will notice that he said:

(29) Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother’s sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee.

This man Isaac opened up his heart in faith toward God, and out of his mouth proceeded a prophecy. Hear what he said concerning that prophecy to his true son, Isaac, when his true son, Esau, came in:

(32) And Isaac his father said unto him, Who art thou? And he said, I am thy son, thy firstborn Esau.

(33) And Isaac trembled very exceedingly, and said, Who? where is he that hath taken venison, and brought it me, and I have eaten of all before thou camest, and have blessed him? yea, and he shall be blessed.

19Let me tell you something: In this day the Word of God had not been recorded. They had lost the beauty of the handed-down Word from Adam and Enoch of successive generations. So now, God starts all over again with Abraham, and He picks him out as a jewel amongst nations. And He said, “Abraham, of all the people there is none that I have respect for, save you.” And he began dealing with Abraham and revealing Himself and His ways unto Abraham.

20Now this man, Isaac, all he knows is what his father taught him. Now God begins to deal with Isaac, and it’s a true spirit of prophecy, the very same Spirit, my brother/sister, that gave this Word that you and I’ve got. And this Word forced through his lips, and he believed what the Spirit of God spoke in his lips. And He controls the same way that you and I believe, what the Spirit of God poured into this Book. We believe It and thereby control. Do you see it? Huh? My notes aren’t very good. I still can’t read. Do you see it?

21He prophesied and he said, “Yea, and it shall come to pass,” and it did. Now, did it come to pass? All right. Let’s find out. It’s over in Numbers 23. Here’s Israel, not Esau, but Israel—Jacob. This group 400 years later, the twelve tribes multiplied them strong. Numbers 23:8:

(8) How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? how shall I defy, whom the LORD hath not defied?

(19) God is not a man, that He should lie; (Do you hear it?) neither the son of man, that He should repent: (change His mind) has He said, and shall He not do it? or has He spoken, and shall He not make it good?

(20) Behold, I have received commandment to bless: and he hath blessed; and I cannot reverse it.

This man by faith, Abraham, was able to look down through the ages and say concerning Jacob: “This man is blessed, and people will bow down and serve him,” and that’s exactly what took place.

He said he was going to be satisfied with the corn, and they walked in and took over Canaan land just like the way God said they would. There is no mistake about it.

I want to tell you that Abraham’s faith brought this to pass. Do you see it tonight?

22I’ve got an urgency, and I don’t know that I’m getting it over. There’s something in my heart telling me this is great news, this is powerful, and I don’t know if I’m receiving, or you’re receiving, but I know it’s true, and I can see it tonight all through history, these thousands of years, that Abraham’s faith has brought this to pass tonight, bless God. And it’s the same faith you and I’ve got—the very same faith. This is a faith that wasn’t erring, that didn’t say, “I hope something’s going to take place.” This is not a faith that says, “Oh my, I wish something happens.” This is a faith that says, “The Holy Ghost has spoken to me and it’s got to come to pass. It’s ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD.’”

23People say, “If I can get a prophet to do it…” I’m going to tell you one thing: a prophet, my brother/sister, is no more or no less than an instrument to whom God speaks. It’s still the Word of God, whether it’s in the mouth of the prophet or in a book. It’s the same Holy Ghost. It’s the same Word of God. And if they agree not on it, the man is a false prophet.

Abraham’s faith was controlling in this man, Isaac. And he said, “He’s going to be blessed,” and when they brought out Balaam, a diviner, and he did his best to marshal the host of the enemy against the people. There was nothing he could do because a man had laid hands on this man, the progenitor of those twelve tribes, and he said, “They shall be blessed.”

My, do you see it tonight? The ability we have in this faith, the power we’ve got in this faith. Here was a man who believed God. We’ve got the very same faith that Abraham had, as I explained to you night after night.

24Numbers 24:5-9:

(5) How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, (Notice it.) and thy tabernacles, O Israel!

(6) As the valleys are they spread forth, as gardens by the river’s side, (Isn’t this sheer poety?) as the trees of lign aloes which the LORD hath planted, and as cedar trees beside the waters.

(7) He shall pour the water out of his buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters, and his king shall be higher than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted.

(8) God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows.

(9) He couched (down), he lay down as a lion, and as a great lion: who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee.

Do you realize tonight that this is exactly what the Scripture said here? Go back again, Hebrews 11:

(20) By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau (even Esau) (We’re not going to worry about him though.) concerning things to come.

And exactly what this man, Isaac, said, is exactly what took place. Jacob was positively blessed, and there wasn’t a thing anybody could do about it because this man put his faith in the Word of God, and he said, “It’s got to come to pass.”

25You don’t believe this is true, my brother/sister, then tell me how it was. And in the days of Noah when Noah used his faith in Almighty God, and the world had a revelation which was enough to save them from this terrible tragedy, enough to make every man, woman and child free. They all perished except that man whose faith saved himself and seven others with him.

We hold this thing too lightly, called this ‘power of faith’. We hold this power too lightly, as though it were a bother, or something we can fool with.

“Well, I’ll use my faith if I feel like it, and if I don’t feel like it, I won’t use my faith.”

But don’t you see the consequences? Don’t you see what happens when people use their faith? It controls. It’s no longer being controlled. It’s no longer the car driving wildly down the road, and you trying to hang on, but now, as we say, “The man is in the driver’s seat.”

26Let us notice tonight that this blessing, which I read to you back in chapter 27, was far more spiritual than physical. If it had been a physical blessing, it couldn’t have been by faith. It’s got to be spiritual. Whenever we are going to receive from God, we must come under spiritual laws, because God is a spirit. It doesn’t say God is spirit. It says God is ‘a’ Spirit, probing personality.

I can never be sold for one minute that God fills all the universe because, if He filled the universe, He’d be in this microphone and that microphone. He’d be in every sinner and every saint. That’s pantheism. God is a Spirit, but He’s personality, and I let it go at that. I cannot believe in omnipresence on the very grounds that that would be pantheism, but I can see where omnipotence plus omniscience would make Him just as good as though He were omnipresent. It is not as though God were present to all things, but all things are present to God.

But you can’t see Him. He’s spirit, He’s a person, and so, whatever we’ve got to do with God must be on a spiritual concept in faith. And so, therefore, this man, Isaac, will bless his children, particularly Jacob, to whom the Word of God came, on a truly spiritual basis. And that’s exactly what his blessing was: far more spiritual than it was physical.

27Now he left home without a material benefit. He left home; he didn’t have one thing, a solitary thing—maybe a suitcase full of clothes, if he had that. But he comes back blessed with many children, with his wives, with an abundance, camels and oxen, cattle, sheep, goats, everything that a man could wish. This man came back as a potentate. He didn’t have to fight; he simply believed God and obeyed Him.

This faith of Isaac was working in this man’s life. People could not get the best of him. His own brother said, “I’m going to kill him.”

But his father had said, “This boy shall live, and people shall bow down.”

And as much as his brother hated him and tried to kill him, nothing he could do about it. He came back and pleaded with his brother and the faith of this man, Isaac, was absolutely in control on that field when his brother Esau came toward him with four hundred men to destroy him and his loved ones. There was nothing that this man could do. Why? Because the faith of Isaac was absolutely in control.

28My brother/sister, you don’t need to be alive the full length of the control of the power of faith. As long as you have believed God truly, you can positively go to your grave, as did Abraham, as did Isaac, and you can see that God is going to move, nonetheless. I think of Mueller, who prayed for fifty years for certain men, and it was only after Mueller’s death that some of those parties literally came into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

There is your power of faith manifested. It is a spiritual concept. And I say tonight, if in bringing this home, “If we are going to control our loved ones, if we are going to have a literal power in our community, there is only one way you can do it, and that’s by faith. The church has executives, they use their radio, they use television, they use literature, and they build up Sundays schools.

29And here and now I’m going to tell you, just as flat-footed as I can: I can’t find Sunday schools in the Bible! And any church that goes around with a bus to build up its organization to bring in kids is going to reap the wild wind because they’ll come in. You’ll fill your church full of goats. You’ll have a second generation of people who they’ve been brought up in church and haven’t been born again.

It’s the parents that are responsible for the children. We’re so dull and lazy we won’t take time for family worship; we won’t take time to teach our children this valuable legacy of faith. We’ll build great big buildings that cost over hundreds of thousands of dollars and put our kids there for one hour a week at the very most, not even that.

Show me where Israel ever separated the kids from the adults. You show me a young people’s group that hasn’t been a headache and, then, a headache and a headache and a headache… And I’ll bow down and kiss their feet.

Oh, I got so startled! Look; I don’t mind. I’m used to having this kind of outburst, because what I believe I say, and I’ll stand on it. I want any man to show me where I’m wrong.

You say, “But, Bro. Vayle, the end justifies the means.”

That’s exactly what Eve said, and you fall in the pit of the Devil. History proves that when a church gets top heavy on Sunday school, its usefulness is absolutely gone.

Preach it, Bro. Vayle. I’ve got the facts. I’m not talking to you lightly. I’ll back up by the Word of God, if I get to It, and I see everything and make a point. I’ve got the history books.

30I say, if we are going to control, my brother/sister, it’s going to be in this kind of faith where we lay the law down and say, “Thus it shall be, because God said so.” There’s no other way to control. Listen, don’t you realize that faith controls nature? Don’t you know that faith controls devils? Don’t you know that faith, positively, not only controls nature, devils, and controls diseases, but it controls people? Because It says right here that this man Isaac blessed his two children, but particularly Jacob, because that’s the man, who would have been above all things, that he was positively in control, and they were blessed. The saddest thing, I believe, that we can do as Christians… And we’re guilty, as I said the other night, just like the world: we try to lavish upon our kids those things we didn’t have. We do everything we can to give them material things, but we forget the spiritual.

31I’ll never forget when I saw a little thing on television one night. Years and years ago I used to like to see Danny Kaye. So, I heard he was on TV, and I said, “Well, I better go and see just what this program is like.” So, I went and looked at it. And it was a world travelogue, and I’m going to tell you this: I saw a little Italian boy with not nearly anything what the Americans have, not nearly what we have over here, but that little fellow had a real seraphic, angelic look on his face as he sang a song. And I thought, “That’s it.”

32Actually, over here in America rotten psychology says, “Give the kids everything they want.” It says, “Don’t rebuke them; don’t chasten. Just let them do anything they want. They want to throw their mush, don’t inhibit them. That’s good enough. Just give them everything, clothes and everything else. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just lavish it on them.”

And what have they turned out to be? They’ve turned out to be rascals, because within the human heart there is the ability to be right or be wrong, to love or to hate. We’ve allowed our kids to hate and haven’t curbed them. We’ve allowed our kids to be materialistic and have not curbed them. But many places in Europe, where they don’t have material things, they have taught the children that a crust of bread and a sunset is far more beautiful than a carved turkey with no sunset.

33We’re guilty, because I told you, “Faith is a spiritual concept, and faith brings up its children the way the Word of God is, and by the Word of God, faith in that Word of God, we are in absolute control.” The Scripture says, “Bring up a child the way it ought to go,” not the way modern psychology says the way it ought to go. That means you’ve got faith in what God said, and by that faith in that Word, you are going to control. And you look down the avenue at the time and you say, “Though he depart, and though he go out, and though I see those things that break my heart, I know that my Redeemer lives, and I’ve got my hands upon that child’s heart, and he’s got to come back because I believe God.” I see exactly tonight what Isaac saw back there. And he said, “I have my hand in control.”

34This day, when education is so materialistic, and science, so-called, is destroying the intellects of our young, I’m going to tell you one thing, my brother/sister: faith is still greater than any teacher. Faith is still greater than any world system, because faith is what God has given us to believe His Word and to claim It, that He, God, may reach down and reward us because we have believed in Him.

Abraham believed God, and it was accounted unto him for righteousness. Isaac believed God when he saw the history of his two children. And he saw way down there in the ages, when a man rose up in the full fury of his strength, marshalling all the hosts of the enemy, even calling upon God, Balaam could not prophesy that which would destroy. He could not advise that which could destroy. There was nothing… Israel came marching on his whole house. “How goodly are Thy tents.”

Even into a rapture, concerning the impunity. Why? Because a man way back there centuries ago, blessed them concerning things to come. You believe that? You better believe that. It’s the Word of God.

35You say, “Bro. Vayle, I don’t know how it works.”

Who cares how it works as long as it works? I don’t know how it is a car works, but I sure want it to work. I don’t know how this watch works, and I care less, as long as it works. The Scripture said, “Abraham considered not his own body.” That word means to thoroughly perceive by way of the mind. He didn’t bother with it. The word ‘stagger’, what does that mean? Judged diversely.

36Don’t get your eyes on things. Get your eyes on God. And go back to the import again. Listen: when this man, Isaac, blessed Jacob, he thought it was Esau. Do you follow me? But the Spirit of God spoke through him, just like this Bible here. He put faith when he laid hands on that man. He opened his heart to the whole Spirit of God, “Move in me now as I’m blessing because, Lord, I’m depending upon You to do this for me, and what comes through my mouth, this good thing, because You’re a good God, will direct this boy and will lead him and will control him.”

37The same Spirit of God wrote this book. Listen; this Word in your mouth and mine controlling the future is just identical to what went on in Isaac. Just the same. And he said, “I said it, and it’s got to stand. Don’t you see tonight, my brother/sister, that under normal situations, he could have taken back the blessing. He could have. But he couldn’t. Why? Because it was God in there, and God’s in this Book tonight. God is in that Book tonight. This is the complete revelation of God. Everything this Book said, God stands behind It. Eight generations went by, and it all came to pass exactly as God said in the mouth of this man.

38Now, listen; let me just look at this verse again: “He blessed them concerning things to come.” What bothers you and me tonight? Anybody here that’s not nervous? And never has any nerve trouble? Let me see you raise your hand. All nerves, don’t we. We all have nerves. Is that right?

Why do we get nervous? Not over the meal we just ate, but over the meal we might not. Right? You don’t get nervous over the bed you slept in last night. You get nervous over the fact that you might not have a bed tomorrow night. Right? You’re not nervous over the money you’ve got in your pocket, if you got any. You’re nervous over the money you might not have in your pocket. I’m showing you now that, what makes trouble is not right this moment, but it’s what’s going to happen after this moment. What is going to come upon me is what drives up and makes us worry. Huh? Even the man who steals, he’s not worried having stolen; he’s worried about getting caught.

39Now, do you see it tonight? He blessed them concerning things to come. He literally settled their future. He did not say he said it as the Words of God and everything blessed would come; it said here that, everything that came, nothing could harm him. “All things work together for good for them that love the Lord, to them who are the called according to His purpose,” and he blessed them that no matter what came, they were a blessed people.

We don’t believe that, do we? Huh? We don’t really. We mouth it. We say, “Well, that’s right. That’s Bible. That’s out of this Bible.”

40You know what the Scripture tells us, what we’re supposed to be? We’re supposed to be living epistles. This is God’s epistle. We are supposed to be living epistles, what God wrote in our hearts, in our lives, that we might demonstrate It. If that’s the case then, as living epistles, we ought to know that everything touches us regardless.

If we understood that tonight, there wouldn’t be one case of nerves here or any place else. There wouldn’t be one case of frustration because believe me, Jacob did not lead a frustrated life. He led a blessed life. He had his troubles: he was consumed by the heat of the day; consumed by the frost at night. He was a man whose wages were changed twenty times, but he went on believing God. He knew what it was to flee in terror and stand there. He knew what it was to get before Almighty God and wrestle his way through.

But there was a man who was blessed, my brother/sister.

41I don’t care tonight if you’ve got only one dress or one pair of pants or one shirt or one apron, one pair of shoes. You may have only one meal left. You’re still a blessed person, and you have the right by your faith to control your future, because this man was never forsaken. Just like David, who said, “I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” [Ps 37:25]

We hit our pillows at night full of worry because we’re afraid we’re not able for the future. Nobody is able for the future. The thing is that God is able, and we are a blessed people concerning no matter what comes. In sickness, just like the marriage vow, “In sickness and in health, for better and for worse, no matter what it is, till death do us part.” And that’s God’s covenant with God’s people. A people, concerning the future, they are blessed.

42Oh, we may have our trials, in fact, we not only ‘may’ have our trials, we ‘are going to have’ our trials. We are going to have days of depression in the sense of dark clouds, but always, like Jacob Moore says, “If God would make manifest He’d give us songs in the night, He must first make it dark.”

“Yea, though I walk through valley of the shadow of the death, Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff accompany me.”

Then he said, “You prepare a table in the presence of mine enemy.”

Then he said, “My cup’s running over. Goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life.”

There is the truth: blessed concerning things to come.

43Have we learned to look at life and say, “No matter what comes, I’m blessed.” And think in our heart that “All things work together for good for those who love the Lord.”

What about Joseph, taken and put in prison, almost destroyed? and he said, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”

Did God make it good? He made him good. The one perfect type of Christ; never was there found sin in the life of Joseph—perfection, perfection, perfection—perfect type of Christ. You’ll never find anything that has such a clear type in the whole Word of God.

44Yes, this hopelessness that binds us because we fear the future. We fear old age, we fear a lot of things, but we’re a blessed people. We’re blessed concerning things to come. Let them come. [Psalm 91]

(5) (Let) the terror (come) by night; (let) the arrow fly (at noontime),

(6) (Let) the pestilence that walks in darkness; (Let it come.)…

(7) A thousand shall fall at thy (left) side, and ten thousand at the right…; (and) it shall not come nigh thee.

(8) Only with our eyes shall we (see it)…

45Did you ever read the story of how Polycarp died? God gave him a vision and filled it with burning, and he said, “I shall be martyred at the stake.”

When they finally caught up to him, because somebody actually traced the one who hid him, he said, “Let no man suffer.” And he gladly gave himself up to death, and he prayed. He said, “Let me pray an hour or two.” He prayed for the church under his control. He prayed for sinners round about him. He prayed for those taking him captive, for his persecutors, detractors, and betrayers, and he prayed for them all, earnestly, sincerely…white-haired, venerable, sweet, wonderful man of God.

There he goes to the stake. And they said he said, “Don’t tie me. I won’t go away.”

They lit the faggot. Flames flew around him. The flames couldn’t touch him. They ran him through with a spear and forthwith came out a flood of water and blood that destroyed the fire. And, as his body was dying, there went a pure white dove leaving his body. But there he was in perfection, blessed man and blessed martyr.

46You say, “Bro. Vayle, I’d hate to face martyrdom.”

So would I, but the point is we’re a blessed people concerning things to come. “Life or death,” he said, “life or death is all… We’re a blessed people.” No matter what comes, we are blessed concerning that event for nothing shall by any means harm us as we tread upon scorpions and asps.

47Do we believe that tonight? Brother/Sister, that’s our faith taking control. Why would God give us faith if we couldn’t control by it? What good would it be? What good would be your faith of Abraham, if these conditions rise up against you, and then say, “Well, this faith is nothing, but it doesn’t do a thing for that.”

It’s control because It said, “Abraham, you’re going to be a young man again,” and Abraham controlled the future and became a young man.

Faith controls, and there isn’t any way that you or I are going to control the future, except we use our faith, we launch out on the Word of God and make demands out of It.

48Let’s look a little further: It says here that, “By faith, Jacob, when he was dying, he had both the sons of Joseph, and he worshipped leaning on the top of his staff—by faith he worshipped. You know, God being a Spirit, there’s no other way you can worship except by faith. You’ve got to believe that God is, and He is. You’ve got to believe that when you say, “Jesus,” you’re in His Presence, because I told you: in the Greek, the word ‘boldness’ is ‘parrhēsia’, which means a freedom of speech. The minute I say, “God!”, I am right in the holy of holies, right in divine Presence.

49You say, “How can it be?”

I don’t know how it can be. I don’t care how it is. I only know the Word of God says It, and I stand on It. Let God strike me dead tonight, if It isn’t true. And I’m not kidding. I’d just as soon die anyway. I mean it. The minute we cry, “God,” is just as though we’re right in the holy of holies. We are in His Presence because He said, “Come over boldly to the throne of grace,” and He didn’t say, “Come holy,” as He didn’t just mean it figuratively. When He said, “Christ in our hearts by faith,” then He must be in my heart. He’s got to be there. He’s not sitting on a throne. He’s in my heart.

“Oh,” you say, “He is on a throne.”

His Spirit’s in my heart.

Then, if He said, “Come boldly.” Every time, the minute I say with boldness, “Oh, God” and I’m bold to come in faith, and I am right in His Presence right by the throne of grace.

Worship in faith because you can’t reach God any other way.

50Let me ask you a question now. I try to be practical. How much faith do you bring with you every time you come to church? Do you believe you’re going to be fed? Do you believe that every one of you has a ministry? “One hath the tongues”…or does that scare you? I speak in tongues, have spoken in tongues, and shall speak in tongues. What happened to interpretation? Have you ever interpreted? I’ve had my interpretations checked by the greatest men of God in the world, and they said it’s accurate, felt the Spirit of God in it, and said it is true. Have you prophesied? I’ve prophesied even to the place of predictability where events have come to pass on more than one occasion.

51I’m not saying I’ve got anything, I’m not trying to…I’m just trying to show you that, brother/sister, listen: do you come to church believing in a ministry of where a preacher gets up and does it all? Now I’ve been teaching; this is different. But believe me, if I came back and taught on the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit, I would expect you to listen to what I bring out of the Word of God, and I would expect you to hear the truth of the Word of God, and I’d expect you to obey the Word of God in faith. And you would. And, if you, who had a gift of prophecy, you would prophesy, and you, who had a gift of tongues, you would speak in tongues, if you had a gift of interpretation, having spoken in tongues, you would say, “God, let me interpret,” and I would teach you from the Word of God how it is done… And I can prove to you I can do it. But do you expect to do it?

52What do you bring to church with you?

“I hope this morning the preacher preaches something good.”

Did you believe that he’d preach something good?

“My, I’m dry this morning.”

Did you believe the preacher is going to water your soul? Or is it like when I was in Florida: oh, we fought devils down there. Oh, my, they can have Florida lock, stock, and barrel, especially down there in the middle, down there in West Palm Beach where all those kooky people are. You talk about lights that go on and off like neon signs and pinball machines that you can play at night. Oh, their revelations! We had our church full of them because I’d lay hands upon the sick and tell them what’s wrong and give them a ‘treatment’. That’s what they called it.

53A millionaire came to me and said, “Bro. Vayle, can I have a treatment?”

I said, “Well, that’s not what you call it, but I know what you mean. I’ll pray for you.”

Finally I got so fed up with all those people there that had more devils than anything else. I said, “God, look here, either bring them in or get them out, Lord.” And I maybe made a mistake. Maybe I should have let them in there and preached more to them, but I said, “God, help me get them out. Give me a text.”

And God gave me the text, and the text was this, “In Him was life, and the life was the light.” And so I want to tell you, I said, “You people talk about your light, you talk about your revelation: it came straight from the pit of hell because you haven’t even got life. There’s no such thing as a dynamic revelation apart from light.”

That is not one hundred percent true, but it was true that night. I can tell you that. I emptied the house. But every now and then, someone would sneak in, and I’d see that old sign up there of a familiar spirit, divination, and my heart would sink, and I’d say, “Oh my God, not again.”

54But one morning they came to church, and it was deader than a doornail, and I tell you my heart began going “flip, flop,” and I kept feeling that nauseated feeling in here, and I said, “Oh, God, have pity on me, not again. Is there some more of that terrible devil power out here?”

And He said, “No, no, no.”

He gave me a vision, and I saw the dear, sweet sisters had just got through dishes, threw off their aprons, and flapped their hair into shape, you know, did their best to fix their face a bit, straightened their dresses, jump in the car. And I saw the one dear old boy out there, he just got through raking a bit, hoeing a bit, you know, killing time, waiting for ma to do the dishes. He snuffed out his cigarette and jumped in the car. And the Lord showed me that, there it is. He said, “It’s a human spirit.” There wasn’t anybody that morning brought a true spirit of Christ in faith to worship in that whole church.

55So what did I do? Well, I brought my faith, bless God, because I’d got a message ready. I get my anointing before I get in the pulpit. You’re looking for a guy to run around and jump around and preach ex tempore, don’t look at me, because I’m a teacher. I don’t fool with that kind of stuff.

I like Dr. Price. A young man said to him, “Bro. Price, I want to tell you,” he said, “I preached that sermon, and I thought it was all right and,” he said, “I didn’t use notes.”

And Dr. Price said, “That’s right. You didn’t have to tell me.”

I think you ought to know ahead of time. I was all primed up, so I knew what to do. I said, “All right, let’s sing a song. We got out and we sang, “Jesus, Jesus, how I trust thee.”

I said, “Don’t say it that way. Sing it, ‘Jesus, Jesus, how I trust You, how I proved You o’er....’ Either He’s a real person, or He’s not God at all. On the throne He’s your coming Judge. In here He’s our deliverance. Come on, let’s sing it.”

And I took another couple of songs, just began talking and pleading, and pretty soon the atmosphere began to change. Oh, and I said, “Now I know we’re getting some place. Now, let’s pray.” The operation of the Holy Ghost manifestation.

56I stood up hundreds of times before my people and knew what was going on in the congregation and what kind of sins, not knowing the name, but knowing who was sick, and the people who I never saw before, describing their condition perfectly, and be absolutely healed within a split second. Why? Because when God’s Holy Spirit is there to tell you what’s wrong, it’s the same Holy Ghost there to heal you. Because the current that runs that light, runs that fan, runs this machine here. And if I know I’ve got light in the building, I know I’ve got power for this machine here. All I got to do is direct the power toward the machine, and we had results. And I’m bringing it back.

57How many of you jump up in the morning; you’re all a dither and all a rush off to church. Now you say, “Now, let’s hear a good sermon. Let’s get something.” And you go home flatter than a pancake.

It serves you right, kiddo. I’m a nasty preacher, but I’ve got to lay it on the line. Don’t you ever look for a doctor to bring a cure in his medicine bag, and don’t you look for a preacher to bring revival. It’s up to you, because it’s only when “every joint supplieth the body maketh increase of itself in love.” [Eph 4:16] It says the little members that don’t think they’re very much, they’re absolutely necessary. Huh?

58It says that this man worshipped in faith, and you simply cannot worship God apart from faith. You’ve got to believe when you come together: one has this, and one has that, and one has the other thing. And all together you make a mighty, moving force of God. And, if prophecy is the right kind of prophecy, not tongues this time, It says a sinner coming in will hear it in you, that prophetic utterance, and his heart will be searched and falling down before God, he’ll say, “God, this is true.”

59That’s the thing that happened to me. I went to an independent church when I was just… My sister had been raised literally from the dead, almost the dead. She was dying. I heard those people, not prophesying, I heard them testify. When I heard them testify I knew that they knew God. I knew God was in them, but I knew that God was not in me. And I heard them just that once. All it took was one, real demonstration of a church that has God in it. They didn’t give an altar call or anything else, so I waited afterwards to just see what this was all about, and I said, “I am not what I ought to be. I’ve got to know God.” I knew God of this Bible. There it is.

60Let’s have a mighty move of God.”

You’re never going to have a mighty move of God until every joint supplieth.

You sit back and say, “Bro. Vayle, it’s all right for you because you’re a preacher. I’ve had them say, “Bro.Vayle, you’ve got a good gift of God. In other words, “You do it all; you do it all.”

One day a lady came, she said, “Brother…”…we were preaching on the gifts of the Spirit. She said, “But Bro. Vayle, if you don’t know about it, then you’re not responsible.”

I said, “Sister, don’t tell me that. The thing is: you already are responsible. You better get some tools to do the job.”

Simple faith always brings forth a tremendous spiritual manifestation, child-like simple faith, because that’s exactly what this man, Isaac, had. That’s exactly what Jacob had. He leaned upon the top of his staff in faith, and he worshipped God, and in faith he opened his heart. It’s about time we opened our hearts in faith to God, too.

61Now, we go a little further. It says, “By faith Joseph, when he died, made mention of the departing children of Israel and gave commandments concerning his own. You notice It says, “By faith Joseph, when he died…” It’s good to die by faith. We live by faith; we die by faith. These all died in faith. Right? Absolutely true. He died in faith. And It says, “By faith he gave commandments that the children of Israel, in departing Egypt over three hundred years later, would take his bones back to Palestine.”

Why did he want his bones back in Palestine? Because he knew that his antitype, Jesus Christ, was going to come and die in Jerusalem, and when he came out of the grave, there would be joy; saints of God come out of the grave, being immortalized and resurrected with Jesus in their glorified bodies. And he said, “Take my remains back and put them in a tomb, because I’m going to come forth.”

And brother/sister, hundreds and hundreds of years later he came forth exactly. They took his bones back three hundred some years later, and hundreds and hundreds of years after that, if not… I don’t know how far. It might have been way over a thousand years, fifteen hundred, maybe two thousand. I don’t know. It could have well been that or better. I know that when Jesus rose and came out of the grave, the bodies of the saints that blessed Joseph’s bones rose up, and he was absolutely there in his glorified body.

62Where are they now? I don’t know and care less. That’s the out-resurrection according to the Book of Philippians, when Paul says, “If by any means I the may attain to the out-resurrection from the dead.” It’s a resurrection apart, as it were, from resurrection. There’s an out-resurrection; call it ‘the first’, call it anything you want. All I can do is go by the Word of God, an ‘out-resurrection’ because the Old Testament saints are not all raised and the New Testament saints are yet to come. And the little group, bless your heart, in our day are going to come out of the ground and a handful on the earth are going to go up without dying, and they’ll go right where those saints are. Do you see it? Do you believe it? And as a reward to those who have used their faith, been faithful, because God always says, “Faithful, faithful, faithful, faithful.” That’s always what He uses, never any other word, “faithful.”

Your faith in God will deny your love. Your faith in God will deny everything in this world. Your faith in God will not only deny, but it’ll cause you not to deny in the right place and launch out.

63You control the future. You control whether you are going to be in the out-resurrection or not. You can control your children. You can control tonight. I believe in election, and I’m going to tell you: there’s a place within the sovereignty of Almighty God where the faith that God gave man goes to work, and God stands still and watches what goes on. And then He will bless it according to our faith, or He will rescind if we do not use our faith.

I believe that. I may not have a Scripture to back it right now. I have one in Deuteronomy over there, but I’ll leave it be. For the Scripture says, “I brought you out here to see what was in your heart.” And I believe God has laid down in His divine program, although He’s still sovereign God, that latitude whereby He stands back and says, “Will they believe my Word? Will they get this promise?”

64If that is not true, how come many people will believe the Word of God and be healed, and a whole lot won’t, and they won’t be healed? How is it some will confess their sins because God said, “Confess the sins and be healed,” and they’ll be healed, and others won’t confess their sins and they’ll die? How is it that some will pray earnestly that their brother will be healed, when others will only pray for themselves, and not be healed, when those who pray for others do get healed because they believe God. I say, within the sovereignty of God, my brother/sister, it’s got to be the latitude wherein you and I have the power to control. It’s not one generation. It’s more than one because Peter said, “The promise is unto you and to your children, all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.” And Paul said, “In your grandmother and your mother and now in you.” There’s a place of control.

65Do you know what you call it? You know what you’re doing out here in the cotton fields? You’re reaping, aren’t you?

You say, “Picking cotton.”

You’re not really picking cotton; you’re reaping. Before anybody could reap that, somebody had to sow it. And the man controlled his cotton crop by planting what? Wheat? Oats? Barley? No. He planted cotton. And to make sure he got a good crop, he planted it according to the scientific rules laid down, and he controlled it, and right today he’s got a crop. And that’s all there is to it. It’s all put down in plain English what I’m talking about.

You say, “I’m tired. I want my reaping. I’m sick and tired of not having God bless me. I’m sick and tired of being run around this world, being chased by circumstances. I’m tired by being pushed.”

And, if you’re tired and really mean it, then now is the time to use your faith in God and get in the driver’s seat. It’s time to start sowing in order to get a crop. It’s just that simple. If you’ve got a problem, go to God’s Word, and see what God said about it, and obey what God said about it.

66Oh, it may singe you. You may find yourself like the little lady who was in the midst of starvation, and the prophet came by, and he said, “Tell me, can I have a drink?”

She said, “Yes, you can have a drink.”

He said, “That’s good, and while you’re about getting me a drink, bake me a little cake. I’m hungry.”

She said, “Now, that’s nice. I’ll be glad to get a little water. I’d give you a cake if I could, but I’ve been out,” she said, “gathering two sticks. You can’t bake very much with two sticks.”

What can you bake with two sticks, lay it on the ground, unless you’re going to just burn it on one side? You couldn’t bake very much.

She said, “I’ve got a couple of sticks here… I’m going to bake a little cake out of this oil and meal and then my son and I will have to starve because that’s all there were.” Now she said, “If I had any more further, I’d give it to you.”

He said, “Nonetheless, according to the Word of the Lord, make me a little cake, feed me, and THUS SAITH THE LORD, as long as there is a famine, that meal will not waste, and the oil shall not fail.”

She said, “Did God say that?”

He said, “He sure did, right by my mouth.”

Well, she said, “Hallelujah,” she said, “that’s the way out. I’ll bake you a real fat cake.”

She hated to do it, but you and I don’t believe it, do we? The Bible says, “Give, and it shall be given unto you.”

67You say, “I pay my tithes.”

Tithes don’t have a thing to do with it. The tithes are the Lord’s. You’re not giving a red nickel when you give a tithe. You don’t give one cent that’s not yours in the first place. “The tithe is the Lord’s!” Now the Scripture says, “Give, and it shall be given unto you,” and It says, “With what measure you mete,” It says, “men will again press into your bosom.”

You say, “Bro. Vayle, I’m on poverty road tonight.”

But you’re not the only one. You start giving what you got.

You say, “Hopeless.”

I didn’t take an offering tonight, and I’m thanking you for your offering. Even if you think I’m asking for an offering, you can gladly have it back. You just remember what you put in and take it. I’m not worried. I’ve done my sowing, and I’m doing my sowing. Before I got a nickel from anybody here, I’d already given it away. I do my sowing, because I know that if I want God to bless me materially, I’m going to have to give something material. Because, if I plant cotton, I get cotton. If I plant wheat, I get wheat. And if I’m sick and tired of the elements of this world bothering me, and I can’t have enough peace and heart because of finances…

68And ninety percent of all marriages are going on the rocks because of finances. And that’s about the major problem in churches. They either go one way too far, the other too far. If they’d learn to do what God said, and though you haven’t got it, give it anyway. Plant it as a seed. Listen, the Scripture says, “They that go forth bearing precious seed, weeping.”

What does it mean? In the Orient it means that there’s nothing left in the house but a bit of seed to plant. And the poor farmer says, “O God, I wish I had enough to feed my wife and kids, but,” he said, “if I don’t plant this, I won’t get a crop.”

So there, with his heart bursting, he’s got the food to put in his kids’ and his wife’s mouth, he deliberately goes to the field and he sows it. Fine. And It says, “Doubtless…without a doubt they’re going to come again bearing precious seed.” Do you believe that tonight? Or do you say, “Well, I don’t think it will work because it’s really, not really ‘doubtless’? After all, Bro. Vayle, ‘doubtless’ is too big a word.”

Well, it’s not for God, my brother/sister. It’s too big for you and me.

“I haven’t even got a home to live in.”

Say…all right. Why don’t you buy a little Korean boy a home for six dollars a month to make sure you’ll get one yourself? Did you ever think of that? Control the future. The saddest thing in this world is to see people who are uncontrolled. And it’s not only a sad thing, but it’s a travesty against the justice and honor and integrity against Almighty God, Who laid down His laws and told us how to get it.

69Control. Is there control tonight? Brother/Sister, if this Bible does not teach faith by control, I don’t even know Jn 3:16. It was by faith of Almighty God that Jesus Christ came and died upon Calvary and thereby controlled your destiny and mine. Everything is a matter of control, and God wants us to be in the driver’s seat of control on the grounds of living faith. That’s why It says, “Do good to them those that persecute you; those that hate you, pray for them. When they would attempt to annihilate you, take all the blame.”

He gives us every directive so that we are not controlled, either by our passions or by circumstances, no matter what it is, but He puts us in a place, bless God, by faith. We are the masters of our faith. We are the captains of our soul. On what grounds? On the grounds of faith. Any other man is like a rudderless ship, drifting with the sea of time.

“I’m tired tonight of being pushed around.”

That’s a wonderful attitude. I’m glad you’re tired of being pushed around. That’s why a lot of folk are sick. That’s… There’s no sin in their life. God puts these things on them, but they just let themselves be pushed around.

70Why are we failing? “I shall not die but live.” Tired of being pushed around; tired of my being buffeted. You don’t sit in the driver’s seat and say, “Bless God, from now on no storm will come near my door.” You don’t sit in the driver’s seat and, bless God, and say, “The arrow’s not going to fly anymore.” You don’t say there’s not going to be any more pestilence. You say, “Let the arrow fly! Let the death that comes!” It’s all going to come. Let it come. That’s all right. I have God. But it’s not going to push me around. There’s the thing.

71The working man got tired of being pushed around, so he organized. And when he organized, the boss said, “I’ll strike breaker.”

Why? America was the mind that rebelled against Rockefeller, and they brought in men, troops on flatcars, and struck down the men that wanted to make an honest living. But the blood that they shed and the effort they put forward has control today, when labor and management sit down and bargain. And there’s a control today there wasn’t before.

If you read your Bibles carefully, I think maybe unions are going a little too far. But the Bible never condemned the union. It condemned the man that held back the wage that those men earned. Come on, let’s get in the Word of God. I told you I’d back up what I said. I won’t say this is in the Word of God.

72And I’m showing you a simple principle of control. It’s time that people got tired of being pushed around by the devil; it’s time tonight they got tired of sin. The Scripture warns us: It says that the evil shall increase; sin shall increase; iniquity shall increase; the love of many shall wax cold. And it’s happened right today. We haven’t got that old love we had.

It’s about time that we got tired of it all and stood up in holy dudgeon and said, “Too long I have not taken Thy Word, O God, but from now on, I walk in Thy precepts of faith, and I control from now on. I’m in the driver’s seat.”

73Go back and see Abraham’s faith. Going through Isaac’s there, down through generations and generations and generations, a thousand generations, the faith of that man says, “Come on, Israel, it’s time to come back to the Holy Land.”

And a Voice that was unheard of, a strange stirring in the heart: a fishing and a hunting, and circumstances, which you couldn’t understand, except to say that God makes the wrath of man to praise Him and the remainder He does restrain, and they begin going back, little by little by little, then suddenly in multitudes. Suddenly Israel is a nation today with its own flag, with its own money, with its own fleet, with its own army, with its own parliament, with everything. She’s there. She’s got her errors. She’s making her mistakes, but she’s in.

Why? Because Abraham’s faith is still controlling, brother/sister. You see? Huh? Say, “Now I lay me down to sleep.” We’re still so afraid of turmoil, you say, “I pray the Lord my soul to keep.” Instead of saying that “I thank Thee, God, my soul is as good as kept.” How do you know? I put my faith in God. See it tonight? There it is: faith control. Faith absolutely controls.

74You say, “Have I got it?”

I’ve got it.

You say, “Can I control?”

Yes, you can control, right here, right in line with this Word. It’s being done ever since Abraham, but one day it’s going to stop when faith turns into reality of the changed, glorified body. But until that, my brother/sister, until that time, we have the ability to please God, not being those that James said, “Like the winds of the sea, tossed and driven.”

Have we been tossed and driven?

“What did you… Oh, you tossed and driven. Don’t you know I’ve got healing for you in the soul? Don’t you know there’s a balm of Gilead? Don’t you know there’s a rest? Don’t you know there’s a feast?”

75How many got it? You know why? We don’t believe for it. We believe just what we were taught. Evangelists… Now, don’t think I’m sour on evangelists. Please don’t. If the evangelist came by, and he told you a little text, and he told you a bunch of little stories, and he made you all happy, said you had escaped hell, and anybody who didn’t want to go to hell could go to Heaven, and that was the end, wasn’t it? Then somebody got sick, a man came by and tried to exercise his gift.

It hasn’t solved your problem one bit. This will solve your problem, brother/sister, when you begin, and I begin, walking and controlling by faith. There isn’t any man living could do it but you. There’s nobody can do it for you. Though Sarah called her husband ‘lord’, the thing is this: (And Abraham was recognized as the mightiest man of faith.) Sarah, herself, had to believe God. Come on now, mothers and daughters. Sarah, herself believed God. Sarah, herself, reached out and controlled by faith and when she was ninety years of age, she became young before her time. Did she control? Tell me.

76Did Anna control when she was barren? What about Elizabeth, Zachariah? What about Mary? You show me one person that’s in the annuals of faith, and I will show you a man who was not controlled, but I will show you a man that controlled. And when the final page of history is written, what does it say? Does It say, “By faith God opened the Red Sea”? No, It says, “By faith, Moses opened the Red Sea.” Huh? Does It say, “By faith God shut the lion’s mouth”? No. Does It say, “By faith, Daniel shut the lion’s mouth.” Does It say, “By faith, God kept the three men in the fiery furnace”? It says, “No, by faith they were kept alive in the fiery furnace.” Huh? Does it? Well, doesn’t it? Well, come on, does it? Well, does it?

Then did these men control? Did God say to Moses, “Moses, you pray and I’ll open the Red Sea”? He said, “Moses! Haven’t you learned your lesson? What have you got in your hand, man? What have you got in your hand? Sword of the Word, boy.”

The minute he raised that Word, that was faith, this Word. This Sword is going to work what God said. When he said, “Be open,” and Moses opened the sea. Do you see it tonight? Now, do you see it? Or don’t you see it? Omnipotence in the hand of man. Or, are we still waiting to say, “Oh, somebody’s got to come back and do it for me.”

77You’ve prayed for years, “Please, Jesus, take this thing away.”

Why hasn’t He taken it away?

“Please, Jesus, open this door,” and you admit, why hasn’t it opened? Don’t you see why? He’s not going to open it. It’s been said dozens of times, “If Jesus were here tonight, and people came and said, “Oh, Jesus, please heal me.”

He’d say, “I can’t heal you. I did it two thousand years ago. It’s already done.”

That’s why He said, “You go out and heal the sick.”

Now I can’t heal a dead dog, the sick, but one thing I know: a lot of folk who wouldn’t have been healed if I hadn’t been there. Why? Because I controlled by faith. Diseases went, cancers disappeared, deaf ears opened, tumors left, crippled…healed by the power of God. Not all, no. But I prayed God for the share He’d give me.

78By faith…my family needed help. By faith I controlled my family. I’ve seen myself on the road time after time. My wife would send me a wire, or write a letter saying, “The boys are acting up.” Get on my face before God and say, “God, You know I’m on the road, and they’re back there.”

Within a few minutes I knew everything was all right, and it was all right. Just as it was. Control tonight, I mean it, literally control tonight. We are omnipotent with His omnipotence. The Scripture says, “Unto whom the Word of God came, the prophets, they were God.” Don’t you know what that makes us? It makes us a powerhouse because of Him. Don’t let them push you around. Let’s make it count tonight. Make our lives count. Listen: Christ could come anytime, and it’s going to be too late. He’ll say, “What did I give you?”

You say, “You gave me faith.”

“Did you use it?”


But to those who did use it, He’ll say, “Listen: Ten cities, five cities, ten cities, fifteen cities, twenty cities, fifty cities…Sit with me in my throne.”

Praise God. Control tonight. He gave us the ability, let’s use it!

Shall we pray? Let’s rise.

79 Gracious, heavenly Father, how true is Thy Word. Tonight I asked You, Lord, before I started on this message that You’d give me the words; I believe You did. I asked, God, that You’d give me the right expression, the right way to say it. I hope, Lord… I believe You did. I hope I didn’t get in there myself, O God, because it’s so possible to put the Spirit of God away even though we have praised You. But I’ve got faith tonight, Lord. And I did pray in faith, Lord, that You would do it because You’ve been helping me.

Lord, tonight, because of that and because I know the power of Your Word…

[Bro. Vayle speaks in an unknown tongue, and then, subsequently, interprets.]

“For he that is full of the Word of God shall be full of the power of God. But he that denieth the Word of God shall not have the power of God, but shall find himself bereft. Yea, though he call himself a child of God and indeed be a son of Abraham by faith in Jesus Christ…

Yea, though he be one of the elect and shall not believe my Word, but shall decide in his heart that he is a higher authority—shall put My Words to one side, THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD, I will put him to one side and make him an open shame.

But he that heareth My Words and delighteth therein and shall perform the acts that I command unto him, and shall not hesitate, but shall believe, and shall not doubt, and shall not strive unduly, but shall rest in the Lord God, behold I shall exalt him to a proper place unto kings, and he shall reign as a priest and a king with me.”

80 Hallelujah, Jesus. Lord, I believe that You said that. I believe You said that there’s trouble coming in Italy, bless God, I see it—Italy—tonight; I know I see something coming. I don’t know what it is. I can’t say it’s more than ‘watch Italy’, and I don’t say that because the Catholic Church; but ‘watch Italy’. Watch it, something’s coming.

My Father and my God, tonight I believe You, Jesus. Oh, hallelujah, I believe it, Lord. I know God tonight. I’ve actually spoken to you and asked you to do a lot of things that I’m not doing myself, but You know, Jesus, I’m believing in my heart, too, and I’m trying to get there with them. I’m not asking them, oh God, to take a step that I’m not trying to do. But Lord, I want to do it, and I know You’re helping. Father, I know that day-by-day, since we’ve been praying and holding each other up, that You’re a good God. There is reality in all these things that have been changing, Lord, and they’re going to keep changing. Hallelujah.

One day, Lord, we’re not going to just see a photograph of angels like a cloud up in the sky, but we’re going to see real angels. Hallelujah! Comin’ for to carry us home! Bless God. When His holy ones will come. Praise God! What dear old Enoch saw—tens of thousands of them. Praise God! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! I can see Your threshing machine, Lord. This is the end harvest. I can see it, O God, tonight, standing there because it’s all but over, just now the purifying. It’s the winnowing tonight. I see it. The harvest is in, but it’s the winnowing, it’s a separation time, THUS SAITH THE LORD. I know it tonight. I see the heap of wheat. I see the chaff. I see it all tonight.

Yes, brother/sister, it’s all over. Now the grain’s in. But remember; when God spoke in His Word, it wasn’t as we have it today. They brought in the grains, then they tramped on it. “Thou shalt not muzzle the oxen that treadeth out the corn.” [1 Cor 9:9] This is the last day of corn, all being brought out. “Cursed be the man that turneth away from the last day revelation and maketh organization and man his friend and his trust because he’s turned to Egypt. And under the foot of Egypt and with Egypt shall he fall.”

82Remember; the devil doesn’t have any use for his tools. I don’t care who they are. Only God will honor His people because only His Word is real. Hallelujah! I believe the true report. Hallelujah to the Lamb, Hallelujah! I’m all on Jesus’ side, on the altar sanctified; to the world of sin I died. Hallelujah to the Lamb! Glory be to God. Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him! Hallelujah! I believe it, Lord. Glory to God. Oh, hallelujah!

83 I knew, Lord, that You were in this Message. I know it’s true, Lord—Abraham’s faith. Bless God, I know it! I knew it, Lord, when people said in false doctrines, as they couldn’t go back; I knew something was there because You gave it to me. Hallelujah. When You taught me Enoch’s faith; rapturing faith, Lord, it was real when You taught me twelve years ago, and then I didn’t even really believe what I preached when You gave It. But It was true! Tonight It’s the same thing, O God. I believe, Lord Jesus Christ, with this people tonight; I believe, my Father and my God, we’re going on. I don’t care how, but I know we are. We may never meet again, Lord, but that doesn’t matter…doesn’t matter.

O God, let the people be stirred, their interests. Lord, electrify their personalities. O God, change every action dynamic because they’re in the driver’s seat. Hallelujah. The meek shall inherit the earth. Surely, it is said of Your Own people, my God, “As clear as the sun, as fair as the moon, but as terrible as an army with banners.” [Song 6:10] Hallelujah.

Your beloved, set her out. Oh, She looked to You like mountains of wheat because she was the pure wheat. She smells so sweet; she was so beautiful. O bless God. I see it, hallelujah, what You’re doing You’re doing in Your people, Lord. What you’re going to do by 1970, I don’t know, but You’re going to do it. Maybe, Lord, the communist calendar is right. They’ll take over by then. Let them do it. I don’t care. I do care, Lord, but my trust is in Thee, O Lord. Hallelujah. By ‘77, who knows? Who knows? I don’t know, Lord, but I know You’re doing it in the seventies because I see it again, my God.


84 “And I will perfect my work, saith the Lord God, and I will bring It to pass, the abomination shall cease, and the elect will reap delightful things that a man has hungered and thirsteth, after the old days shall be gone and turned to gravel in his mouth, but ye that have taken the heat of the day, and borne the brunt of my service,” saith the Lord God. “You have humbled yourselves and not made yourselves great, but you have been a servant unto all men, THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD, I will raise you up, and I will clothe you, even my Own diadem, and my skirts shall be about you. Yea, behold I shall shadow you; I shall shadow you. You shall know what it is to inherit the blessing of the Lord God, and He shall delight in knowing, though your eyes have been closed and your hearts been hardened.

“You haven’t known these things, nor can you know them in the natural, for behold, if you knew them, though even then, you could not know them, because you cannot comprehend, the way you are. But one day when your capacity shall be enlarged, you shall be with me in my paradise. You shall be in my glory. Behold then, your capacity will be enlarged. You shall know these things and joy. And behold, all the mysteries shall have passed away, and all the goadings and all the trials, and that which were so bitter, that which was so hard, shall be turned sweet. And behold, the fabric of thy mouth shall be good things, while the good things of the mouth of the wicked shall be turned to gravel. Thou art a blessed people and shall be a blessed people.

“Believest thou not that thou hast been controlled? I knew you before the foundation of the world and shall go on to know you. If that is not control, I know not what it is. Behold, you’re my Body and I’ve given you that power that ye should know the power of Almighty God so that you might control—not one another, unto fear and distain, but in love and in honor, being a joy to each other, restoring, captivating by thy goodness, thy righteousness, and all thy sweetness.

“Behold, this is it, saith the Lord God. Behold, there is your control.

“Walk on in faith, we pray, ye that faint not. He that would delight yourself, walk on, and be of good cheer. Behold the night is dark, but the day also is at hand and the trumpet shall soon sound, then shall the dead be quickened. Then shall the glory of God fall, and all mysteries shall be closed. Ye shall know as you are known. Behold, this thing shall be done because it is now at hand and shall surely not only rest at hand, and even if my hand upholdeth my good things, even now shall this unfold, even that which the last trump, even the Seventh Trump shall sound, and time shall be no more. Then ye shall know.

My Father and my God, I praise Your Name tonight, Jesus.

I know He’s real. Isn’t He? Hallelujah! Don’t you love Him tonight? My God, we didn’t ask Him for this service, we didn’t ask Him for what He said tonight. I believe God spoke in this vessel tonight. If He didn’t speak through me, I don’t know. I don’t know God. I didn’t prepare my heart one bit for that. God did it tonight. Oh, hallelujah: what just preaching His Word does, believing His Word. “Tis so sweet to trust You, Jesus, just to take You at Your Word, just to rest upon Your promise, just to know “Thus Saith My Lord.” Hallelujah!

86Oh, He shall bring It to pass afterward. Hallelujah! Our afterward is almost over. Glory to God. It’s almost over. It’s almost over, but hallelujah. Oh, hallelujah, the lame are going to leap pretty soon, hallelujah! Oh, the blind are going to see, and the deaf are going to hear. Oh, the uncircumcised, bless God, they’ll not come in. No, they won’t, but the sanctified shall be the delight of the Lord, hallelujah. Praise God. Not like Ephraim—a calf half-baked, either. No, sir, but we have been done well in the oven of the Lord, glory to God. The first fruits, the choice fruits, not as though the sun rained upon the choice fruit on the top of the tree, making it first fruit, but now in the fiery affliction, the furnace of affliction, we’re coming forth, bless God, brown on both sides. Hallelujah. Fire’s tried us; the gold of God. Hallelujah. Worthy, worthy is the Lamb. Praise You, Jesus. Hallelujah.

87Somebody sing that song, “I Love Him.” I’m no singer, but somebody start it because “He first loved me.” Anybody that can sing, start it out.

[Congregation sings:]

“I love Him. I love Him, (Hallelujah!) Because He first loved me,

And purchased my salvation on Calvary.”

Sing it again!

“I love Him, I love Him, (He’s real. Hallelujah!)

Because He first loved me and purchased my salvation on Calvary’s tree.”

88Over twenty years ago when I was praying one night, asking God for revelation, I saw God exactly as Ezekiel saw Him. I saw the likeness, the appearance of a man. In beautiful greens and blues, I saw Him. I was calling upon God the Father to show me God the Father. I saw suddenly One come from the other, and the Son said, “I come from the Father, and I go back to Him.”

I saw the second go back to the first because they are one. All heaven wasn’t empty when Jesus came, just that relation to man, God, very God.

The Spirit of God swung me to my feet. I’d been facing no one before. Off my knees, I was faced right around. My eyes were open, and I heard myself with my lungs say, “Watch and pray, Jesus will come; He is coming soon.” God picked me up in midair, like a book that’s held suspended—I can guess eighty people saw this. I’m not lying to you. He held me suspended in midair, He crashed me down to the cement floor, and my head hit a great big plank. Whether the plank went through my head or the head went through the plank, God knows. My brains should have scattered, but no mother could have laid a child’s body on a pillow as soft as God laid me, just like that, on the floor.

Yet the Spirit of God stayed upon me for some time. I went around for months waiting for Christ to come in the next five minutes.

He said, “Watch and pray, Jesus is coming soon.” Tonight, as I close my eyes, I saw the graineries had been filled. The hopper’s ready tonight. God said, “It’s all over.”

89I’m not telling you it is all over, as though it’s over. I’m telling you ‘in time’. Twenty, twenty-five, twenty-eight years ago, roughly, when a quarter of a century ago, I was waiting for Christ to come in five minutes. I went around dazed for roughly six months. He said, “He’s coming,” but tonight I saw He had come in this sense, that we’re not going to be waiting that long time. There’s no longer an immanency, glory, You’re going to come, but it’s going to be years and years. It’s not, “Jesus is coming, you can wait.” It’s as though He had come; it’s over. But do you know what I mean?

The time has shortened. The time has shortened. “In the days of the Voice of the last messenger, time shall no longer be delayed. This is it. The process of the Second Coming of Christ is in process. It’s not as though He had stepped out and taken us, but the literal machinery is now in gear. Do you follow me tonight? Do you get what I’m trying to get to you? Do you get it? Do you see it tonight? If you see the process… You see, Christ cannot suddenly say, “Here, I’m coming!” No, He cannot. There must be certain things take place, which mean it’s now. Though certain things have taken place, and are taking place, He in the process.

90Do you follow me? Did you get it? You see, I’ve got to be so careful what I say because you’ll say, “Well, Bro. Vayle said so-and-so.”

Bro. Vayle did not say so. When I refer to future tense, it’s past tense. I am not saying it has taken place, but I’m telling you this: when God puts things in the past tense, know this: That’s it! “Abraham, I have made you a father.” That’s it, he’s going to be. Now He says, “The granaries are loaded.” It’s as good as done. The hoppers are no longer there. The machinery stands idle. See what I mean? I’m not saying it’s all idle as though souls won’t come in, but I’m telling you what it is. You see, what I’m trying to get across: the immanency. If you knew what I knew, you see in this thing. So, that’s twenty-seven years ago now, if you knew, you can look and say, “God, I waited all those months. I went around waiting, and I looked at the heavens and I kept looking and all I could say was, “He’s coming! He’s coming, He’s coming!”

91It’s been twenty-five years, and He hasn’t come. He said He’s coming soon, and it’s still twenty-five years is like five minutes, but now it will make time real to me. He’s not saying, “I am come,” He’s saying, “It’s just as though I had come.”

Time is so short—not twenty-five years ago. “Look up, your redemption draweth nigh.” I don’t know what’s coming, but I know one thing: He is coming. May I be ready. I don’t say I’m ready. I don’t say I’m what I ought to be, but hallelujah! I’m going to see it. And I’m going to have it, or He couldn’t have made me want it. If it’s out there, if it’s in here calling, it’s got to be out there somewhere because God never allowed a hunger that couldn’t be filled. “They that hunger and thirst shall be filled.” Hunger for one thing: for righteousness.

92O God, every bit of malice, everything, every thought, everything rotten, God has just been showing us this the last few days, every thought in captivity, bring it in, bring it in. I’ve let my thoughts wander about things I had no business even thinking about. God showed me I’ll suffer for it, and I have suffered for it. Now I say, “O God, no matter how I might delight in thinking those things…” –you know we can think of many things: beautiful homes and lovely things, and not be involved in even rotten sins, even rottenness in our thinking, no matter what it is, bring it under control. Amen? Put it away. We’re suffering for it, we’re suffering for it now, you see.

Let’s be in control tonight, every thought under control to Christ. Hallelujah. Every Word tonight… I believe tonight with all my heart, unless I’ve got a wrong spirit, I spoke in the Holy Ghost tonight.