1 …bless them abundantly. We’ve had so many, many material things, but O God, tonight we hunger in our heart and soul, pant after reality in the Spirit of God. We pray for Lord, Thou shall teach us in Thy Word, make Thy Word O God, life to us, even as food is transformed into energy. God energize us tonight by Your Word. Make us daring, make us dynamic. Compel us literally O God, that it might be burning within us, and we cannot refrain ourselves from speaking, but above all from doing…and above all doing Thy good and gracious Word. Now Father, let every Word be every Word from Thee, that only Thy Word shall be altogether in our tongues and then Lord, help us to hear exactly as the Word go forth. Not our own ideas, our own understanding on It, but exactly what you would have us to know. Bringing every thought into captivity, and every spirit into obedience to Jesus Christ. Our very natures, O God, softened and changed, so it might be truly in the Spirit all one together in love by the Holy Ghost in Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

Now up to this point we know most assuredly that God had dealt to every single born again child the measure of faith. We know that the world in general does not have that faith because Paul said, “Wicked and unreasonable men have not faith.” This is not to suggest that they do not have human faith, because they do. But they do not have the faith which was spoken of in Romans, the 12th chapter, wherein the Scripture says, “Brethren, God hath dealt to every one of you, brethren, the measure of faith.”

We discovered by the witness of the Scripture in the mouths of four witnesses, beginning with James, that this measure of faith was the faith of Jesus Christ. For he said, “Have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.” He never said, “Had faith in Jesus Christ.” He said, “Have faith of Jesus Christ.”

Paul said in the Book of Galatians, the 2nd chapter, and in verse 20. He said, “I live by the faith of the Son of God.” And in Acts, the 3rd chapter, verse 16, Peter said, “Yea, the faith which is by or from Jesus Christ.” Now, also John said in Rev 2:13, I believe it is, where Jesus is speaking said, “Thou hast not denied my faith.”

2Now, this let’s us know that every single one has been given a measure of the faith of Jesus Christ the Son of God, that everyone has a measure of this perfect gift. I did not say they have the faith of God; I said they had the measure of the faith of God. They had a portion of it. This faith we discovered was predicted or prophesied by Jesus in the 11th chapter of the Book of Mark when he deliberately cursed the fig tree. He knew there was no fruit upon it actually, but he wanted to curse the fig tree that it die in order to give the believers, or the disciples a particular object lesson, which would send forth a precept.

Most of the time we teach by precept and example and then we give the precept and then we give the example. But in this case Jesus gave the example before he gave the precept. And he said to the tree, “Let no man eat fruit of you, henceforth forever.” And the tree died. And when they saw the tree on the morrow, they were amazed and said, “Isn’t this peculiar? Why the tree is dead just like you said it would be.” And of course, their hearts were saying, “What happened? How was it done?”

3And Jesus said, “Have the faith of God.” Now the translator, because I think they got kind of scared, they said, “Have faith in God.” But the book does not say that. It is not in the original. It is, “Have the faith of God.” And then he said, “Truly, I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed and cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe those things, which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith.” [Mk 11:23]

Now you will notice there that he connected the faith of God to the disciples showing that the faith of God was available to the disciples. Then he connected the faith of God to prayer, because he said, “Therefore I say unto you, whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe that you have them and you shall receive them.” Now you know tonight that nobody of himself has the power to say a thing and know that it will most assuredly come to pass. But there is a position in God whereby, men may use the faith of God and say a thing in prayer and it is as good as done. And the very fact that God uses the word ‘mountain’ makes you to know that God expects you to receive tremendous, literally fantastically tremendous things from Almighty God.

4Now this measure of faith, of course, was given to the disciples and to every single Christian prior to their rebirth, because the Bible says, “By grace are you saved through faith and that faith is not of yourself, that faith is a gift of God.” And that’s exactly what it is, there’s no argument, there’s nothing you can say about it. There’s nothing you can add to it, it stands as THUS SAITH THE LORD. So everybody tonight say with me, “I have the measure of the faith of God.” Say it, “I have the measure of the faith of God.” [Congregation repeats after Bro. Vayle.] That’s fine because that’s exactly true. You have that measure of the faith of God or the measure of the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.

5Now Abraham had that faith, because he is the father of the faithful and we are told to follow in the steps of faithful Abraham. The Bible says that Abraham believed God. What kind of a God did he believe in? What was there about God that gave him the right to believe or the prerequisites which would be in God in order to make God the object of his faith? Well, the Bible says, “That Abraham believed God who raises the dead and calleth those things which be not as though they were.” Now these two verses or phrases describing God actually in plain English, denote or show us that God is both omnipotent and that He is immutable.

The reason we know that God is omnipotent is because the Scripture says, “God raises the dead.” Now that’s the one thing that nobody in this world can do. As I said the other night, everybody’s talking about science trying to produce life. Well, that’s the stupidest thing in the world because life is here. You don’t need to produce life; it’s being produced. We’ve got it. But you try to raise somebody from the dead. It hasn’t been done.

6In fact, everybody was staggered and Agrippa was staggered and Paul said, “King Agrippa, why thinkest thou it a thing incredible that God should raise the dead?” And that’s the most incredible thing that God should raise the dead. That is the utmost of God’s power, because the Scripture says, “With the finger of God He casts out devils; with the strong arm He took them up out of Egypt. But it was the utmost of God’s power that raised Jesus from the dead and set Him in heavenly places, far above all principalities and power.” To raise the dead means utmost or omnipotence. However, that faith, my brother, my sister, has to do with you. Because it has to do with you, you have to know how it did with Abraham. Well, Abraham had a son. That son’s name was Isaac and God said to him, “Take now thy son, thy only son, go up to Mount Moriah, and there I want you to sacrifice him unto Me.” And Abraham took that son of his upon Mount Moriah and he bound him upon the altar, upon the wood, preparatory to plunging a knife into his heart, releasing the blood and then burning him to a handful of ashes. Because he knew that God was going to raise him up out of the handful of ashes and the boy would once more stand before him and he said, “Hallelujah, I knew You could do it all along.”

7Now that’s the kind of corner that God put Abraham in. And Abraham was willing to go all the way with God. Why? Do you think that fellow was a nut or something? Do you think he was so crazy? I heard a voice, he said, “kill your son. Burn him up.” [Bro. Vayle screams.] “Oh, I knew it!” That’s the attitude and the voice of a lunatic. I knew a man who heard a voice telling him to kill his two children. He did. They put him in an institution for several years, they got over it. Why did Abraham do this? Because he had something. He had something that worked. He had the measure of the faith of God and he felt no qualms and no distress, to go blindly marching up that hill, the same faith that he had when he left the Ur of the Chaldeans, not knowing where he was going, but that God was with him. That same measure of faith, now takes on the proportion, not making only a journey but going to the jaws of death, into the gates of hell. And say, “Let’s see it done, bless God, because I got something that works.” And I told you that’s what Daddy Bosworth said. He said, “If you must doubt, doubt your doubts. They’re unreliable, but never doubt your faith.” Why? Because it’s God’s faith. It’s not human faith. Human faith couldn’t do that. But he knew what he had. And he took his son, and the Scripture said, “He received him back from the dead.” And he did, because he was willing to kill him and he would have killed him and he would have burned him. And he would have said, “God said so and that ends it.”

8Now, Paul in using that phrase said, “I want you to know, brethren, about our trouble in Asia; we were pressed out of measure. We despaired even life,” but he said, “We did not trust in ourselves because we had the sentence of death in us, but we trusted in God who raises the dead, who we trusted to deliver us and He did deliver us and He will yet deliver us.” In other words, Paul was saying there is no position, there is no commandment, there is no request, there is no directive, there is no ordinance, there is nothing that God will commit you to, but you are able to do it by the faith that God gave you. And God will put obstacles in front of you. He’ll put mountains in front of you. He’ll put deserts in front of you. Red Sea’s in front of you. He’ll take your family down. He’ll take your finances down. He’ll make you go a lone but you can do it, because you’ve got what it takes.

And let me assure you tonight, we are not fooling with this subject. Too long you’ve heard the gospel not the way Paul preached it, not the way Christ preached it, but the way men preached it. Too long you’ve heard about this easy believeism: escape from hell, and go to heaven. My brother, my sister, if you can show me one place in the Bible where Jesus Christ died upon the cross and rose again so that you can escape from hell and go to heaven, I’ll eat this Bible page by page until it kills me. You can’t find it! Jesus Christ died in order that propitiation may be made for your sins, so you by the grace of God could receive the measure of the faith of God and be baptized with the Holy Ghost and then act like Jesus Christ then finally enter the bridal suite of Almighty God in New Jerusalem. That’s what the Bible says. And you teach anything else, you’re a liar and you make God a liar, and you don’t know your Bible.

9There’s a warfare and for God to raise the dead and connect that with faith means that the faith that He gave you is mountain moving faith and you’ve got it. And all we’ve developed today is a bunch of psychopaths and cowards. Why? Because Christianity failed. Sure, it failed. Not real Christianity. Nominal Christianity failed, because too many Christians wanted the easy way out. I’m not here to preach politics. But I’m going to tell you this, I’ve met in my way across the country, that people that call themselves full of the Holy Ghost are glad they voted for a man like Roosevelt, because they said at least he put clothes upon our back and food in our belly. And I got so tired of hearing that, I said, “But my Bible says the life is more than meat, the body is more than raiment.” God clothed the lily of the field; He’ll clothe you much more. God feeds the sparrow; He’ll clothe and feed you much more. I want to get this across that I’ve been preaching hard and heavy. Be prepared for disaster because God is the God of disaster.

10Listen to me. What is the first revelation you have of God in the Old Testament? Which is the place to look for it: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void.” It tells me that the first creation was expendable and God crushed it. Then He took that mass of flotsam and jetsam, that chaotic condition and He brought life and beauty out of it, showing tonight that God Almighty is a God of deliverance of the extremity to the most extreme. He saves from the uttermost to the uttermost. And yet people stand back quailing and they don’t know that the Way of God is to take you right through the valley of the shadow of death with faith and you coming out victorious in Jesus’ Name because you knew you could all along because you had what it takes.

11Little kids go to school and they’re afraid of their examinations. Why? Because they don’t know the subject matter. If they knew the subject matter, they wouldn’t give a hoot about an examination. Then they start praying and they say, “Oh, Lord, please make the capital of North Carolina—what would it be?—this town, not this town, but Ruth. That’s a nice little dead place or there wouldn’t be anything. Or Hickory or some place? Or Mount Airy? Or Paducah? I don’t even know what the capital is. But I’m sure not going to pray about it because God’s not going to change it if I miss it. That’s the way people pray though. God get me out. God get me out. God doesn’t get you out; He takes you through, right through the valley of the shadow of death, just like He did Abraham. I say if God is omnipotent, then God has got to have some way to make Himself known as omnipotent. If God raises the dead, somebody’s got to die. And He calleth things which are not as though they were.

12And that’s what Abraham did. He said, “I’m Abraham.”

They said, “Well, what’s your name?”


“Oh, is that so? Father of many children?”

“No, haven’t got any.”

“Well, why don’t you change your name?”

“Just did. Have been calling myself Abraham for twenty years, was called Abram.”

“Well, that means ‘high father’. Were you a father then?”

“Nope. Wasn’t a father then.”

“You must be a little bit silly.”

“No, I’m not. God said I’m going to be a father of multitudes and I will be.”

“You married a pretty young woman then?”

“No sir, she’s twenty [ten] years younger than I am, her womb’s dead, too, just like I’m dead.”

“Well, I don’t understand you.”

“I didn’t ask you to understand me.”

Christians expect the world to understand them, so they begin to try to act rational, don’t be ridiculous. They’ll never understand you. They’ll never understand faith. They can’t understand a man giving up a big paying job and going down the road trusting God. They can’t understand the fact of why the people go through dying for the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t expect them to. Abraham didn’t expect anybody to understand him. He just said, “I’m Abraham. I’m a father of multitudes.” He put it in the past tense. He said, “I am what God said I am.” And he became what God said he was. Too many people are scared to say they are what God said they are, and they never become what God said they are. You’ve got to say what God said you are and you’ll become what God said you are. That’s just a simple law of psychology, never mind the Bible. Huh? Let me just teach you something here right now. That’s why I like this series on faith; I can just do anything I want with it. I can just make it go clean around the world and back again.

13Listen, Dr. Crane whose paper…whose column I used to read a lot, he said, “When marriages start to fail it’s because the wife or the husband fail to remember the honeymoon. You’ve been married so long; you get too used to each other. And the way to rekindle the spark is to act as if you were in love.” And that’s what Bro. Branham said to a fellow one day. He said, “My wife has a devil. I wish you’d cast the devil out of her.”

“Why,” he said, “Ernie, I’ll tell you how you can do it.”

“Oh,” he said, “Praise the Lord. I’m glad to know about it.”

Bill said, “Yes, here’s all you need. Tomorrow night when…before you go home from work, you just go down to the store and buy her a nice box of candy, have it all wrapped up, and you buy her a nice bouquet of roses and when she opens the door, you give her the candy and the roses and you sweep her in your arms and kiss her and (he said,) you’ll sure drive the devil right out of her.”

Dr. Crane says, “Go through the motions and the corresponding emotions will come.”

You say, “Where is that in Scripture?”

I’ll tell you where it is. Took me quite awhile to find it, but He never fails, he finally gets it down to here. “Lay not up for yourselves treasure on earth where moth and rust do corrupt, and thieves break through and steal. But rather lay up for yourself treasure in heaven where neither moth nor rust corrupt nor thieves break through and steal, for where you treasure is, there your heart will start to go pitter, pitter, patter and follow.” [Mt 6:19] You go through the motions, the emotions will come.

You say, “Explain it further.” It’s simple. People say, “I really don’t feel like giving. I don’t feel too much.” You start giving and do what God says: laying up those treasures and you’ll soon begin to feel like it’s really real and lovely.

14Abraham said, “I am Abraham, when he was not Abraham because God said he was Abraham and God can’t lie and he became it. You say, “Bro. Vayle, what about the dear souls though that said they were healed and they died?” Well, now that’s a nice little sick question but I’ll answer it for you. You know something, you never read the book of Revelations, if you really read it, it says in the paradise of God, the leaves of the Tree of Life were for the healing of the nations, and that means people. And if you don’t get it here, you’ll get it then, because you’ll have a new body which will never get sick. You’ll be healed, honey, perfectly healed. God never let anybody down.

“Let not the inhabitants of the land say I am sick.” Even Hindu philosophers know that. It’s hard for Christians to realize you got to say what God said about it and put it in the past tense. There’s something about God you’ve got to learn that has to do with faith, he calleth things which are not as though they were.

15The Scripture said, “What, received ye the spirit of God, by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?” By the hearing of faith. You believe God and what for? The Holy Ghost and what did he get? The Holy Ghost is what you got. The Scripture said, “If man asked God for a fish, would he give him a serpent? If he asked God for an egg, would he give him a scorpion? If he asked God for bread, will he give him a stone? No, sir. You ask God for the Holy Ghost, you get the Holy Ghost. On what grounds? You believe you got It. That’s how you get Him. Why? Because the Scripture said, “Abraham believed God.” In other words, he imputed to God that God was true. That what God said was right, and so therefore, he was Abraham, and God imputed to him the very thing he wanted. He said, “You are Abraham,” and he became Abraham. He and his wife became so lovely and young, that a certain fellow down in Egypt got eyeing little Sarah up and down, and he said, “She’s so cute and so pretty, I want her for my wife.” Now can you imagine this young fellow going after some old grandma who’s ninety years old? All she says, [Bro. Vayle smacks his lips.] “Don’t walk so fast, honey, I can hardly make it down the road.” And he said, “Wow, look at her, I want her!” He said, “Who’s that old bag?” [Congregation laughs.] Huh? God have pity on us. That was okay for Abraham, is good enough for you.

Old patriarch going on a hundred years old, that old beard hadn’t turned black yet, all bowed over with age and he was a dry stick and her womb was dead, and he said, “I’m Abraham, I’m a father of nations, I’m going to have a son because God said so.” And when hope was gone there was no use hoping anymore, he said, “I am Abraham because God said so.” And he became it. You say, “Does that thing work?” You bet it works. People just don’t have enough backbone to try it and believe God. Well, you see, they don’t believe the first part, if God’s going to raise the dead, somebody’s going to die.

16I told you about that lady I ministered to in Ohio. I like repeating these things because I want you to get it plump and plain in your mind. She came for eye trouble, she was going blind. And she said, “The doctor said, ‘I will be blind.’” And the Word of the Lord to her was, when you believe God that you’re going to get well, as thoroughly as you have believed the doctor you’re going to be blind, you will be healed. You know what she said? She said to herself, “Doctor says, ‘I’m going to be blind. And when I’m blind, it’s all over.’” God heals blind eye. I keep saying and I mean it, people say, “Well, what about…what if my family breaks up? That’s tragic, it’s all over.” No, sir, your family breaks up, it’s not over. God can bring them back together again, and do a better job than ever. I see the life of Job. God took away his family. God took away his money. God took away everything. Even his wife didn’t understand. God even sent in a bunch of guys that ran the poor fellow down, but he stood his ground and God raised him up. It was all done by faith.

17And we’re living in the last day as the Scripture said, “If we have the faith of Abraham and Job and Daniel, it still wouldn’t do.” We’ve got to have greater faith because we’re going into a rapture. We’ve got the faith of God Himself, but it’s got to increase. How’s it going to increase? It’s going to increase by understanding and usage. Now we’ve learned that tonight. We understand this is true: God’s measure of faith; the measure…the gift of the measure of faith of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know you might say, “Well, I don’t seem to feel it.” Well, that’s fine. You don’t feel the faith of God. That’s all right. Do you feel your feet? Wonderful. Nobody’s got any feet, because nobody feels them. I can see it for a fact, there’s nobody got a foot, nobody got any feet, that’s wonderful, just call the ambulance, and we’ll take them home in truck. Do you feel your hair tonight? That’s a prettiest bunch of bald headed gals I’ve seen in my life. Nobody’s got any hair. Do you feel your kidneys? Nobody got any kidneys. You’ll be dead within four hours. You see how asinine it can be when you go against the Word of God? Huh? Doesn’t go by feeling.

18How many tonight are really born? Let me see your hands. You really believe you’re born again. Come on, put them up. Don’t fool with me, because I’m not fooling with you. If we’re fooling, I’m going home; you can forget the whole thing. Now put them down. Listen to me! Every one of you that put up your hand up, has testified that you got nothing less than the life of Almighty God in you, but how much have you shown for it? Not very much, have you? Then you haven’t got the life of God and the fact that you didn’t show much. Is that correct? You say, “No sir, because if I deny His life I’m going to hell.” That’s right; you’ll go to hell and burn. I’d apply the same thing to the measure of faith, you got it. You might not feel it, you might not have used it, but I’m going to tell you one thing: if you don’t have the measure of faith, you don’t have Jesus Christ. You’re a liar. You claim you have, but you’re a liar because you can’t get Him without the measure of faith, because receive you the spirit by the works of the law or by faith and by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourself but it’s a gift of God. Make up your mind. Huh? Okay, let’s say it: “I’m a liar. God’s true.” Say it: “I’m a liar, God’s true.” Say it again: “I’m a liar, God’s true.” Now we’re getting someplace. A little humility won’t hurt you any. Huh?

19They came to John the Baptist, or John the Baptist confessed and denied not, but said, “I’m not the Christ.” We ought to confess and deny not that we have the measure of the gift of God of the measure of the gift of the measure of faith. They said to Jesus Christ, “Look it, you can’t be the Son of God, why don’t you deny it and we’ll love you.” And he said, “If I deny I’m the Son of God, I’m a liar just like you.” Yet people deny that they’ve got a measure of the faith of Almighty God and they think by denying it, it excuses them. Well, if you think a good healthy excuse is better…it’s fine, which gets you into the lake of fire. Well, that’s fine by me. I think that’s a pretty miserable way to get healed, by cutting your leg off. You say, “This leg over here hurts so I’ll get rid of the trouble by cutting my leg over here off.” Well, you go ahead. Do you see? Do you follow what I’m driving at?

I’m being sarcastic for one reason: I happen to know a little bit of the secret of retention in the memory. If a man wants to retain something, he’s either got to be hit awful hard so he’ll never forget, or it’s got to be kind of funny so he won’t forget it. If you just give a man a normal toast, he’ll just forget it. And I’m trying to hit you so hard with such sarcasm that I’m going to jolt you, so that you won’t forget, you’ve got a measure of the faith of God. And it’s mountain moving faith. And it’s such tremendous proportion that God Himself reserves to Himself the right to put you in the place of death and take you right through, you won’t die.

20It’s like one fellow said, “God will pull you through if you can stand the pull.” You talk about getting out of the headlock, and getting cauliflower ears. You may end up with worse than cauliflower ears: no ears at all. But God will get you through. God never gave you this faith of flowery beds of ease, and just sit around and fan your brow and say, “Hallelujah, I got faith now, so therefore, clouds you disappear and floods you disappear, and trouble you disappear and poverty disappear.” Now that’s the Johnson administration. That’s not God. No! Tell you He’s going to come when the cupboards bare. I told you we had our cupboard bare when I first was beginning to preach, and I tell you God never failed me.

It even got so bad one time that the car stopped, if you can call it a car, ho, ho, that’s a beautiful expression for such a contraption. I flatter it. Anyway, the battery went dead. I took it in town and put the acid in it. You know in those days, you didn’t fill it up with distilled water, it was running with acid, sulfuric acid, I think it is. Is that what it is? Sulfuric acid? My Lord, that’s powerful stuff. Got the battery all charged up and I didn’t realize that it was tipping all over my clothes. And I suddenly realized the only clothes I had were full of acid. And I said, “Oh, God…” And the fellow he really liked me. He just laughed himself sick. And I could just see those great big holes and I said, “Oh, God. I can’t afford it because I haven’t got pants, anymore clothes.” And you know what; there wasn’t one hole, or one stain on those pants. There was no more stain or smell in those pants than the smell of smoke than was on the three Hebrew children or Daniel had one of his thigh’s missing with a lion bite. You see, this is what faith is all about!

21You can’t read anything in Scripture about faith except you see giants falling, mountain’s tumbling, death giving way to Resurrection, and sickness giving way to healing. I’m going to tell you one thing, brother/sister, there was a time in my life I didn’t dare pray for anybody. I never believed God to heal anything unless He did it supernaturally. I almost had to have a sign from heaven, then I’d do some praying. That’s right. I had no faith to pray for the sick.

A lady one day brought her little baby, hand scalded, and she said, “Do you think Bro. Vayle would pray for us if we asked him?”

I thought, “Well, that’s fine, you better ask me, honey.”

And she didn’t ask me, so I didn’t pray. Now I wasn’t hardhearted, I just didn’t have the faith. That is active faith; I had the faith and didn’t know I had it. I didn’t understand.

22When I realized that God would and could do things; I went with some friends one day who were praying for sick and they could tell what was wrong. And I said to McCrery, they live in Canada, I said, “Look, you and I are going to go to this house where this woman is and you’re going to stand back and watch me while I talk to her and talk to God, and I’m going to pray for her.”

And they said, “Well, we never did that.”

“Well,” I said, “you’re going to do it now.”

“Well,” they said, “Bro. Vayle, if we don’t lay hands, on her how are we going to tell what is wrong?”

I said, “You show me one Scripture where you got to lay on hands for a word of knowledge.”

They said, “You got us over a barrel. Let’s go.”

That woman had diabetes. Her legs were all swollen up with edema, or whatever you call it, and I laid hands on her and I said, “You got diabetes.”

She said, “That’s right.”

I said, “You got this blood condition. You’re legs are all swollen up.”

She said, “That’s right.”

I said, “Okay, let’s look at these legs now and get them healed in the Name of Jesus Christ.” And I’m going to tell you I had more boldness than faith, I don’t know what it was. I said, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command the swelling to go down,” It went blip, blip—I almost fainted—it went back down. That’s right, I’m not kidding you. The thing to do is to do something.

23The first thing Abraham did with the measure of faith was, God said, “Walk, and start walking.”

“I don’t know where I’m going.”

“That doesn’t matter, just keep going.”

When I first went into the ministry, I was twenty-two years of age, I didn’t know where I was going and didn’t have any money to get there. That’s a fact. But I knew I had to go preaching. I fought it. I wrote it out in a little wristwatch box, I put it in there. You know wristwatch box are kind of cute, they make them up pretty. And I wrote a little article and I hid it under the little velvet and I wrote out like Jacob. I read where Jacob had paid tithes and God blessed him. And I said, “Lord, if You’ll just let me be an elder in the church and I’ll pay tithes and I’ll serve You, O God, but I won’t go preaching.” Well, do you think God listened? Oh, He was very happy to listen, but He sure turned it down.

24He said, “You’re going preaching.”

And I said, “I’m not going preaching.”

And He cut, and He cut my underpinnings away, took everything away and finally I said, “God, I’ll do what You say.” And the funniest thing was in the midst of my turmoil, I had peace. You walk in faith, you got to have peace. Within a week or so, God spoke to my heart and said, “This is the day you’re going.” It was Wednesday. The only day in the week that they had service outside of Sunday. I didn’t even know where I was going yet. But I’m talking about the place I went to. I felt I ought to go north. I went down to…I thought I’d look around…

I didn’t have a suitcase. I told a friend of mine, sort of a friend, anyway, I said, “God called me to preach, I’m going preaching and I don’t even have a suitcase.” I thought that was really going to fuddle up God real good. Now if I’d of been real sweet, God would have been real sweet, but He had to teach me a lesson. So this old gal gave me a suitcase—you know what it was?—it was one of those old great big old black cases that they sold aluminum from: WearEver. I tell you I hated the looks, I thought God ought to at least get me something pretty. [Congregation laughs.] I wasn’t very pretty to God, so He wasn’t pretty to me. He said, “If you’re unsavory with Me, I’ll be unsavory with You.” He got to teach His kids a lesson. And I was asking for it. And this miserable old suitcase, it contained everything I owned, up to the toothbrush. And I was mad. I said, “That miserable stinking thing, if I had just two pretty ones, it would be much nicer.”

25Well, I needed some money. I had a buck or two but that was all. I went down to the station, was going to find a train to get on, and sure enough there was a train going around six o’clock. I got down there about four o’clock, and here was a lady at the station, and I knew, “What are you doing down here?”

She said, “I don’t know, I just felt I ought to come down.” She said, “What are you doing?”

“Well,” I said, “I’m going preaching.” “Well, I just, I’m going preaching. Humm.” [Bro. Vayle says in a grumbling tone.] I looked like the mule behind the barn, you know, that had religion. I hated to go, I was scared to go,

And she said, “I’ll give you some money.” And she gave me some money. I got on that train and I got off that train. God said, “You go to Red Deer.” I went to Red Deer. I got off of that train, I got off the very night they had a meeting and no other night of the week.

And I asked the only guy in town, I guess that knew where that building was. It was a little kid, that the preacher had gone to pray for and he knew where it was, it was upstairs, kind of a dump. Well, it was better going up and down anyway. So I went there and I preached. And God Almighty gave us a revival. Devils were cast out. People were healed, couple of communists got saved.

26But you see, the thing is this, you start marching and God will take you from there. Sure, it may be a mountain. That’s exactly what God said this faith will do, to get rid of your mountain. But you got to start moving with it. And stop getting the idea that your faith was meant to keep you from moving mountains. And remember, if you’re going to move a mountain you got to have a mountain to move. God’s going to raise the dead, somebody’s got to die. And then that isn’t the only thing, He turns around and compounds it by saying, “Now consider it done. Call it done. Act as if it were done. Go on!”

You say, “God expects me to be crazy.” No sir. He just expects you to put His mind on.

27Listen to me! God doesn’t think your way, and God doesn’t talk your way, and God doesn’t act your way. But He turned around and told us to think His way, and act His way, and talk His Way. Do you follow what I’m driving at? I want to get you out of the idea once and for all. You’re going to wake up in the morning and say, “Hallelujah, isn’t this a wonderful day; ain’t nothing going to happen to me except everything that’s sweet. My husband is going to give me my tea or my coffee in bed, and the kids are going to say, ‘Momma, God bless you, you sweet little girl.’” Get up and go to school. I want to tell you, they get up in the morning and say, “Get out of bed, what’s the matter with you anyway? Make my breakfast.” [Bro. Vayle screams this.] Kids can’t find one single solitary thing, the dog…step on the dog and he bites you. Never did that in twenty years. [Congregation laughs.] You say, “Bro. Vayle, that’s frustration.” No, that’s trials. That’s your mountain.

28You know what you got to learn tonight, just like Jesus, sleeping and snoring in the boat while the wind was going to try to wreck the thing and lash it. You got to be just like Paul, when the boat is going to go down, the waves are going to rip to pieces, and he said, “The angel of the Lord stood by me and I believed God and that takes care of it.” You got to be like Daniel and the three Hebrew children, “We don’t know what God’s going to do about the situation, we may even die, but there’s one thing we know we’re going to do, we’re going to stand still and see the salvation of God.” And that salvation can mean they were taken out of it, or by being taken through it or we’ll die. And who cares? Sudden death, sudden glory. We get so scared of being hurt.

Polycarp was so full of God and faith, the flames couldn’t even touch him. Every story I’ve read about the people of God suffering, the glory of God was so great, they didn’t even know what was going on.

29We’re a bunch of Democrats. And I don’t mean to cast any aspersions on the Democrat; I just mean that with all my heart, because they had been the party that first of all said, “We’re going to do something for the…” Who’d they do it for first? They did it for the businessman. Then they got a guilt complex. They put up tariff walls. Then they turned around and said, “We’re going to do something for the laborers.” So they began to pat the unions on the back and then they said the only people left are the farmers. So they did something for them. And they got everybody so soft today that kids go to school and they think it’s okay to lie, cheat, steal and rob, and then they say, “What do you think a child’s Van Doren with a hundred twenty four thousand question.” Whatever it was, and they said, “Well, it was all right, he already got away with it.” Huh?

And because of abounding iniquity, the love of the many, the many are the elect will wax cold. Until Jesus said, “Shall he find faith when He comes?” What’s he driving at? He’s saying to the Laodicean people who said, “We’re waxed, we are rich, we’re increased in goods, and we lack nothing.” And all the while we’re naked, wretched, miserable, blind, and we don’t even know it.

30Why? Because we said, “With faith bless God there’s no mountains, we keep the mountains away. With faith there’s no floods, hallelujah, we keep the floods away. And with faith, there are no clouds, because we keep the clouds away.” Ho, glory! And you got fooled a hundred percent. Because the afflictions of the righteous are many and every child of God has to endure. You’ve got a river to cross, brother/sister, and if you’ve got the faith of Joshua who represents the Bride of the last day, you’re going to be down there at the river Jordan when God tells you to move, you’re going to say, “Hallelujah, God’s going to do a big thing, we’re going to go across.” And God will take you right to old Jericho and say, “Now you go in there and knock those walls down.” God will take you to the land of giants and say, “You come up against them.” God will take you to the impossible and say, “Now, go ahead and do with My strength.” And Paul cried out and said, “Who is able for these things?” And the answer came back, “Thank God through Jesus Christ.” See? Faith.

They said to Peter, “How did this man get healed?”

And he said, “It was the faith of Jesus Christ, it was the Name of Jesus Christ.” Put the two together, you got omnipotence.

31God’s people don’t want that. Do we want it tonight? Are we prepared to really step out there in the dark and say now, “God, let the lightning flash, let the storm descend, we’ll still go through.” Are we going to be like the Israelites who came out as a mixed crowd and when they saw the Mountains of the Moon to the right, and Nubian mountains, they saw the desert to the left, the Red Sea in front, the armies of Pharaoh behind, they began screaming and murmuring and groaning and grunting and growling. That was the first sign that God was going to be sick of them. Even Moses got upset and God said, “Moses, cut it out, I can’t stand it.” He said, “Stretch forth your rod.” And the wind began to blow and the Red Sea opened up and they went across. Then they got pretty happy and Miriam got up there. She was the first song leader. She was real Pentecostal. She up there and danced back and forth as wild, beat that old tambourine, sang the song of Miriam. Bless God, she was happy. But she didn’t stay happy very long because she wanted to usurp Moses’ position. She got leprosy. Women still want to preach; they’re leprous. They haven’t given up. Oh, Lee Vayle, never give up. Not until you die. Sure.

32Then they went into the desert. Now God begin to test and try them. What did they do? They began murmuring and complaining, they said, “We didn’t think it would be this way. We didn’t think it would be this way. Why, we kind of figured what God’s going to do, He’s going to put a canopy overhead in the day time and at night, He’s going to put a little fire up there to keep us warm, and everything is going to be just rosy and jazzy and everything and we don’t expect trouble from now on, bless God, we expect everything just sweet and nice and pretty.”

God lowered the boom on them. What happened? They murmured and complained, and before it was over God had to kill the whole kit and caboodle of them except Joshua, Caleb. Out of three million people, two million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-eight failures. Why? Because they didn’t understand the use of faith. And the Bible said, “They all perished because of unbelief.” Huh? Soon as trouble comes the pinch is on, they throw their hands up. Don’t throw your hands up, and don’t try to put on pink and rosy glasses. And try to say everything is the way I’m going to have it. It isn’t the way you’re going to have it. It’s the way God wants to have it and God wants to move mountains by the faith that He placed in you, so that He can say you moved it.

33Let me ask you a question. Who opened the Red Sea? Come on, somebody tell me. You’re wrong. You’re guessing again. You’re really right. But the Bible says, “That Moses did it.” Literally. Moses did it, but God did it. But who got the credit? Moses got the credit. Right. That’s right. Read the 11th chapter. “By faith Moses, by faith Israel, by faith Jacob, by faith Isaac, by faith Joseph, by faith Noah, by faith Enoch, by faith Abel, by…” They didn’t do it at all. God did it, but God gave them the credit. Why? Because they buttoned their coats around them, I’ve got a measure of the faith. The storm began to descend, the lightning began to strike across them, thunder began to roll, all hell seemed to break loose, nature and cataclysmic stuff. Now let God do it. Hallelujah! Huh?

Well, I know how to read the Bible. I hope I know how to explain it, too. This jarred me when I read it. “By faith Moses.” You know what it says? Let me show you something. I could preach a whole hour on the faith of Moses. Now, I got to at least save that for another time, too lazy. Can’t preach all night, got to let you go home tonight. I’m going to get behind schedule if I don’t start preaching, don’t get down to business.

34Now listen! In verse 23 of Hebrews 1:

(23) By faith Moses, when he was born, …

What did he have to do with his birth? It sounds like here God’s giving credit for to Moses for being born even. Huh? Sounds like it, doesn’t it? It really doesn’t, but it sounds like it.

(24) By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter;

(25) Choosing…affliction….(It’s right down…)

By faith he forsook Egypt, and through faith he kept the Passover, …?... by faith they passed through the Red Sea. How? Because Moses opened the Red Sea. How? By faith in God.

35The Bible says, “Heal the sick.” That’s what it says. You heal them. You say, “I can’t heal anybody.” You’re exactly right, but if you use your faith, God will do it, and God says, “You healed them.” That’s what He said.

He said, “You cast out devils.”

“Woo,” you say, “My, I don’t know if I can tangle with them. I can’t even see them.”

But God can. By faith you can discern. See? “Jesus,” the Scripture said, “went about doing good, healing all that were oppressed of the devil, and so on, because God was with him.” And yet He Himself said, “It was God working in Him that did it.”

Sure, you healed the sick. Somebody once said to me, “Bro. Vayle, do you heal the sick?” and I said, “No, honey, I don’t, but I know a lot of folk who still would be sick if I hadn’t of been there.” And that’s true. That’s true.

36You think maybe in sovereignty God would of sent somebody anyway? I don’t know about that. [End of side one of tape] Within the sovereignty of God I’m convinced there’s a latitude. What it is, I can’t explain it. I’m not a fatalist, not by one minute. I believe tonight there are people here who could be positively healed by the exercise of their faith but you may die without doing it. I believe there are people all over this world who need men and women to come to them who know the power of God and know that the people will be delivered on the grounds of the faith that God gave them and move their mountain. I could stand up here tonight if I was a mind to, and you’d think I had a great deliverance ministry, because if I could by the power of God have the power to recall I could talk for the next, I believe, two solid hours, and I don’t know if I’d get through even in telling you what God has done through the laying on of hands in my life. And my ministry has been very poor as far as I’m concerned. And I have seen even women delivered, and people delivered from insane institutions by simply standing in front of the pulpit and knowing by the Spirit of God what devils were in them, casting them out in Jesus’ Name. And they would be released by the power of God. Nobody having done anything except God intervening by the prayer of faith. And yet I was the fellow who wouldn’t even dare pray for a little tiny baby. And that poor little thing needed help, because I didn’t know that I had a measure of God’s faith.

37You know Star Daley was in a prison, of course, you heard of Star Daily, and the old lifer talked to him and said, “Daley Star, what is it you’d like to be when you get out of prison?”

And he said, “I’d like to be one of three things,” and he named two things, I forget what they were, he said, “and also he wanted to be an author.”

And the old lifer said to him, “Well, Star what would be the hardest thing for you to become if you got out?”

And he said, “The hardest thing would be to be an author.”

He said, “Be an author.”

What’s the hardest thing that’s facing you right now tonight? What’s the toughest problem that you’ve got in your life? If you were called upon, what’s the one thing you wouldn’t want to do? I’m telling you, that’s the thing tonight; you do in the Name of Jesus Christ. That’s the thing, you do it. Pull up your stakes. Get rid of your own foundation and let your faith that God gave you be your foundation.

38I’ve got a friend up in (Northwest Territories,) United States, up there around Washington. One day he talked to a millionaire. And the millionaire said to him, “Freddie,” he said, “I don’t need God, I’ve got a million dollars.” He said, “It’s guys like you that need God because you don’t have much.”

Jesus said to a rich young man, “Give everything away you’ve got and come follow Me.” You know why He said it? Because He said if he gave it all away, then he’d have to trust God. What do you got your hopes built upon? What is it you’re clinging to tonight? Give it up. It isn’t so hard once you do it. I’ve been doing it ten years. A lot of guys have been doing thirty, forty years. If I hadn’t quit preaching for awhile, I’d of been doing it thirty some years myself. Quit for a few years. I couldn’t stay away from it. There I was right back from what I had left. Right back to where I had to trust God. Sure, I played the fool like a lot of young couples do. My wife worked, never should have done it. No. Uh, uh. No, you stay home. You say, “Bro. Vayle, we can’t meet our debts.” Then you just declare bankruptcy, I don’t care what you do, but for God’s sake get out of the rat race. I mean it; get out of the rat race. You say, “God won’t supply?”

39Listen to me! My mother was a widow with nine of us kids. And we never had any food. And she got down on her face, she wasn’t even born again and she said, “God, I’ve got to have food for the family because nobody will give me any food, and I can’t get any work.” And God said to her, “Hitch up the horse,” It was in the fall. “Hitch up the old horse, and the little old buggy you got and you go follow the threshing machine.” And she went out there, now she was very tiny, there’s no woman here tonight as small as my mother in height, but it’s a good thing you’re not as big as she was this way, because she was about as wide as she was tall. Only came to about here. And that little woman, took up a great big old scoop shovel, her old bucket and she go up behind those threshing machines and say, “Do you mind if I pick up after your threshing machine?” And those were the days when those old (combines?) didn’t clean it out too good and wheat and dirt and dust and everything fell down below, and she’d lift up all those old scoop shovel full and let the wind fan it out for her and keep fanning it out. And that fall she took in twelve hundred dollars worth of money, that the wheat, clear, perfect wheat that she’d sell to the granary and brought in food and all, because God told her what to do.

40You say, “Bro. Vayle, my family needs things.” That’s the Laodicean cry, we’re trying to give our kids’ things that God didn’t want us to give them. Give them the beauty of the sunset, the magic touch of a kind word, the fall of love, and the idea that kids can love instead of hate. Your rotten stinking Jewish German psychiatrists from Freud and Jung and all down, have taught you to let your kids sling mush across the table, give vent to angry outbursts of…passion. But they never once said, “Teach your child to love, and teach your child to be sweet.” Filthy, rotten anti-Christ. “The life is more than meat and the body is more than raiment.”

You say, “Bro. Vayle, it sounds like you’re repenting.” I’m repenting now, you bet. What would I do again if I could raise a young family? I’d have apple boxes. We never had a nice little commode for our babies to sit on. I took apple boxes, took off the one end and cut the round hole and cut the thing off and slapped and they sat on it. Our bathroom was ten acres, perhaps, with a little house upon it; I’d gladly go back again. Sure I would. What did I do? I’d take my kids by the hand and I’d teach them something real, instead of your rotten filthy commercial ideas we’ve got today. We’ve all been caught up in it, until iniquity abounds and our love is so cold, we’re all like block Christians.

41The only man that had reality is dead. Huh? Why? Because they believed in a dollar bill instead of God, because they wrote on the dollar bill ‘In God we trust’. The dollar bill doesn’t trust in God, my brother, my sister. And a nation doesn’t trust in God. It trusts in the dollar bill. But a Christian trusts in God. Sure, I thought it was too much, too big a deal for us to try to compete with the world. My wife had to work. You think it didn’t hurt the kids? It hurt the kids. What for? For a lousy buck, have a little better furniture, a little better car. You know where all that stuff is going; it’s going plumb to hell and when you send you kids with it, you’ve done a pretty horrible thing. Huh? And we wonder why we’ve got youth delinquency. We wonder why kids are so sadistic they try to find someone and they kill him on the street for a kick. Why not? Because their parents were sadistic.

42Let’s be honest. You say, “Bro. Vayle, I think these things have to come.” My brother, my sister, God’s Word said, “What a man sows he’s going to reap.” And he said, “If you do this in the green tree, what will happen in the dry?” He talks about seed time and harvest. Oh, we don’t like to face up to hard times, do we? Well, if I could roll the clock back, I’d go back to those days when I waited for the creak of the wagon to bring the food that we didn’t have. It tastes better that way. You know how to make life happy? I’ll tell you how.

During the Depression we used to have to buy brisket at four cents a pound. Now down here in the States, you guys had such poor government; you had to pay through the nose, even for brisket. We got brisket at four cents a pound, you likely had to pay ten or fifteen for it. We had sirloin steak for two pounds for a quarter. We just didn’t have the four cents for brisket or the two bits for the two pounds of sirloin steak. Listen, before Depression hit in ’29 I was used to going downtown, we’d buy canned lobster and canned shrimp. We used to eat like kings and queens, all we ever had was food, and that’s what we ate. We sure ate good. We raised a couple hundred chickens, several head of beef, several pigs, great big lovely garden; we ate like kings. Depression time came; we got whittled down to old fat brisket instead of those lovely steaks. And I found myself many a night I’d go up to my bed and I’d begin to be grouching and I’d think to myself, “Man alive, here I am eating old fat brisket,” and things and food I didn’t like so well. I’d be grouching about it and then I’d say, “Oh isn’t that awful, a lot of people don’t have what I have.” And I’d get so happy thinking about the good old fat brisket I had, I’d begin to praise God for how good it was and I’d get so hungry I’d want to run downstairs and get some more fat brisket. A little thankfulness will go a long way. The life is more than meat, the body’s more than raiment. Huh?

43Trying to give up the Jones. Trying to get away from problems—forget it—you’re going to have problems the day you die. And if you start shrugging the problems that God gives you, he’ll send you a nervous disorder and you’ll pay a price. Then you go for healing, you’ll say, “Oh God, heal my ulcers.” And God will heal your ulcers by faith, but you didn’t heal the thing that caused the ulcers and it will go someplace else and you’ll be twice as sick. You say, “Bro. Vayle, you’re not preaching the God of love.” I am, too. But I’ve got enough love tonight to tell you the truth to help you. I don’t talk from fifteen minutes experience. I talk from over thirty-three. And I’ve done my best to find a short-cut, because I’m lazy as any man was ever lazy. When my feet get cold I want to warm them right away.

I’m like old Matilda, the maid of old Andy Gump, she said, “I never get hungry, I never get tired.”

They said, “That’s wonderful.” And then they found out she wasn’t so hot. They said, “I thought you said, “You never get hungry, you never get tired?’”

She said, “That’s right, before I get hungry, I eat, And before I get tired, I rest.” [Congregation laughs.] Huh?

You’re just like me, aren’t you? Time to change: time to change. Huh? Time to face up; there aren’t any flowery beds of ease. This is no fire escape religion. This is a vigorous, rigorous life. And God gave you a gift of mountain moving life death raising faith in order that you could have mountains come across your pathway. And death could face you and you could stand up and say, “I’m going through Jesus, I’m going through, I’ll pay the price, no matter what others do, I’ll take the way with the Lord’s anointed few. Because I’m going through, Jesus.”

You say, “Can I do that?” You sure can.

44Jesus, I said was in that boat fast asleep. He didn’t mind. Waves were ready to capsize that boat, that didn’t bother Him. Why? Because He said, “I’ve got the measure of the faith of God, rather, I’ve got God’s faith, I can do it.” Huh? Despise not the inheritance that God would have you, brother/sister, by faith lay up in heaven. Well, I thought I’d let you go home early but I’m not going to let you get home too early, because I want to talk to you. Not only has God given each one of you the measure of faith, but He has given you a proportion of faith. This is getting better all the time. It’s also getting rougher. Because you see, if you don’t have it, you can’t be responsible. But if you got it, something better be done about it.

45The 12th chapter of the book of Romans, and in verse 4 it says,

(4) For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office:

(5) So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members of (one) another.

(6) Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;

(7) Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: (according to the proportion of faith) or he that teacheth, on teaching; (according to the proportion of faith.)

(8) Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: (and giving,) let him do it with simplicity; (and so on, according to the proportion of faith.)

Now, the proportion of faith is not the measure of faith. You live by the measure of faith but you conduct your own God given ministry according to your proportion of faith. Let me illustrate. What are the nine gifts of the Spirit? By name first of all: tongues, interpretation, prophecy, word of wisdom, word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, faith, healing, miracles. [1 Cor 12:4-12] Right? But what are these nine gifts of the Spirit so-called? They are manifestations. What are they manifestations of? They are manifestations of one Spirit called the Holy Ghost. There are lights up here, you see them? You hear that humming back here? Huh? Do you hear my voice amplified? You do? They are all manifestations of electricity. Right? It’s that simple. Every single so-called gift is nothing but a manifestation of the same Holy Ghost. But the Holy Spirit does not manifest in nine different ways on the basis of the same faith; proportion of faith. It takes little or no faith to talk in tongues. It does take little or no faith. I don’t mean little or no faith; I mean it takes very little above no faith to do it. Anybody can talk in tongues, if they’ve got the gift. Everybody doesn’t have the gift. Contrary to Pentecostal teaching, everybody does not speak in tongues. Contrary to Joe Stiles and Mrs. Joe Stiles and God knows who else, everybody doesn’t’ because everybody isn’t supposed to. The Word of God says, “Do all speak with tongues? No.” [1 Cor 12:30] So that ends it, is that right? Oh, yeah, I tell you, some people can’t even see that and then they say they’re full of the Holy Ghost. I don’t understand it. They’re blind as the bat out there. …?... and yet I’m going to believe God that open my mouth to talk I’m going to speak in English what was said in Russian. Now listen, that takes a lot of faith, much more than talking in tongues.

46The proportion of faith to interpret is greater by far than the proportion of faith to speak in tongues, but to prophesy, oh brother, to say, THUS SAITH THE LORD, when China is going to move with an army into Viet Nam, [Bro. Vayle whistles] Red China might decide to move into Japan with a peace corps not an army. Then where would you be sitting now? That takes a greater proportion of faith.

47What about miracles? That takes the biggest proportion of faith, because miracles is the biggest gift of all. Now, what is a gift? It is a repeated manifestation of one Holy Ghost. If I’ve got the gifts of tongues, it means that I have the measure of faith necessary to repeatedly cause the Holy Ghost to speak or to bring forth in tongues. You say, “I thought the Holy Ghost caused you to do it?” It’s a combination. You’ve got a desire; you’ve got to be yielded, and then when He knocks, that’s the time you open. It takes a certain measure of faith so that the Holy Ghost will move in healing, repeatedly, or repetitively, because that’s what a gift is. A gift of prophecy is simply that proportion of faith that puts the receptacle in a position whereby he believes and thereby the Holy Ghost pours through him in prediction, repetitively.

Think what a proportion of faith Bro. Branham had to stand up and say, “I challenge you to bring anybody in my presence and I can heal them by the power of God.” And he could to the day he died, he could do it. But he wouldn’t do it because God said, “No. The people themselves must believe.”

48Now, listen to me. Contrary to what many people teach, everybody doesn’t need to either speak in tongues, prophesy, interpret, have a word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, word of wisdom, faith, healing or miracles. Because it says in the 12th chapter there are other ministries. And those ministries are teaching, exhorting, and giving, and ruling, and showing mercy with cheerfulness. I’d like that one myself because I need it. And if you’re honest you might have to come right in the same pew with me. They’re ministries, but you can’t perform them without the proportion of faith. Now every single person tonight, that’s a member of the body of Jesus Christ has a ministry. And you’ve been given the measure of faith to satisfy your own life in Christ according to the precept. And you’ve been given the proportion of faith in order to satisfy the other believers to believe a ministering believer in the body of Christ. And there’s not one of you tonight that hasn’t got some kind of a ministry. But don’t step into a ministry that you haven’t been called to.

49The most important ministry women have is to teach their children, their daughters to love their husbands. Now I wonder tonight, how many daughters honestly were taught by your mothers how to be married and to love your husbands? Let me see for fun; did any woman here have a mother who taught her how to love her husband? Well, sit on your hands girls, because that’s the way it is. No wonder, you’re a mess if you’re a man.

On the same thing I can say, how many husbands love their wives as Christ loved the church? Well, we men are a mess, let’s face it. Now we’re not here to accuse each other or to scratch each other’s backs, we’re here to learn and do something about it.

50Every one of you got’s something to do for God. And some of those things as we said here, you’ve got the grace and you’ve got the ability and you can do it, by exhorting, by giving. Well, you give, how do you give? Well, you do it by blowing a trumpet and say, “I give, I give. Look at me.” No, it says, “Do it with simplicity.” Ruling with diligence; showing mercy with cheerfulness. Irenaeus said, “There are literally hundreds of gifts of the Spirit.” And he was right. Because there are thousands of members and everyone’s got a ministry. Some say, “Well, I’m just a mother and a housewife, what ministry have I got?” You minister to your children; minister to your husband.

51I was saved in Independent Pentecost and I know it’s got to be the grace of God and divine wisdom, because I was like every other preacher at that time, except for one thing, I never went around looking for a wife who could preach. I looked for a wife who couldn’t preach and I defied her and I said, “Listen, if you and I get married, I want you to know one thing, you are not going to preach. You are not going to pray in church.” Now maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but I said, “You don’t need to pray in church even, you won’t keep Sunday school. You can’t play the piano because you don’t know how. You won’t lead the song service. There’s only one thing you’ll do and it’s a full time job, and if you can take care of me, you’ve got more on your hands than you asked for.” And you ask her, she’ll tell you that’s the truth.

52And you know what I found out since when these preachers marry women that can preach, they fight over who’s got the anointing. Ha, ha, ha, what anointing? Now, I’m telling you the truth. I know what I’m talking about. They neglect their kids. One woman tells the story on herself, how that when she was preaching and her husband was away, her two little twin girls sat in the front bench like this one, and there to her horror she saw each child was beginning to undress the other one. And finally when they became stark nude naked, they tipped the bench over. [Congregation laughs.] And she fled the pulpit in tears. And if she’d had an ounce of spirituality, she’s of stayed fleeing from the pulpit and never come back. But she had the gall to come back. You talk about unmitigated gall. What was her ministry? Stay home with her husband and raise the kids. That’s her ministry. Everybody’s got a ministry. Some might even write letters. Not poison pen, but living pen.

What can women do in the church? They can teach little kids and do things like that, that’s perfectly legitimate. They can pray in church, they can prophesy in church, they can speak in tongues in church; they can interpret in church, if they do it in order. But the men must do the same thing in order.

53Nobody is taking anything away from women. Nobody is taking anything away from men. Nobody is taking from men giving to women and nobody is taking from women giving to men. What’s all this jazz about equality? Huh? I never could see this crazy talk about equality. What about equality? I’ve got a fork, but I don’t try to eat soup with it. You say, “I think I’ll eat soup with my fork.” [Bro. Vayle makes slurping sound.] Listen! The fork and the spoon are equal as long as the spoon does the spoon’s job, and the fork does the fork’s job. Huh? And the minute you stop doing it you become perverted.

Why won’t God let women cut their hair? Because they get perverted. Men have short hair, or cut hair. Not women. People say, “Well, Bro. Vayle, I believe that that’s a matter of long hair, is a matter of women having their hair a little longer than men.” Well, when Paul wrote this the hair of the men was to the shoulder, if that’s short hair; what’s long hair? Now I don’t even need to read the Scripture to really teach it, I just have to ask you that one question. Huh?

Why can’t women wear men’s clothing? Perversion. Listen, you aren’t babies tonight. I’ll tell you, I’ll take you back to when I was just a kid. The first woman in our town to wear men’s clothes was a rotten type of a hussy. She left her husband and co-habit with every dog that came down the street. And from that they went to slacks, and then to shorts, then they took off so many clothes.

54You know what; we’re not babies here tonight. So I’ll just tell you something, what is a women’s naked body do for a man? It excites him. It’s supposed to. I’m not naïve and a kid, I’m just telling God’s truth. The Bible distinctly said, (the Scripture,) to a man saying, “To live joyfully with the wife of thy youth and be constantly ravished by her breasts.” And names the erotic parts of her body. You know what happens? You go to Africa where the women are naked, and men are not aroused in the channels that God gave them to be aroused and they get into sex orgies and perversion. And women took their clothes off in America, so there’s nothing left to see. It’s in the streets day by day, and we’re full of homosexuals, men and women. We’re perverted. We’re perverted. You put on a man’s clothes, you cut your hair, and men act like women, and women act like men. You become perverted. And that’s the Word of God, I’m not giving you my ideas. I’m telling God’s truth. Huh? Sure. It’s the truth. Oh, I can bring in so many things when I talk about faith. Oh, I love it. Just go right down the line, a thousand paths.

55What was I talking about? Ministry. And I was talking about women, trying to take a man’s ministry, or a man trying to take a woman’s. It doesn’t work. Be feminine. You women don’t believe that long hair is what God gave you, and your glory is your hair, and you are the glory of man. I’ll go to any group of men under high heaven and I’ll say any man in the world, and I’ll say, “Men, do you believe a woman is feminine with long hair or short hair?” And ninety-nine percent of the men will say, “I believe a woman is feminine with long hair.” And you go down here and all the teenage kids, the little girls got hair down their back, because their little simple and fat headed boyfriend say, “They look pretty and sexy with long hair.”

56I know a little girl, met her right there, in Dayton, Ohio, in front of Wright’s Department Store, as we’re all waiting to get in for the early morning bargains on white cloud day, white flag day. I was trying to get a nice bargain, I got it all right. I got up nice and early and I got there. And we talked to this little girl and she said, “I hate my hair long but my boyfriend likes it.” And I thought, “Honey, that kid’s got something that God gave him. He doesn’t know where he got it, but he’s right.” Your hair is your glory and you’re the glory of the man. And any man that doesn’t know his wife’s his glory; he’s a fathead that’s fallen. You know that tonight, men, that your wife is your glory? I look at my wife and I chuckle. She’s a lovely girl. I get happy and proud about her. The older she gets, she doesn’t look so pretty anymore, and I look at her and I think she’s prettier than ever. Of course, my eyesight’s failing. [Congregation laughs.] But I kind of sing that song like the kids sing, “Mother, I put the gray in your hair, the silver threads there.” I did sure. She’s had a rough life, mostly because of me. I’m a hard guy to live with, but my wife’s my glory. But for many years she didn’t know her glory was her long hair and I’d say, “I’m going to tell you one thing, kid, let that hair grow because that looks beautiful.” When people can’t see long hair as beautiful, there’s something wrong with them. Why? Because God said it’s beautiful. Huh? I’m not trying to hurt anybody and build a doctrine, I’m just teaching you the Word of God, and if God says so, that’s got to be it. I didn’t write the Book. I preach it and I preach the way it is written; the proportion of faith, the measure of faith.

57Now, we can’t go home yet, it’s too early. I feel wide awake. It’s too early. I feel wide awake. Let me show you something here. I want you to turn…I… told myself a lie, I was going to go home early tonight, because I thought I was tired, but I got over it. That cheese sandwich we had today, sure pepped me up. I think it was the cup of coffee I drank afterward, to tell you the truth. [Bro. Vayle chuckles.] You won’t know what I’m talking about, if you hear the tape again but we went down to Brevard College and we went to the cafeteria and this was the day, I think, the food was just about the furtherest out. It was grill cheese sandwiches. It’s all right if you like grill cheese sandwiches. So Bro. Jefferies and , and Bro. Woodward, we didn’t eat as well as should have eaten. It kind of beat us that day.

58Now listen, in Luke the 19th chapter, we’re reading in Luke 19 and verses 15 to 27, really it should be at verse 11.

(11) And as they heard these things, he added and spake a parable, because he was nigh to Jerusalem, and because they thought the kingdom of God should immediately appear.

(12) (And) He said therefore, A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return. (Now this is a parable about Jesus. And if I’m talking fast; so read it for yourself.)

(13) And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said, Occupy till I come.

(14) But his citizens hated him, (and they crucified Him. See,) and (they) sent a message after him, saying, We will not have this man to reign over us.

(15) And it came to pass, that when he was returned, having received the kingdom, then he commanded (those) servants to be called unto him, to whom he had given money, that he might know how much every man had gained by trading.

(16) Then came the first, saying, Lord, thy pound (Notice, ‘thy pound’) hath gained (What?) ten pounds.

(17) And he said unto him, Well (done), good servant: thou hast been faithful (over a few things, please…) have thou authority over ten cities.

(18) And the second (one) came, saying, Lord, thy pound hath gained five pounds.

(19) And he said likewise (Good servant, thou hast been faithful over a few things…) Be thou (ruler) over five cities.

(20) And another (one) came, saying, Lord, thy pound, which I have…laid up in a napkin:

(21) For I feared, because thou art an austere man: thou takest up that thou layedst not down, and reapest (what you didn’t) sow.

(22) And he saith unto him, Out of thine own mouth (I will) judge thee, thou wicked servant. Thou knewest that I was an austere man, taking up (what) I laid not down, …reaping that I did not sow:

(23) Wherefore then gavest not thou my money to the bank, that at my coming I might have received mine own with usury?

(24) And he said unto them that stood by, Take from him (that hath) the pound, and give it to him that hath ten pounds.

(25) And they said unto him, (but) Lord, (he’s already got) ten pounds.

(26) For I say unto you, That unto every one (that) hath shall be given; and from him that hath not, even that (which) he hath shall be taken away...

(27) But those (thine) enemies, (that) would not that I reign over them, bring (them) hither, and slay them before me.

59Now listen to me! What one thing…t-h-i-n-g, does everybody have from God in equal proportion? Faith, and notice what he said, “Thou hast been (what?) faithful.” What’s he talking about? He’s talking about the measure of faith. Notice, he doesn’t destroy the wicked servant, he just takes away what was could have been laid up for him. You follow it? Now here’s the warning tonight. And I’m cutting this part short, God commands you to use your faith. This fits in with Heb 11:6, but without faith it’s impossible to please Him. For he that cometh to God must not only believe that God’s a Creator, see, but must believe that God is his—what?—Defender and Supplier, Protector and Provider. And not only believe it but let Him do it.

60Now, listen to what James said. He said, “You show me your faith without works and I will show you my faith by my works, because faith without works is dead.” Now, you can see it. God says, “Put your faith to work.” Put your faith to work. Trust Him. Put it to work. Don’t fight your enemies. Put your faith to work. As I said the other day as I pondered, why did Bro. Branham not judge the people in sin? He said, “Let God deal with them.” And I thought, why? Till God showed me. What would you sooner have as your enemy? God or the devil? I’d sooner have the devil as my enemy instead of God. For if God becomes the enemy of a man, then he’s in real trouble. Then leave your enemies to God.

61The Bible says to do good to those that hate you. Pray for those who despitefully use you. Do good to them. A man once said facetiously, he said, “You know the Bible’s got a point, when it said to do your enemies good, (he said, ) you try it, the next time somebody does you dirt. You turn around and do them good, and keep on doing them good and they’ll lie awake all night trying to figure it out and you’ll drive them crazy. You’ll get even with them.” [Congregation laughs.] Listen to me! That’s not what God had in mind. But if you want to know the truth, isn’t there just a possibility that by doing them good, they’ll be destroyed and put out of your way.

62The Bible says, “Put to silence the unbeliever and the criticizer by doing good.” If you want to give a man lockjaw, say something nice about him. He says something bad about you, and do something good. That’s faith, that’s putting your faith to work. That’s letting God fight your battles. See, what I mean? Then God demands it. He said, “I am not pleased with those who do not let Me do something for them.” Oh, isn’t this precious to know that. We’ve got a God who wants to do something for us. We’ve been praying for years, “Oh Lord, won’t you please do something? Now Lord, we try to did him now. I have read in Your Word that art good to the just, and to the unjust and now causes the rain and the sun to come upon the bad and to the good. Now Lord, look at this way, I’ve seen in your Word something nice, wouldn’t You do something nice things? Oh I would like to do, could I persuade You?” Now that’s not it. You don’t have to want God to do something for you, when He already wants to do something for you.

63You know what happened not long ago, as I say I have to trust the Lord for our various things, I mean to come in, and I’m not criticizing. I’m not carping about it. I think it’s tremendous that we can trust God and get things from God. It’s marvelous. But anyway, when we were publishing the books and I was solely responsible for Twentieth Century Prophet, it ran into a hole. We gave the books away about two for a quarter when those things cost way more than that. The printing alone was about that. And we made nothing at all on the fact of taking time off and spending money to write it. I never made a nickel which is true. And I didn’t have to. But people subsidized the book at a hundred dollars a piece, or churches, you see. Well, we gave away so much, we didn’t have any money left to be published.

64So I knew some people who said, “Well, Bro. Vayle, if you need money, let us know.” So I wrote some brothers in New York and I said, “Now look, you don’t have to do anything about this, and please don’t unless God lays it upon your heart. But the fact of the matter is we are several hundred dollars short from being able to reprint ten thousand more books. We just gave away so much, we bankrupted our self.” Which is a nice way to bankrupt yourself, give it away. If you got to give it to your creditors and mess around and drive yourself crazy, well, bankruptcy is a terrible thing. But if you should bankrupt yourself giving it away, which you won’t really, because I knew that the good people had promised, they honestly said, “Lee, when you need money, let us know.” Well, it was the thing to do. So I let the church know. And so I let them know and they said, “All right, we’ll send the money to Beaumont and that will help out the books.” I didn’t say how much, it was up to them. Well, they sent five hundred dollars. I didn’t present my own needs, because I wasn’t concerned about my own needs at that time. And they wrote a letter, and they said, “We thank God for knowing of your need, we praise Him for the ability afforded us to help and be a blessing in a problem.” And they said, “We are so glad to help you,” and they sent me two hundred dollars. I wish I had the letter here to read to you. I laid my head on the desk and I wept, because I saw God in that letter. They were so happy with the Spirit of Christ to find somebody who had a need that they could do something for. That’s the way God is.

65His eye is running to and fro throughout the world, looking for just somebody, anybody on whose behalf His mighty arm can come down and be a blessing. Isn’t it nice to know tonight that God does want to heal you? That He does want to help your family. That’s right. That He does want to bless your home; that He does want to make you effective. That God wants to do it. You don’t have to beg Him, you don’t have to persuade Him, you don’t have to cajole Him, all you’ve got to know tonight, is that God wants to do it and then put yourself in a position by faith, by that great big mountain, by that raging torrent, by the cemetery. Put yourself right there in a position so that by faith He’ll do it. Huh?

66Well, that’s my message. Now listen to me! I don’t know if you enjoyed this or not but that’s beside the point, but if you want to learn something and really learn something, come back tomorrow night, and bring your friend. Because tomorrow night I’m going to show you the number one reason why this measure of God given faith that can move mountains, that can raise the dead, does not work. And it has to do with a misunderstanding of the nature of God. Now that’s all I’m going to tell you. But tomorrow night, believe me, you’re going to hear something that’s going to strike home to your heart, and you’re going to know why it is, that this faith that can move mountains, can be locked into a vault and stay there. Then God will say, “Why didn’t you give My faith to usury? Why didn’t you use it? You’ve lost all that was laid up waiting for you. Take it and give it to the man who used his faith the most liberally.”

67Don’t you admire people that use their faith? Huh? Well, then listen, look in the mirror tonight when you go home, and say, “I’m going to admire the fellow I’m looking at, like I’ve never done before because by the grace of God I’m going to use this faith He gave me.” And then challenge yourself, and start doing it. Well, do you love Him? Well, I feel pretty good even if you don’t. I’m glad you were here, because it helps me to preach. Then I like to hear my preaching, because I know it’s the truth and it does me good, and backs me around and wakes me up. So I’m glad you came so I could preach to me. Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious Father, we bless Thy holy Name tonight, because everything that we have brought from Thy Word is true, how true It is, and Lord, lest we be like Israel over whom You wept, You said, “Oh, Jerusalem, if you only knew what belonged to your peace, you don’t know what’s yours, and now you’re going to lose everything.” Lord, that’s been on my heart for so long because I know it’s so true. But Lord, tonight, we know not only in whom we have believed but we know what He gave us. Not only of Himself, but even before then, the measure of faith that moves mountains to know how true it is, for if this measure of faith could bring Jesus Christ into my heart and theirs, then there isn’t any mountain that can’t be taken away. If this measure of faith could give me the righteousness of God, remove every sin, bring in the Holy Ghost which is the greatest of all, then there is no mountain that will stand before this faith.

How I praise Thee, O Lord, for this truth, and by the grace of God I shall not forget it. But in every time, in every condition, every moment, remember it by the Holy Ghost and then know that I and they are more than conquerors and able for every ministry. Unto the King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, the only wise God, unto Him be all honor and a special kind of glory as these lives through Him and His faith live out the Word and become those living epistles for His faith, Amen. God bless you.