1 Shall we pray. Father, we pray You’ll solemnize our hearts by the Holy Spirit within us and that particularly Your sovereign dictate, that we may be low with Your feet and quick to listen and very slow at speaking, Father. Quickly listening to what You have to say and even more quickly turning away from what we have to say so that we may know what You have to say and that life in us be nourished and fed by Your living Word and then we in turn somehow to be more and more like those living epistles read and known of all men.

Help this church, Lord, everyone one of us, to be that which You would have us to be, Lord, for that’s what we desire. Perhaps we’re very weak willed at this point but, You said those who wanted to know Your will, were willing to do Your will, know the doctrine. We pray, Lord, that knowing that doctrine will strengthen our will as never before. To walk in the Light as You’re in the Light, have fellowship one with another in the Blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, cleansing us from all of our unrighteousness, Lord. In serving You by serving each other, loving You particularly by loving each other, just being ‘Children of the Light’, under the guidance of our dear heavenly Father. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen. You may be seated.

2Now, last night we got into the beginning and we’re looking way back there, in the book of Genesis, when this plan of God, in relationship to man, where God was going to, did start to bring forth a family, in Genesis, which ends in Revelations 22, as the New Jerusalem. And, there is certain truths in there that perhaps might have escaped you by not having just looked through the Scriptures in a manner, which we might say is exploratory, but actually revelatory by the Holy Spirit. And, we took Gen 1:1

(1) In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Now, if you want to you can put that beginning way, way, way, way back somewhere, heaven’s knows where you put it back. But, if you go to the 2nd chapter you’ll be kind of abruptly brought to a halt by being reined in because it says:

(1) Thus the heavens and earth were finished, …

You see, God created heaven’s and earth and there is a six thousand year span in there. So, no matter what went ahead where Bro. Branham talks of that cooling off period of millions of years, and scientist’s recognize even billions of years, you’re not really involved with that, you’re not at all involved. You’re involved with six thousand years of God creating, recreating, renovating, fashioning and refurbishing and so on.

3And, it says here then

(1) The heavens and earth, and the host of them (were finished.)

(2) ...he rested on the seventh day (because) from all (the) work he had made.

(3) And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.

(4) These are the generations of the heavens and earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the heavens,

And, what’s a generation? One, two, three, four, five six thousand years. One in a row. You see what He’s started? He said the first day, “Let there be light.” Isn’t that what He said?

[Genesis 1:3]

(3) God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

(4) And God ...(said it) was good:

4Now, do you realize that it took one thousand years? Bro. Branham said, “He could have said that Word and the Word would have to come to pass.” It was thousands of years. Now, this leaves us open to a lot of, sort of a spiritualizing, where we would say, “Well now, you know and you know, you know, you know.” And that’s all we say, “You know, you know, you know.” In other words, we’re great thinkers and we’ve got this thing all figured out.

But, my Bible tells me, God worked hard and God was tired. Now, you don’t rest unless you get tired. Why would you rest if you don’t get tired? See. You’re not like the maid that years ago in the funny paper, I read, it was Andy Gump, he had hired ‘Ol Tilda’ and she was always sitting down and eating. He said, “Listen, when I hired you,” he said, “you told me you never got hungry and you never got tired.” She said, “Certainly, I eat before I get hungry and I rest before I get tired.”

5You know, that’s how we read the Bible. God doesn’t get tired. I know there is a spiritual thing in there but I want to impress you that this is why God destroys them that destroyed the earth, because He’s destroying the handiwork of His hands, which He labored over. See; get some new ideas about God. It’s time to get cooking on different burners than what we have been doing for all of our lives as Christians. My Bible tells me this. I am not going to deny it; I am going to talk about it. I am going to admit to it and say, “Lord, I don’t understand but You do understand and Praise God, that’s exactly the truth.”

You see, and let’s understand this, He said, “Labor to enter into your rest.” Oh, ho, ho, ho. Is God going to tell me to do something He hasn’t done? Come on. I have taught this, God becoming flesh-we’ll get out of here next week- God becoming flesh, I have taught it and taught it. You know where I am coming from. And, I believe that I am coming right from the Scripture, by the Word that Bro. Branham gave, by the understanding of the Holy Spirit.

6Genesis 2:]

(4) These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that God made the earth and the heavens,

Notice, in the day that God made the earth and the heavens. You say, “Well, maybe that day, He had one day when He made those things, that which you are talking about, and that day could be billions of years.” Sure, it could be. But, the days He’s talking about here are generations. Oh, you could say, “Well, that’s a long day until He dissolves the whole thing and starts anew.” That could be perfectly correct.

Not going to fuss at anybody over anything. I just want you to see what we’re looking at here and when I brought it out to you I showed you that the formula that we often pass out concerning creation is the word ‘Bara,’ which means to make something from nothing. And so God made something from nothing, something from nothing, something from nothing. I say, “Hold it, you’re just a little off of your rocker on that”. Because, I can show you where God does not use the word ‘Bara,’ but He says, “Let there be light,” and the thing was spoken into existence. So, it amounts to the same thing. Oh yes it does, and yet it doesn’t because you get different understandings. You get deeper insight.

7So, I pointed out last night, God the Creator versus God the Spirit. Now, you notice, the Spirit of God began to move upon the face of the water and you’ll notice that this though is the Spirit of God, it’s not saying God created in the term of God being an object of worship. So, God must have had worship when this first Scripture was written, “In the beginning, God created the earth.” Then it says here in the 1st chapter, 2nd verse, “…the spirit began to move…” Which shows you now, in my understanding here, that this is God, though He is God and He’s sovereign, though He is worshiped, rather, He is doing this sovereignly.

And you can see by what God is doing, you can see His very nature. That’s what I understand the Spirit of God to really mean. The nature of God by reason of the fact that He is manifesting, not only talking to us, but He is manifesting and you can pick up His nature. See. And when you read the Book of Genesis, especially the first two chapters, and get to the place where God puts this man and woman, in the Garden of Eden, and gives them the paradise, you can literally see, God is loved because He is pulsating with love. He is not only wisdom, omniscience, He’s not only omnipotence, those two together could run wildfire, be destructive and be diabolical, as we understand the term, ‘evil’.

8But, you see essentially, God is love. So, we are never under duress or in any problem with the power of God and with the wisdom of God because God is love. Now, if we can’t understand from this, if Adam and Eve couldn’t understand the love of God, ho, fap! And yet, in spite of it, they betrayed God. Now, this is the truth that I’m telling you. Because, if you look in your Bible’s carefully, you’re going to find that God demands our love before He says anything of His love. Now, come on, read your Bibles, you are going to find it out because I looked into it. Why? Because everything about God which is visible in nature as nature is and should be, basically. You know that Whoever is behind it is a very loving, marvelous institution within Himself.

9So, all right. We see here now, God bringing everything to the place of complete perfection for this couple He’s going to put in there, to start the God family, and here is how it works. God, the Creator.

1) Speaking and thereby bringing forth that which previously was not there, “Let there be light.”

2] God, doing the necessary about something that needs to be done. He divided the water from the waters.

3] God, speaking and not creating but commanding the inanimate to form into patterns and positions according to His plan, “Let the dry land appear and the waters be divided.”

4) God allowing. That’s letting nature follow established natural laws like, “Let the waters be gathered together…”

Why? If He hadn’t of said that nothing would have happened, the water could be up here in a pool and hanging in space. But He instituted gravity, nobody knows what gravity is, nobody’s got a formula. Maybe it’s magnetics, maybe it’s this. I simply say it’s God, spoken Word right here. He caused nature to be fully cooperative, synergistic, everything about it to be in a unity.

5) God, speaking and causing the cooperation of all that was there to be exhibited as to the purpose each part of the earth was designed for.

A) The earth, that’s the soil and those things, to bring forth the seeds which were there. See, cooperating. The seeds needed the soil, the soil needs the seeds. What happens if there’s no plant life out there? Erosion.

10You take-- look it, remember that, North Africa at one time was the wheat bin of the world. They say that lions roamed up there, elephants roamed, it was God’s country. What happened? Rome roamed in there, that’s what happened. Rome’s the killer. Hey, if you don’t believe that, read your Bibles. I am talking about Rome not as the Catholic church, which took over that Rome, but it gnashed with its teeth and destroyed everything in its way. It sowed the places to salt when it conquered them. So, smarten up because somebody may think Lee Vayle is vitriology just a mean ol’ sour puss. Well, I’m all that too. But what are you? See, any sweet lollipops gyrating around here with love oozing out and honey? Of course, they haven’t tried to find out. You’re pretty good though. You know what I am talking about; I’ve got to soften things the odd time.

The earth was to bring forth the sea, synergistically. What they took out of the soil they later on put back. How do you build your soil? By legumes and those other crops that put in the nitrogen and so on. And yet, they wouldn’t do too much good except you had the lightening bolts and the thunder roaring to bring it into further play.

11All right. B) The earth to give animals to the animals and all life, at that time, except the bodies of Adam and Eve, that’s where we come from. We came from the earth. The sea was the habitat for whales. And when He created them, of course, he came from the soil, every body comes from the soil, it all does, although the minerals and all were in the ocean there, you know, this is good country. They were cooperating, see.

6) God, actually creating not speaking. It just said, “God created.” Of course, we know it was by speech but that’s all right.

7) God forming. That means to bring forth, rather, to take and to squeeze, to bring into position, actually form it.

8) God making, which means to bring forth which ever way He wants to do it. It could be a progression, it could be a series. Like there was an evolution Bro. Branham spoke of, “Man is the highest order of animal, man’s mammal.” They’re mammalian. It doesn’t mean they’re animal as animals are animal because animals don’t have souls. We’ll go in and see why we look at this.

12Now, having pointed this all out it is not our purpose to try to define all of this and use it as laws. In other words, to bring it scientific tests and say, I mean a text, and say, “Look at this, look at this, look at this.” And then…no, no, that’s not the idea. See. But, to show that this beginning was a long one and only reached its ultimate or goal in Gen 2 1:4 because there were processes included, which could have taken six hundred to a thousand years or even longer. And, God worked at it.

Now, there again I can see the work ethic of God. I do not understand it. You could say, “Well, I believe God is energy and expended energy and it cost Him something.” Well, I don’t believe that hogwash at all. No, no, God is Spirit. Three things concerning him omniscience, omnipotence, essentiality of love. Just let it go to that, don’t try to bring stuff in there. But, you see, you could take this and you could just run yourself and everybody ragged just trying to make this work out into ecology. Forget it. We don’t need ecology any more, it’s over. You’re not going to get people to believe in ecology anyway because, “The love of money is the root of all evil,” and the little spotted owl up there in Oregon has got to go, because they say these workers will need bread. Oh, will they need money? Oh yeah. But what’s behind it? We need their vote.

13Now they’re finding out why George Bush went over there to Malta, with good ol’ pal, Gorbachev, and it was a rotten miserable situation and the reason was because his brother has connections with travel agencies, everybody else, and he took it. But Bush says, “No, no, my brother wouldn’t do that.” I wouldn’t trust George Bush, as far as I could throw a bull by the tail. That means I don’t trust Clinton either, slick Willy. And Perot proved what he was. You say, “You going to vote Bro. Vayle?” Just voted. I am sorry about that but I just speak my mind as it comes along here, if I haven’t got a mind, I speak that too. See, all right.

14We are looking at these, this long term in there, of how God was doing things, see? Now, when Gen 2:3 is read, which we read it, I know we did, yeah, “God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it…” We must not believe this as though God no longer creates, He no longer speaks, He no longer forms, He no longer makes, He no longer fashions or directs or re-directs. He just sits back there now because everything is put into motion and He said, “Now, let her go.” That is a lie. God still creates. It happened under Moses, it might have happened under Paul, just because there is no mention didn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

What do you think happened under Elijah? Was that a creative act that dead oil multiplied? If that’s not a creative act you tell me what it is. You say, “Well, it’s a renewal.” Well, you come up here with a pot of dead oil and renew it, come on big mouth. These tapes go many places in the world. I like the big mouths from Asia, Africa and all over, to come on, step up and show me. And, don’t try any stupid Houdini trick, because what I’ll do, I’ll put your hands behind your back and strip you naked and hose you down. Oh yeah. I am not fooled by these Indian ?ficators?, by these stupid authors and they say, “Well, this great guru, he is very smiling and he stops the car and he goes in his sand and he fiddles in the sand and then he brings forth a smiling Buddha.” Well, the hand is always slicker then the eye.

15Hey, you know why I am sarcastic and why I am so sick? I don’t read the Bible enough, [Bro. Vayle chuckles] I read a lot of these others things. Honestly, my stomach turns, I get a little faint from reading the Bible, because it convicts me, but it never makes me vomit. But, I actually feel many times nauseated, even talking about the things, which come against this Word and people swallow that junk. Imagine a slight of hand expert. “Well, that’s got to be the image of God.” Come on Houdini, show them who God really is. Or David Copperfield, he’s excellent; he can make an elephant disappear. Does he? Yeah, what about the Empire State Building? I heard that went too, by illusion. I like William Branham, who stood there and when you smarted off he got just as solid and sour as a rock and read you for what you were and you couldn’t hide if you tried. Forget that junk.

16Now, let’s get on reading here. Yes, the 3rd verse does not put God in a static position. In fact, I believe He’s been busier then ever since man got out of control. This is merely the beginning or the foundation from which God now works where God and mankind really start to move, in the purpose or plans that God had foreknown, and is now predestinating. Here is the point. All of this was necessary to implement Gen 1:28-29, which tells you of the multiplication and the taking over of the earth. And, notice, in Gen 2:5-6, what we read over there.

(5) And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground.

(6) But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the earth.

And, this is written in spite of Gen 1:11.

(11) And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself,…

You can see the progression, see, and the ultimate. It was for a man to take over. Now, we’re going to go to start up again, in Gen 2:7.

(7) And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils (his nostrils, not their nostrils, his nostrils, not her and him, his nostrils) the breath of life; and man became a living soul

Now, here we will notice something very soon that is in here already, I read it to you. That God has done that is overwhelmingly wonderful, being based upon what He had previously done and which He had not, which if it had not been done, this could not have happened.

17Now, in Gen 1:26a:

(26) God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: (And then He qualified by looking down the road) and let them have dominion (And so on.)

And in verse 27,

(27) So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

All right. When He said, “Let us make man in our own image…” He said, “Let us bring forth man, let us produce man in our image.” And, to bring forth, and produce, positively shows a progression, which is going on. So, first of all He starts with saying, “Let us make man, or bring him forth, in our image.” And, Bro. Branham said, “ When that is spoken there, it absolutely, categorically means that God being spirit, He made, to begin with, Adam, an absolute spirit man.” Now, that is exactly true. So, God created after He spoke, that’s after He spoke, in this type of creation, because He said, “Let’s make man in our image.” So, God creates. And, after He spoke, Adam was then a, was a spoken into existence, spirit man. That’s what he was. He was a spoken into existence, spirit man. God said it and when He said it, that’s His omniscience being expressed, His omnipotence immediately into action, brought forth this spirit creature or creation.

18Now, this is not 2 Cor 5:1. Now, let’s go back there and take a look at it and understand by the prophet’s true interpretation, from the Pillar of Fire that wrote it, here to interpret it.

(1) For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle (or this earthly house being our tabernacle, our tent) were dissolved (died, it’s gone, boom), we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

(2) For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven:

(3) If so be that being clothed we shall not be found naked.

So, Bro. Branham already telling us that this is not a theophonic form, which is certainly is not, it is a spirit body, that’s what it is. In one place he calls it, “Having bypassed the Word body, to be tested.” Here is the beginning. Now, then there is another creative act with that where it says here, “Let us make man in our image.” And, it says here, “God created the man in his image,” made him spirit man. Then it says, “…male and female created he them.” Now, you could say that the last phrase is a repetition or it is a clarification of the first phrase or phrases that say, “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him.”

19Well, I don’t see it that way because I don’t believe if God cannot say it the first time right, He’s going to say it the second time right. You think what you want. I am not saying that you’ve got to believe what Lee Vayle is saying, I am just saying I’ve presented you what I see here and what I feel is in here. That God is saying here, “I’m doing this creation by two acts of creation.” Now, first of all, this says, “Let us make man,” of course, we know that can be generic, “Let us make man in our image after our likeness so he created man in his own image and the image of God created He him, male and female created He them.”

Now, I can’t believe that those two statements are exactly the same thing, with one the clarification of the other, because my Bible tells me that the headship of man is Christ and to Christ, God. And it said, “The man was made in the image of God but the woman in the image of the man.” Right? Oh come on, is that Corinthians or not? It’s Corinthians. So, I see here as I have said already, the creation doesn’t, to me, doesn’t necessarily mean ‘something made from nothing’. But, it’s in this creation we’re looking at; we’re looking at it all, the whole expanse. There are gradations, series, progressions, necessities coming out. Not as though God is evolving with His plan, but the plan must evolve itself in certain steps by omniscience, omnipotence and love.

20So, I have the New Testament to back me. “Man in the image of God and woman in the image of man.” Now, if we just look at it. We see them, what could well be, and I believe to be, a duo creation or a duo. And in here you have a male and a female spirit. And you will notice then, right away, that there must be a big difference. Now, God creates this being to the result of [Gen] 1:28

(28) ... he blessed them, and said, Be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth, subdue it…

The word ‘subdue’ is not a violent word, as I showed you in the New Testament. It’s a word of order, govern it. Notice how the people, in America, have a government. If you want to see corruption, dissolution, misery and pure crud, made from what is grand and glorious, which was the American nation, you’ve got a government that does it and it does it by subjection. They don’t have the first clue to what it means to rule and to govern. They are predators, liars. Until Bro. Branham said, “There’s not one politician can make a true decision.” The only decision they can make is with cash register signs in their eyeballs and the clink of the money flowing in their coffers, because they’ve sold out to the love of money. And, I don’t care who is running for office, you only talk about money in the other guy’s pockets until you can get your hand in there yourself. Yeah.

21So, what we read here is toward the end that this takes place. Now, so, He further creates and divides this light into male and female spirit. “The singular is divided and made duo for the purpose of procreation so Adam can reproduce himself,” quoted from the prophet. Anybody knows that. God recognizes two for procreation but only one for light. That’s why their name was Adam. Now, from Gen 1:26a-27, which we read,

(26) Let(s) make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion (and so on)…

(27) God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

22There are four acts that proceed from God. Now, you that like systematic Scripture, you just keep listening. There are four acts that proceed from God. Okay.

1) God speaks in counsel, “Let us make man.”

2) God creates. He created.

3) God further creates.

Now, we saw that image of God and woman’s in the image of man. Now, come on. Did Paul, the apostle, make a mistake from Genesis? Hold it, don’t you dare tell me he did because I say right now, hey you don’t even understand what a prophet’s all about, you haven’t got a clue.

See, we are talking in terms of infallibility. And, infallibility brings reliability because, infallibility is complete fidelity, the unchanging God. All right. Now, He creates, He further creates. Then, in Gen 2:7 He puts Adam, only one person still, in a body by forming the earth. That’s literally squeezing it. You will notice here, there are four creative acts or acts in this particular area of bringing forth this man to where he can be put in the Garden of Eden and then have a wife. And, you know four, is deliverance. And, in this verse you will find that man is delivered from the animal kingdom, though he’s still animal.

23For it says in this verse, “God, Lord God,” which signifies right here, the Elohim, who is the master. We’re not talking too much now just about worship, although that’s there, we are talking about master, owner. Like God said, “All souls are mine.” The owner. The owner, worthy of worship. He literally breathed into Adam’s nostril. Now, the breath of God, as Bro. Branham declared, so truly, “is not simply air or resuscitation of a body that had everything going for it but just needed a jolt for the lungs to start moving.” This was indeed the spirit of God or the Holy Spirit Himself, in a measure, actually imparted into this man, Adam.

Now, here is where you see the stupendous thing that is in this verse. This is neither creating, speaking, making or forming. It is God breathing His own Holy Spirit into Adam and this man Adam, who was created and made and formed from spirit to flesh of clay, is not only spirit and body but now is a soul man as well. Do you understand what I am saying? You’ve now got body, soul and spirit. Before, you only had body and spirit.

24I know some of you don’t look too alive with what I am saying because this is not getting to you. You just don’t see this Message, because here is what Bro. Branham has taught concerning the sonship of son’s and the sovereignty of God and if you don’t see it you don’t see what Bro. Branham is saying and where he gets it. See. Here is where he got his soul and the soul was not created. It did not have a beginning. Do you understand what I am saying? Now, it had a time of its manifestation but Adam now receives a part of God. It is the gene of God, the gene spirit that Adam now has. It is now filling the spot that God left in Adam, which was a place for a soul, which the serpent also had, a place for a soul but he wasn’t given one. And, here is where man is delivered from the animal kingdom.

And, this is where you’d better start looking around and understanding brother/sister whatever the serpent seed’s got, it ain’t got. What the wise and foolish virgin has, because they go right back to natural brute beasts and there isn’t any deliverance. There is no redemption for them, there never has been and never will be because, they never were a part of it. The basic translation in this verse is, “And God breathed into Adam the breath of lives and man became a living soul,” and here is where we see the natural election of God. As it says, “As in Adam, all die even so in Christ all are made alive.” That means an identical manner, see. So, we understand that. Man became a living soul. It is here now that Adam becomes the vessel that God wants him to be, whereby he can take care of the whole earth, the animals and everything else, because he has this gene from God.

25Remember, the spirit of the beast goes downward and the spirit of man goes upward. And, remember, even though there is in Scripture, the indication, and it could be just a matter of rendering the Word, not the way it should be, but it’s in the Lexicon there, in some places it mentions the beast’s animals having a soul. But, let me tell you this, there is no place where God breathed into any animal outside of man, the breath of life. So if the animal does have a soul he ain’t got a soul that came from God because the Bible just said, “Let the earth bring forth,” period. But, you notice what man went through all those fastings and formings until God could breathe His life into him.

So, you understand now more perfectly what we are saying. And, Adam now becomes the one, through natural processes, that this soul comes on down into each child of God, in every single age, and there isn’t one that doesn’t possess it in that manner. See, I know people have their own idea. The soul is floating out around there somewhere and somewhere it will just plop into you. That is, oh, come on. Hey, if you’re going to be a born again Believer in this Message, please do not come near me if you talk like that. I mean, hey, as I said, my stomach is queasy and I am not crazy.

26This makes us see what Bro. Branham said, which is basically, “Man is tripartite, his spirit and body are created and formed, they began but the gene of God in the soul is eternal.” See. In other words, the soul is of God, originally and was in Him and so it is eternal. That’s why He said, “There will come a day when you realized you didn’t get saved the time you thought you were, you always were saved.” And, that’s why the Bible said, “The Seed of God cannot sin but it keeps its self.” You tell me how a Seed of God could do anything but keep its self. And you got God a potty God. Now, let’s go the whole measure, He’s male and female. Oh, let’s dance around the mulberry bush and create, concoct our own God and say, “Now we are gods, hallelujah.” You can speak in tongues if you want, who cares. You’ve got to come to grips to where you put out your own thinking, Pentecostal jitterbug thinking. Your Baptist cemetery thinking, your Methodist prohibition thinking and every other thinking you might have.

However, please note what has happened. So, let’s go to the Bible and see what’s happened. Gen 1:26 “Let us make man in our image,” and He’s going to do it, He created man, male and female spirit. Then, He puts this individual. The spirit’s together but it’s still just Adam, it’s that one life He’s looking at, made in the image of God, puts him in a body of clay.

27Now, over here in the 2nd chapter, verses 18 to 25, won’t take time to read it but, it tells you. Notice what it says in verse 18.

(18) And God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. (Now watch)

(19) And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field,…

Hey, does that mean He just formed it at that time? No, they already were formed. So, He puts Adam right there with the beast, with the animal kingdom because he’s part of it. But being a part of it is only in this way that he’s flesh and blood and procreates and would have children, the same as animals. But he’s got a soul and he’s a son of God from the very gene of God, from His soul there. “And the Lord God formed all these animals and the fowls and He brought the animals before Adam and Adam named them. All the beast of the field,” he got that far. But, amongst them, there was not one like him, of his own species.

28Now, these beasts were already in the world and multiplying and Adam was supposed to multiply himself too, but he didn’t have one of his species. One awful close to it called ‘the beast’, the serpent. So, the Lord God, what did He do? He took and put asleep, the first anesthetic ever used, and that’s the only kind there should be. Let God do it. Made an operation, took out a rib, closed the flesh and He made a woman out of it. Now how would He, why would He take a rib? Well, I think myself that’s a little bit more symbolic than maybe the rib itself though I don’t discount it because what happens? The blood is made in the marrow of the bone. So, maybe it’s in the rib too that it forms? I don’t know I am not a doctor and I’m not a biologist. [Bro. Vayle asks someone in the congregation] Do you know anything about that? If the bone forms it down here, where is it formed? That’s where it is formed. [End of side one]

29So, all right. It’s logical, that’s exactly where it should come from, because the life is there. And, if you’ve got the life there and you’ve got the starter for the bread, you know the starter, which is the yeast, huh? And, you’ve got the things there; you’re going to make bread. So, He brings it out, and all He does is does a chemical transformation. And, you think for one minute God quit creating? Never did, she’s out there in another name. Bro. Branham said, “She’s out of the original Creationt,” and he sure was right, she certainly was. Let’s picture what God’s going to do again, create anew the Bride, not through sex but through, as Bro. Branham named off, some of the elements. Either miracle or resurrection, God is going to do it Himself. He said, “This is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh and this causes a man to leave father and mother be joined to his wife.” And, notice He said, “This is flesh of my flesh.” See. Bone of bone, flesh of flesh.

30All right. Now, you can see here what He’s talking about. This is that one now of his own likeness, of his kind, just identical to him, come as the animal up to the top where a daughter of Almighty God. And here there are now, in order to bring forth the family on the earth. Now, we know they went about it wrong but we’re not going to worry about that. We’re going to go to Genesis 5 and we’re going to read because here’s where I am interested.

(1) This is the generation(s) of Adam. In the day God created man, in the likeness of God (created) he him; (then it says,)

(2) Male and female created he them; and blessed them,…

You see, the same words exactly and she’s made in his image. This is, God could say, “This is now my son, in my image,” and Adam could say, “I’m the son of God, in God’s image,” but Eve could not say that, because Adam’s her image. You can say what you want but I read in my Bible over there in the book of 1Corinthians. Now, “In the day they’re created.” And that was a progression. And notice especially, He puts the emphasis on the male and female, “in the day they were,…” and He’s talking now of generations and the generation could not stop, start, until they were in physical bodies and could procreate.

31So, the essentiality of male and female lies in the human body and their organs and not near as much in the spirit as some people want to put it. Although, we do admit a woman has a, what Bro. Branham called a “feminism spirit” Like you’d say, the man is womanish and the woman is Manish, signifying that the attributes there, that you can see, do not pattern according to reality. Something has slipped in and something is screwy. I’ve seen so many of these homosexuals and I’m sorry for them, because you can tell they were born wrong. Now, some of them just made homosexuals of themselves, they’re just filthy pigs. But, you can tell the way they walk and there’s sort of a baby pat with them and every, oh, good God...

I don’t mean to hurt anybody. I don’t run them down to the sense I want to be mean to anybody, beat anybody up, I’m a hundred percent against that, they’ve got their rights, let them have their rights. They’ve got no right in the Bible, they’ve got no right in the Assembly of God doing those things, we’ve put our foot down the best we can. I know if we went against it too much or put anybody out, they could sue us and everything else because the government says, “Forget the Bible, you are going to serve me.” That’s our government. Huh. You think that I’m going to stand back and weep when it gets all burnt up? Listen, if I get burnt up with it, Praise God it’s gone. At least I am not causing somebody else a bunch of crud and crap. Now, come on take your stand with me brother/sister, don’t be a bunch of jerks. God’s got to burn us up, like Bro. Branham said, “If we’re not Bride, God help us get out of the way.” Let’s have something going for us, I mean something going for us because they’ve got nothing going for them.

32Now, it says here, “Adam made in the likeness of God and he, they begot children, begot a son in his likeness, after his image” Notice, it’s going down now. See, it’s like the woman now, anything from that point on.

[Genesis 5:]

(4) The days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters:

Now, with that we’re going to read over here in Luke 3, which I’ve read before on occasions, because we want to link the whole thing up because it’s the same Holy Spirit of God that wrote the Bible or throw it in the junky. And it says in Lk 3:38, that’s way over yonder, lot’s of writing in the genealogy,

(38) This which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was of God.

So, who was his maker? Who is his father? Adam was, I mean, God was. So, we see that Adam was a true child of Almighty God. Now, Bro. Branham said, and you understand why now, “If you didn’t have representation then, you don’t have it now.” Now, remember brother/sister when you come to those that are of God, you have first born and born ones. And first born are those patterned after Christ in the first resurrection. The born ones, of which there would be millions and we all qualify there, but not as a first born, and I will tell you why, they are the foolish virgin.

33Now, if you want to understand this more thoroughly you go to Philippians. And, in Philippians 3, you will find what we’re talking about. And Paul says here in verse 10,

(10) That I may know him, and the power of (the) resurrection, (even) the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

(11) If by any means I may attain unto the resurrection

No, Sir. If I may attain to the out resurrection or from among those that are dead and will be resurrected, I may be chosen to be the ones that come up first, while the rest stay there. Now, every child of God is going to make the resurrection. He will be there but they will not necessarily be in the throne, they will not be in New Jerusalem, they will be those on the outside who bring their glory in. And with that also, seeing God does in three’s you are going to find the 144,000 and they will be those called eunuchs, virgins, who take care of the Bride and they serve, always around the Lamb.

34All right, let us note the progression of Adam’s spirit, body and soul.

A) God created the spirit of Adam and consequently, Eve.

B) God made the body from earth and put the spirit into it. Yeah,

C) He then gave him His soul, or God’s own life.

This is the original order of necessity because of the theophany. Now, what is the ‘theophany’? Bro. Branham uses that word, it’s perfectly legitimate but it really means ‘theophanara’ which means, ‘God showing forth’.

35All right. If we started with a soul first, which would be from God, and it’s now time to manifest, it would have, out of necessity, produced a body commensurate and from It, being a part of God. Oh yeah. It would have just naturally come forth like when God said – when Bro. Branham said a light formed and Paul tells you in Hebrews 1. Let me read it for you so we don’t get our wires crossed and think we are going off into a deep end, you know

(2) Hath in these last days spoken unto us his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the ages,

(3) (This Son) Who being the brightness (the effulgence the outflowing) of his glory, the express image (or the expression of His purpose) upholding all things by the word of his power, …

It tells you right there, you’re looking at Jesus, the Son of God; you’re literally seeing God, because he was the manifestation of that life. That’s what we’re saying here, that life will manifest itself according to the plan and purpose of God and it wasn’t God’s purpose at that time for that One to produce that body. So, He couldn’t do it first. So, what does He do? He starts with spirit, puts it in a body, then puts the soul in there and now He’s got what He wants, you see?

36Now, you’ll notice that Adam and Eve sin. The child born of Adam and Eve was not Cain, that was born of Eve and the serpent, she was the mother of all living, it doesn’t say Adam was the father of all living, don’t ever put that in your Bible because that wouldn’t be true. Adam is not the father. You say, “Well, Eve was the mother, Adam was the father.” That’s a lot of hogwash, it’s a lie from the pit of hell, you put something in your Bible God will add you to the plaques In other words, you’ll pay for it. Yeah. Adam was not the father of all living, Eve was the mother. Adam was the father of Abel and Cain slew him, see.

Now, by this time you can see that man has come to a position which is strictly untenable for that theophonic form, as you’d call it and as Bro. Branham said so clearly, “He bypassed that Word form that spirit form, that theophonic form to be placed in flesh in order to be tempted.” How could Adam even be tempted if He’d given that soul first? Couldn’t do it, he had to have a body of flesh in order to do it. Now, that’s how we come, that’s was I understand from Bro. Branham’s Message. Okay.

37Now, Bro. Branham reversed the order through revelation. It is not body, soul, spirit. It is spirit, body, soul. And the soul is on the inside of the body, the spirit is on the outside, not outside your body but you know what I mean, you know we are formed as a tripartite being, three parts to one creature. So, Bro. Branham said, “This is the reason you can be anointed by the Holy Ghost and not be baptized with the Holy Ghost, you can have gifts but never the Giver.” Because, He works through the spirit, because the soul is the link of the body and its life to God and the spirit is the link to the outside through the senses and the mind. But, when you deal with the soul, you deal only with the Word of God and you must bypass the mind and its senses.

38Now, let us prove to you, from Bro. Branham, that the soul comes by natural resources, but it’s supernatural in the natural. In other words, in that sperm is that soul, that life which is from God, a genuine life from God. Now, you can have a life without it, we’ve got it already, I don’t understand it all but I understand this much. Bro. Branham categorically said, to a Mormon, whose wife aborted a baby shortly before it was born. And you know the Mormon’s, you know, they are very, very polygamous and they’ve been sold this bill of goods that God’s got all these souls up there that needs bodies and they are only too happy to have one hundred wives to make sure every soul gets a body. Oh yeah, they are a bunch of whoremongers. Don’t come to me with your Mormon stuff around here, I’ll just boot you plumb out the door. Oh I can’t do that but I can have some body do it for me or I’ll make it so hot for you, you won’t stick around anyway. You’ll never shake my hand, come on forget it. I won’t say, “God bless you,” Why should I? Because you’re not blessed of God, think I am going to bless what God hasn’t blessed? I do it inadvertently sometimes but I’ll have to answer for it.

39So, we’re not Mormon’s. See. That’s a funny name ‘more-man’. You think you are more of a man because you have more sex? You are more of a man if you don’t, more woman. Keep with your marriage and live it. Well, let it soak in. Okay. Bro. Branham said, “You will see that baby in heaven.” How come? If the baby is only muscles, twitching muscles and nerves until it drops from the womb, breathes and a spirit is there to receive it, it does not actually have life. Then it must have a life if it’s going to be up there. So, he’s talking about two kinds of life right now. This is why it took Bro. Branham to show exactly why abortion is murder.

Now, that’s a very saddening thing because we realize over the years, there have been multitudes murdered, it’s akin to genocide, it is genocide. But even then as Paul murdered many people, people are forgiven for this. But because they’re forgiven doesn’t mean it should be practiced. And this is why the world is going straight to hell in a hand basket, or anything else you want to put on it, and God is going to judge it, because murder is rampant because from your tiny kids in school they are taught sex. The girls are screaming for it, the boys are screaming for it and as they get pregnant the teacher will make sure that you can have an abortion and you become a murderer.

40Now, if you parents don’t teach your kids that, I will meet you at the White Throne. And I’ll look all you nice little girls in the eyes and all you nice little boys and you’re murderers. The woman is a sacred vessel for child bearing. We live in a single sex dominated world where the love of money has perverted everything and everybody. And, the abortion clinics only have one thing in mind and that is your dollar bill and the teachers and those that promulgate this hogwash and this moral corruption, and these men in authority, do it for one reason, to excuse themselves. Yup, I’m telling you the truth. Okay.

41So, Bro. Branham said, The soul was on the inside where the word of God gets down through the spirit,” it has to come by the spirit and by the mind, “and if there is a place in the heart,” which means the gene of God in the soul that is there, is there, “as the spirit can only look at the material things of God, you’d better believe the soul can only look at the spiritual things of God.” And, therefore it’s incumbent of us to bring the mind under control and at all times attempt to put the Word of God, even as the Scripture said, “I’ve kept thy Word before me continuously.” And Moses, was commanded to make little phylacteries, little boxes with the Word in it and hang it on the forehead, just between the eyes, so the eyes would always see it. Bump, bump, bump, Word, Word, Word, bump, bump, bump, Word, Word, Word. On the wrist, no matter what you do, Word, Word, Word, Word, Word, Word, or the bells on the garments or the same little thing on the ankles. Word, Word, Word, Word, Word, Word, because that’s the only way to go.

42So, we see why Bro. Branham said, “The soul or gene or God life, bypassed its theophany or spirit body or Word body.” God started with the created spirit, then formed the body, then the eternal soul was breathed into it. Adam knew this, that’s why he wanted to get to the Tree of Life and live forever. If he could just get there everything would be so nice now. “Let me get there, let me get there, then I could stand this.” No, the cry was there but it was too late. What the soul was made for, it was not going to get at that time because he had fallen. Even his, he’d become mortal and he couldn’t make immortality except by the grade.

43Now, here is the point to make. Where does it say God, God’s spirit, God’s life, God’s Word is male or female? You ought to have known by now I was going hit that again. “Well, Bro. Vayle, the spirit.” I’m talking about soul, honey. I’m talking to the same guy that understood and preached that God tore the soul out of Jesus. In Bro. Branham’s own sermon, giving his words to the dialogue of Jesus said, “They are going to put a spear in my side and break the blood cell and my life will go forth and unite with the Father’s and we will come back upon the people.” That’s at Pentecost. That was the soul He tore out.

44I want to find a female and a male; I want to also find where there are female spirits waiting to get a female baby and a male spirit waiting to get a male baby. Ain’t no female spirits. They’re sexless. They may have male figures. As Bro. Branham mentioned the male, he did not mention by those organs that specifically make him male, he mentioned by his burliness. Right? Right. Okay, you dandies that want to look like hankie-pankie, I don’t know, randy-andy. The soul has no sex actually, but God calls it, “Male,” because God alone is described as male and God alone can give life and the male alone gives life. Where do we find female angels or spirits standing by to take male or female babies? It’s not so. The issue over male and female is not only a red herring to me but a very bad one. In other words, it stinks if you can’t get that. Yeah.

45Now, the resurrection certainly raises female bodies as well as male bodies. Bro. Branham saw them, even in a spirit form, the theophany. It’ll bring forth, there’s no doubt there’s male and female but a spirit, there’s nothing about the soul here now. Let’s go over here to Mt 22:28-30. And even in theophonic form, they are perfectly male and female. We’re not going to argue that point at all. What we’re talking about is intrinsicality and they are destroying in my books what I term as intrinsicality essentiality. I think I am using the words pretty good; they’re good words in the dictionary. Now, this is where the woman had seven husbands and they all died. Whose wife should she be in the resurrection?

(28) Therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven? for they all had her.

(29) Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

He said, “You don’t know your Bibles and you don’t know the power of God,” what God does about His own Word. He said, “You haven’t got a clue to what’s going on.”

Now, what’s He say? “You make an error because of that,”

(30) For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

(31) But as touching the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying,

(32) I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.

46Now, that’s what I’ve been preaching all along. The living God gives His life, He’s not interested in sex spirits. No, that’s only part of the parcel. The apex, the crux, neither male nor female but life from God with the living God. I just see another war coming, I just see another idolatry coming and it’s been told me a certain man in Australia, has just preached a sermon, I am waiting to get it from Bro. Ernie when he gets here. It was said that, “This is the thing that you must really see, the big thing in the message, the male and the female and Bro. Vayle will eventually teach it and then he will claim it as his own.” Bro. Vayle has just made a disclaimer.

Now, if I’m wrong I’ve got the guts to come up and tell you, I’ll go and apologize. But, I want them to prove this wrong, Jesus said it. Sex isn’t there. What was the Scripture that placed the sex bodies this side of the grave and resurrection only? Certainly in Gen 1:26-28. A race who would subdue the world, but they didn’t. So sex failed. Yeah. Man failed, God has to take over and do the job. The bodies were for procreation and the original life of Adam by his greatest fear was to make that a sure thing, so they were male and female like all other animals. That’s right in the Word here.

47Now, let me ask you a question. What was marriage to Adam? Was it not Gen 2:23-24? Let’s look at it.

(23) And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: (I’m going to call her woman), because she was taken out of (me the) Man.

(24) (And he said) for this cause, a man(‘s going to) leave his father and mother, and (he’s going to) cleave to his wife: and they (‘re going to) be one flesh.(again)

Now, what is he telling us here? What was that? Adam was getting the other part of himself back. That’s all. Which was given him, that part given of him, to another body, as a part of his life, yeah, reproduce yourself. What are you, Adam? Well, he said, “I’m a man standing here but I’ve got everything in order to procreate, but it’s in all the wrong places.” He said, “I’ll put it in the right places, now you’re like the rest of the animals.” Kine life is kine life if it’s cow or a bull, horse life is horse life whether stud or a mare. Yeah. Life of man is life whether it’s male or female. But you see, God has a purpose in this thing and He works it according to His own will. Adam was getting the other part of him back, that which was given of him to another body, a part of his life. Will not the marriage to Christ be the same thing? But not getting bodies back that have male and female spirits, as though that is the ultimate. A body that has the life of God, the gene of God in it.

48So, that is the beginning as I see it and that’s what this sermon is all about. Now listen, I cannot take any part of nature to try to formulate God, to expose Him, to reveal Him and to know Him. Forget it. The only thing from nature you can get is that God works in continuity, that’s exactly what Bro. Branham said, he did not express it further, no way. It’s what Paul said, “You know there is a God because of nature.” Nature only proves there is a God and nature runs in continuity. As nature runs in continuity, neither does God change. God can only be revealed by Himself and I want to find anything about ‘Mother God’ and ‘Sister Jesus’. Let the Catholics talk about ‘Sister Christopher’ and ‘Sister Michael’. But, let it be known, I am not ‘Sister Vayle’. I have no female spirit nor a part of a female but my wife and I are perfectly adapted as Cain was, rather Eve was, and Adam to procreate and bring forth children.

So, you can think what you want brother. So and so and the rest of them. Now, I am going to stand right here and tell you, I am not a hypocrite or a liar. Something in me makes me look these things over and I work them until I realize I have come to a conclusion, best that I know. It would now take something very super natural, some tremendous dissertation or treatise that Bro. Branham has said, particularly after the opening of the Seals, to begin to change my mind.

49Why would anybody want to complicate this message when all it is, Bro. Branham said, was simplicity. And when he got through the Seven Seals he said, “When I preached ‘God In Simplicity’ I never knew how simple it was.” And I said to myself, “Bro. Branham, I am glad that you think so, at this point, I cannot concur.” But I can tell you now, after all these years, Bro. Branham was a hundred percent right. I may not get it all but I know one thing, when it does come, it is a hundred percent simple and the simplicity lies in the soul which is of God and it is never said, “Male or female.” Any appellation at all would strictly make it male. In other words, I’m not saying God hands out male souls and female souls. You believe what I say? You don’t have to believe what I say but here’s the point, do you follow what I said? That’s what counts. Let’s rise and be dismissed.

Gracious Eternal Father, God of all of us, today we believe that to be true, that You are our God and You have given us these things explicitly implicitly, Lord, you’ve given them one time veiled but now clearer then clear. And Lord, we know that many people say these things which we believed in error for one reason, to aggrandize themselves, arrogate themselves, certain powers and principles and followings and this and that. But Lord, we have only one thing we desire, if I can point anybody to you, Lord, and to this Word, oh God, in its correctness then I have fulfilled my purpose more then enough and if I am only right and nobody else is right with me, though I preach it, I am still in favor, Your favor, Lord, because only You can bring the souls in, only You can call, only You Lord, You our Lord God.

And I Lord, if I am a tiny mouthpiece I have more then satisfied my life and trust Lord, I have satisfied You to some degree, and whether the people know it or not, they have been amply satisfied Lord. They have no fight with me, I have no fight with them, all is calm and all is clear and peaceful, because there’s only one thing that has the Seed, the Life and that is Your Word. I pray it has that life Lord, and I pray all the people rejoice in it and go their way with anthems, the hymn singing, songs in their heart, making Your name worthy and greater day by day. We exalt Thee oh God, and may we continue to exalt Thee, in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.