1Shall we pray. Heavenly Father, we know that You're here and You have devolved upon us that we represent Your Presence. Which we feel most inadequate. And yet You would not call upon us to represent Your presence unless we were fortified by You. And Lord, this morning we're falling back on a vindicated Word that You sent by a vindicated prophet, trusting, Lord, that whatever the hour necessitates to bring forth in us, it will come forth by that Word which we happily believe is the conduit of the Holy Spirit alivened in us. We too, then can be a conduit. That You called us the representatives and...?... and whatever. So Father, may we be true to Your Word today even as You have been true to us by that same Word. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen. You may be seated.

2Now this morning, we're sort of on number ten Question and Answers, which is a very nondescript title but it kind of serves our purpose. And in our studies relative to some statements that Bro. Branham made concerning the pastor, we have hopefully discovered some Scripture that might very well be the basis for a thought in marriage and divorce, which we have studied by ourselves but not in groups. We've read it; we used quotes from it.

And Bro. Branham said in Marriage and Divorce, number one, "This sermon on Marriage and Divorce is only for those who follow this message that I am bringing." That's the first thing he said, this does not encompass other people. It is only those to whom Bro. Branham was sent, only those for whom this Word was given. Number two, he said, "Don't ever divorce again and remarry." Now, to bear that out I'm going to read for you on page 44 and 5 and 48, 49 a few excerpts from Marriage and Divorce. And by the grace of God we'll not be taking them out of context; they are deliberate statements.

3Now, remember, I say this to just my group only. And out in the air: (he was on a telephone hookup), I'm saying this to only my followers; this message is only to them. And what I'm going to say here, any minister--that is--he's the shepherd of the flock; let him do whatever he wants to. That's up to him and God. Any priest, any teacher, that's up to him, my brother. I'm only speaking here in Jeffersonville, the only speak I--the only place I speak this at, is because it's my own flock. (He was the founder and actual pastor.) It's the flock that the Holy Ghost gave me to understand, to over--to oversee over. He'll hold me responsible for it.

Now, he's speaking as pastor, and he says he understands the flock. I wonder how many pastors understand the flock. I hate to be so nasty, but I am so fed up with preachers thinking they're somebody when they're nothing. When the great God himself is here, the chief shepherd of the flock manifested who and what he is in his glory--Shekinah glory--there it is caught right on the camera.

We got an excellent photographer who's taken excellent courses. Ask Janet, Sis. White. She knows the camera doesn't take psychology, same as Bro. Branham knew, George Lacy. We've got evidence. I--I just want to defer to God and say, "Hallelujah, Lord! Let me understand the flock if I'm supposed to." He said, "He'll hold me responsible." Far cry, from what a lot of preachers, pastors enter into.

And these people of mine have been converts here from across the land that I've led to Christ. And little children, I'm here to help you and be your friend. You might think I speak against you; I'm saying this for your good. I love you. And if that isn't so, God's my judge. And you know that I love you.

4This is an awful strong thing. I didn't know how to bring it out! What will I do when I get--get men and women sitting in my congregation. When I got them setting in my congregation, some that's been married twice or three times? Now they're good men, they're good women, but they're all mixed up! What's done it? False teaching.

Now, let it sink in because you didn't catch it. I'll explain it to you. If false teaching got them messed up, what will good teaching do? Say, "Well, Bro. Vayle, at least it gives us a chance." Oh, stop that nonsense. You're missing God and His Word. See, I jarred you. I jarred myself. I wasn't going to say this. This is un--unrehearsed entirely.

"Good seed brings forth good fruit. A sower went forth to sow." Christ, in the form of the Holy Spirit brought His Word, though men declared it, it was still the Word of God, and he said, "False teaching has done it." Then what will the true teaching do? See, we got to understand these things. "Good men and women. False teaching. Exactly. Not waiting on the Lord." Now that's the next thing, you take the Word and wait with it. Don't get all hot and bothered.

"What God has joined together, let no man put asunder..." Not what man joined together, what God joined together.

When you got a direct revelation from God that's your wife and the same thing, (women to men) that's yours for the rest of your life, (eternity even). See? But what man joins together (not a true revelation on both sides)--But what man joins together anybody can put apart. (Let it sink in.)

5Bro. Branham preached this sermon... A couple, I think in Georgia, who wrote Bro. Branham, "We were engaged, we loved each other, we thought we'd get married, but we saw we would never make it. But we said we'd get married to each other. Are we married?" He said, "No way." Any man can break that.

Boys, listen to me, young men, Truth will set you free, not mess you up. You know what I'm talking about. Oh yeah. I'm not up here as a little kid talking, brother/sister, I'm the voice of God this morning. I'm parroting the prophet word by word and I'm telling you what he said. And if you're slow of mind to get it, I'm helping you get it. Don't fool with the things of God.

In other words, telling you--I'm telling you straight, you can have an engagement that is no more of God than nothing. Any man can break it up. And it can be broken up. But if it's of God, never will be. Yeah.

Whatever God joins together, no man better dare to touch it. (Huh, uh. That's wonderful.) "Whatever God joins together" He said, "Let no man put asunder." Not what some half-drunk magistrate or something else put together or some backslidden preacher with a bunch of creeds in a book that would let them do anything in the world and the Word of God laying right there. (Because he used the Bible.) See? I'm talking about what God joined together.

6All right, reading on, 48, 49.

Now, you believe this to be true and believe it from God. And by the vindication of His Cloud and His Message that's brought me this far, should not God upon the mountain permit me to do the same thing to suffer you to go on the way you are and do it no more! (Do what no more? Listen to false teaching and get into false marriages that bust up and everything else. All right.) Go with your wives and live in peace for the hour is late. The coming of the Lord is at hand! (That's the physical coming.) We haven't got time to break these things up!

But remember, we're a royal priesthood unto God, Ezra, Nehemiah, tried to break some things up, especially, the priest marrying foreign wives. And remember as we go along this morning, we'll find out that an illegitimate child is originally in the Bible, a Hebrew marrying a Gentile woman. Now we'll apply it to this hour in the Scripture where Paul helps to obviate any problems there. We get in_1 Corinthians 7 later on.

The coming of the Lord is at hand! We haven't got time to break these things up! (And only Bro. Branham as a prophet could do it.) Don't you dare try to do it again!

In other words, stick with the teaching which is vindicated of God and no more divorce and remarriage. This is what we're looking at. Now we'll go into that more, just hold on to your seats and let me finish the message.

7I'm speaking only to my congregation. But if you are married--and God bore me witness to that on the mountain that I could say this (a supernatural revelation because of the opening of the Seven Seals and this is a question in God's Word): so let them go on in as they are and sin no more!

Now, what is the basic sin? Unbelief. Or in plain English, faith in the non-Word of God in contra-distinction to faith in the Word of God. See? Now look at that. Don't do it. You get the true teaching, stay with it.

It wasn't so from the beginning. That is right. It wasn't so, and it will not be at the end! But under modern conditions, as God's servant (this is for this hour, right now, listen)--I won't call myself His prophet, but I believe if I wouldn't be sent for that, I'm laying a ground for him when he does come (You know he's just says that. You know who he is)--so under the modern conditions, I command you...

8Now how could he, if he wasn't the right one, how's he going to command anybody? You come into my house and start bossing my wife around, I'm not very strong, but I can pick up a four-by-four. And I don't mind whose teeth lie on the floor, so long as they're not mine. Ha! Preach it Bro. Vayle! That's nice comforting thought. If I can't handle you, Norman can. If he can't take care of it, I'll set you up a couple more guys. You get the picture. All right.

I command you to go to your home with your wife now. If you are happy with her, live with her, (notice that, you--you're not boxed up exactly) rear your children in the admonition of God; but God be merciful to you if you ever do that again! (We'll touch that.) You teach your children to never do a thing like that.

Ah, ha, ha! Here we are! Parents do that. I've been admonishing you to watch your children. We have some mothers who do teach their daughters, as the Scripture said, and some of you women had better learn to teach your daughters because they're growing up. And it's up to you to see that they're presentable as tutored wives, as they marry, so they know how to please their husbands and do the things of Christ. That's your job, whether you want it or not.

9We have some good examples in this church. I won't mention them now, but if you got a half an ounce of spiritual energy, you'll know of whom and what I am speaking. And we expect them to have fabulous marriages. We'll read about that, too. Huh? Why certainly, come on. Life is good to us and God is good to us, we just too messy messing things up here. See? All right.

You teach your children never to do a thing like that. Bring them up in the admonition of God! And now that you are as you are, (you're forgiven, the record's clear) let us go on to late evening hour that we're living in, press right through toward the mark (and to the mark) of the high calling of Christ where all things will be possible.

In others words, you'll see the ultimate of God in the resurrection and in the glorification, immortalization, the rapture, the Millennium which is to come.

So, all right. I said, here in our studies, we ran across some Scripture while we were perusing this bit about the pastor being the spiritual husband. And in there I found some Scripture which I believe--and I've read to you--that actually bear out what Bro. Branham said, in the words of Paul, "This message on Marriage and Divorce is only for my own people." And then he said, "Don't ever do it again."

Now, what Bro. Branham said here, I believe is categorically taken from the Scripture we read in 1 Corinthians the 7th chapter, which we will look at for a while this morning. And we hope we'll get finished. 10-13. "And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, Let not the wife depart from her husband:"

10Now, how could Bro. Branham command the wife of God unless God gave him the command to give her? He'd be a presumptuous scoundrel. He wouldn't be worried even--even of a gentleman, which he was. How could Paul do that? "I've espoused you to Christ" He said, "As a wonderful virgin, and I want to present you, too, but you listen to me." Where do you get that nonsense? I guess nonsense. You don't tell another man's wife what to do. You can talk to the husband. See?

(10) Unto the married I command, (but I'm not doing it, the Lord's doing it, using my mouth) Let not the wife depart from the husband:
(11) But if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband: (she can't get another one) and let the husband not put away his wife. (He can't get another one.)
(12) But to the rest (now you see there's a group there that simply can't do it, uh, uh) to the rest speak I, (now watch the difference): If any man--brother hath a wife that believes not,
(13) If any woman, being a sister, has a husband believes not, but he or she in the respective cases are pleased to dwell with that believer, the other male and female, being unbeliever, stay that way. (Don't divorce either. Be very, very happy.)

Now up here, I want you to notice something; and this is horrendous. These couple up here in 10 and 11, I take to be Word Bride. They absolutely endorse the message as married couples and said, "This is God." And now they're fussing at each other to the extent where he's fed up to his gills. I wonder what kind of a boob he is, or what kind of a boob she is.

Oh I could say something here, but I'm a little afraid this tape might get in the hands of that person and I don't want him thoroughly insulted. But I think right now, I know a case just like this in a certain area and he will backslide, he will destroy his family. That's my job to tell you these things.

11If you're in this church, I would mention that being in this church, I've seen indications that could have happened, but you stepped out in time on the right limb. And I'm not looking at anybody in particular. May mean a lot of bearing and forbearing, but I've got news for you, you can't divorce and remarry.

We'll look at where it has been done. See what we come up with because there is a sacrifice for disobedience; there is a sacrifice for ignorance; but there isn't a sacrifice for willful disobedience, where people know. It says, "For him that knoweth to do right and doeth it not, it is sin." So you examine your marriages.

But I want to say this, by and large, I am exceedingly happy with this church. I believe that this church has wonderful husband and wife relationships. And I'm not being rough on anybody, I want you to know I'm simply reading the Scripture and we're trying to understand the Message of the prophet.

Because everything he said is in this Bible. There is nothing that isn't, except Hitler's going to come on the scene and Communism going to take over, Nazism. It's in there all right, but it's so veiled. It's not a direct prophecy as pertaining to names and places like, this is what he's in to, because he's not worried about history, he's worried about a Bride, because there is no further history.

12Okay. He said, "But to the rest speak I, not the Lord: If any brother has a wife that believes not, pleased to dwell, don't put her away." Can't do it. See, now you don't have a fellowship in Christ in this place and the Word and the proper prayer life and all, it hinders you, but you can't put her away because... You say, "Look, I don't see it." You see it, wonderful.

Like a told you the case the other day. The man said, "Hey, honey, I am--don't need to fuss at you, I know you are a good woman, go ahead." She goes to church, she prays, she fellowships. He just can't see it. He knows there's something there. Look, if he can't see it he can't see it. Now, she stays with him.

She doesn't become his "holier than thou, wonderful, spiritual women." Yah, yah, yah, I hope you see from my face what I don't dare say from this pulpit. It would be like feeding me a Chinese dinner, in stead of fried noodles, it's fried worms. I might like that better because that's just one meal. The woman's a lifetime proposition.

13"The woman that has a husband that believeth not, and he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him." Now watch. "Where the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband:" I wish--I wish he'd of put the reverse in there, that the believing husband sanctifies the children. Because this is the case of illegitimacy from the Old Testament, where the priest and Israelites were marrying Gentile women and the child then being of a foreign blood, was called illegitimate. That's the first mention of illegitimacy in the Scripture. That's the original bastard that cannot come into the congregation until it goes through ten generations where the blood is completely dissolved. We're back to Israelic blood.

That's something, like you know, they say genetically what is the black and white marry that that generation produces a mulatto. Two mulattos marry, it produces a quadroon. Two quadroons marry, it produces an octoroon. They marry, it's right back to the white. Because you see, you're getting more and more predominate and according to... that's what I'm told. I haven't read about it.

Bro. Branham said there could be a throw back and I believe that. Because I said, our own family has produced a red head, except this last generation. For generation after generation after generation, an Irish red head got all messed with a bunch of Hungarian blood. Oh Lord, what a mess that had to be. Not only sauerkraut, but nice wine. I can imagine the beer and the liquor that must have gone with it. Not that I ever did, just knowing what it is. Okay.

14"But if the believing--if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace. For what do you know..." and so on. All right. Now, from what we have learned, I can only take the stand I've always taken concerning marriage and divorce. I don't have answers for you, except, I said to the young people, you don't have a prayer from this point on. You have got to determine that you will marry a true believer in Christ; and you will seek God, knowing that He has the right mate for you. This is what you're looking at.

Now, what about those who have been divorced outside the message? I cannot speak for them, except I take the same stand I've always taken. If you are convinced that the Lord is allowing you to remarry, especially somebody in the message... And I've always advised, and they're people sitting here, right now, that know that I have advised this...

I talked to Dave...?..., and I'm going to use his name, because Dave does not mind. Both you and Ruth came to see me. I said, "I haven't got an answer. Except I know this, Dave, while you're in position of bitterness of divorce, the life that is shot, because..." And this is on tape and Dave will not mind because we're Christians here and we want to help people. His wife wanted to use his name, live in his home and have the liberty of living with other men. That is out. Whether he ever remarried again, you do not tolerate that. Unless you've got... Unless you want a social disease or something. I just won't buy it, I don't buy this.

15Now look, you better find out from God while you don't want anybody. Where there's somebody's down the road that you could marry. To the best of my knowledge, this is exactly what he did. He has a good marriage. There's no finer man in shoe leather than Dave. He's the one man gets the compliments from this church, if I'd like to be like somebody, I'd be like Dave. Well, I don't know that I would, he's losing his hair worse than me and his nose is just about as big. So, and he's got much longer to live. I'm getting out of here. But admire him, I do. And, as far as I know, they have both searched their hearts and believed from God that their marriage is of the Lord.

Now this is the best I can do for anybody. I haven't got the answers, because I'm not a prophet. I know in the--in a case where I'm fought day and night on marriage and divorce, Bro. Branham said our daughter could remarry. Like a fool, I didn't say, "Bro. Branham, tell me why." His only volunteered information was he said, "Lee, you know that she hasn't done as bad as either you and I have done." Yah, yah, yah. What is going on?

Now, look, Bro. Branham said, "You better know that's the right one." Now you might think so and in this hour of the heat of passion where Eve was deceived, too many young girls will lie with young men, sexually speaking, and that guy was no more intended than nothing. And vice versa with the opposite sex. And you've got on your hands a spoiled virginity, a loused up life. Not saying you can't marry, but what are you going to talk to somebody now. You say, "Well, I was very outside the message." You'll condemn yourself ten times over again.

16So you say, "What about people then that in our church here are married?" We have a case right here. I'm not going to fuss about it. Different ones tried their best to help in the situation, the woman was adamant. "I'm going to divorce you." When it came before the judge, she turned the tables and said, "You divorced me." Right? I don't think he should have done it, but I'll tell you one thing, she still did it where she forced him to do it.

Now there is hope that a man can remarry under certain conditions; none for the woman. No place can a woman put away a husband, although it was done in Mark 10, I think or 12, somewhere in there. There is no Scripture for it. What's that person going to do? I don't know, except I have the same advice. I cannot acquiesce to anything like that but I do not know if could be wrong.

Our own daughter, being a woman, divorced and remarried. What am I going to say to somebody in this church? And I'm not basing it on an experience in our family, though I've got a just... Though I should justify my daughter, I was dead set against it. And Bro. Branham said, "Carol, don't talk to your dad about this, because we don't even see eye to eye." He said, "I'll deal with it." Evidently that's what he told her because he dealt with me. He said, "Look Lee, I said she can remarry." Now, see, I trust Bro. Branham. But he said, "Tell her to marry someone gentle." She blew it. Get her out of one pig puddle, go into the next pig puddle.

17And I'm speaking from my heart up here this morning and letting you know the truth. I don't know what to do about people. And my answer's the same to them, while you're bitter, you're disillusioned, fight it out with God in your hour of despair. If you haven't done it, I don't know where you stand. I'm going to be honest with you, look, I'm not...?... up here. But you know what I said, to each and everyone. You marry, I'll accept you and your wife as a true Christian in Christ on your word, but I don't know what you are any more than you know what I am.

But let's get this flat, brother/sister, marriage and divorce is wrong. Marriage is right. To the wrong one is wrong and it could bring a divorce. You better be very, very careful and look for character. I've got a testimony of a father from his own son. He's looking for character. I appreciate that like you can't believe. Most of us don't. Only by the grace of God do we get our sex queens with spirituality.
I want to tell you something. No man ever gave a true Bride man, a woman that leads him around by the nose. Preach it, Bro. Vayle! The true Bride shall knuckle under. Not that a man makes his wife knuckle under, no sir. She'll have the spirit of grace and of Christ with his spirit of grace and of Christ. But if he's got no spirit of grace and of Christ, a true Christian woman though really born again, can not knuckle under to disobedience to God.

Like I say here, if I try to make you obedient to a disobedient preacher, you get up and walk out or enough of you recognize and throw me out. You're not obligated to Lee Vayle. Poohy! My own wife isn't. She better serve Christ and thereby serve me. 'Cause if she's not serving Christ, I better do something about it.

18So look, we got to answer to God. Paul said, "This is a commandment of God I'm talking about here." See? We want these things right. Now, I won't read again what I just read here, but whoever sits under the word ministry of Bro. Branham, those spoken only by devoted followers, has but one choice when it comes to marriage. It's final. I read the guidelines, I won't read them again on page 45.

Now listen carefully. If this sounds impossible to you--un--you unmarried young people, or far fetched, or beyond your faith, please quiet your anxious souls this morning and right now believe. And hold to your faith that you will receive that revelation of your right companion, consequently your right mate, which is from God. The prophet has spoken it. It is not a harsh warning that he gives us but a definitive promise of you getting the right one and having a beautiful marriage. My faith today, and I hope always will be, is placed with your faith as part of our congregation. And the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the faith of all the congregation to the end that you young men and women and you growing up and you'll soon be into your--way into your teens, some of you, that all of us together, believing to the end, you will receive God's promise which is a rich and beautiful marriage, a true companionship in Christ. So God bless you with a happy marriage, each and every single... and I do mean single.

19Any of you people are thinking maybe down the road you'll find somebody, forget it. This is to the single ones I have faith, not to any married ones, I'm sorry, I can't do that. You work it out. But I want to encourage you young people here today--the unmarried ones, any unmarried person--God is on your side with this promise so that you can live out your lives of love with each other according to the beautiful Scripture that we find in Ecclesiastes.

And I'll get it right here for you. The 9th chapter, and I think it's the 9th verse. "Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity," that means your human life on earth, "which he hath given you under the sun," that means to blossom, to have sunshine, "all the days of your vanity." And now he's speaking, all life is vain, but hey, enjoy it, have a good time, be like a couple of children. Take your shoes off and run through the grass in bare feet. In the early dew of the morning, sit under the trees and hear the crickets.

Don't act like a bunch of phony, fuddy, old grown-ups. Oh my God, how pitiful. The majority have no more romance than a dill pickle that's been frozen and stepped on by a cow, or hit by a Sherman tank. Even your stupid sex books, which I'm against, tell you to fantasize. Who needs to fantasize when you've got a beautiful, lovely wife. She may not be Marilyn Monroe; she's a billion times better than Marilyn Monroe. Phooey on her. Who needs to conjure up? The foolish, when you've got the real.

20I--I always personally get a big kick out of some of you women. I do, because I think you're marvelous. Your spontaneity. So many things about you. I appreciate this congregation. I don't like to see starchy people. I get--never get more thrilled than my old friend Esther up there in Canada, and what's she? About eighty-five or seven. She said, "Bro. Vayle," she said, "You don't walk like an old man." I said, "You ought to see young guys." She says, "You got the spring of a young man." Yep, I said, I put it right in my boots. Get the thing Norman has there to pop up and down on the dry wall.

Now come on, listen, "Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of thy vanity." Have a good time. Enjoy yourself. Be in love. Barefoot in the park. You don't have to be Robert Redfield, what was it Redford? Robert Redford and who did he--who did he act with that time? I forget. It's kind of a cute thing. Go in the park, walk barefoot. Find that life is not starchy. Not just sit down to caviar on gold plates. Eat a hunk of turnip.

21Be like Pinocchio. What's your, that old guy may sound like Gazpacho, like a piece of soup. How do you make gazpetti out of his, spaghetti where it is. The old boy. He, Pinocchio didn't like that--the--the peeling on the pear. I don't like it myself. So the old boy had to peel them and after he had eaten them he was still hungry. He said, "Eat the peeling." And he ate the peeling. That's life. Enjoy the peeling, enjoy the turnip.

I've told you time and again, if I had to do our family over again, I would rear them on apple boxes as seats. Take them out and view a sunset and give 'em grits. Put a little bit of sorghum on it. Don't be starchy. Then, but don't be lax either. Don't be crude and lewd. Read the Songs of Solomon, and realize there's a beautiful Bride and a beautiful Bridegroom. And life can be fantastic. And don't worry about your problems because you don't have much food and much clothing and on. Look, as long as I got a little buck or two, I'll help you out. But enjoy life.

22Make up your mind this morning to live your life all your days with the one that you love, which God gave you, the days to be... and under the sun, the sunshine of His smile. Lie in the sun as so to speak, walk in the sun, walk in the rain, all the days of your vanity for this is your portion. This is your labor. Hey, God wants me to have fun. I use the term loosely. Good time. God wants me to walk in His Presence with faith toward Him, sobriety, serenity, and enjoy every minute of our lives together.

Now that's the promise I'm holding up to the young people here and the young married in this church. In other words, I'm saying don't do what we older ones have done; do God's thing. Everybody talks about doing his thing, and he ends up categorically in a stinking, fouled-up mess that stenches reach to God's nostrils. He's going to wipe the whole thing out.

When He wants the beauty of what He instituted in the Garden of Eden to be top-rated and top notch, which is two people typifying Christ in a Bride, loving and living together in the joy of the Lord, worshipping God together, centering on Christ and everything falls into line with such delight. It's just like having a perfect entree and a master chef, serves the hord'oeuvres and all that goes with it. Better than a chocolatey bar, Ruth. Don't think for one minute it's not.

23All right. Listen, back to 1 Corinthians 7. We're talking about it. Now, Paul gives them warning that is a divine pronouncement, a decree of God, "Stay together and serve God and don't leave each other because you can never marry again. You have to reconcile. That's 1 Cor 7:10,11.

Now let me just go into some Scripture here that is good advice. It's a real admonition now, and we don't want to miss it in the future. So we're going to go back now to 1 Cor 7 and... How much time have we got here, Buddy? Lots of time? I won't get too far. I'm--I'm going to exhaust myself. I'm tired. I'm not really tired, but you got to watch everything. Now verse 1.

(1) Now concerning the things whereof you wrote me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. (Now this is the highest idea, but you don't have to join the church and take vows and say, "I'm going to be celibate all my life." Hogwash! Because watch the next step.)
(2) Nevertheless, to avoid fornication (and nevertheless, don't be a fornicator, so what do you do?) Let every man have his own wife, (joined by God), let every woman have her own husband (joined by God.)
(3) Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife to the husband. (Now that's sexual, we're looking at things here, sexual. Because the topic is there.)
(4) The wife hath not power of her own body,

So she gets mad, she says, "I will hold myself." You're wrong. But neither is a man to treat his wife like--wife like a doormat and a dog and then thinks she's going to give him sexual favors that are interesting. Two-way street kids. Two-way street. Listen, as I say regretfully, too late we learn. Today it had better not be too late. We had better learn now. This is God's command.

24This subject was taken out of the church and taken to doctors and taken to lawyers and taken to school. It should never have gone that far. It should have been in the pulpit, because this is 'THUS SAITH THE LORD'.

It's the same as welfare. The church should look first of all to the household of faith. Find me one true Mormon, or one true Seven Day Adventist, that's on relief. You know why? They obey the Word of God on tithing and they know exactly how to tithe and they don't stint. They know how to give off the top. So they've always got something for somebody.

Church, smarten up this morning. If we do not understand the mundane things, we cannot have the spiritual. Now listen to me, you cut your throats and blame it on me or somebody else. You cut that out from now on. You are on the spot. Lee Vayle is not. And those that listen are not on the spot, but you as individuals are on the spot because you're not doing right, some of you. I'm not mad at you, I'm just telling. Willing to blow your steam and everything else, I'm blowing my steam this morning. As a servant of God, I'm telling you.

25Now, sometimes we go through duress and hardship, but you don't worry about it because you've been faithful to God. What about man, he's been saved from his wife, and somebody comes and says, "Well, hey, now, I saw your husband." Does he give a rip if he's been faithful? Say, "Look, girl, I've made a vow, I've kept it. The vow was made before God and I'm keeping it before God." If you believe that woman, you answer to God. Oh yeah. Okay.

Okay here, the husband doesn't have power, the wife doesn't have power, homosexuality, perverted acts and self indulgence, called masturbation, entirely wrong. You won't go to hell for it, but it may pave the road to it. No defrauding. The body in this respect is for one thing, and one thing only. According to the scandal on Baker and Swaggart, they didn't believe this Scripture or they didn't believe it enough. Now watch.

(5) Defraud you not one another, except with consent for a time, that you may give yourself to prayer and fasting: (And you better watch that one, brother/sister. Especially the men.) then come together, that Satan tempt you not for your inconsistency. (I don't care how huffy anybody is, you better make up.)
(6) I speak this by permission, not commandment.
(7) For I would all men were like myself. (Which are bachelors.)

You consider me a bachelor? You got be crazy. I wasn't born to be a bachelor. I wasn't born to be and ain't going to be a bachelor. Even if my wife and I would scrap, I'm happier with her than without her. I said, "Kid, you're a bargain at any price." I'm a million times unhappier without her than I am with her. So you--you win a million to one shot, hey man, you won the race, didn't you? Oh, she's the same with than I am, she thinks the same about me as I about her.

So, all right. Now he said in verse 9. "If they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn." In others words, to have the continued pressure. So therefore, how can you have pressure in marriage when you're legally married in order to eliminate the pressure? But that's not just the reason for marriage. There's love involved there and a compatibility and just a oneness. You understand that as time goes on more and more.

26And he said, "Unto the married" and so on, he says so and so, then he gets down here. And I'm going to skip this part here. Why, let me see, I got to 1-9, I read 1-9. Now, all right, okay.

Now with this, we want to go to 1 Tim, because I said this is an offshoot of what we were teaching and stumbled across. I'm talking about ministers who Bro. Branham defined as the spiritual husband of the church.

So here's what we came up with. And I think it's 1 Tim 5:11-15. Okay. "But the younger widows refuse:" that's to be part of the congregation like the old widows and you take care of them because then they'd have nothing to do but just putter around. "But the younger widows refuse: for when they have begun to wax wanton," and wax wanton means to desire sensual pleasures. And that's nothing wrong with the woman. What do you think she's created for?

And we--we can't sit--be in a congregation that's half baked which a bunch of stupid theories that people put forth in order to prophet or propagate what their silly attitudes are. Paul, they... I'm like old Dr. Bell, Billy Grey's father-in-law. He said, "Who needs all this teaching on sex and all the books? It's in the Bible." He's telling you right here about it.

27Young widows. They're familiar with marriage and the whole bit, so why should they want to give it up? What'll they do? "They'll marry." "Having damnation, because they have cast off their first faith." Now he said here, they should marry to stop them from getting into sin because they will get into sin. Like Bro. Branham said, a woman divorced, will enter into sin. "And withal they learn to be idle, wandering from house to house; not only idle, but tattlers, busybodies, speaking things they ought not to."

So he tells you the church cannot support young widows. They should marry. Now that's not a threat, that's a promise. "Hey girl, go out and hustle." No, no, you don't hustle up a boyfriend and get married. You say, "Hey Lord, you made a promise."

I hope this Word which is a part of the Word of God is as real to you as understanding Bro. Branham as the prophet sent from God. We weren't sent here to be condemned. We're here to get the best out of everything. In Him there is no darkness. Then there isn't any. Everything is light.

So, all right. The poor widow's got a bad row to hoe. You say, "Okay, get married." Now the young widow--the older widows can only be supported by the church if they don't have help at the age of seventy. So anybody up to age of seventy can get a husband. That's not bad, that's good. They need companionship. I'm not telling you to get married again, I'm just telling you what's--what's allowable here. What's open to the promise of God. "I will therefore younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to--of the--to the adversary to speak reproachfully. For some have already turned aside after Satan."

28Now he's telling you right here, the key to a solid life is a compatible marriage amongst Christians. Hey, marriage is going to make me a better person. Come on now. Now not many people think along that line. But it's true. One of--a few of you--a few of us--a few of us and a few of you have, I know that. And knowing what it can do for you.

He'd go all glamorous and try to find Marilyn Monroe. I wouldn't even look for her, myself. I've always had my druthers when it came to what I thunk out--think--what I have thunk of the past, what a really beautiful woman is been like. Marilyn Monroe did not quite qualify. I'll be honest with you. Every man to his own oat bin, you know.

But what I'm letting you know here, look, this is laid down in God's Word that there can be truly happy relationships, with good children. And I'm seeing it. But, it can always be better. Right. You understand what I'm saying. I'm not critical, not critical at all, no sir. I'm very happy with this but I'm letting you know the Word of God.

29Then it says, "Let the elders rule well" and so on, "they might be worthy of double honour," and what have you. Now, we can see how seriously we must regard marriage. Therefore, it is only right and fair that parents, now listen, and elders have something to say about each marriage that is contemplated in the church. Now you wait till I'm through talking about it.

I would believe from Scripture, history and family counseling, that both the man and the woman be well accepted by each family--the girl's and the boy's families--especially in the light of what caliber each set of parents actually is, for the rearing of each subject, boy and girl, was in separate homes; and it is all but impossible to break family training and tradition. As the saying is, "A tree grows the way the twig is built--bent." Or "Bring up a child in the way that he ought to go or she ought to go, or in a way he or she ought not to go," (they're both the same) and he is most apt to stick with it, right or wrong. Or if he left the right, he's supposed to come back to it.

So, we have a modern concept today; and I admit it was in my generation. And I'm getting to be an old fogy, not really old. I did talk to my wife's dad, but it was boring to me. I was going to marry her anyway. But I can tell you people sitting right here and I'm one standing here, that our children with our advice, would not have married and got in the mess as they got into, had they listened to us.

30So, when I say to young people, viewing marriage, deal with your parents on both sides. Visit, if it's another church. Visit the families and find out what those parents are like; what that home is like. Because you might not be happy. You may want to reconsider. You better assure there's something there. Remember brother--the Word of God says, you can't even take wool and linen, I think it is, and mingle them--so you got to watch marriage very, very carefully. And know, that it's a good thing to have advice in the church; and the elder people.

And I'll tell you what. I remember my brother-in-law, older than I, as a very wonderful person. I was going with, just barely going, it was just a matter of, you know, I wanted someone to go with and she wanted someone to go with. And she was a Pentecostal girl and I was a Pentecostal boy, as much as I could be, which, I never could be all the way. And that's the truth. I tried to, but it didn't work. She was a nurse, she had pretty blue eyes, she had nice curly hair, and I liked her for what I saw.

And I saw her parents and I knew what she'd be when she got older. You can laugh and I'm laughing, too. I sort of made a 180 degree turn. Now she's a lovely girl, anybody would be happy with her. There was no proposal, no nothing, just we were going together, and just kind of looking the situation over, nothing ever said of marriage.

31But when I brought Alison home and my brother-in-law saw her, he said, "Now, you're clicking. He said, "Look at her eyes and the other girl's eyes." He said that years before Bro. Branham ever said one thing about that wild cow I've talked about that gave that wild look and took off across the prairie like a hornet in search of a man who, you know, hit the nest.

All right, now listen. This inclines us to a time when marriages should take place more and more within the message churches that lays out the doctrine. Now some message churches are so legal they're pitiful. And they run the congregation into the ground. I'm talking about real sincere people, and I trust we are. And I'm not using us as a standard, I'm just talking, period. A message church, letting you know that. More and more within message churches as we are seeing it's done here locally, young people marrying within the church, having good marriages.

And if you don't, come for help, we'll try to help you all we can. I don't care what it is. And parents become inactively engaged and supportive, but not pushy in helping the young adults into a happy and wonderful marriage. The church must, can and will become more and more family oriented in the love of God. I've kept telling you that continually.

Now, "Be not unequally yoked," that means don't be looking outside. But there are times that those people who are looking for mates can pray to God, and who knows but you will be the one that God has singled to reach out there and bring somebody in. It's been done here already. The marriage is a good marriage.

32And look, you don't need to have somebody, to marry somebody in this message, that knows everything that I know and everything that you know. Come on. As long as they understand, that was God's prophet, we have a vindicated message, you accept that, you can go from there, because that's it. All they need to know is something about the rapture tape; to really understand the little fine points in there as Bro. Branham used it as the epitomization of his whole ministry. We're just waiting for it.

Then we begin to see the lovely Bride and Groom, the Lord Jesus Christ in the church and realize that we are, what you might say, not simply microcosms, we're way beyond that, we're a genuine type that we can have this in our homes because we have the conduit which is the Word, and the life in the conduit, which is the Holy Ghost, and that placed in us what brings us to a life which hid--which is hid with Christ in God.

Now let me read in--in--in Ephesians the 5th chapter again, to see where our children can go if they're taught right and they eliminate, they don't eliminate, but they sublimate and direct the urges of sexual companionship. In other words, you got to put that down for this and you'll get that back a thousand-fold, better than ever would be otherwise. No guilt complex, no nothing in it. Just knowing that Bro. Branham categorically said, so don't you ever think otherwise, that act of procreation is a righteous act.

God, we have been to the point where people make us blue in the face, red in the face and--and in to where we literally feel we're criminals because we're human beings. That is a lie from the pit of hell. But we're to be right in what we're doing, not when we see preachers doing like that. God is manifesting in this hour what those birds are doing.

33Brother, I tell you what, when--when--when the pot called the kettle black, every reporter in the country is writing against Swaggart right now. Not what he did, but how he treated Baker. And Baker is less of a pervert than Swaggart is, when you want to come down to the Word of God. Providing Baker, of course, did not enter into a--an illicit act sexually, with the prophets, absolutely the Word of God bars and scorns. That is not natural use that some people enter in to. Don't ever succumb to that.

I hear of people in the message have tried it. No, brother/sister. Temple of the Holy Ghost. What Holy Ghost? Tell me what Holy Ghost. I this weeds out, I'm sure it doesn't weed out here, by the grace of God. I couldn't--I would never believe I could put my finger on anybody in this church being so base.

"Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands," Verse 22 of 5 Ephesians, "as unto the Lord. As unto the Lord." Well, God's a supreme ruler. Tell me when God ever made you do anything. The old song says, "He does not compel us to go against our will, He just makes us willing to go." So Israel sat there and they wouldn't move. So God sent the hornets among them, and they were just too willing to go. Neither does a husband compel his wife, he makes her willing. How? By being what God says he's to be.

34Oh yeah, there's more on the husband than the wives. The wives just have to really watch themselves in one place and they'll get along great. It's much easier. "For the husband's head of the wife, even as Christ is head of the church:" What kind of head? "As Christ is the head." "He's the Saviour of the body." He wants to help her, he wants to preserve her, wants to keep her, wants to re-enforce her. "Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, therefore as the church is subject, in the Word of God." Let the wives in the Word of God, be subject to the husband and all those things, too, that relate to the male wherein he must be the provider and the sustainer.

It's all laid out in the Bible. Come on. It's all laid out in the Bible. The man--the man brings in that which the woman ministers to him. That's it. That's it. He got no big deal. He's got no big deal. Pilgrims going on with Christ.

My listen, brother/sister. You know, well, I felt so terrible to be in my late thirties, no early thirties, and late thirties, saved at age 18, 20--almost 20 years later, to preach sermons on faith that I should have heard when I was born again. Where were those preachers? A bunch of emotional hogwash, and claptrap and balderdash, from the little black book. Some preacher woman's imbecile brain, spiritually speaking. And here I preach the kind of faith, people get out of wheelchairs. Say, where is it now? That wasn't my real ministry. I had to prove to myself the Word of God. Where were these preachers? And I'm asking at age

35Why didn't somebody tell me these things? Now we're supposed to be ready for rapture. We weren't even ready for a good marriage. To be lively, exuberant, joyful, not necessarily laughing all the time, but joyful in the Lord. Not some euphoric, stupid experience, but a genuine life.

You know when God put Adam and Eve in that garden, he gave them a genuine life of union in Christ Jesus, marriage. Oh, I can't wait for the Millennium myself to see all the botches made right. Yeah.

"Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for it; He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word." What does--what does a husband guide his wife by? By the word. He doesn't say, "Here, dear, you do it because I say so. I'm the boss." "Honey, look," he says, "This is the Word. Let's face it here, instead of up there."

36You know, my wife is a little critical of me, not bad, but she says, "You always run yourself down, and you always tell the people your sins." I say, "Yes," because it's going to be shouted from the housetop. Let me tell you something, what is on the housetop? The antennae of a television set, and Baker sins and Swaggart sins, shouted from the housetop.

That Word of God, brother/sister, never fails. Never fails, never fails, never fails. And it's not going to fail in you and me. It's going to bring forth a Bride that's going to get out of here and show the glory of God, that sweet spirit of Christ welcome into this church when the people get here and they get healed. Not because I said so, but God's Word said so. It's vindicated. And I'm telling you how to do it. You keep listening.

Never forget Gal 6:2. That tells you categorically, bury one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. I like Bradley staying home and helping Marilyn. Some of you can't stay home and help your wives, then get somebody else to help her. I've washed the diapers, I didn't like it. My wife wasn't able to do it. I got up with the kids the same as she did. I did all those things. I'm not ashamed of it. I don't mind washing dishes.

37They tell me that one of the biggest men in the world loves to wash dishes. Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mr. Universe, for six times in a row, will not buy his wife a dishwasher. He likes to wash dishes. Okay, some of you boys, that think you're so macho, phht on you. You're a bunch of fuddy-duddy little jerks. Not hitting at anybody. I should preach that, shouldn't I Janica?

Listen, it got so bad with my wife and me and her sister. Her sister's a wonderful girl. I used to drive them both crazy. Soon as I eat, I jump up clear the table, start washing dishes. "Oh Lee, please, please, please, don't do that." I said, "It's my nature." Shouldn't be, I should quit it. I did quit it. I think some of the best times in my life is helping my wife. I really do, because that's the way it goes.

Now, we have dealt the third time with the Bride church. That's the third time we talked about these things here in this Scripture. That's today, third time. What about those others that Bro. Branham mentioned had wrong relations and wrong marriages, and therefore some divorces and remarriages? I think if we read 7:2 again, that's Corinthians 7:12, I beg you pardon, "But to the rest I speak," other than this Bride church that they got to be right, because they have the Word of God and they're marrying in it.

38Now, we could read, well, let's read. "If she--if they pleased to dwell, don't get apart. If they do depart, that's okay, although they shouldn't, it's best to do the other way, verse 16, "Now what do you know...?" There's--no 15. "They're not under bondage." See they're not under bondage because they were not married in the will of the Lord. There wasn't a marriage of God.

Now, you can have a couple of hypocrites... Now please don't think I'm saying this to you as though it's real here. We could have a couple of hypocrites in this audience, right this morning. A woman who said, "I believe, I believe, I believe," because she wanted to get her man. She got him. What did the man say? "I believe, I believe, I believe." He got the woman. Now that's nasty. That's a dirty low-down trick. That should not be mentioned amongst us. It could happen. Maybe it has, I'm not, I can't judge anybody. Now, that's going to cause problems, because later on one of the two is going to show the colors. You can't help it. It's manifesting time. You've walked into a trap. Now just keep that in your minds. You might have to apply it to one of your cases. I don't know.

39Now it says here. "You're not in bondage, for God hath called us unto peace." What kind of peace? Marital peace. Bro. Branham said, "Don't try to go back because you couldn't live with her then you can't live with her now." Marriage and Divorce. And if another man's had her, you can't go back, period. You know somebody so disbelieved this message and thought they had it right. That this woman, was it, yeah this woman had left her husband, that she had married, and then she felt guilt complexes, and she went back to her husband whom she couldn't live with and he treated her worse than ever. And I say, he was entirely wrong in ever taking her back. That's nothing from God. Who--which preacher ever allowed that?

It's the same thing as a preacher told Sister Deley here, after he'd beaten her up, stepped on the boy's head. The preacher had the nerve to tell her to go back and apologize to her husband who is dying with cancer. The only apology she could give him is the apology that he didn't know Christ. It's about time that he knew Him. I'm tired of preachers who mess up congregations and put burdens upon them. You're not hearing burdens this morning, my brother, my sister. You're given a command to walk in and a light to walk in and I'm trying to lift your burdens and ease the loads and let you know that you can be happy. Just start being happy.

40As Dr. Crane so wisely said, "Go through the motions and the corresponding emotions will come." He said, "Court your wife now as you used to court her." And I'm crazier than ever. I tell my wife goofy jokes all the time. Always was crazy left-handed to get a laugh, and get a rise. We don't have a boring marriage. We don't have a fighting marriage either. We don't have the best marriage in the world, but we got a good one. And I wouldn't trade with anybody else's. Although I could--would like to trade some of the things I'm doing with somebody else so I might be a better husband. I could well afford that. But to trade places, absolutely not.

Okay, now we keep reading here. And it says here, "They could depart, they're not under bondage," and what have you, and then he goes on. Let me just swing over here because I don't want to take all day on this. He says here now. Here, verse 26. "I suppose therefore this is good for the present distress," In other words, that which is here and looms up in the future, "I say it's good for a man to be so. Now art thou bound unto a wife? seek not to be loosed." Now that word 'loosed' means, it's the same word that Jesus said, loose the coat, untie it. It's no longer anchored there. Let it go. Get away. Well, the next word, "Art thou loosed from a wife? (That is absolutely divorced), seek not a wife." Now watch, "But and if thou marry, thou hast not sinned;"

41Now the question is, to whom is Paul speaking? Is he speaking to those that have been loosed that they can marry, or is he talking to those that want to get married? And it's a better state to stay single, but they... It's better to be married if you're going--going to be looking for somebody all the time. And you've got sexual instincts that you can't simply put out the window. They're going to haunt you. To whom is he speaking? I don't know. But according to the proximity by the context, I would be inclined to believe that a man can remarry.

But don't ask me to do it. I chicken out right there. I got to be honest with you folk, I'm not here to make us laughing, but I'm just going to be honest with you, Lee Vayle's, Lee Vayle, and I'm not going to budge. I don't know. But I believe here, and so looking at the people that I'm addressing, on condition that 28 is based on 27, your marriages can be truly legitimate, and will be, I believe, if you have caught from the Lord, the one for you.

Now I don't know I'm telling you a 100%. I'm doing the best I can and not to gloss anything over and say, "Yes you can get married." 'Cause I've sidestepped this all along. I say, "Buddy listen, I'm not a prophet, I don't understand, you're on your own in this case, but if you say you're right, I will treat you as a brother and sister in Christ and you know that I have. You know that I will. I've been told by people, of course, I'm supposed to kick you out and not even let you come into church. Well, I said, as long as God lets me run this church, I'm going to do what I think is right. And I haven't got any word from God and God has not spoken to me audibly.

42But I tell you when I got in hot water one time, I told you, and I was mulling them before the Lord, and I said, Lord, I just don't, you know, appreciate the fact what's done. And God told me like an audible voice, "They are not wrong, you are wrong." And I said, "What have I done wrong?" And he very pertinently told me three things, one, two, three, and I was wrong in all three. So you see, I'm not trying to justify myself or justify you.

Now let me tell you something else. I've told you before. Bro. Branham had a case where a woman in Puerto Rico was divorced from her husband. The man had never divorced his wife. But he left her. And so therefore, the two got together without benefit of--of the--of the marriage which, where the state requires and which they should have had. Now you watch this, if you think that a proposal actually binds you to a woman. Because I'm going to tell you what, sexual intercourse and raising children is a whole lot more binding than just a promise.

All right. They lived together in this liaison. They had children. They heard the message. But they did, they came to the Lord. They said, "Bro. Branham, what can I do?" He said, first off, you man, will divorce your wife and marry this woman. And he said next, he said we will then pray and trust God and see what He will do for you.

43I cannot out-prophet the prophet. I wish I had answers for you. I do not have answers. All I can do is like Bro. Branham said, "We hope and we pray and we live godly in Christ Jesus." Don't press your luck and fool around. You've loused up one marriage. Press into Christ and live godly with your wives.

Now hear what I'm saying. I'm serious. I'm not calling names, but you know what I'm talking about. And the young people take the advice. Become serious before God. And with your sobriety and your anxiety to please Christ, you will please each other and have a fabulous marriage. I prom--I wouldn't trade marriage for nothing. Bro. Branham categorically said, if God could have given man something better than a woman He'd done it. And let's face it, a woman's part of a man. I always wanted back what was missing.

All right. Now remember, three--all churches are three kinds. We're still on the same subject. So let us be of one mind. That's why you talk the Word and you get into the Word and you know you're saying the same thing. Don't sit back and be critical and say, "Hey, that person doesn't know split beans from buttermilk," (that's Jack Bell's good phrase) when it comes to this message. Be kind, and help him and her with the answers they need. Bring all your questions to me and I'll do my level best to help you or I'll tell you I can't.

44Three, study to say the same thing and enter into the same judgments which are in the church. Not just the same judgments according to the Word, what the Word says, but what the church stands for. Like you've done a fantastic job. The majority said, "Let's build a building." And I'm honest with you, you surprised me wonderfully. Like a marriage should be. I got a good wife, you got a husband that wasn't quite so believing, nice wives, good bunch of kids. And you turned out, everybody's turned out. And worked on the church, saving thousands of dollars, getting the building thing going. Men, that's great. That's the same judgment. Some didn't go for it. But the same judgment, the people went ahead. I appreciate that. See?

Now, study to say the same thing and have the same judgment. This is where we really could stick with the pastor because he must take the Word before the whole congregation when the people stick together and they abide by the laws of self discipline in the church. What's that, chapter? Matthew 18. Okay, verse 15. "Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone:" In other words, you've hurt me, I'm going to tell you how you did. "If he'll hear thee, you've gained a brother. But if he will say ha, hogwash, I don't believe that for one minute, you're just blowing smoke, I won't take it." You take two more with you. You got to have three witnesses to be established. And if he doesn't hear then, tell it to the church. That's the preacher's job right there. If he doesn't repent, disassociate him right there.

Now, let's say that it's proven that this case is legitimate, even though you can't bring it all together, you know, not just where there's smoke there's fire, but you know stinkin' well there is fire. The church has got to come as one mind on the discipline of that person. Otherwise you'll start fighting and that's the way the church goes apart. Now if you want a church to fall apart, then you don't treat it as a family.

45No father and mother that loves their children wants the family split and the kids kicked out. But the whole family takes a hand in preserving the little hothead who got into drugs. They go and help the drunken kid that wrecked somebody else's car. But they don't say, "Well, I tell you my little boy was just picked up." That--that--why that test of drugs in his blood, Phooey. Why what happened, he ate a green apple." Anybody knows green apples put drugs in your veins. You don't act like a bunch of idiots. You say, "Hey, it's wrong, it's wrong."

Now, let's get it ironed out. And that's what's got to happen in churches. This never happened here originally. That's what should have happened. It didn't. A period of time was taken to bring in a reconciliation, and let's face it, there is nobody that didn't suffer from it, in some degree. And that suffering could continue for some time, I don't when God will erase everything. That's why I keep insisting, family must be family, brother/sister. And treated as family.

Bro. Branham said, the Branham's in the backyard are the same Branham's in the front yard. They squabble in the back yard but not in the front yard. And if you come in and try to get between us in the backyard, you'll find out who we're going to fight. In other words, they're pretty tough cousins, they pick you up and tear you to pieces like I use to tear the wings off a fly. Yeah. They--they--they're treated as a publican and a heathen. What does that mean? They are treated as though they need to be born again because they're not showing the fruit of a rebirth. That's what he's talking about.

46Okay, now he said, now watch, listen to how God backs the church up. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven because it's been previously bound in heaven. God's Word, having been set in the heavens have told you exactly what to do and what will happen and it's got to happen because God said so. Your binding is simply agreeing with God. Your loosing is simply agreeing with God. Because who can advise God or tell Him anything or ask Him anything that He hasn't said we can have.

Now there's a little place in there you got to be careful. Because you can find anything in the Bible you want to find. And you can go to God like Israel. And if you're a rebellious and a stinkin' bunch of kids, God will give you the desire of your heart and send leanness into your souls. I would sooner God withhold a lot of things from me and make me fat and happy in Christ. And He's done it. And I'm glad for it. I'm glad for it. I've been places where a lot of people haven't been and I haven't been to places where a lot of other people have been. And we can't swap experiences. We can go on experiencing day by day. Again I say, the agreeing and so on.

47All right, now listen. So, then, we... well I won't go back to, well let's go back to 1 Corinthians 6, that's a...?... I was going to get out of here early, but you know how that is. My heavens, I hope I make the rapture on time. Somebody gets me out of here, carries me out I'll do it. Notice here,

(1) Dare any of you (that's verse 1 of chapter 6), have a mat--dare--dare any having a matter against another, go to the law before the unjust, do--and not before the saints?
(2) Do you not know the saints shall judge the world? and if the world be judged by you, are you unworthy to judge the smallest matters? (In the throne of Christ, see? Now in heavenly places.)
(3) Know ye not that--that you shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?
(4) If ye then have judgment--If then you have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church.
(5) I speak this to your shame. Is it so, there's not a wise man among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren?
(6) But brother goeth to law with brother, that before the unbeliever.
(7) Now--now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because you go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer to be defrauded?
(8) Nay, you do wrong, and defraud, and that your brethren.

48And I'm going to tell you one thing. You could stop here and say, "Well, that fellow's not my brother, I can take him to court." That's legitimately true. But another stand, it could be that there are true brethren get so deep and the church does not take a hand and the believers do not take a hand, it gets so big, deep, that bitterness and real terrible problems will come. Then, if there is a wrong spirit, captivates the majority of the people, that church will go plumb down and under. Why do you think the Roman Catholic church killed the Protestants? Sixty-eight million in one book alone proves it. You think we're any different?

Let me tell you, brother/sister, David was a servant of God. He was a prophet of God. He was a great man of God, yet he with four hundred and some wives, he killed another man, took his wife in adultery. Don't ever think we're above anything in this church. We must stay with this Word.

49My discipline was a lot like Bro. Branham's, just preach it and you do what you want. But there would come--there could come a time that something must be done. We will do it. It is got to be done to save the church. So then, on this premise of one Word, let's go to Ephesians, the 4th chapter. The premise of one word amongst us. That's why I like to drill you in this Word and you talk it and talk it and talk it.

(1) I therefore brethren, (chapter 4 verse 1,) the prisoner of the Lord Jesus Christ, beseech you that you walk worthy of your vocation (not your avocation, your vocation, your true calling),
(2) That with all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing and bearing one another in love;
(3) Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (To keep a lovely marriage in the spirit of marriage in this condition now in the church.)
(4) There is one body, there is one Spirit, there is one hope of calling;
(5) There is one Lord, there is one faith, there is one baptism,
(6) There is one God who is Father of all, and above all, and through all, and in you all.

50There is only one, and there is only one Word that tells you all about everything that's mentioned here. Then let's have one Word. Listen, didn't I want you to think like me? You know me better than that. I want to think like William Branham thought. Which were the thoughts of God. Paul said, "We have the mind of Christ." William Branham said, "Just think the same Pillar of Fire that brought the Word to Paul--to the church, to Paul, is here revealing the same Word." Paul said, "I have the mind of Christ." William Branham had the mind of Christ. He said, "I don't think my own thoughts." He told me personally in 1964, I'm sure it was '64 in Tampa, might have been '65, but I think it was '64. Sat together at breakfast. Discussed the things of God.

I don't want you regimented here like Seven Day Adventists and Pentecostals. But I do want this regiment in knowing the Pillar of Fire is leading us. And I'm trying to point you all the time to Christ, the prophet and his--and the Word. I don't try to point you to me. I've got to be up here, that's my job but that's as far as it goes. Okay, it's the same Word, same Holy Ghost, the same everything. And it is that same Word and the Holy Ghost in that Word that is going to produce the book of Galatians chapter 5. 'Cause Paul said, "Listen, God gave me this Word. I didn't get it on my own, nobody taught me. Fourteen years later I found out I was saying exactly what Jesus Christ... He personally had taught those people. He's the one that's the Apostle after the Gentiles.

51You read James, you read John, you read Peter, you read anybody. They did not set the church in order. They did not bring the Word of God, it was Paul. Now Paul said, "You Galatians, what's the matter with you? You've left the Word. Now he says, "Stand fast in the liberty wherewith you're called." Now watch verse 22 and 3.

(22) But the fruit of the Spirit is love, and joy, and peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith.
(23) Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
(24) And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections--lusts and affections thereof.

Now that's what that Word, and it can't come without the Word to be legitimate. Because the Word is the conduit. We are not the conduits per se. God have mercy, brother/sister. Let's get away from Pentecost and Baptist, Methodist who are in idolatry. We are not the conduits per se. It is the Word that's the conduit. That makes you...?...

52Are we all over? Tape finished? Ho! Well, it was nice of you people to sit here. Nice place to start next week. Sorry, I've worked myself out of my time. I was going to get away early so I'd feel better. But you know what? I feel good. So, Lord knows all about ninety minutes. I guess we quit in ninety minutes. But I'll know just where to start here. If I don't know where to start, I know where to start. You remind me. It's the Spirit of God in the Word that does this. So it's not illegitimate but legitimate.

Let's rise and be dismissed. Sure do love you people, grace and mercy be yours all day and all night days to come.

53Heavenly Father, again we want to say how good and how precious it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. To know we can come together as a Word...

[Tape ends]