1 Let us pray. Gracious Heavenly Father, we just want to come [in] Your Presence, humbly Lord, recognizing that as long as we are here in this human flesh that, and in it there's nothing that can really please You as far as itself is concerned. We know, Lord, that in our own spirit also we're not perfect, we have to wait for that hour, only made perfect by You granting us grace, Lord, through Yourself.

And so we know, Lord, that we're no different from the times when back in the days of the apostles You stood upon earth, men did not recognize You, men did not worship You and respect You as they should. And back there, Lord, in the days when Your power fell upon earth and You baptized people, there were problems in the church, and there'll always be problems, Lord.

So, we just ask You to look upon our frames as the prophet said, "It is dust." And consider us, Lord, who were shaped in sin, formed in iniquity. And forgive us, Lord, and may Jesus Christ stand for us at this time as the Great High Priest. And may a work of grace be wrought in our hearts as submission unto You, Lord, to Your way and Your will, until the Life which is of Christ may supersede the life which is of ourselves, Lord. This is what we desire.

Teach us, Lord, to have contrite and teachable hearts and feet and hands and minds, that do Your will, and be careful to give You the praise in Jesus' Name. Amen. You may be seated.

2Now, in our studies relative to some statements by Bro. Branham concerning pastoring people relationship, which of course we've been studying for quite some time, we found that to our understanding these pronouncements that Bro. Branham made, which were varied, he made different pronouncements, and we found that they were being carried too far by some ministers, and of course that's church history. Let's understand that.

How many people have ever stayed in the middle of the road where they belong? Under the Nazarene church they went so far into sanctification, they preached the doctrine that Wesley never even dreamed of. Became a terrible snare to the people. Was a self righteous legalistic thing, and it bored the consequence of the fruit of it. Which ended up by blaspheming the Holy Ghost.

The Roman Catholics started out, the Greek Orthodox, they started out right. But they began investing so much power in the ministers, that they fell by the wayside, and brought forth a corrupt priesthood and the people. They constantly tried reform and never could get it. Church is still in the same state. It's always these things that happened in the church. Carrying things too far, or not carrying them far enough. Not dealing with them, with the intent and the purpose and the spirit in which they were given.

3So, we saw this amongst us. We see it in our ministers in various areas. I'm not going to apologize for it, you just have to recognize it. Now, the intent of Bro. Branham in making these statements as the pastor congregation relationship, as far as we can tell in what we studied, is to lock, 'l-o-c-k', lock, both the pastor and people into the Word of this hour. And not make the people or pastor subservient to anything but that Word, and by the Spirit of Christ both walk in the Spirit of the One Who gave the Word, which is Jesus through a prophet. This is what he really wanted. It was not to carry it where the people, the pastors, became obstreperous [aggressively boisterous] in their ruling by the Word which they claimed they were doing, which I cannot agree with in many cases. And I won't agree, that's all there is to it, nor the people taking things too far.

Now, it is very easy to change the meaning of a statement, any statement Bro. Branham made, and thereby gain an advantage over the people. For example, even I am guilty and I admit it, and you might of caught it last Sunday. I am guilty of accept of actually misquoting Bro. Branham on his pastor and spiritual husband thesis. And I got this way by just simply quoting what other ministers were saying all the time, what was supposed to be the quote. But, Bro. Branham did not say that and I thought you might of caught it.

4Here's what he said. And he's speaking of Lot and his wife and children leaving Sodom. And he is talking about Mrs. Lot having the word of her husband which was delivered by angels. And she is kind of talking to herself as to whether, (you know,) he's really right. And she is supposed to listen as the wife to the husband. But, you know, she's questioning it. She says, "Though he's my husband," but yet, (then in parenthesis an interpolation,) Bro. Branham says, "Your pastor is your husband spiritually speaking."

Now, Mr. Lot representing the pastor, her husband, to the church, he's telling her these things. Now whether it could be true or not, she says, "I don't know." But notice, the language. Your pastor is your husband 'spiritually' speaking. He did not say, "The pastor was the spiritual husband." He said, "The pastor is the husband 'spiritually' speaking." The speaking was spiritually motivated so that we have a Scriptural illustration only. But the pastor was not said to be the spiritual husband. So that cuts it way down.

5So, we see not so much a doctrine, but an illustration as with Mr. and Mrs. Lot. And you will notice all my messages have shown this. God never let me make him a spiritual husband. It was always slanted with what Bro. Branham had in mind. So I know that a flame of fire does not differ from a Pillar of Fire. The Word could not allow an error to an Elect ministry and to an Elect people. And we always steer clear of any type of authority which...we had to stay right with the Word of God.

Now, you notice that together we have met many wrong things said by ministers on the grounds that they claim for themselves to be spiritual husbands. In doing this, I have swung away very far from preachers and toward the people. Even to the extreme, as though problems arose, or were to arise, the people would be free, and the pastors more to blame, if not all together to blame. Now you notice, I have done that. Now, that is not how Bro. Branham put it.

For example, he warned the people that though things were one in the spirit now, and they were all loving each other, Satan could send someone amongst them, (notice he put the force not on the inside, but from the outside,) and could harm the people and have division if they would begin to take sides in issues. Now he said, "Satan will send somebody among you, then he will work amongst you and you'll think everything's fine, then he'll pump him full of poison so he'll try to then be destructive, divisive and so on." Now, he said, "What you do, you don't clan." In other words, don't take sides, you immediately just draw closer together. See? He warned them how to act.

6Now, this lets us know that he was aware that there were people in his presence in his Church, the ones he called his own, very susceptible to a spirit of division. This would not be the pastor's fault and not his battle, (although it's partly his battle,) but primarily the people's.

Now, Paul brought that up in Acts 20:25, and notice what he says here:

(25) And now, behold, I know that (you) all, among whom I have gone preaching the kingdom of God, shall see my face no more.

(26) Wherefore I take you to record this day, that I am pure from the blood of all men.


(27) For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.

That meant that Paul answered every Scriptural question first. Then he entered in to conduct. And you will see that definitely from the Book of Corinthians he tells how he came in the power of God correctly as he told the Galatians. And then he told them how to keep the church free.

Now watch:

(28) Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock (of God,) Now notice now, the pastoral charge,) over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, (or shepherds) to feed the church of God...

How does the church got to being fed? By the Word. Jesus said, "Rule, feed, rule." Paul said, "Obey those who have the rule over you, who teach to you, or speak to you the Word of God."

"The food of the Church," as Bro. Branham said, "spiritual food in due season is the Word that's anointed for that hour."

(28) Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.

7Now, preachers think that they sweat blood. They think that they pay a big price. And I admit, there are prices to pay. But they're sweating blood, and their blood does not do it. And though every minister become a martyr it still doesn't do it. It's the Blood of Jesus Christ. Remember, the purchase was with the Blood of God.

(29) For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

(30) Also of your selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

Bro. Branham was cautioning the Church, the same as Paul cautioned the elders. And he said, "Look, people will come in and cause problems, and you will be a problem also, because I know right now there are elders here, (he's saying,) that will just rise up the same as an outsider coming in."

So, Bro. Branham is saying to the congregation, "Look, I know you and I love you, and at this time you're settled. At this time you're in one accord," because he was a very, very strong person. Everything was centered upon him as the bringer of that Word, they listened with hushed hearts and minds, to get that Word. But he said, "Listen, Satan will send someone in among you, then you watch yourselves." He's letting the people know that they have danger spots within them. They have areas which could well attract these spirits that come into the congregation.

8Now, we've talked about that here. I'm not worried about you, as long as I know I can stand here with your understanding, and your loyalty to the Word of God, and your faith that we all have each in each other, starting from the pulpit down.

I'm not worried, because I believe at this time anything could come into this Church, and I'm not boasting, I'm walking in the fear of God, but in the confidence of Christ. So this Church could not be shaken. No, I don't believe it could be shaken. I believe we have enough brethren here who have had experiences in their lives which have been altogether unlovely and blamed unto God. And they have had experiences in their lives which were altogether lovely which they know came from God. And the lovely always exceeds the ugly. So we're not...I'm not alarmed, I'm not worried, I just know what the prophet said is so true.

What I'm trying to bring to your attention is this: I have focused so much upon the pulpit that I've over balanced it. And I'm going to have to bring it back to the congregation now just a little bit see, and he's warning the congregation.

9So, this lets us know that there's fallibility through us, but there's infallibility which is greater than fallibility. So here in this Church is we are growing, which we are. And it could be some people will even move here, because they say, "Well look, Bro. Vayle never did really settle down, and we don't know if he's going to, but a church's there now, they built a church and we'd like to move into the area. It's possible that others will start coming in here. I know this to be true, because we're in touch with many people.

Though we receive all with love and fellowship we must never allow any problem or question posed to become a divisive issue. What I'm saying is this: we know ourselves very, very well. That is to the extent how well can we know each other? Only God knows the heart. We don't even know our own hearts. But we realize that honest people, (you know,) hopefully good people come in. I don't say they'll bring problems with them. On the other hand, they could bring problems, I don't know. But usually those things which cause division, start out the same as Satan started with Eve. He made sure that he let her know that things were good, but they could be better.

10Sit here and listen and just think, if it takes twenty minutes, and look into your hearts. How many this morning are saying, "Well, it's pretty good Bro. Vayle, but it could be better." Keys to my car, to the house, to the church. [Bro. Vayles drops his keys and loose change on the pulpit] Come up here and make them better.

I'm not angry. I'm...a little dramatic on purpose. Here's the Bible. See what I'm telling you? Uh, uh, no way. They'll only be better if God does something not you and not me. (Sweeper get's the quarters.) That's all it took. It was all over. In my notes I say, "Need I say more to a church of whom I've been boasting this is the most mature Church in the country."

If you haven't caught on, think about Absalom, David's son. He sat in the gate. Oh he was beautiful, that hair was so long, so beautiful. And he had the nicest tongue you ever thought of. Now he said, "My father David is a great king, but I can see things aren't as good as they should be, though they had been very good. Now I for king."

Same keys. [Drops keys on pulpit again] Give you my bank book on that one. Some of you could use the money, more that I could use it. Come and take over. Not a challenge now. I just want this to rest with this people to understand things that many people don't understand and won't understand. They're not interested in understanding. He [Absalom] sat in the gate, he made sure he had visibility. Yeah.

11Now, men usually are the ones that would give a problem. Oh, we have no problems here. We're just talking about these things, because we must warn and exhort. The Bible said, "At all times warn and exhort and teach these things." [1 Tim 6:2]

It was the woman that listened to Satan first time around. Woman represents church. Also women are in the church, part of the church. And again, I have nothing in this church and no woman in mind, no men in mind, I want you to understand that. But this is part of this series which is taught here and goes out. And I must balance everything and put it in context as things are brought to my attention, especially as I'm thinking. And I sit down and I begin thinking. Maybe I'm just driving, maybe just working, but when something strikes my mind and I know it must be dealt with.

12Now, we're going to talk about a little bit that Eve was the one that went to Adam and got Adam to perpetrate the actual fall. The Bible does not say, "As in Eve all die." It says, "As in Adam all die." [1 Cor 15:22] And Eve was in Adam and she got the ball rolling to the terrible mess that we're in today.

Okay. Let us say that a woman decides that something is wrong in the church. Something could be better. How many women will go to their husbands and check on their husbands to get their husbands to do something? Now, that's a good one. [Laughter] I wouldn't be surprised there's not a lady sitting here, but just wouldn't think that was legitimate. Because she sees something that her husband, poor fellow's not seeing.

That gives me cause to smile a bit, because (you know,) I remember years back when I was in Pentecost and I was preaching, we had a woman, her name was Mrs. Hinkle(?) (she'd be dead now, she wasn't young then. Well she was in her forties I guess, then that's fifty years ago. Hard to believe she's ninety,) she pushed he husband all the time, till the poor old boy was on the verge of suicide. I think he actually tried it once. Got a gun out, they stopped him. But she was going to run the church. And bless God, her right arm of strength was, listen, "I'm thinking of my family."

Now, we've had preachers I know that tore up churches, tore up homes, and I know of people that weren't preachers that tore up churches and that was their main forte, and their reason for existence, and it's in men and women, not one gender, and frankly, there are people that I have persuaded already. There's nothing here in this area by way of jobs or anything else. We just don't have anything to offer. At the same time without being a liar, because we don't have any jobs to offer. I said, "If you feel led," and that's all I said. We'll treat you as a brother and sister. But you better make sure and pray that you know God wants you anywhere near us, because we're pretty fallible people too.

13So, just to let you know that Bro. Branham dealt with both sides of the question when he made these strong statements, the Word that he gave us was the same Word that Paul gave. Hey look, It can come from the top down, or from the bottom up. Now you know I am not at any time, I've never at any time, made myself a paragon of virtue. I don't even know what that is, except it sounds awfully nice. I think it means that no matter how look at it, you've got a pair of lovely ...?... [Bro. Vayles laughs] You got a lot of lovely virtues. Never have said that. But we must stay to the Word of God. And at no time have I ever excluded anybody from their full share of the Word of God anymore than I would...I know that you would not exclude me.

So, we're looking at this now in the objective, and we're looking down the road, because I don't know what's going to happen. So I say, as long as Bro. Branham was living and I do not actually make a comparison of myself with him. It's the same with men like Bro. Terry Sproule, and chap, Mel, men I've known over the years, especially ones that I've mentioned in this pulpit from time to time. I know that they are so solid with the Word, and the people are so solid with them, that if anything even begins to percolate there's just a little freeze right there, and the people just slide right close together and just stand solid. Usually the storm will blow over.

14Once in a while, it means there will be a separation. But maybe at that point it simply means the people just need someone else to have as their pastor. I'm not condemning anybody. I just want you to know, and I want you to feel easy this morning, though these things are made not hard, but they're made adamant as they should be. So we find that Bro. Branham was not only warning from the stand point of the pulpit like Paul, but also from the stand point of the pew. None of us is a match for Satan. Together we are not a match for Satan, but with Jesus Christ every single person no matter how weak, how young is more than a match for the enemy as we renew our minds through the Word of God. Both of us must obey the Word in the Spirit of Christ. They both seek one goal, and in seeking that goal, seek each other's welfare.

Now listen carefully: if both seek that goal, what is the goal? To heed the Word and especially the Word of this hour. Both must obey the Word in the Spirit of Christ. Now, if both, those in the church, like I'm pastor here, you've got other men in the church that work with me, all those men godly men, Bro. Klassen up here in the pulpit too. All working together, all having one spirit to seek the same goal, and in seeking that goal to seek each other's welfare.

15People rise up and say, "Well, I've got to think of my family." Hold it. You've got to think of the man in the pulpit, you got to think of everybody in that Church. I've got to think of every single one of you. Not just pray for you, which I do, but I've got to think of every single one of you. And I do by the grace of Almighty God, because this is a blanket Word.

So, we must not only seek the goal, we must seek each other's welfare towards that goal. The Bible teaches that. And I am sure we will not get tangled up by Satan, but we'll just begin to move down the road with God.

Now, let me add this: when you come together to talk the Word, which you do, be free to speak your mind as to what you once considered those statements of Bro. Branham to mean to you, and what you now believe them to be. If you believe some of those statements were put down, be free to discuss it, say how it affected you. And then when you find it wasn't a put down, it didn't mean what it said, it was an actual misquote, you just tell what that meant to you. Because you see, the truth will make you free, and you testify to the truth. And the more you testify, the stronger you get.

16Listen, does everybody here pretty like roast turkey? Roast turkey. My, roast turkey at home in an oven at 325 degree. I can just smell that roast turkey, that smell coming out. Hey, I can make you want roast turkey, even if you didn't like it.

So, you talk the good things and they get gooder, and gooder, and you want more, and you want more, until you pig out. God doesn't mind sheep pigging out on sheep food. He does mind sheep pigging out on pig food. He likes His sheep to get so [Bro. Vayle draws a breath and lets it out] they lie down in the green grass where they're eating and they snore beside the nice still water.

You all hear what I'm saying? That's your portion children of God. Don't let anybody bamboozle you out of it. So make these meetings count. Don't be afraid to look at them in order to assume responsibility for your part. And don't excuse yourself, but accept the Word as It might apply, and strangely you will find strength to perform your part. I've told you...let me explain it to you.

17I've heard Bro. Branham preach sermons that were negative to me. And I said, "Yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, I don't know." I got so that it became like a complex. When the subject came up I [makes a noise] closed it. Cut its throat, so to speak. And one day I said, "Hold it, if I don't face it here, I'm going to face it there. So I'm going to face it." And I did what I do with you. I take It Word by Word. And when I took It Word by Word, I found It wasn't what I thought It said. And you know what that did? It gave me strength. How do you escape trials in life? By bearing them. Once you've borne them, you're over the hump. So that's what I'm saying here.

In these messages, which I've preached eleven of them, (I think eleven of them,) go over them, and if you run across something you think puts you in a bind and you become fearful, I assure you, there's nothing to be afraid of. The minute you face it, the strangeness will go, and you will find strength for whatever you need.

Now this is so, because the entire Word, the entire Word, the doctrine which brings the passive faith and the conduct Scripture which brings you an active faith is all the same Word. So the entire Word is life giving. This goes for the ministry. Moses, Paul and William Branham, had to live by the same Word they gave to those who were the sheep of God.

18Remember the scene beyond the 'Curtain of Time'. The one beside Bro. Branham, unknown to him, said, "Jesus will come and judge you. And you will be judged first according to what you preached."

And he said, "I preached what Paul preached."

And everybody said, "We're depending on that."

So you see, we have nothing to fear from the Word. Correction is not brutalization. Uh, uh. Correction is mending the condition. We get Scripture so messed up we think that He chastens every sons that He receives. He goes, whack, whack, bang-bang, bang-bang. It's like the farmer that when the pig came by, he kicked him. The man said, What you do that for?"

"Well," he said, "Either he's coming out of mischief or going into it." [laughter]

Anybody think that God does that, treats us like pigs? Bangs us, so we won't get into trouble? Then whaps us twice as bad because we do get in trouble? Now, there's an element to it, but it's not that way. How would God or any human being, (God's bigger than human beings,) how could anybody with a modicum of sensibility, anything at all that pertains to refinement of spirit, (never mind the depth of that word 'love',) deliberately conk somebody for no reason?

What he's saying here, God allows trials to come our way. The trials put pressure on us. Then if we go to Him for strength and listen to His Word, the trials will begin to disappear and we'll come out purified and refined. That's what the lesson is. It's not whapping you over the head. We have a term for that. We whap people, we call them 'love taps'. It's a dirty rotten lie is what it is. [Bro. Vayle chuckles] Get away with brutalization. No. No, brother/sister.

Moses lived by the Word. Paul lived by the same Word. William Branham lived by the same Word, and he taught It to us. We all live by one Spirit. Now listen: We all live by one Spirit of one revelation given by one God. We do. Now that's all I'm going to talk about that.

19Now here's the thing: When you go over the tapes which I know most of you do, questions come up, please feel free to write your questions down and give them to me. Please feel free to talk to each other, not to bring up questions now, which would bring up anything divisive, but if there's something in...you might say, "Hey, how does this strike you? Is this striking you, like it's striking me? That this pertains to me, or pertains to something else?

In other words, you're not comparing yourselves by each other, which is unscriptural and wrong. But you're looking at the Word together and you're saying, how are you coming up under this? See? Is there advancement?

When I find people write me, phone me, everything else and tell me how that the Lord is using this Word to help them, well you see, that's tremendous, you don't have to tell me, but if you don't tell me and you're missing something, and some way I can help you, then you're the loser. And we certainly don't want anybody losing, that's all we're saying.

20All right. We're going to answer some questions here briefly. There's a question came out from Buffalo: I'm a long time Irene in answering your question, but the question is:

"When the Saints are made known to us, will our bodies be changed at that time or not?"

Yes, they will be changed at that time. And Bro. Branham says, "When we see the Saints come out of the ground, (which is kind of an incorrect term, but it'll do,) when they receive their glorified bodies and we see them on earth, (he said,) a sweep will go over us and we'll be changed."

Now, there's a certain thing that puzzles me here, but I have to leave it as a puzzlement, because I've never been able to come to a perfect answer on it. This answer that I gave now on this question leaves me with the feeling it is a categorical answer, though I'm not positive that the Saints that are living will be changed almost instantaneously, I don't know. From what Bro. Branham said of a time element in there paralleling when Jesus was on earth coming back from the dead He was seen for forty days. (You know on earth.) He was seen one time by about five hundred. Also, you'll notice that Bro. Branham said, "Abraham and Sarah walking the streets of Jerusalem said, 'they're beginning to recognize us, let's get out of here'."

So, there's certain elements in there which I'm not really positive how soon our change would be. It could be instantly, almost instantly, or it could be a bit of time afterward. But yes, very definitely when the Saints are made known to us. And they will be, because the people in our generation will come up first, our Church Age, and we will see them, we'll recognize them without a doubt. And at that time we'll have fellowship and we will be changed at that particular time.

We cannot be immortalized before them, and they could not be immortalized without us being ready for it. And our readiness depended upon the grace of God to restore us to the place where we can reach and walk up to the Tree of Life without missing one breath, or one wink of the eye, or one heart beat. They're waiting on us. Okay.

21Please explain Melchisedec as type with Christ and in relation to the Throne at this end time."

Well now, I'll tell you what you'll notice that Melchisedec did not offer blood. He did not make a sacrifice. He positively took bread and wine. So therefore, Melchisedec is after the fact. You see what I mean? Christ would have to die, shed His Blood before there could be any institution of an order of that kind.

But you will also notice, that Jesus Christ shed His Blood, and that is under the Aaronic priesthood. Not emblem now, but a reality. And having shed His Blood He entered into the Holy Place, not with the blood of bulls and goats, but with the precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, the One without spot and without wrinkle. This made Him of the Aaronic priesthood.

Now, the Melchisedec priesthood had to come after the Aaronic priesthood. Now he is made a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec . But I ask you a question: If Melchisedec is a king, then does he not have a throne? And the answer is yes. Did Jesus have the throne? No He did not have the throne. But He was of the order of Melchisedec to have the throne.

22Now, when it came time for the opening of the Seals, the One that was seated on the Throne had a Book in His hand that was closed. Now who could open the Book? The Lamb came from the midst of the Throne, which was behind the Throne on the Mercy Seat, and He takes the Book out of the hand of Him that was on the Throne.

And in 'Souls That Are Now in Prison', (I think it is, I'm not sure,) on page 24, one of those two sermons, Bro. Branham mentioned that the Lamb takes the Book out of the hand of Him on the Throne, rips the Seals off, hands the Book back and climbs upon the Throne. And it's only in 'The Seventh Church Message' of Revelation 3, that It says, "He that overcometh, I will grant to sit with Me in my Throne, even as I have overcome and sat down with My Father in His Throne." And that could not come until the hour in which he was shoved outside the church, rejected, which is this hour.

23So, what you're looking at is the perfection, the consummation of the end-time, where Jesus, Lord Jesus the man, the one born of the Virgin Mary, where she was purely and simply the incubator, the test tube, call it what you want, supplying the elements that this Life already there to take form, took those elements, and This One here, the One which we call the Body of God, the temple of God and so on. This One here now then is absolutely and fully Melchisedec manifested as He was only truly potentially Melchisedec . Wasn't that He wasn't you understand, because He was the order.

And so now you'll notice that we were brought up as priests and kings unto God in the same order that we never offer blood. We offer symbols of it, and we're in that order. And we are waiting now for out turn as He said, "To sit with Me in my Throne." And which we will, signifying and proving the potential of what lies within us. Which potential is as good as the real thing, because It is the real thing. And the real thing which is Life, (you know) that's the big thing in the universe is life, starting with God's Life. Always, you give It an opportunity of having the right element come to It. It'll manifest perfectly. Well, we're going to be changed in our bodies, and we'll manifest perfectly the same as our Lord and Savior has already manifested.

24So, that's what you're looking at. Also you may look at the fact that, remember, it was at the time at the end of the battle when Abraham met Melchisedec coming to meet him, and He gave him those specific emblems which showed forth the sacrifice having been accepted man could now enter into it. You know, prefiguring the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, we in this hour have had a complete demonstration of the Presence of Almighty God. (You know,) showing that positively this great Melchisedec ministry, and the Melchisedec work of rest, and peace, and righteousness is being fulfilled. Because we can place ourselves actually in the place of Abraham meeting under the Pillar of Fire. So, you could look at that too.

I never have gone into that. I haven't been too interested in it, in the sense of others have been. I think Bob Brown may have had a very good sermon on that, and I believe I might have it at home. I'm sure I do have it at home, but I wouldn't be able to put my hands on it just at this moment.

25But the major thing that I'm looking at here is that explains Melchisedec types with Christ in relationship with the Throne. It's not a type. It's not a type. The type was in Melchisedec Himself. And if that's what you're looking at, Bro. Branham told you already that that actually was God in a form. Like he said, "God might of taken a handful of dust and said, [makes a woosh sound] blown into it and stepped into that body." You see?

But when you, remember, one thing: if that man, and this is to me it's fantastic. And if that is true, and I believe it is true, there's no doubt in my mind, the man had a retinue. The man had an actual palace. You say, "Would God do things like that?" What kind of a God you dealing with brother/sister, some God of your imagination that couldn't have a kingdom?

Listen, if God wanted He'd have a kingdom sitting right out there. In fact, let me tell you, God has one sitting out there if our eyes were open to it. Maybe Abraham just had his eyes opened, and walked into it. I don't have any trouble. I get ...?... Well, you know me. I'm far more than just poetic. [End of side one of tape] This is something very, very ...?...

26Let's go to Galatians 5. The question comes:

"Please explain Gal 5:16-23 in relation to the Bride."

Well, we went over that already, this was covered. Paul says:

(16) ...I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and (you) shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. (That's true.)

(17) For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so (you) cannot do the things that (you) would.

(18) But if (you) be led of the Spirit, (you're) not under the law.

Not under the law of what? The law of the flesh, the lust and the things thereof. Why? Because, greater is He that's in you, than you yourself. There's the quote. If you want this... Lee Vayle's quote on the Scripture that's it. "Greater is He that's in you, than you yourself," and anybody else combined.

(19) Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; (so you're not walking in the Spirit when you commit) adultery, (or) fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

(20) Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,

Now, I don't want to stand up here and run poor old Jimmy Swaggart in the ground, because look, he's been hit hard enough by a couple of crow-bars and a Sherman tank. But you know, if he'd had been walking in the Spirit like he was crying on the platform that he was, would he have got into the uncleanness and lasciviousness and those things?

Well, I wouldn't care if he's born again. If you begin giving way to your flesh, instead of the Voice of the Holy Spirit through the Word, like I said, talk about roast turkey and all the trimmings, I can get you just salivating and terribly hungry. And if you let the things of your flesh rise up where you feel you've got to indulge and being an indulger, you'll do it. Because It says, "One lusts against the other." [1 Pet 2:11] There's a battle going on. It's a battle that Bro. Branham spoke of. The old Indian chief said, "Now that I got born again, (he said,) I feel like I've got two dogs fight inside, a black dog and a white dog."

And Bro. Branham said, "Which dog wins?"

He said, "The one I feed the most." And that's all there is to it. See?

27Now, the Pentecostal Assemblies of God, I hope they don't fall for this hogwash that comes out of the Mormon Tabernacle, that Jimmy Swaggart's got to see a psychiatrist. Because if Jimmy Swaggart has got to see a psychiatrist, well that explains the Mormon religion doesn't it? They ain't got anything.

Let me see if I can find it for you. (Like the fellow said, "I know it's here somewhere.") [Bro. Vayle searches for the right Scripture] Some days I just can't put my finger on It. But anyway, I can quote enough of It. Paul is talking here to these Corinthians...that he mentions the sins they were in even to the point of homosexuality, and he says, "Such were some of you, but now you are cleansed." [1 Cor 6:11]

Okay, so It's in 1 Corinthians, and you can see for yourselves that anybody directing anybody to a psychiatrist or a psychologist in the face of the Word of God is antichrist. That's why their churches are completely dead. Do you know that the Mormon church has on record in their book of prophecy that the end-time will come when a prophet by the name of William Branham will go across America?

Do you know that Balaam has said things that are coming to pass right today? Why didn't the Mormon church with their religion, why didn't they come and ask the prophet how to set them right? Do you know that the Mormon church is the one church in America that came from the roots of America and no place else? Other religion's came in, outside Baptist, Methodist, you name it, Nazarene, Presbyterians, the whole bunch. But that is one religion that positively came up from the roots on its own in America, and the next one with it was Pentecost. America Pentecost spirit. This is that land that's religious and sacrilegious, that talks like a lamb and carries a sword.

Now, everybody is trying to fuss at the poor old Communist and the poor old Communist aren't it at all. Out of self defense one day they'll plant a bomb on us. What is the major trouble in the world today? Is religion. False religion. The turning from Almighty God. That's what it is. It's the churches, organized churches.

You watch, eight souls were saved in the day of Noah. Don't sit here this morning thinking there's going to be a whole bunch make it. I look myself to die, and not be standing here. Whether that's true or not, I don't know. I'll have a promise to live and not die. You have a promise to live and not die. But who knows?

28All right, Galatians here, absolutely the Bride of this hour. The fruit of the Spirit will be manifested. Now notice, that these Galatians had turned from the Living Word to the law. I believe you and I will have just as much life and victory as we have the Word of God in us.

I believe that Bro. Branham categorically stayed with the old Kessic conference, the Puritan understanding of the true baptism with the Holy Ghost which was this: You take a bottle, you fill it full of rocks. You say, "Now we're going to pour the water in. I got a bottle full of water."

No, you don't. But there's water in the bottle. That's the baptism. That's the initial start.

You say, "Well, I want more water." So I take out a rock. Pour more water. As you keep taking out the rocks, which means confessing sins and resisting in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, victory after victory, there can come a time; I do not say will, uh, uh, it's up to us. Bro. Branham preached it, the full baptism of the Holy Ghost. God in control, like living in a statue. People in idolatry don't know it. They're in the Catholic churches, they have images and they believe that those images represent certain apostles, prophets and so on. Take it back to where it came from which is absolutely idolatry, and they believe that the spirit of the god can come into that statue.

If you don't think that's true, why do people today when they have an image of Mary that weeps tears they think it's God? That's not Mary's spirit in there. The best and the worst is it's got to be the devil's spirit. Why would God do things like that? Come on, listen, don't...just get away from this stuff brother/sister. You've got to get away from heathen thinking. These people had reverted to circumcision. This was the gang, they were spreading a false doctrine where Barnabas got taken in, and Paul said, "Out!"

29Now listen to me: Right in the Book of Acts, It says, "The Holy Ghost said, 'separate me Saul and Barnabas, Paul and Barnabas to the work that I have called them.'" And Barnabas got taken in and Paul said, "Out!"

Now listen to me: I didn't write the Bible. You don't fool with the Word of God. Listen, let's understand this people here, sitting here today, I don't have any faith in you, and I don't have any faith in me, and I don't have any faith in us together to get anywhere outside of the constant progression of the Word of God, piling Word and Word upon Word, which in turn will force out the wrong, and the Life of that Word being released. Now, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But I want to find where the prophet said different. I want to see where the Word of God said different. I didn't see Paul setting up spiritual exercises whereby he got a revelation. I see the grace of God. That's all I see, the grace of God. I don't see Paul having anything. I don't see any people struggling or striving for gifts of the Holy Ghost. I see God placing them in the body. See?

So, all I can say here about Galatians we've covered it. Well we took in the fact that this comes out of the flesh without the Word, or the Word set aside when you have a chance at the Word and set It aside, this comes out of the Life of the Word which you've made preeminent. And remember, Bro. Branham's one worry, what was that worry? Lest we let the cares of this life, or the busyness of this life push out this Word.

30He himself said in '64, "Lee, all my thoughts are of God." And he put all his time. He said, "Lee if I go home, and I'm in the process of these thoughts, (he said,) all I've got to be asked is one question or something in my home, (he said,) it'll escape me, I may not pick it up for a month."

You say, "Well, that's great. He's a prophet."

That's great, he was a prophet. But I'm going to tell you something brother/sister: if you and I had to pick out of the atmosphere of the universe, the vegetables and the grains, and the fruit, and the food and then cook them, and eat them, we could well be busy. But when the prophet for us spiritually has picked out of the spiritual atmosphere, the good grain and the fruit, and the vegetables, is it too hard to put them in a pot and cook them? There's your spiritual speaking again. The husband provides all the goodies, the wife surely she can cook them.

And you know what? I think with my wife if she can't, I show her how it's done. And we both have a little problem. So you know, there's no reason why with the Word of God being preached here, what Bro. Branham gave us, we cannot have a church that is spiritual minded, and spiritual in its actions. And now don't get crossed up in your thinking that some little thing that you worry about is against the Word of God. Look in the Bible and find out what God says. Ask you question, let's see what we come up with. Let's see what we can get from God.

31All right... let's read this: Matthew 12:31,

(31) ...but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. (And neither in this world or the world to come. Let's get that one straight.)

White Throne, where people come up and they're not judged as Christians, they're judged by works that there's no hope even then.

Remember, Bro. Branham tells of the fellow that he said that he went up to heaven and he rapped at the door, and he said, "What is your name?" They told him and... Curry, or something, there are different names Bro. Branham used. But Curry might of been one of them. (Was one I believe.)

And he said, "Well, you'll have to appeal to the White Throne." See?

And at the White Throne the Voice said, "He stood for me on earth, I'll stand for him here."

Now that's a dream. It's not Scripture. That's a dream. See? But now, if you blaspheme the Holy Ghost, White Throne wouldn't do you any good either. No First Resurrection, no Second.

32All right:

"Please explain who can blaspheme?"

Well, the Elect are the only ones who cannot. And I know what...because I read the questions, what we're coming to. The Elect we know for sure cannot be deceived.

Let's go back to Matthew 12. Let's see the picture that this comes out of, and relate It to this hour, because the same Mt 12:15-21 tells of the Appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ in a Pillar of Fire to the Gentiles, doing the same miracles He did when He was here upon earth. That means, Elohim, Himself in a human form is now back here in a prophet with the Pillar of Fire. Remember, in the prophet is not steady. That's a come and a go proposition. That's steady the Pillar of Fire [points to the picture] will not leave here till we're taken out of here.

33All right. He healed the multitude, and the people...they brought Him a man possessed with the devil, dumb and blind. And He healed him in so much that the blind and dumb both saw and spoke. And the people were amazed and said, "Is this not the Son of David? Isn't this the One that Scripture tells us about? Isn't this Emmanuel? Isn't this what we're looking for?" (Because, Emmanuel means 'God with us'.) "Isn't this the One in Isaiah?" (Isaiah 9.)

And the Pharisees when they heard it said, "This is not that One. What are you talking about? No, this is the other one."

Now, don't think for one minute the Jews, even today, do not believe in antichrist. They do believe in antichrist. Remember, we played that tape where 'Ashes of the Red Heifer'? In there it tells you their understanding of antichrist.

For they said, "No, this is the other fellow. This is Satan, and this form is the form of the devil. You're not looking at God. I don't care if He heals the sick, or even raises the dead. You are not looking at God, you are looking at the devil." That's what they said right here.

And Jesus knew their minds and said, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation." So therefore, sickness and any infirmity is of the devil and has no part in the Kingdom of God. Which one day will be manifested. It's coming into color even more and more. "And every city and house divided against itself shall not stand. If Satan cast out Satan, he's divided against himself, how shall then his kingdom stand?" Well, he's lost out right then. He's a traitor to himself.

34Now remember, he said, "I will exalt myself above the Most High. I'm going to take over." [Isa 14:13-14] Then is he going to come against himself? Hogwash! How is Satan taking over right today? Sex and AIDS. VD has brought blindness to children. How many children, babies are born blind from VD? That was the common thing at that time. Then they got the wonderful idea that the little baby contracted it as he left the womb. And for years the doctors taught us, "Nothing enters the placenta." Ha! Everything enters it. Little babies are born drug addicts, and go through literal torture with withdrawal pain.

Sit still kids and think it over. You're not dry behind the ears yet. If you're rebelling against your parents and the Word of God, get this flat, you will get what the Scripture says. Don't think you're that smart. I'm not being tough. I'm just warning you, because the world out there and the teacher will tell you, "Oh, don't listen. Don't listen, don't listen." You listen, because this is warning and judgment. Tells you right here.

35This person was born, he was blind and dumb. He didn't want it. And his parents didn't want it for him either. The church didn't want it for him either. But Satan did.

[Matthew 12:]

(27) And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out?

Pentecostal Oneness preachers called Bro. Branham of the devil in the face of this.

(28) But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.

(29) Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then (when his goods be spoiled.)

In other words, It says right here, if you want, Satan wants to get ahead he will eradicate entirely faith in a life giving, a healing practicing God. Where do your dumb dead churches stand before you understood this Message? Your churches were completely dominated by the devil and pretend to be of God. Let's face it, I'm not arguing with anybody, just tells you right here, "You bind the strong."

What is the strength of your life? The revelation of the Word of Almighty God that you hang on to that brings everything else into your life. The Holy Ghost and everything with Him. You bind him. Don't you see how this all adds into this Message, the freer we get into this Word, the more we get built up in It, the more 'live or die, sink or swim', the more everything, the more victory in power this Church will have until the love of Christ comes in, and the people are just healed everywhere. Look, don't sit back and look for nothing, look for something. And I would say it ought to be in time, that we begin to adjust our telescopes, or our field glasses, to bring it up closer. Let's put on the wide lens magnifiers, and let's see if the day of the Lord and His grace and power is not closer than we first believed. Listen, I believe that, that's all there is to it. Some churches are going to see it happen.

"So well maybe just in the Bride all around."

Well, glory to God there's some Bride sitting here. So let's get moving. Amen, that's the way to go.

36All right.

(30) He that is not with me is against me; (To go against healing and the things of God shows you're against God.) and he that gathereth not, scattereth abroad.

In other words, if you don't enter into it, you're fighting the Kingdom of God. You're helping Satan. Now, He said, "Listen, I'm going to clinch this for you."

(31) Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

Now, what was the charge?

"This is the Son of God." No, it is not the Son of God.

"This is a prophet of God." No, that is not a prophet of God.

"That is not God, that is a devil in that man." You just blew it.

Finished, it's all over, because He said, "Behold I send you Elijah the prophet to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers." [Mal 4:5] And when any processes of turning comes into any people there's a battle. Yep. Yep, the gloves are off.

(32) ...whosoever (that) speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him... (that's true. Right at this time when He was doing all the miracles, but coming back and doing the miracles now it's all over.)

Don't you see what this does brother/sister in this end-time? This is (pardon my expression, I will use the word,) perpetrated by God in order that man will condemn himself by showing his true colors.

He's always said, "Oh, I would recognize God had I been back there in the days of Jesus, I would not have crucified Him, I would have seen it."

You're a liar. Shows right there as Bro. Branham said, "You'd have been the one that crucified Him." So God doesn't change. See?

"And they crucified to themselves the Son of God afresh." [Heb 6:6] It's been perpetrated by God, it was done by God, the sovereign God.

(32) ...it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.

(33) Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit.

37Now, what is that fruit tree talking about? It is the fruit of your lips from your heart, and in the heart a revelation comes. That's why always come together and talk the Word. Talk It until you're too tired to talk It.

A few years ago you came to my house we'd sit till two in the morning talking. The more we talk the better It got. I'm too old to do that anymore. I'm doing my talking up here three hours a week, when I preach twice a week. And on the phone sometimes it goes by hours. I'm tired, I admit it, but I'll tell you one thing: the funniest thing is I'm not tired when I'm doing it. [Bro. Vayle chuckles] Just tired afterward. That's as it should be, that's alright.

(33) ...make the tree good, and his fruit good;... (See?)

How will I make this tree that I represent, how will I make this life the way it should be? I will go to this Word and examine every issue in the light of this Word of this hour that is manifested and demonstrated that I know, and I will believe It and I will say It.

You say, "What about Bro. Vayle if it doesn't happen?" Say It again. It'll happen sometime for somebody. That's all. Say It again.

(34) O generation of vipers, (serpent seed,) how can (you), being evil, speak good things?...

How can you even admit that this was the Son of God? How can people admit that that was a Prophet of God?

"Well, I've got my reservations."

What are your reservation?

"Well, you see science..."

What does science say?

Science says, "There isn't any God." Their big question is, "Where did God come from?" Or maybe, "Some god made God."

Well, where did he come from? Well, let me see then, according to you, "No creation is really no existence." Because I can argue you're not here and I'm not here. Then let me pick up this dried corn cob, that doesn't exist, and shove it into your eye ball that doesn't exist and you shouldn't be unhappy. [laughter] "Wisdom is justified of her children." [Lk 7:35]

38Well, Russia will blow us off the map pretty soon, because we're asking for it. What made Russia what she is godless? The church did. You know it and I know it. Rasputin and the monarchy that bowed to the church instead of Jesus Christ. And the church still can't recognize Jesus, and there's no way, because the Word's not with them to recognize.

Jesus in this age advocates the eye salve that you've got to get from Him. And you know what eye salve is? It's a poultice made out of bread crumbs. The broken Word of God rubbed in your denomination eyes that It may give you some truth. It'll hurt a little bit, but it feels so good. Now, when you get your bifocals on...actually I find this: when I clean my glasses it's surprising how quickly I'm not blind anymore. [laughter] Yeah, if I just clean out the old word and put in the new Word, you'll be surprised how good the Bible is.

(34) O generation of vipers, how can (you), being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

(35) A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. (Good treasure, good heart, good things, bad heart, evil things.)

(36) But I say, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

39Now, you watch that word 'idle' in there. Idle does not simply mean a little fun here and there, if I'm looking at it. I'm looking at this serious thing right here, where the Lord is saying, "Now look, don't even make light for one second of anything to do with This." You better be careful. Better be careful. Anything you got.

Man say, "Well, that man was healed right there in that terrible church, and I know those people believe in witchcraft." I'm going to tell you, the person that went there was believing in God to heal them when they went to that place. Don't you dare, ever, put your neck out where you believe.

Now you could say, "Look, there's two kinds of tongues, devil's and God's tongue. That's right, and two kinds of prophecies, God's prophecy and the devil's. I realize that. But when you don't know which is which, it's best to say, "I don't know, I'll check it out by the Word of a prophet." Just be careful, because we have no right brother to tread upon ground like that.

40All right.

"Who can blaspheme?"

Actually, people believe anybody can blaspheme, but we know that the Elect will not blaspheme, because they recognize.

"Can a soul with a gene of God in it blaspheme?"

Now, we're leading up:

"Can any Elect blaspheme?"

No! And I didn't answer the first part about the gene, because the next part has to do with the Second Resurrection.

"As in Adam all die, even in Christ we'll all be made alive, could they blaspheme?"

That's a good question. I don't know. The Word of God distinctly says, "Your name can come off the Book of Life." [Rev 20:15] Not the Lamb's Book of Life. There are some people whose names weren't even in the Book.

My own personal opinion would be this from a cross section of the Word of God: "As in Adam all die, even so in Christ all should be made alive." [1 Cor 15:22] If that means tit-for-tat, one for one, there's no way any child of Adam will ever blaspheme the Holy Ghost, but I don't know the answer. I say that's as I look at it. I can't tell, unless I find something Bro. Branham said, I cannot tell you.

"Is it possible a certain non-elect blaspheme themselves away from everlasting life, in contradistinction to Eternal Life that the Elect have?"

Now, that's a good thought right there.

"Would it be possible having not recognized and said a blasphemous thing, could they then come up at the White Throne and allowed to come in."

I doubt that very, very much, because blasphemy is blasphemy. I know of no way I can get around it. I don't believe that.

41The Bible speaks of Eternal Life and everlasting, is there a difference?"

Yes. Bro. Branham categorically said, "The two words in the Greek are the same, but when it refers to us in relationship to God, the word must be called eternal, because only one thing is eternal that which did not have a beginning, and that is God and the Life of God of which we have a little speck by the sovereignty of Almighty God." You got to recognize that part.

Everlasting, is something which means, 'age after age after age'. And that everlasting could be only as I understand it applied to say an non-elect, and election is election, of maybe those who go to the lake of fire, they live for many ages, but they would finally be annihilated. But everlasting and eternal as I say, are the same words in the Greek, and the Hebrew also, the same words, but as Bro. Branham clarified it when it has to do with God, that Life of God, that Word must be Eternal, because it has not beginning, no ending. Where everlasting, signifies they could have an ending. But you remember, when you come past the White Throne and you're past the lake of fire, and you're up there in the Kingdom of the glory of Almighty God bringing your glory into the Holy City. You know, because there's two groups, the Bride and the non-bride. You don't need to worry one bit about that, because It says, at the White Throne they enter into Eternal Life. So if they didn't have It then, at that point, I mean they didn't have It back here, they'll have It over there.

42Those are good questions. I'm not going to take the last question, because it's one whole page, it has to do with the White Thorne. So next Sunday you have your questions ready. Bring them to Bro. Klassen on Wednesday here, and somebody just leave them. If I'm not here, someone can drop them off at my house.

But I want you to feel free to go over everything we've said here, and if you haven't caught some things said today, they're unclear, look please, just bring your questions, because we want to peer to that so we know where we stand. Because it's very important to get rid of every doubt and fear. Have one mind in this Church to speak one thing to be going in one direction. And believe me, the problems that are existent, existing amongst us, and there are some, but they're not big problems.

Those problems can be dealt with victoriously according to the measure of the life and the strength that we can produce. How? By taking this Word, believing It, piling Word upon Word, and coming to the place of intense interest. Believing we are a part of the manifestation of God.

I saw some of you pucker your brows. We are part of the manifestation of God. Because we're sons of God and every son is a manifestation of his parents. And our parent is God. And we're here as living Word symbolized.

You say, "Bro. Vayle, we're not doing too good."

Never said we were. Never said we were. We're still back where the old colored gal was. She said, "I want to tell you what, (she said,) I ain't what I ought to be. I ain't what I'm going to be. But that God, I ain't what I used to be."

So all you black children, "pickaninnies" [term for a negro child] as governor McMeekin out there in Arizona said fondly. All of those pickaninnies here, we're just going on with God that's all. Just day by day. Striving, and the more we strive the better it is. Let's rise and be dismissed.

Gracious kind Eternal Father, we want to thank You again for Your love and mercy and grace, which You bestowed upon us, making us to know, O Lord, in this last day, there has been a restoration of Your Word, whereby the Word of Life in a Bride absolutely can put Her into immortality to stretch forth the hand of Eternal Life. Because the keys of the Kingdom have now unlocked the door which is the revelation of the Seven Seals, the Seven Thunders. God we know that.

If we're fooled, Lord, we say one thing, it's going to happen to somebody. If this wasn't It, It's still down the road, It's going to be. But, Father, we are convinced that this is It. And if we're not Bride, there's a Bride out there somewhere. And by the grace of God we will not stand in Her way, but, Lord, we will cheer Her on. As we said already in the message striving to get there ourselves, and striving to help our brothers and sisters who are also striving to get there, until by united strength of the one mind, and the one judgment the things of God that You have for us in this Church will come into evidence. For Your glory, Lord, as the proof of the Living Word.

Now, bless each one, Lord, so that not one of us leaves here disconsolate. Not one leaves here left out, but each one knows I can press in, because I am a presser-iner. I am a child of God, and I am going to have what He said. Not because I deserve it, and not necessarily because I am pressing in, but because He said it is mine, and therefore do I press in.

Father, help each one to be of that attitude from the youngest to the oldest, not one missing out, but all going on as You're forming an invincible chain of life down here through Christ Jesus our Lord to meet there over in the other land. Not one missing, we ask this mercy in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

'Take the Name of Jesus with you.'