1Shall we pray. Heavenly Father, we’ve been singing a while ago, to have an understanding of Your ways, which we know is not just the letter of the Word that we are in a position to now obey, or should be in a position, or cause us to be in a position to obey, but actually to know much of what lies behind Your Word, which is a revelation of Yourself and Your thinking. And we have had that, Lord, from a prophet.

2We pray, as we go into the study of Your Word, Lord, that that’ll become more precious to us and we’ll become more amenable to it; we’ll become more satisfied with it, more a part of it. But just to go along with the grace of God and the things of God and not entertain questions and doubts because of those things which are given us, but rather to just rely upon them, and then Lord, we know that all will be well with us. So help us in our study today, and in all studies, Lord, whether we be together as a people by ourselves, in groups, whatsoever, may it be that way, Lord. We’ll give You the glory. In Jesus Name, Amen. You may be seated.

3Now, we’re continuing our studies, and I think this is number 3, concerning, we might say, the woman’s place in the church; a woman in Scripture. I just call it “The Sisters in the Word.” And before I go into a part of a quote of the question, I want to say that we’re going to be dealing with a very difficult part of Marriage and Divorce, where Bro. Branham brings out some things that are very, very difficult, perhaps, for some people to take. Especially, it seems like it’s a throw-off on the women. But just before we start, I want to give you a little illustration.

4And I was talking to a sister a while ago and I said I got something to tell you in the church service. I don’t see her here this morning, but she may be crouched down somewhere. But it’s on a tape anyway.

And it has to do with the meeting in Lima, in 1957 when Bro. Branham was there and we had a breakfast in Clemens. Bill and Mary know where that is down there--near the Allen County Memorial Auditorium.

5And after the breakfast, Bro. Branham said, “Lee, I’ve got to apologize to the people and to you.” I said, “What do you mean?” Well, he said, “At that breakfast this morning there was a lady sitting there; fairly stout, and she had her hair cut very short and it was white; she didn’t have a lot of it either, and she had that blue tinge on it, which made her look like one of these Easter chickens.

And it was slightly horrendous, to say the least.” And he said, “In my heart I was condemning her when the voice of God said, ‘you are wrong, she is the most spiritual person sitting in that building.’”

6Now if you want to leave now, go ahead. Now this is not to make the women feel good and the men be downed as though I’m looking at your wives or your daughters. I’m a fair, square preacher; before God, this is the White Throne. I’ve got to be very correct in what I tell you.

People judge by appearances. Certain preachers call women Jezebels; and they have no right to, unless you have the full authority of the Word of God and know their lives. This woman was a fine woman, she was never under the gospel as it was really given by the Holy Spirit. And she was a victim, as many you women today are victims; and men have been victims, of organization, and a falsification of the Scripture through Satanic powers.

7Now, I just leave that with you as an illustration that you might know, that no matter what Bro. Branham says... And I’ll be reading page after page this morning; and I’ll try to read fast because I’ve got quite a bit to say on the subject.

When we look at the question that was brought to us, Are women spiritually inferior to men and therefore more sinful? You could well believe that this is indeed the case from what some Scripture seems to say and what a lot of men say about it. But this morning my answer is an unequivocal “no”.

I do not believe for one minute that women are spiritually inferior to men and therefore more sinful. And I’ll try to explain in spite of everything you seem to hear and I seem to hear, that I will still take that stand and not lead you astray.

8Now I suppose that some people think that women are inferior, spiritually, to men, because of certain Scriptures such as found throughout the Bible. And we’ll begin by reading in Ecclesiastes the 7th chapter, just a little thing there said by Solomon, 24-28.

(24) And that which is far off, and exceeding deep, who can find it out?

(25) I’ve applied--I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, and even of madness--foolishness and madness:

(26) And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.

(27) Behold, this I have found, said the preacher, counting one by one, to find out the account:

(28) Which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not: one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found.

9Okay, in Proverbs... Just let this--just let it sit there and don’t think any thoughts. And this is especially to the women; don’t want you thinking anything at all, except just listen. Because there’s always, you know, an understanding, and yet sometimes we lack.

(1) My Son, attend unto my wisdom, (Proverbs 5:1, now) and bow thine ear to my understanding:

(2) (Proverbs 5:1, 2) That thou mayest regard discretion, and thy lips may keep knowledge.

(3) For the lips of a strange woman drop as honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil:

(4) But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.

(5) Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold of hell.

(6) Lest thou shouldst ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them. (Devious.)

(7) Hear me now therefore, O ye children, depart not from the words of my mouth.

(8) (And then He said), Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house:

(9) Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel: (And so on.)

10Proverbs 7, the whole chapter, though I don’t think we need to read it.

(1) My son, keep my words, and lay up my commandments with thee.

(2) Keep my commandments, and live; and my law as the apple of thine eye.

(3) Bind them upon thy fingers, write them upon the tables of thine heart.

(4) Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister; and call understanding thy kinswoman:

(5) That they may keep thee from the strange woman, (Now you notice the adjectives, it doesn’t say all women, it says “from the strange woman”) from the stranger which flatters with her words.

(6) For at the window of my house I looked through my casement,

(7) And I beheld among the simple ones, (Now these are the sex- oriented youths or they desire to be sexually oriented, they can’t--they’re not just--what they’re out there looking for what they think is a good time.)

11So all right, let’s--let’s find out what the Bible says about you if you’re sitting here this morning. And 99%, if not a 100%, have been in this case. See? Just begin to realize this is humanity. This is what God says about it, and the men that have been through it, like Solomon and these great men of old.

(7) And I beheld among the simple ones, I discerned among the youths, a young man void of understanding,

(8) Passing through the street near her corner; (It’s a red light district he’s going through) and he went the way to her house,

(9) In the twilight, in the evening, in the black and dark night: (That’s about the time they go, they don’t want to go in the day time, see, might--somebody might see them.)

(10) And behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart.

(11) (She is loud and stubborn; her feet abide not in her house:

(12) Now is she without, now she’s in the streets, and lieth in wait at every corner.) (It’s a good picture of Time Square and about every other city in the world.)

(13) So she caught him, and kissed him, and with an impudent face said unto him,

(14) I have peace offerings with me; this day have I payed my vows.

(15) Therefore I come forth to meet thee, (Now she’s talking, of course, of, you know, what the offering you’re supposed to make after menstrual periods and those things. She’s declaring herself a fit candidate for sexual intercourse.) diligently to seek thy face, I have found thee.

(16) I have decked my bed with coverings of tapestry, carved works, fine linen of Egypt.

(17) I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.

(18) Come, let us take our fill of love until the morning: (And so on, and so on.)

12And then it says here, verse 22.

(22) He goeth after her straightway, as an ox goeth to the slaughter, (There’s your good time Charlies, the gay community, and the whole bunch of ‘em. Look at the Bible the way it’s written, you’re not going to get away from it. See?) as a fool to the correction of the stocks;

13You think--you think the gay community, these bisexuals aren’t like sitting in stocks before the public? And everybody knows they’ve got AIDS and everything else? Just read your Bibles. Don’t think you’re--nobody here is one--one step ahead of the Bible. The trouble is, we’re always a thousand steps and a--too many years behind it.

(23) As a bird hasteth to the--Till a dart strike through his liver; (when your liver’s shot, you’re gone) as a bird hasteth to the snare, (deliberately flies into it) and knoweth not that it’s for his life.

(24) Hearken unto me therefore, ye children, attend the words of my mouth.

(25) Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths.

(26) For she hath cast down many wounded: (well, Cleopatra, the Helen of Troys, start thinking over history), many strong men have been slain by her.

(27) Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.

14All right. Revelation chapter 2, we just jump back and forth. And we’re going to look at the 18th to 23rd verses.

(18) Unto the angel, the messenger of the church which is in Thyatira write; These things saith the Son of God, whose eye is a--who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire, and his feet like unto fine brass; (that’s the judge springing into action, to give a decision.)

(19) I know your works, and your love, and your service, your faith, and your patience, your works; and the last to be more than the first.

(20) Notwithstanding I have something against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce my servants to commit fornication, to eat things sacrificed to idols.

(21) I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not.

(22) Behold, I will cast her into bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, (and they’ve all done it. All the churches that are organized will go right to the lake -- right to the great tribulation, and all her lovers. All that fool around with the organizational thing) except they repent of their deeds.

(23) And I’ll kill her children with death; (that means a second death at the lake of fire) and all the churches shall know that I am he that searches the reins and hearts: give unto every one according to your works.

15Rev 17:1-6.

(1) And there came one of the seven angels that had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying, Come hither; I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sits upon many waters:

(2) With whom the kings of the earth committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk of the wine of her fornication.

(3) He carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness; and I saw a woman sit upon the scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

(4) The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having the golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:


(6) And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

16Now, you’re seeing the picture of the whore over here in the--in the book of Proverbs. And you’re seeing what is typed in Scripture and shown in Scripture as a woman in a sex act. And when I read Bro. Branham, you are going to have to keep this in mind because it’s going to sound like he’s putting a downer on the women. He is not putting a downer on the women.

Now you got to understand, because you let--you can let your minds go, the men can let their minds go, and you will end up in hog soup. You’re not going to end up in a sheep pasture. You can’t do it. All right.

17Now let’s go to 1 Tim 2, and begin to read the Scripture again. And it says, in verses 8 to 15.

(8) I will therefore that men (now this is in the sing-- the masculine, masculinity) that I will men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and without doubting. (He doesn’t say women can’t do that, too, but the emphasis is here on men, this is, we’re looking at the sexes here.)

(9) In like manner also, (now watch women, this is the female) that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness (that’s you know, not--not the brassy type, that’s all it’s saying, be comely and right, not brassy) and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; (In others words, don’t make that your--your--the--the factors in life, don’t be a Hollywood girl.)

(10) But that (which becometh professing godliness) with good works.

(11) Let the women learn in silence with all subjection.

(12) But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

18Now this has to do evidently, with the setting of teaching and doctrine in the church. Now it doesn’t say she can’t talk as though she hasn’t got a witness and doesn’t understand things. This is in your church here. But she’s to learn, she’s to be a learner not a teacher. Now that’s to be understood.

In other words, a woman is not capable according to Scripture here, not allowed, whichever way you want to put it, to enter into an understanding of her own. Now, just remember what it says, “nor to usurp authority over the man but to be in silence.” So it--it puts the man in the position here of a headship of a doctrinal position.

(13) For Adam was first formed, then Eve. (Now he tells you.)

(14) And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

(15) Notwithstanding she’ll be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness and sobriety.

19And with that, we looked at, the other day, at 1 Peter and the 7th verse.

(7) Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them (that’s the women) according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, (he’s giving honour to her, see?) as unto the weaker vessel, (in other words, there’s something a man has to do for the woman to make up in any area where she might have a weakness. Okay, that’s help meet both ways.)

20All right, 1 Cor 14:34-37, and you’re all acquainted with that, I know. It said,

(34) Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. (Well, what’s obedience? Well, to keep that form of understanding.)

(35) And if they will learn any thing, (now notice that) if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. (Now there again we see the premise set forth.)

21Now, I’m going to read from Bro. Branham and there is so much to read, I’m going to have to read it fast and you just have to kind of listen along. Now Marriage and Divorce, where Bro. Branham seemingly comes out as a woman hater, which he vehemently denies and I deny with him.

22Jesus said, “Go back to the beginning,” there was only one pair of anything on earth. There was one Adam, and one Eve. They were joined by God alone.

Now you watch that and remember that, that’s why this church teaches so strong, on when you’re in this message, you better make sure that each one knows exactly God speaking to your heart and you know that one’s from God. Now you say, “That’s difficult.” That may be difficult but it is not impossible. Now I--we’ll be here for 18 hours, if I don’t stop talking, but you see... All right, let’s keep going.

23One female horse, one male. One female parrot, one male. At he beginning, as He told us to go back, there was only one pair of anything. Is that true? Then we find out that everything in the beginning was running in perfect order and harmony with God; nothing was out of cater. Everything in Heaven is still in order; all the stars, the galaxies, the solar system, everything is perfectly in order. Then one of them--one of them move and interrupt the whole program.

24Now, listen! Do you see? One interruption spoils the entire program! Now, when human beings were running in continuity with God, with one man and one woman, this woman sinned. And it threw the whole earthly program out of continuity with God! Therefore, one word added to this Book or one word taken from It throws a Christian out of continuity with God, throws the Church out of continuity with God, throws the family out of continuity with God! Every believer can be thrown out by not accepting every Word of God.

25Then it was the woman that caused the separation of the lovely home. It was not a cherubim that bothered the earth. It was not Adam that threw the home out. It was not anything else that threw the home out and threw the whole thing out of continuity, but a woman--Eve.

Now this is the thing that--that I trust you caught when I was praying. To understand, you can’t simply take the surface words, you’ve got to come to the place in this hour under the Seven Seals and the Thunders, that you now know what was behind it all. What was God doing and why was He doing it?

Why did He allow it? So when you understand, this becomes sovereign principle, what we’re talking about. Sovereign principle, that God not only allowed, but God predicated in order that it be allowed to bring forth His attributes. Then you are in the realm that I’m trying to get you to, and to understand.

26As I said on more than one occasion, “If you can’t grasp what I’m talking about now, this message will become cardboard to you, you will spit it out, you will leave it.” And don’t tell me you won’t because I talked to women in this congregation already, and you’re bucking things. Not much the men. I haven’t caught you out so far.

27But don’t think I stand up here as a perfect fool. A fool, yes, but not perfect. I won’t be tough on you. And you know I’m not. Little things we call out here and there, that I know are general and they strike some of you. You say, “Why don’t you go to that person personally?” It’s over the whole church.

Why should I go? And you that spread it, why don’t you start something? Say, “Hey, that shouldn’t be done.” I might not be a nice person, but I’m not a bad person. My ways are not perfect, but I’m telling you the truth.

28Now you got to understand what is behind this. Because nobody’s running down women and nobody’s running down men. You wait, I’ll give you some Scripture, you’ll find some things in here that--that cut throats. And you’ll find the men bleed just as much as the women. And before it’s all over you may find the men will bleed a whole lot more than the women. Nobody should really bleed. Okay, reading here.

The woman, not the man, she broke the covenant. She broke the covenant because why? She stepped across the border of God’s Word!

Now, she broke her covenant with her husband, she broke her covenant with God;

29Her covenant with her husband was based on the Word of God, you are joined to each other and become one flesh, not flesh with the beast. Other words, every woman’s got some man waiting for her and every man’s got some woman, except in the case where God’s ordained a certain person might remain celibate.

Now if you’re going to grab a lemon instead of an orange, don’t come blaming the church. Sorry about that. That’s how it goes. We’re not up here to laugh at you, the thing is, look, I’m not God, but I’m going to teach what God’s Word is. I--I--I hope anyway because look, then I’ll not be afraid in His Presence. I don’t have to be afraid.

30When you break your promise and your covenant to God’s Word, that’s what caused so many illegitimate church members, because a group of men got together and said, “Well, it doesn’t mean that,” and it throws the whole organization out of continuity with the Word. “Oh, we don’t believe that. Dr. Jones said it wasn’t so.” But as long as God said it’s so...! He said, “Let every man’s word be a lie and let Mine be the Truth.” This breaks the continuity.

Now, we see being that the continuity is broken, the lifeline was then broken. Also, the time line was broken.

Lifeline and time line. They couldn’t walk to the tree of life and get immortality now. Broken. Six thousand years breakage. The lifeline was broken. Their body’s died. We’re an entity. One, two, three, body, soul, spirit. Two things live on, one goes, dead. Body’s dead, dead, dead, dead, dead. Soul and spirit is two different things. They don’t die. The time line’s broken. Lifeline is broken.

31The covenant was broken, everything shattered! (Right, right. Taken world control. Broken, gone, shot. It was all done by that woman doing it. I said that, not Bro. Branham.) What caused it? A woman. (That’s what he said.) What broke the covenant? Now, if you want to read that, it’s in Genesis 3. (We read it many times.)

Now, it was then the man was made ruler over the woman by God’s Word.

Now men can say, look, “I--God’s Word says I am your ruler.” That’s not what Bro. Branham is saying in my books. He is saying, “The woman rules the man by the Word of God and if he doesn’t rule her by the Word of God, he’s got not power over her.” Sure. You’re just a couple of stumble bums sinners, both of you. I am too. Me and my wife. When I refer to you, it’s a principle not a person. See? Okay.

32She was no more co-equal with him. She was co-equal in nature, (formerly) you know (that). But when she broke God’s Word, God made a man to be a ruler over her (Gen 3:16). She was no more equal with the man. She was a breaker of God’s Word.

Don’t you see, she, the church down here? The breaker of God’s Word, that threw her completely out of continuity, and that’s what the church has done; it threw spiritual death upon the whole thing! Now, you’ll understand why I hammer these things like I do! It’s the Truth! The Bible it’s a book of facts!

33Now what you’re seeing right here is Bro. Branham going basically to the typing of what the man and the woman is typing in the Word of Almighty God, which is now God reflecting in all nature--and we’ll bring it out more--His whole entire attributes and what He wanted.

34So now, I want us all this morning if we can, to sit here, not as male and female, but spectators. Spectators, judiciously listening to what this is about. And it’s not personal to either sex. You follow what I’m saying? We’re looking generically, man and woman, over history. Now let’s get part of that in here. Some of it’s personal, but let’s play that down for the time being. I’ll--I’ll bring that up. See? She, the Church.

35Notice, why did she do such a thing as this? How could that lovely, beautiful, perfect woman do such a thing? You see, I was in Greece, I saw a picture an artist had painted of Eve. And she was the most horrible looking thing you’ve ever seen. That shows what a carnal mind can look at.

36Ever seen these pictures of women by these painters today? Oh God. Reuben was bad enough, making the extra big hips. She didn’t look like the fillies on the race tracks, she looked like a plow horse, sort of, you know what I’m talking about? But he was accurate. But you see these others what they draw for a woman? I wonder who their mothers were, or their nannies, or their sisters? What a terrible thing; carnal mind.

But Eve wasn’t that way, she was beautiful. She was a perfect woman and all woman.

I like those thoughts. “Now, why did she do such a thing?” And I don’t mean from the physical side, I mean, I like to hear a man bring this out in Scripture.

37Now notice, why did she do such a thing, being in that high order? She was right with the man, co-equal with him. But we all know that she lost her co-equality with man when she sinned, and God said, “Man shall be your ruler from here out.” (Now remember, that’s specifically by the Word of God, and it can, we’re just looking at history.) I’m giving you the Scripture that you might read it yourself. (Not reading it.)

Notice, she did that. How did Satan get to her?

Did you know Satan was co-equal with God one day? He sure was. All but a creator; he was everything, he stood at the right hand of God in heaven, a great leading cherubim.

Notice, the reason she did this, she was not in the original creation. She is not in God’s original creation; she is a by-product.

38Now here’s where your mind can go to cardboard. Right. I’ll be honest with you. Can become very tasteless, very tasteless. Now, you can go on with God or you can go back on God. But I’ve got a word for you. God never asked me and didn’t ask you and didn’t ask any prophet, “What do you think of this, hey? Am I going off here? Should we change this?” You know He never did. The very fact of God is Sovereign, and He does what He wants when He wants to do it and how He wants to do it and with whom He wants to do it. And shut up and sit down and praise God.

39That’s tough, isn’t it? That’s tough. Because let everything that hath breath praise the Lord, even serpent seed. Why? Because the goodness of God fills the earth. What else? She was not in the original creation. She was a by-product.

40Therefore, at the beginning (as Jesus referred to it), she was not in the original--she was not an original creative being of God! (Now he’s speaking of the fleshly thing here.) She’s a by-product of a man (when Jesus referred to the beginning).

41Remember, Adam was both masculine and feminine in his original creation, one--one, but when he was separated by a rib. Notice... a by-product... And notice, not only--and notice, the only one of all God’s creation of every animal and anything else, she was the only one designed this way. (Or brought forth this way.)

42Now you know that’s the truth. Now the question would come, why was she done this way? Continuity in nature, would have demanded that God made Adam and Eve together, physically, the same time as He made everything else and in the same manner. God did not do it that way! Why? Now you’re sitting as spectators, as neither male nor female; a spectator participation. The question comes, why?

43Notice, the only one of God’s creation of every animal and anything else, she was the only one designed this way. Every other female was in the original creation. Every other female was in the original creation, but Eve was not in the original creation. (That’s absolutely right.) See, that had to be made that way. We’ll get to it after while.

44Notice, in this creation she was in--not the original, but a by-product (and not an after thought, no, no, no, no, no)--and in this creation, there is...Now, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I want to tell you the Truth, and you just sit still; you’re doing real nice.

45Now here is where the women must not take offense, but sit and participate with the men; and your feelings are brought down to zilch, nothing. You are participating spectators. And this is none of your business. Right? You make it your business, I want to ask you a question. What are you going to do about it? I’ll take your oath; I’ll take your affidavit; I’ll hold your hand; but not cross the border with you. Okay, listening?

46There is nothing designed to be so deceitful as a woman that’s deceitful. (Not a woman that’s not deceitful, but a woman that’s deceitful. Book of Proverbs. See?) There cannot be anything else; because there’s nothing made to be that way. Also, there is nothing that can be so easily deceived as a woman. Now, the fall proves this statement to be true, the fall in the beginning.

47She was not in the original creation. (That’s just what Paul said.) She was in Adam, but in a female sex--but not in a female sex, that’s of herself, at the beginning. (Now we’re talking of sex when it comes to physical. We’re not talking of--of the feminine spirit, because it was in Adam.) She was a by-product, she was made.

Now, there’s nothing designed that can deceive and be deceived as easy as a woman. (If there is, how come the woman fell, instead of something else? See.)

48Now, again, we’re not talking about personalities and persons and things, we’re looking at the historical record. Now, if you can get real peace in your minds and hearts what I’m speaking today... And we’ll be here a long time. If we got to do two tapes, we’ll just have to do two tapes. If you’re too hungry, some of you go on home. We’re going to finish this. But you have got to come to the place of an understanding.

49It’s the same as White Throne. Why are you having trouble with White Throne? Because you simply won’t take it. I took it. I said, “Hey, I found something.” Bro. Branham said it. It was a juicy plumb falling off the tree of the knowledge of God. And I have absolutely no problem with White Throne now. I’m sorry if you do. I’m sorry for it but I’ll tell you what’s wrong with you. You just haven’t taken it. You put your own thoughts in the way. And said, “How can this be?” You’re finished.

50Now up here, I’m dirty and a lion. With you, kiss your feet or anything else. Haven’t got guts at all. But here, it’s a different story. Because I’m judged by one thing, my preaching and my teaching. Nothing else. You may think so, but I’m not. Not trying to hurt you, but you got to learn to take what He said or you don’t believe infallibility. Because listen to me brother/sister, this may be hard to take, but organization is very easy to take. Never was easy to take the things of God. Yes sir.

51There’s nothing that’s designed that can deceive and be deceived as easy as a woman. Think now! Nothing designed in all creation that can stoop as low as a woman.

That’s a principle we must just remember. Now, I defend women, but I got to stop defending women, and you got to stop being women and defending women, or yourselves, and just take this Word and see where it goes. See? That’s what I’m depending on in this church. Take this Word and see where it goes. I don’t care about the world out there. Five billion people are going to go to the lake of fire, if they’re going to go to the lake of fire. That has nothing to do with Lee Vayle and God. You may think it does, but you’re wrong. It’s a one to one basis. If five billion people want to mess up, that’s their business.

52Think now! Nothing designed in all creation can stoop as low as a woman can. She can tear a man’s heart to pieces easier than anything else there is in the world--is his wife. Take that nice little wife, runs around with another man. Look at that little fellow sitting at home with his children, tears dropping out of his eyes. She is designed that way. She is designed to do this.

53You know, when I heard Bro. Branham say that, I just about chuckled. And I, “Now come on Bill, I know more women that are home crying, than husbands running around.” But his was prophetic. Just before the squeeze, because right now more women are leaving home than men, for the first time in history.

Now William Branham was an endtime prophet, right to the last hour. They’re right back where they were, throwing--she threw everything out of continuity in the Garden of Eden; she, the woman, is doing it again. And man’s completely helpless as he was back there. He’s got to stick with her. Now let’s understand this.

She is designed that way. She is designed to do this.

54Now, you’re not doing it here, so you’re watching history.

There is no hog, no dog, no other animal designed like her or can stoop so low as she can stoop. Now, that is true. With regards to my sisters, I just want you to watch. No animal can be immoral! You call the dog a slut (the female dog, a slut). You call the female hog a sow, (we do that but because we think people are such slobs) but her morals are a million miles beyond many a Hollywood stars!

55We have nothing but rotten prostitutes from Hollywood running the world. As Bro. Branham said, Paris was once the hub nub, the hubs of hell; Hollywood is now. And I’m going to say this, the word ‘whore’ is too good a word for those women, because they play role models for all the rest of the women.

You see why I say we got to clean our homes up? We may never do it. We might be sitting here for the Great Tribulation, too. Too big a price to pay, my dear brothers and sisters, is it? Bro. Branham said he’d sooner have the oath of the Knights of Columbus perpetrated upon him, if there be such an oath, (and we find by courts that there was such an oath) than be three to five minutes in the Great Tribulation.

Do what you want. I’m going to do what I want. Let every man be a liar, but God’s Word be true. You’ll find it--we’ll find it true one of these days. Yeah.

Just think of that: there’s nothing in the world made in God’s creation that can be immoral, stoop that low.

56Now, “Wait a minute! What about the man?” We’re going to get to that, too. The woman has to say, “Yes.”

You know why? Rape, originally brought the death sentence. If women had not stooped to what they’re doing, there would still be a death sentence for rape. Remember reading where a woman was raped by a man. Everybody thought that she could have made a mistake. She knew she didn’t. And she stood there and gleefully watched him hung.

Nice lady, I don’t mind her at all. She had guts. She said, “I wasn’t meant for that; and you weren’t meant to do it.” The state hung him. Billy Graham prescribed castration. They turned on him like a pack of wolves. So what do you men doing sitting here thinking you’re somebody if women think they’re nobody. Wait till I read the Bible and show you what this age is like. Three hours to go.

57Notice, there’s nothing designed to stoop so low or be filthy but a woman.

Ask you a question. Did a cherubim cause the fall? Did a dog cause the fall? Did a horse cause the fall? Did Adam cause the fall? Who caused the fall? Now don’t get a spirit against women, and women get a spirit up on this thing. We are looking at facts.

If we believe the Bible, if we believe this... If we don’t believe this, forget it. Make up your own religion. Because you cannot get away from the fact that Eve did it. It was not Adam who initiated it. And you know she was different, as the prophet points out, from Adam and from everything else. So therefore, you have to understand, there’s something in there that did it. So, let’s keep looking.

58A dog can’t do it; a hog can’t do it; a bird can’t do it; no animal is immoral, (that’s right, no animal is immoral. We may blush when we see what animals can do and do do, but it’s not immoral. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, absolutely not immoral. Uh uh.) Female hog can’t be immoral; female dog can’t be immoral; female bird can’t be immoral. A woman is the only one that can do it!

59Now it doesn’t say a man can’t be immoral, you understand that. We’re just talking from basic principles going back. And in it we find the type of the church; we find Christ in the Bride; we find all of these things; we find the reasons and the programs in God’s mind to understand. Then when we get understanding, we begin to get free of these things; we begin to walk and live in the Truth. And that’s what the prophet came to do--to bring us a freedom. Get the women free in a real freedom and the men free in a real freedom.

60Now, you see where Satan went? See? She’s the one that’s got the power to say “yes” or “no.”

Now, the serpent did not rape her. He would have been squashed and annihilated. Now that’s when you see the law of the land is so slack on rape as it is today, this country is finished, finished, finished, finished, finished. It’s all over. Because the woman has to say “yes”. She may be seduced, but she may not be raped.

61Now you see where men are gone today? Let a man rape a woman, oh, they just ask him all about it, was--do you think it was as good as it was going to be? Till on the air, a little four year old got raped, and the--and the guy, he was too big a blabber mouth, he said, “Well, it’s too bad” he said “They can’t learn to relax and enjoy it.” So they fired him. See, we just watch, watch, watch, watch, watch. She’s got the power to say “no”. And when she says “no”, that should end it, violence or anything else. Now if he seduces her, she’s--he’s supposed to marry her.

62“Now, here we see plainly the serpent’s seed, where it came in.” Where else could it come in? How --how do you get born? There had to be some place where it came in. It’s not strictly spiritual, it’s physical. Because God has to have a physical for a spirit. Like we can have a spirit come in this room here. But unless one of us lets it into us, that spirit’s hog-tied. So therefore, in the economy of God, there had to be some place. Now this does not make a woman a slob. We’re looking at the history.

63Here we see plainly serpent’s seed where it came in. There is only one place Satan-- the serpent could go, the beast. If that wouldn’t nail it down, somebody’s got to be blind.

Now notice, the reason animals couldn’t do it, a female animal, they were in the original creation, but a woman was not in the original creation.

64How’s anybody going to make Bride unless they’re originally in Jesus Christ? In the original? You had to be back there in the Logos, “In the beginning was the Word” and then you say, “That which was from the beginning, which we handled, way back there when that light, the anointing begin to come forth.” If you weren’t in the original, you got no representation now. “No animal could do it, no female,” and so on.

65She is designed alone for filth and unclean living. A dog can’t; no other female can. It’s just the woman can. A dog or any other animal--once a year, and that for her babies, not for sexual pleasure, but for her babies! The old sow hog, the old slut dog--once a year, one moment; that’s for her babies. But a woman is designed for any time she desires. (I’ve got some stuff here all crossed out; you can imagine the rest.) A dog can’t; woman can. (I hope the Holy Spirit reveals to you what I’ve crossed out.)

66She is the only specie--specie of female that is made prettier than the male. There’s not another specie among anything. All other creatures of God are beautiful males, such as in animals, birds, and so forth. Always the male is pretty. (Speaks of one--the only male that’s prettier than the female any--in--I mean the only female’s prettier than the male in any specie Bro. Branham could remember, bring to attention was a fem--was a bird. And she hen-pecked him.)

67Look at the big buck deer: big fine horns, great specie, and the little humble doe. Look at the big rooster with all of his pretty feathers and the little brown hen. Look at the birds: the cock and the hen. Why? Why was it such of all creatures of God” With every creature, the males are prettiest. Between the sheep, between the hogs, between the horse, between anything else, it’s always the big male that’s pretty, in the birds; but in the human race, it’s the woman that’s pretty, not the man. If he is, there’s something wrong with him. He’s crossed up somewheres. (What do you think of them apples?)

68Why was it done? To deceive by. Her designer, Satan, is still working on her, in these last days. Let me stop a moment.

Pretty! Did you know at the first destruction, internationally, of the world (worldwide) was because of pretty women? “When the sons of God saw the daughters of man were fair, they took any number of wives they wanted. Is that right? Have you noticed the increase of beauty of women in the last days? (Oh man, everywhere you go, beautiful women.)

69 I saw the picture, I saw the picture of Pearl Bryan, which was supposed to be the prettiest woman in the nation at that time. There isn’t a teenage girl in this school but what would out-shadow her when it comes to beauty. The increase of the beauty of women is showing the time of deception! (It’s a type. You got to see the whole thing there. So don’t look at women in the picture now, look at what the typing and what’s behind it.)

70When did a church look any prettier than it does today?

That’s what John saw, he was--look it, how beautiful. Even this, the switched knife and the switchblade guy, Wilkerson, he’s wakened up jumped the--away from the Assemblies of God and said they’re just charismatic, and all they want is money. And he said, they’re the rich, miserable, blind and don’t even know it. Boy, they’re going be out with the knife after his hide, you watch. They are already. They’ll get him. It’s just a pity the kid doesn’t go further. Pity he doesn’t go further.

When did a church look any prettier than it does today? Everything is featuring great, big, fine buildings and millions of this and millions of that. Don’t you see? She, the deception!

71Now, there’s nothing can stoop like her, she’s designed so that she can be deceiving. And Satan is really working on her today because he is her designer. I could prove that now, to go back to the beginning. Who started to work on her, Adam or Satan? God or Satan? See? That’s her designer. (In other words, he’s the one that forms and helps her shape her life.) It’s her chief weapon to throw--it’s her chief weapon to throw man to her filth. Being a pretty woman, she can sway a man any way she wants to.

Brother, it ain’t the bootleg joint down there that gets the man; it’s the pretty woman walking down the street twisting herself, half dressed. That’s the deceiver right there. She’s deadly with it, absolutely deadly! You may question me about Satan being her designer, but that’s the Truth. (In other words, Satan didn’t make her, what he’s saying that he put his effort into getting her to where he wanted her and because that is what God allowed it is being done.)

72Let me show you something in the Scripture. I got to take you back to Scripture and you draw your opinion as to how it is today. Satan is the one who features that kind of beauty. If you’ll notice, he was the most beautiful of all the Angels in Heaven. (He, himself, was beautiful.) Is that right? (The Scripture says so.) And he desired to make Heaven a more beautiful place than the kingdom of Michael’s. Is that right?

Also, we see that Cain was his son, and he offered a more beautiful worship than did Abel--decorated his altars with fruits and flowers and so forth. Is that right? Beautiful! Sin is beautiful--what we call beauty today. And sin is deceiving by beauty! You could never look at a woman going down the street and tell what’s in her heart. See? But I wanted to say these things so you could see why Satan’s her designer.

73So you see, you--you realize that something’s going on out there, amongst the women; it’s pervasing also amongst the men. We understand that. All in types and setting forth what was in the mind of God, typing and showing these things. But we don’t know what’s in the heart of a woman. She could be a perfect lovely person, and here we know that to be the truth in this church.

74Now, listen. About five minutes, (it’s not five minutes, he just--one thought for five minutes and he goes on to many more) I want to call your attention to something. Now what is God? God is the great Eternal. At the beginning, way back before there was a beginning, He wasn’t even God. You know that. A god is an object of worship, and there wasn’t anything to worship Him; He lived alone. And in Him were attributes. What is an attribute? A thought.

75It’s more than that, it’s... an attribute is that which attributes, which brings things out, which make you--that’s in there, that you can see coming out. See? It’s a forceful issue. And that’s God being omniscient. That’s the first thing Bro. Branham related to, is the attributes of God all lie in the realm of the thinking, because being God, he could just blow it out like that. Anything He wants, because that’s omniscient--that’s omnipotence, see what I mean? Okay. So He’s got to go to the attributes of the omniscience.

76Now, a god is an object of worship and there is nothing--and there wasn’t anything to worship; He lived alone. And in Him were attributes. What is an attribute? A thought. (Now, you’ll get something that will border on the lesson for tonight.) Notice, He was His attributes that were in Him. (That’s right, He was the sum total of it.)
Now it was in Him to be Father; it was in Him to be God; it was in Him to be Son; it was in Him to be Savior; it was in Him to be Healer. And all of these things here are just displaying His attributes. There’s nothing out of order. You think God didn’t see the end from the beginning? Certainly He did. There’s nothing out of order; He’s just displaying His attributes.

Now listen, to what’s behind this.

Now, He could not just make a man--he could not be just and make a man to fall. (Follow?) He had to put him on an equal basis of free moral agency to make his own choice but knowing he would fall.

Now that’s simple. I’ve hired some men here to do some work for me. I don’t like a couple of you, so I start putting the cement in two hundred pound bags. Well the two men can’t lift the two hundred pound bags, but the rest can. I didn’t fire you, you just couldn’t do the work. You’re gone. Simple as ABC. God and His foreknowledge. See? That’s... and it’s deeper than that, but that’s the part Lee Vayle can go.

77Now, He can’t be a Savior unless something’s lost. He can’t be a Healer unless something’s sick. These things had to be that way. (You can’t change God. Don’t argue with Him.) God made them thus, so that His great attributes could be displayed. If there weren’t any, He’d never been a Savior--any sinners. But we know He was; and He was even before time, He was a Savior.

78He was a Savior. So there has to be something lost. How is it going to be? If He takes and loses it just in order to save it, then it doesn’t do justice to His judgment. He couldn’t send a man to hell and be just. He’s kind, and gentle and true and honest, and He’s a great Judge. (And the more you listen to the Judge, the better you’re going to be off. Because that’s the most salient factor and character that God represents--its represented in God is the Judgeship.)

See, He’d be working against Himself. So He had to put a man out here and make him on a free moral agency--knowing he would fall. And the man in His Own image, how could he fall? Now are you seeing daylight? So He had to make a by-product, something out of the original creation! (So God then would have to have it so man has a part in it. That’s why man’s got a part bringing back salvation. He’s got to have a part in it.)

There you come. See? Then that’s what fell. (The by-product.) He made it, knowing it would fall. And it’s put over in the hands of Satan for a vessel of dishonor. Where’s honor bestowed today? You think on that. (On a woman.)

79Notice closely. Then again, why was she designed this way and not like other females? Why was the woman designed not--so and not other females? None of the other females were designed thus. They’re not today. They can’t.

Not being made that way, she can’t do it. Why did He not make this female then a woman, just like other females so she’d just be the same way, just raise her babies? Then she’d have her husband, live, then it came time for her baby she’d have her baby. Why did He make her like this?

80Now watch His great program unfold and we can go from there now, just as perfect as perfect can be. (I didn’t know till the other day.) He didn’t make her like that in the beginning, like the rest of the-- Why didn’t He make her like that in the beginning, like the rest of the females? Because it would be unbecoming to Him. He’s the fountain of all purity.

That’s the reason He had to let Satan get ahold of her--what he did in the perversion. (In other words, if she’d have been the original, talking now of the--of the human vehicle, there’s no way it could have been done. See?) Such a creature would not be becoming to Him, originally designed for.

81All His work that He designed in the original are in continuity. (True. See that, see how Bro. Branham’s speaking the truth?) All of His original works were in continuity. The female dog, the male dog. Female cow, the male cow. Everything in continuity. All nature in continuity. Seed die, go into the ground just like death, burial, and resurrection. The sap goes down the tree, tree drops its leaf, comes back the next year with the resurrection of a new leaf.

See what I mean? Everything, even nature of God is all in a continuity in one. And here one’s designed out of the continuity of God! (In other words, there’s got to be a fly in the ointment somewhere. Because everything else proves everything is alright. But something’s messing something up. What did it? Go back to the beginning. So we see a woman a by-product.

There’s where the fall started. Now, this is just knowing the way of God.) Nature is so designed so it can’t sin. (Everything in continuity. Here’s one designed out of continuity. Right. Nature can’t sin.) Think! The original creation of God could not sin! (Adam was not deceived. Say, “Why did he sin?” He was joined to the woman, he wouldn’t let her go.)

82Oh, don’t you see it now in this view here, the perversion of the church?

And remember, Adam knew full well what he was doing. And so does the church. Paul, himself, said, it wasn’t done in a corner, the church knows. This wasn’t done in a corner, the church knows, and they turned it down. The people followed their leaders. Eve followed Satan. Look where it got us. Let’s follow God, see where it gets us.

83Don’t you see now this view here, the perversion of the church? The original is God’s Word! There’s no sin in God! See what I mean? Here’s a creature that came into existence by a perversion.

It’s a by-product. The word ‘perversion’, the word ‘perversion’ there I don’t think is the very best, except in this sense: It is not in the original pattern, it’s changed from it, so therefore, constitutes a perversion. Whereas, we use the word ‘perversion’ in a different and a hoarier way, hairier way, too, and a more meaningful, derogatory way. Where I feel Bro. Branham does not mean this derogatory, it is scientific; it’s a deviation from what would be properly in continuity. So he said, it becomes a perversion; and that is true. Just want to explain the word that you don’t think something is too hairy here.

84God’s going to have a Church, but look at this perverted thing it’s got out there now! (And yet there’s just a razor edge between the two.) God’s going to have a Church. God has made male and female, but this woman... See, the very symptoms of it show back what’s in God’s mind. (In other words, He’s warning us again, to recognize everything that was done was for a reason in the mind of God.) Made this creature for that way. He made the creature and turned her so Satan could get ahold of her, and he did. He’s still got her. She’d better flee to the cross, like the man too.

85Notice, all nature runs in continuity. If he’d have made the woman in the original creation, there’d have been no sin, because she couldn’t have done it! She could not have done it! She is a perversion of the original creation.

Now all you got to do is simply accept, say, “Yes, I see God allowed it, that’s what it is.” It’s no big shake then, to me as an individual, nor is it rapping individuals, it’s letting you in on a principle. Then when people’s minds go to the correct principle, you begin to see, God did it for a purpose. See? To reveal and glorify Himself. Then what will He give us for being a part of it? We share in the entire glory of God. Let’s begin to see these things and soften down. See, Bro. Branham had to be hated on this message. Let the ignorant remain ignorant.

86All sin--so is all sin a perversion of original Truth!

What is a lie? A truth perverted. What’s adultery? The right act perverted. So there is--there is--so there is the perverted creature; there is the perverted whole thing. And the whole thing is spelled s-i-n, sin. Lying right there. That’s why the questions’s so great. (That’s marriage and divorce.) Only a piece, a scrap, made of a man, to deceive him by. (In other words, a little rib taken out.) God made it. Right here proved it. That’s what she was made for.

87Now here you come to the place, well then, why is God fussing? God is not fussing. That’s what they did to Paul. Then why did God yet find fault? He said, “What are you talking about?” He said, “God’s God.” Who’s fussing? God isn’t fussing. He’s trying to show you something. This is why the wisdom of man can’t take this.

88Now you might sit here this morning, say, “Well, Bro. Vayle, I received the cross.”

Hogwash, you received the cross! I explained that on Saturday night. There’s an instant cross. Contradico is a cross, a contradiction, when one saying crosses another saying, like this here is God’s Word, up there let us say. I don’t care which way you put it. This man’s word there’s a cross. If this is God’s Word, man made the cross. You’re not accepting a cross, you’re making a cross and you’ll be crucified on it.

89Now if I’m going to be tough on you, I’m sorry, but I... Look, I’ve got perfect ease up here. The more I preach this the easier I see it. I say, “Hey, that’s what God did.” I don’t look at old Eve as having done the whole thing. She was the vehicle. I don’t think it’s very nice. And I regret that she did it in that sense. But how can I regret these things when I know they are of God? See? I just got to roll with the punch.

90An immoral woman is the lowest thing that can be thought of on earth. (That’s an immoral woman. See? Doesn’t say a good woman.) Excuse this, young ladies. She’s nothing but a human garbage can, a “sex exposal”! (You know, like the thing in your sink, garbage disposal.) “Sex exposal”! That’s all she is. An immoral woman is a human sexual garbage can, a pollution where filthy, dirty, ornery, low down, filth is disposed by her. What’s she made this way for? For deception. Every sin that was ever on earth was caused by a woman.

91A report just came from Chicago, a woman wrote this article, she was with the police force, that they chased down in United States (people they caught in the States) 98% of every crime ever done in any form in the United States, had a woman behind it or in it.

What about the...?... where the high school kids killed a cop, a young cop for trying to uncover dope in the school. Now what they call them Jump Twenty-one? Is that a program on TV? I don’t watch TV. Jump Twenty-one and Miami Squad, they call them Jump Twenty-one, and it was known they were going to kill him on Friday night. Who was in it? A married woman, twenty-three years old.

92Look at the Mafia. They glorify their women. Now they sleep with every other one. Do these women have to sleep with these men? Now Bro. Branham laid it right on the line. Where did it come from? Now I’m saying this to get every one here at the end, so that you’ll see what’s the matter.

In other words, this is a revelation, and when you receive a revelation, it’s going to do something for you. And it doesn’t then have a thing to do with you as a person. It’s the historical concept. That will help you to put all the things of the Seventh Seal in line. Because this is under the Seventh Seal.

93“She was made to deceive like she did Adam at the beginning.” God told Adam, fair and square, for this cause, a man will leave father and mother. The father and mother of Adam was God, period. Anybody knows that. He said, boy I’m going to tell you something, you’re going to leave Me for her.

94“The Switch and the Crossblade,” when all the young men started to get saved from the gangs. The girls came in, opened up their fronts and said, “You’ll get no more of this if you go to the altar.”

Don’t anybody sit here and try to prove the prophet wrong. You just begin to believe what the prophet said. And again, it is not personal to any female in this building. But every female better watch out. And every male better watch out. ‘Cause there’s no man so strong that he thinks that he can titillate himself.

95Like the Bakers and the Swaggerts. They just happened to get caught. They didn’t mind they did it. No, they just were like the fellow that said, “Hey, aren’t you afraid to steal?” He said “I’m not afraid to steal, I’m just afraid I’m going to get caught.”

She’s made to deceive like she did Adam.

Now, what a difference in this day and this day of conception. Instead of him being her ruler, she has become his god! (a goddess). Sure. She rules him. Now, you can kind of well understand what I’ve been hitting at.

By her beauty and her sex control, her shape that’s given her by Satan (the by-product that Satan did), she is sent to deceive sons of God, and she can sway more of them to hell than any other instrument that Satan’s got. That’s exactly right. (I’m talking of the immoral now, not you sisters. See? We’ll give you your place, right place, in a few minutes of the Word of God here.) It was in God’s plan from the beginning.

96Now, to do this today... What is the god of the United States? You remember in the tabernacle years ago, I preached on, The God of This Modern Day? A little flapper setting there with makeup on, dress pulled up over her knees, and I said, “Behold, your god.” That’s right! She’s on every advertisement, half naked; she’s on the street the same way. An instrument of Satan. “From the beginning,” and Jesus said, we see it now from the beginning and what He’s talking about.

97Now, the heathen used to make her a god. Did you know that--a goddess? Sure did. They made her a goddess and they said and--for they had sex acts in their worship. They claimed that she was a creator. In her womb she carried the seed and created. That’s a lie. There’s only one Creator; that’s God. But you remember Paul there? Diana of Ephesus, the image of a rock, said the goddess of heaven threw down. Don’t you see how heathen worship is? And we, knowing it, turn right straight back to heathen worship again, to women, the very lowest creature on the earth!

98Now we’re looking at the thought of linement with creation. Now you know God can take the lowest and make something out of it. But you notice right in creation here, He is not talking of women being spectacularly low, as though every one was nothing but a vile, you know, garbage tin.

He’s telling you this is what obtains, because that was in that area and therefore, because it was in that area, there’s hardly a limit to what it cannot go, in the wrong direction.

Woman worship! She would sway man any way she wants to. And knowing--and knowing, all that beauty on the outside, and hell on the inside. Solomon said her gate is the gates to hell.

99Now, we plainly see here where Jesus spoke of in the Revelation, the 2nd chapter and the 15th verse, (you know, Jezebel, and so on.)

Also, we can see plainly that these vulgar, ungodly, filthy programs that are on television of Hollywood sex queens. (That’s right.) We can see the filth of this city as these kids, little old girls, walking up and down the street here with little bitty tight clothes, twisting around, and cold enough to freeze them to death.

100Now where do you think they got that except in their homes? What’s going on in our homes? You see when I tell you, some of you people, you’ve got to watch what goes on, because you got older kids in your home and younger children, and we’ve got to level with our children. You don’t believe me. You still think you can live in this stupid dream world.

Mother love is so--your mother love never came from God, as though if some holy sanctified thing is going to get you there. Animals sometimes fight for their kids more than human beings do. You got to go to the Word of God. I can predict right now that some of the young kids are going to have trouble in this church because you parents won’t clean your homes up. Now let’s face it.

Now it used to be, Lee Vayle stands up, he’s old, he’s ready to go off the scene. And I would to God, someone had taught me, as a kid. I wanted to know things. I wanted to know things. I didn’t know things, so I bungled along. Oh I’ll clear my skirts before I die that you won’t bungle along. You’re bungling along with your own destruction, own risk, you do it. But you got to call a spade a spade. You can’t fool any longer.

101Because listen, it’s being revealed what lies in the nature of women across the board. See? Now the men got to help the women. But the woman’s going to fight the man. So what am I going to do? It’s a good question. It’s a good question. I’m not going to answer it right now. It’s up to you to answer your own question at this point. We’ll see what happens down the road. Little old girls, don’t even know what they’re doing.

They don’t know that’s the devil doing that! They are possessed of an evil spirit and don’t know it!

How many women got evil spirit on them then? Now, a woman that’s of God, doesn’t have evil spirit on her. But don’t you understand what he’s showing where this came from and where the danger is? And it’s related to the church, my brother, my sister, because the woman types the church. And the man, whether he wants to know it, it has to type Christ. And he doesn’t want to know it, ‘cause it means he’s got to live up to something.

102Don’t you understand, if we’d of had this teaching, people like me, forty-five years ago, what could have happened in our lives? But it didn’t happen. That’s why, the old crop will die off, and you young people that can raise your children right, will stand here in the image of God, like I showed you in Joel, applying the token to your household, knowing you’re marching into Zion, because you’re a part of it.

103So if I bear down on them kind of tough, it’s not because I want to be tough, because I stand here and I’m past a lot of these things. I’m not past anything. I could be the--it doesn’t have to be just one thing. You can get messed up with a thousand things--money, popularity. Never was popular; and I’m getting less popular right now, with this one here. This is going to be a blow-out tire. And the tithes will stop coming in now, too. And I’m too old to chase women. So I just tell it as it is. No problem.

104They don’t know it’s the devil! They are possessed with an evil spirit and don’t know it! You don’t see a female dog doing that, do you? Any other female doing that? No male better walk up to--that’s female--male animal walk up to a female. They wouldn’t dare walk up to her. (A male wouldn’t walk up to a female, try start to start something. She’d chew his cotton-pickin’ head off.)

105Now you get the picture? We’re introducing something just in a moment, the Lord willing.

Now, you see Nicolaitanes (right back to the church again, the whole thing typing out all of the attributes, everything coming together. So let’s let it come together; and some of it’s shocking.) You see the Nicolaitanes, you see their doctrine; you see the teen-age queens they call them, these stripteases out on the street. Used to have to go to some vulgar show to--to see a striptease. Just open your eyes, on the street.

That’s all you have to do now. The whole thing’s a striptease. Sure. Why do they do it? To tantalize, tempt; that’s the only thing she can do it for. She does it because she’s filthy! She does it because she’s made that way! She doesn’t realize she’s an instrument in the hands of Satan!

106Hollywood, with their talk about God, and having babies out of wedlock and deliberately wanting and doing it. And the world’s standing by. What, is it thirty years ago they condemned Bergman? Ingrid Bergman got condemned as the prostitute she was, but they welcomed her back with a halo, to play Golda Meir. Now everybody’s doing it. So that’s fine.

107Well, one thing I like about the Catholic Church, they still stand pretty strict on some things. The Protestants are down the road, way worse than Catholics are. Got to admit that. They got some things they stand on. I don’t see any--I don’t say they practice them, but at least they stand for them, you know, in the sense, at least they verbalize.

Protestant doing it, they can’t get rid of it. Very cute, you know. The people say, “Popey, old boy, and Priesty, old boy, Cardinal, old boy, we’re going to do it, so tell us we can have birth control.” But they said, “Shut up and sit down, no birth control.” The Protestants say “We’re doing it”. The Pastors, the Bishops say, “Padre, go ahead, go ahead, it’s the thing to do, that’s the thing to do.”

108Now you go to school, you can’t tell the kids about AIDS; to stay true to partnership and stay out of sex. They just say, “Hey, tell us how to get away with it.” There’s your church, Catholic, Protestant, the whole bunch of them. This church better say, “How can I right--how can I stand with God? You young kids. How can I stand with God? You’re going to need to. You’re going to need to. Don’t you believe the lies of these doctors, that tell you AIDS is not on a rampage. One of these days it will hit. They got watch--they got, oh God, I don’t want to talk about it. Look, everything--everything’s at the endtime.

109Now, she does it because she’s filthy! She’s made that way! She doesn’t realize she’s an instrument in the hands of Satan!

In our schools today they’re teaching sex acts.

That’s right. I was in Florida thirty-some years ago. Man came to me...?... the fact that women and--and the teachers in school were teaching their children all about sex act and what it’s like on the marriage night. Now you think they held up-- anything back from the kids? What are your kids sitting here, five, six years old learning? Now they hear me preach, “Dad, what did Lee Vayle mean? Mom, what did Lee Vayle mean?” Tell them what Lee Vayle meant. It’s your job, I’m putting it right on you. Too late--too late to be squeamish.

110Look, if you get really hungry, and I could be, I got mad enough one time to eat oysters. Wasn’t even hungry. Oysters were expensive. And this guy was gypping us so bad, and the cost was so high, I got so mad. I said, “Bring on the oysters.” I hate those oysters. As many as I could shove down, if I did a hundred bucks worth, to get back at the guy. I’m letting you know what I’m like. Okay. Work at it.

That’s why God forbids her to teach the Word, His Word. That’s right. “I suffer not a woman to teach, or usurp or to have authority over the man. Let the women keep silent in the church, the law says so.” Makes the whole Bible run in continuity.

111Just like the Lamb was last night. The only place of worship, was under the shed Blood of the Lamb. There’s only one place today, in Christ. Only one--only way to do is to come to Him. That’s the only one place to worship. It always that way. Only one place under the Blood.

See now, we see the whole picture unfolding to us. There she is. That’s why God won’t let her teach, won’t let her do anything in church but to set still with a veiled face. (Which means, that--a veiled face, you know, you got to understand the symbolic language in there. In other words, to--to--not to try to participate as initiating, but to receive.)

112Now can you see why I have said the things and done the things I’ve done, knowing in my heart, brothers and sisters? I know, sisters, You’ve got your place (just a moment) a wonderful character that God can mold in you, but I’m just trying to speak on the other side to show what you’re actually from the beginning. (And he’s not hitting individuals now. He’s telling about what this is all about.)

Jesus told us to go back to the beginning. (In other words, he’s trying to tell you exactly what marriage--rather what divorce is all about. It’s about this. See? But I’m taking this from our question. Are women inferior?

113Now I’ve hit a high few points-- a few high points. Jesus said, “Let’s go back to the beginning.

You can see today why people, they say I’m a woman hater. That’s far from the Truth. I do not hate women. They call me woman hater. Remember, they called Paul a woman hater. A woman minister said a long ago, “Oh, you’re like old Paul; all he had to do was pick on us women!”--a saint of God that was permitted to write the Bible, the New Testament, and dispute his Word! He said, “If an angel from Heaven teaches any other thing than this what I’ve said, let him be accursed”--let alone some woman preacher.

114Women preachers are accursed in the world. Even the--even the... Listen, against the law, the Jews are letting women be Rabbis. The only church standing firm today, (a few gooks like us) is the Roman Catholic Church. And they’ll have to let the bars down, don’t worry. They’ll let the bars down. They haven’t got a prayer not to let the bars down. Unless they can suddenly recoup. I don’t know.

115Now, they said Elijah was a woman hater. He wasn’t a woman hater--he wasn’t a woman hater of real women; he just didn’t like Jezebel. Now if that be so, then must be--God must be the same way because He is the Word which comes to the prophets. (So God is not a woman hater. See? He’s a hater of the woman which is the church, which is false, that says she’s the Bride.)

See, He knows the original creation from the beginning. And He said, “From the beginning, it wasn’t so. And there were prophets who the Word came to.

116And He made her for man and not man for her. Did you know that, that woman was made for man, not man for the woman? How many know that? The Bible teaches it. (Now you’re get in type again the Bride in Christ.) All right. She was given a place in man before the fall, equal over all creation, but after the fall--now, here we bring the subject up--but after the fall he was a ruler. She must keep silent in all matters. Now, after the original beginning is over... Jesus said, “It wasn’t so from the beginning” (That’s, wasn’t in the first creation.)

117In the beginning God created just one male and one female. The woman was made different from the animals, all other animals, for deception. Now watch. It wasn’t from the beginning. If she’d have stayed in the original condition, she never would have fallen. But she caused the fall in the interruption that broke the whole continuity of God and throwed death, sorrow, and everything else on the earth. (Into an uproar.) She was made thus.

118Notice. Now after the beginning, after the beginning, (he says, emphasizing) now after time began (back in Eden) it was over. (See? Because Eternity was in Eden.) Notice, after the fall was made by Eve, after the fall, there was need to be another covenant made. Now, this is going to stumble you, but I’m going to give you the Scripture to prove it.

119Notice, after the fall... Jesus said, “God, at the beginning, made one of a kind,” after the fall--now we’re beyond that covenant; the covenant which was co-equal before the fall, after the fall, another covenant was made. Now, she is no longer ruler with him. And each must have a separate covenant.

120In other words, you’re going to see that God will treat the two differently, in respect to worship and His Word and those things that are involved there, but he’s not going to treat them differently when it comes to salvation. And so he reads about enmity between the woman and the seed and so on right down the line.

“And the woman said...to the woman he said, I will greatly multiply your sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow you’re going to bring forth children; thy desire shall be to thy husband, he shall rule over thee.”

121Unto Adam he said, Because you listened to your wife, I’m going to put you out of the garden here, and put you on you’re ground and you’re going to have to earn the living, rip your hands with thorns and thistles and he said, you’ll sweat day and night, he said, but you’ll get a living out of the ground; and you’ll go back to the ground.”

Two covenants! “It wasn’t so in the beginning.” See, one covenant, now it’s two. And now after the beginning, after that there’s a double covenant. When Eve and Adam are no longer co-equal. (Now, he said right here.)

122Now, the world is to be repopulated, not by the original creation of God like in the beginning, not by the original creation, but by sex desire.

Now, you know as well as I do, that after a little bit of experience with living life as it is--rough, and the rearing of a family, if it weren’t for the sexual drive, there wouldn’t be any children born, period. And you know as well as I do, that it’s the sexual drive in men and women that cause them to use birth controls by either tubal litigation or the male taking the same precaution, or other precaution, or the female taking precaution.

123See, you can see where the problem lies what he’s talking about here. And you’ll know it once more; now see that this was instituted in order that God would have His way. But he confined it to one man and one woman, as a pair doing it. And you will notice that the covenant now came to the place because of this expression of sex. That man was going to be the creature he was because of the fall and women would encourage it; they wouldn’t say “no”. Man would begin to then, as Bro. Branham said, go into polygamy.

124Now, all right, in here he said, “Now the world’s to be populated by--not by creation, but by sex. See where the woman’s at now? (So she’s got to do it, and he’s got to do it.) But that’s the way the world’s populated today--through women.

That’s the reason Jesus had to come through the woman: to bring it back to its original beginning again, without sex desire.

And that’s exactly how Christ was born, and that’s why the woman had the part in it. And the woman is not--and you can say the woman is definitely honored in this particular way that God used her. She started the fall, but she’s used in--in bringing the means of God back and bringing the people of God back in the means that God gave, to total redemption.

125But, hallelujah! said there will come a time when there’ll be no more sex, God shall call His children from the dust of the earth, back like they were in the original! (See, that’s original) Now, not through a woman, but through the molding of clay, the cosmic light and those particular things, and He’ll create again like He did Adam in the first time.

Now, after the beginning, polygamy is introduced.

God now secondarily sets a new nature again by sex. God created the first without sex. Do you believe that? Now, it’s another nature with sex; He sets it by another order, sex. A second covenant, and so on.

Now we could go into that for quite some time, but I don’t want to go into it--you understand Bro. Branham said that, so we won’t have to get that any further.

126Now, so, look it, we could read all of this, about four, five pages, we’re going to stop. But we see here, that all nature expresses God. That’s what Bro. Branham’s viewing us here, giving us a view. And his totality of attributes, so we see God here; all nature expresses God and His totality of attributes.

And it is necessary to have the negative in nature in order to bring forth the positive God, as Irenaeus said, “God, being a Savior, it was necessary he predestinate a man who’d require salvation in order to give himself reason and purpose of being.” God, being a healer, was necessary for man--to create a man who’d need healing to give himself reason and purpose of being.

127Now, let me continue. How many time--what have we got left? Five minutes? No, no need. What I’ll do, I’ve taken you this far today. We will now go into a complete as understanding as we can come to from what we have said here to answer your question, which I’ve said, unequivocally “no”. Are women spiritually inferior to men, and therefore, more sinful?

128Now, we saw in the Gospels how Christ treated women. We saw in the Epistles, how that women were not mistreated. It was the same Word from the same God that was in action in human flesh in the Gospels, but He was not setting a church in order, for the church never came into being until Pentecost. But when the church came in order, it went like the Garden of Eden.

And we found, as Bro. Branham types out here, the church typing the woman, that women were out of order in the first church age, and so therefore, the Scripture had to be repeated and the people shown where the trouble came from and how the trouble was continuing. We can see that right through Scripture.

129And so, I cannot possibly come to a conclusion from what I see, that a woman is spiritually inferior or more sinful than the man. I don’t see that, as a principle that’s laid down in the Word, I merely see where it all comes from and where it’s all going, why it came, and why it is going. And then bring you to the place where you see the grace of Almighty God in Adam, singular, male and female.

And you’re not going to have, looking around and say, women just ain’t worth it; and that’s why the women say, well, the men ain’t worth it. I think the total misunderstanding on the part of men has been the biggest hindrance, which, because of the woman nature, sets certain things in orbit, if they’re allowed, then the men get off a trail, too.

130So we’ll go into that on Wednesday because there’s no way I’m going to be able to finish this in this length of time. All right. Let’s rise and be dismissed. And I do hope you got some help, I don’t know. It’s just one of those things, ‘cause lets just see.

Heavenly Father, we thank You again for the time we spent together here. I really appreciated, Lord, the fact that you let us come here and talk to the people. A little rough in spots, Lord, but meaning no harm to anybody. Just knowing that, if we don’t do the right way, the right thing, we’re going to harm everybody, harming ourselves and everybody else. We want to see a church come right across the board, Lord, in such a way that Your spirit can anoint every single person here until the sweet love of Christ is in the building and people get healed left and right, Lord.

131Because we’re not trying to downgrade anything, Father, and you know our hearts. We’re really trying to believe for the ultimate in Christian conduct, and in the... not just the graces and fruitage but also the miraculous manifestation, Lord, which people need at this hour.

There are people here, Lord, that cataracts forming on their eyes, there’s heart condition and diabetes, and arthritis, of which I myself have a double load, in my hands so to speak and things like that, Lord. There’s people here that, without your intervention, they’re--they’re on the road down, Father. They could even die prematurely. So Father, we’re looking, we’re looking to come to as Bro. Branham said, “Take this message for your healing.”

132And if I know anything this morning, Lord, from this pulpit, I know that there’s something wrong with us in the attitude of male toward female. We’re simply not getting something. And that’s not going to be a help to us, that’s going--that can be the biggest hindrance in all the world, ‘cause that’s where it started in the Garden of Eden. So our Father, we’re trying to believe this morning, and by Your grace to get things lined up.

And I especially ask you to help me not to say something that I shouldn’t say. But be very, very careful to--to lay it out, O God, the way it’s laid out in this Word. And if women are inferior, spiritually, and I want to know it, Lord, and they want to know it. And if they’re more sinful, then I want to know it, they want to know it. But Father, at this point, I don’t--I cannot see, myself, that you said anything in Your Word, or the prophet said that very thing there. He just said where it all came from, and therefore, what to watch.

133And so, Lord, that’s what I’m looking at this morning, and I hope I’m right. If I’m not, then Lord God, I expect you to correct me for the sake of the people and not for myself, especially for the people. Wouldn’t be so bad, although bad enough, if I mess up, but God, if I lead a bunch of people wrong, then that is bad. And I don’t want that bad, I want the people here to be helped, because we believe they’re good people; we believe they’re Your people. And if they weren’t Bride, they’re Your people anyway. We know that, because no man lives to himself and no man dies to himself, but live or die, we are the Lord’s. And that’s what we understand this morning, Father.

134So we’re just laying ourselves open to You to give us the help we have need of and by this inculcate in our midst with the proper understanding the blessing and the grace of God so that the thing is going to open up to what You want in the Bride. And that’s what we want, Lord. Amen, Father. That’s exactly what we want. Because if Eve had of wanted what Adam wanted, and Adam wanted what You wanted, that would have been wonderful, but the devil came along and she got to handle what he--the devil wanted and she wanted; and Adam got in the same boat.

135Now, Lord God, You sent us a prophet, and he said, “I always please Him, I always do what He wants me to.” What a wonderful testimony, Lord. And we want to stand in the shadow of that, Father, and not just in the shadow, but in the life of it. So in other words, just one people. We’re one with Your Word, with the prophet, and Lord, we believe by everything he was one with you, that God’s in the prophet.

136So here we are, Father, we’ve just poured our heart out to You. We’re trying to be right, and I know Father, that--that when we pray in Jesus Name, something’s got to happen. And so we’re praying in Jesus Name, that You’ll lead, guide and direct us in these things, that we may be a free people, free from the goofyism, oh God, and the things that it... it’s not that, Lord, that we already were just a bunch of goofiness, but Father, this is life and death.

137And so Father, this morning we want to be on the side of life. And if Jesus said, “I’ve got no part in Satan, he’s got no part in me.” We don’t want any part in darkness or in death. We want all the part of life. Now, help us to that end and we’ll give You the praise and the glory because we ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

138Do you love the Lord this morning? Do you want to be a part of His light and His life and nothing bad in you? I want that, too. And may God help us to just get to the bottom of these things, where the prophet taught us, and know it’s going to do something for us. That’s what I’m standing on, and you know I’m standing on it.

139Once in a while I kind of lower the boom, you know. And don’t think I’m pointing fingers at anybody in this church. I’m maybe the worse one of the worse, because I know more than any of you, so I got more to account for. But I tell you one thing, I’m standing on the fact that the Truth makes us free. I’m standing on it. God doesn’t help us, look, we’re shot. But if God does help us, who’s going to stand against us? Amen. Just like each one of Moses, a one-man army. The book of Joel says the same thing.

So, ‘Take the Name of Jesus with You.’