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"Go ye therefore and teach all nations..." Jesus Christ

Ashamed of Him 65-0711 P:23  You know, we only have six continents now.  We had seven; that one that sunk between Africa and the United States... Oh, it's

historical; you know about it.

It is our privilege to bring these Videos of our minister meetings to you where ministers from all over the world have come together to study the Message Doctrine. Our travels have taken  us to all six inhabited continents throughout the world and to 34 of the 162 countries where the Message Doctrine has now gone. Where we have not been able to go, our website has gone  for us, bringing the Doctrine  that William Branham taught to at least 162 nations that we have received positive feedback from.


See footage from Pereira Colombia meetings August 2007, where 5,500 believers were gathered, and 9,000 homes were joined via the internet for these meetings. Click here for you tube link.

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