Beta 3.0
© 2002 Grace Fellowship Tabernacle
Developed by Chris Summers (NZ)


Word of the Hour is a free application designed to be able to read and search the messages of William Marrion Branham, the King James Version Bible, the Greek/Hebrew lexicon and other library books.  In this release the current library books available are...

         For the latest download of Br. Kocourek’s sermons click here.
           For the latest download of Br. Lee Vayle's
sermons click here.





The Seven Church Age Book


Sermons / Message Doctrine by Brian Kocourek

Sermons by Lee Vayle

Foxes Book of Martyrs

Two Babylons by Hislop



One of the most powerful features of Word of the Hour is the search engine.  The PLS search engine (AOL) allows you to be able to search any combination of books and databases without having to have separate installations.  You simply click on the database(s) that you want to search!.  You can sort the results by rank, date etc. You can choose the years you want to search by clicking on the buttons.  When searching the bible you can search through any combination of books...

Opening books of William Branham's is easy using the Book Selector.  You can find books by Tape, Title or Location preached.  Click on the book title and the book opens.  You can open multiple books (up to 5) and switch between then using Word of the Hours own Taskbar!  This makes it easy to have 5 books open at once and the ability to switch between them.

Word of the Hour is currently in Beta release (3.0).  So what is a Beta release??  Developers produce Beta releases, to get feedback on their product and to sort out problems/bugs in their products.  As I am only one person working on this project (as far as development) then I don't have the time to test every possible combination that could cause a program to fail, so I rely on feedback to improve and fix any problems.

You can easily see what is happening on future development and any reported problems by checking the Word of the Hour website which is built into the application (see picture below).  Word of the Hour will automatically try and connect to the internet every month for you to see if there is a new release (auto update).  If it finds a new version available it will ask you if you would like to update and then update your current version!!

To download Word of the Hour go to the download page here