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Parables of Christ

Brian Kocourek, Pastor Grace Fellowship


This is a new series that began October 12, 2003. The intent of this study is to show the meaning of Br. Branham's words, "all the new testament Speaks of this Hour,". To know what is meant by those words we will examine each of the New Testament parables as well as those saying of Christ that appear symbolic in nature. It is our desire to show the application of these parables and symbols of Jesus Christ and how they apply to his  hour.



Parables no. 1 Matt 5:13-14 Why Did Jesus Speak in Parables?  PDF Audio

Parables no. 2 Matt 6:22-23 If The Light of the Eye be Single     PDF Audio

Parables no. 3 Luke 7: 40-43 The Creditor PDF Audio

Parables no. 4 Matt 12:24 The Strong man and the House PDF Audio

Parables no. 5 Matt 13:33 The Leaven PDF Audio

Parables no. 6 Matt 12: 43-45 The Unclean spirit PDF Audio

Parables no. 7 Matt 13: 3-9 The Sower went forth sowing PDF Audio

Parables no. 8 Matt 13:24-30 The Two Sowers and Two Seeds PDF Audio

Parables no. 9 Matt 13: 31 The Mustard Seed PDF Audio

Parables no. 10 Mark 4:24 Take Heed What You Hear PDF Audio

Parables no. 11 Mark 4:26 The Secret Growing PDF Audio

Parables no. 12 Matthew 13:44 The Hidden Treasure PDF Audio

Parables no. 13 Matthew 13: 45  The Pearl of Great Price PDF Audio

Parables no. 14 Matthew 13: 47 The NET PDF Audio

Parables no. 15 Matthew 18: 23 The Throne of Mercy and Judgment PDF Audio

Parables no. 16 Matthew 15:10 The Heart PDF Audio

Parables no. 17 Matthew 21:28 Two Sons PDF Audio

Parables no. 18 Matthew 20:1-16 The Eleventh Hour People PDF Audio

Parables no. 19 Luke 13: 6-10 The Barren Fig Tree PDF Audio

Parables no. 20 Matthew 21:28-22 The Cursed Fig Tree PDF Audio

Parables no. 21 Matthew 21:33-46 The Mortal Heir and the Mercenary Husbandmen PDF Audio

Parables no. 22 Matthew 21:28 The Wedding Garment PDF Audio

Parables no. 23 Matthew 25: 1-1The Ten Virgins PDF Audio

Parables no. 24 Luke 15:8-10 Ten Pieces of Silver PDF Audio

Parables no. 25 Matthew 25:14; Luke 1911 Ten Talents PDF Audio

Parable no. 26 John 10: 1-16 Thieves and Robbers PDF Audio

Parable no. 27 Luke 11:1 The Importune request PDF Audio

Parable no. 28 Luke 16:19 Rich man poor man PDF Audio

Parable no. 29 Luke 18:9 They Trusted in Themselves PDF Audio

Parable no. 30 Luke 17:7  A Servants Attitude PDF Audio

Parable no. 31 Luke 23:27 The Suffering of Christ PDF Audio

Parable no. 32 Matthew 21:33 The Seed for the Season PDF Audio

Parable no. 33 Luke 16:1 Stewardship PDF Audio

Parable no. 34 Luke 15:1 The Lost sheep PDF Audio

Parable no. 35 Luke 12:13 Covetousness PDF Audio

Parable no. 36 Luke 18:1 The Unjust Judge PDF Audio

Parable no. 37 Philippians 1:3 Fellowship PDF Audio

Parable no. 38 Luke 10:25 The Good Samaritan PDF Audio

Parable no. 39 Luke 6:39 Light PDF Audio

Parable no. 40 Luke 6:40 - 49 Built upon The Rock PDF Audio

Parable no. 41 Luke 5:36 FastinPDF Audio

Parable no. 42 Luke 5:36 New Cloth on old Garment PDF Audio

Parable no. 43 Luke 5:36 New Cloth and the Crown of Glory PDF Audio

Parable no. 44 Luke 14:25 Counting the Cost  PDF Audio

Parable no. 45 Luke 14:7-11 The End-Time Love Feast PDF Audio

Parable no. 46 The Great Doxa of God  PDF Audio