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     This series began on July 4, 2015. It's purpose is to examine Brother Branham's sermon called the Token,  and show the significance

      of this sermon for this late hour, helping the bride to enter into a more intimate and personal relationship with our God and Father,

      while applying the Life of His Spirit in our vessels daily.  As the Apostle Paul said, "it is God working in us both to will and to do

      His good pleasure.


     Token  no 1  The Passover promise  PDF July 4, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 2  Without Christ we have lost everything  PDF July 5, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 3  It must be applied  PDF July 8, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 3A  Eagle River Alaska  PDF July 12, 2015 Audio

     Token  no 3B  Fairbanks Alaska  PDF July 12, 2015 Audio

     Token           Justin Bates - Token July 12, 2015 Video MP3

     Token  no 4  Substitutionary Life  PDF July 19, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 5  Identification  PDF July 22, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 6  Identification - Becoming One with your Revelation  PDF July 26, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 7  Evidence of your death to self  PDF August 1, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 8  It's too late to apply Token after wrath of God begins PDF August 1, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 9  Evening-Time Token PDF August 5, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 10  The Life, not the Chemistry  PDF August 9, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 11  Organize around doctrine and you die right there  PDF August 12, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 12  The Token is your guarantee  PDF August 16, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 13  The Token is our advocate  PDF August 19, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 14  The Witness of The Spirit no. 1 Same Life  PDF August 23, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 15  The Witness of The Spirit no. 2 - Life Expressed  PDF August 26, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 16  The Witness of The Spirit no. 3  - Rapture ready  PDF August 30, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 17  The Witness of The Spirit no. 4  - Unless it is applied there's still wrath  PDF September 5, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 18  The Witness of The Spirit no. 5  The New Birth   PDF September 6, 2015 Video Audio

     Poland Meeting Friday night September 11, 2015 Video Audio

     Poland Meeting Saturday evening September 12, 2015 Video Audio

     Poland Meeting Sunday Morning September 13, 2015 Video Audio

     Justin Bates  Sunday Morning September 13, 2015 Video 

     Token  no 19   The New Birth - the order and process to receive it  PDF  September 16, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 20   Infused Life  PDF  September 20, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 21   The Token Expressed  PDF  September 20, 2015 Video Audio

     Token  no 22   Signs and the Last Sign  PDF  September 20, 2015 Videopt1 (1st half hour)  Videopt2  Audio

     Token  no 23   Preparation  PDF October 3, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 24   Taking the Promise  PDF October 4, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 25   Life or Death  PDF October 7, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 26   All are going back to Catholicism  PDF October 11, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 27   If we sin willfully  PDF October 14, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 28   Borderline believers PDF October 18, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 29  Will to do God's will PDF October 21, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 30  Not talk the Word, live it  PDF October 25, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 31  What about you  PDF October 28, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 32  The entire family under the Token   PDF November 1, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 33  John 14:12 God's energy displayed PDF November 7, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 34  John 14:12 God's Character expressed PDF November 8, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 35  If our hearts condemn us not PDF November 11, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 36  Full Obedience to the Word entitles you (God's entitlement program)  PDF November 15, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 37  One Focus  PDF November 18, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 38  The Blood Speaks   PDF November 22, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 38A  Cape Town South Africa Convention Friday night   PDF November 29, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 38B  Cape Town South Africa Convention Sunday Morning   PDF November 29, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 38C  Cape Town South Africa Sunday Evening at Pastor Harold Beckett's Church   PDF November 29, 2015 Video  Audio

     Justin Bates November 29, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 38D  Durban South Africa Hosted by Pastor Namy Naidoo Wednesday evening   PDF December 2, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 39  The Blood Speaks   PDF December 5, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 40  Making Ready PDF December 6, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 41  His Word, His Life Unveiled PDF December 9, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 42  Holy Ghost atmosphere  PDF December 12, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 43  Living God Living Works  PDF December 16, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 44  To will and then to do  PDF December 20, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 45  Identifiable Characteristics of the Token PDF December 23, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 46  The Token brings Stability PDF December 27, 2015 Video  Audio

     Token  no 47  Seals you in PDF January 2, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 48  Confidence that His Life is in you PDF January 3, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 49  Last thing before the judgments come PDF January 6, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 50  Greater works  PDF January 10, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 51  The Rainbow Token  PDF January 10, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 52  Same Spirit Same Life PDF January 17, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 53  The only thing to worry about  PDF January 24, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 54  A living sacrifice  PDF January 27, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 55  Love and Faith  PDF January 31, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 56  It comes by Love  PDF February 6, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 57  The Token and economic Judgment no1  PDF February7, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 58  The Token and economic Judgment no 2 The Mark of the beast  PDF February14, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 59  The Token and economic Judgment no 3 King of the North King of the  South  PDF February17, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 60  The Token and economic Judgment no 4 The Third Pull  PDF February21, 2016 Video  Audio

     Token  no 61  The Token is the evidence that the Blood has been applied  PDF February24, 2016 Video  Audio